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Good Day to All! I just have a basic question. I've been out from school and back now and currently I am doing some different resistor type characterizations. I wonder how can I determine the Temp and Voltage Coefficient factor for each type of resistors (pdiff, ndiff, poly1, poly2, etc). Does anyone have a sample test bench for this? I (...)
Hello, does anyone know how to use/ where to find the component libraries necessary to design any circuit on CST studio 2010? Apparently from blocks menu-circuit elements are only available some generic and "virtual" component like a generic resistor or op-amp with no package an wattage characterization and with questionable (no) pin description. I
Hi, in the current RF CMOS process, foundries would provide a complete RF MOSFET model with all necessary "external" components such as substrate resistor, gate resister.... By including this, they will model the noise from these portions. They will also provide all characterization reports for their models to show how accurate they are. However, i

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