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Hello,in the cst manual which is presented bellow,they dont go to the specifics of the meaning of "combining results",i khow that there should be a phase shift of 90 degreen between the components in order to see if its right hand or left hand polarization. but what should i do specificly in cst to determine this? Or if i Plot in (...)
Friends I am going to import E-cut and H-cut measured results of my antenna to cst. How can I do it? It seems cst accepts just ASCII files. So, I converted the XLSX file to CSV and then saved it as txt. When I imported the data, it gave a weird rectangular plot. It should be like a polar plot. Any idea how can I fix the problem? (...)
Hi, Can anyone help me design a 4 port rectangular waveguide switch in cst microwave studio?There is no example given in the tutorial.I tried designing it,but the s-parameters are showing erroneous results.
Obviously accuracy of simulation is directly dependent of mesh but as you mentioned that you are new so in the beginning I would suggest that you can live with the mesh generated by cst. The best way is to generate one mesh get results and then see how accurate they are and then go for more refinement if needed since you are using cst (...)
Hello to everyone! I'm actually working on photonic crystals, in particular I'm trying to evaluate the photonic band gap, through dispersion diagram, for a number of different lattice shapes. I've already successfully did a square lattice, but for now I'm unable to obtain valid results for a rhomboidal lattice, like that of the screenshot app
Hello to everyone! I'm actually working on photonic crystals, in particular I'm trying to evaluate the photonic band gap, through dispersion diagram, for a number of different lattice shapes. I've already successfully did a square lattice, but for now I'm unable to obtain valid results for a rhomboidal lattice, like that of the screenshot app
Hi, I want to design RFID antenna using cst MWS at 866MHz. This antenna has complex impedance. I am adding an external port in schemetic cst MWS. Then i am adding AC,Combine results and s-parameters tasks from new task tab. S parameters calculate is correct for complex external port. But i can't antenna gain calculation. How to calculate (...)
I want to do the scalar multiplication on one graph of the ID results in cst Microwave Studio using Macro. 133918 But i am getting error in getting signal. After doing the scalar multiplication and i want to display the results in the form of new plot. Thanks
Hello everyone, I am trying to simulate a unit cell by eigenmode solver in cst 2014. I use steps as: "Eigenmode solver -> Parameter Sweep -> results Template -> 2D, 3D Field results -> 3D eigenmode result". I obtained the plot of "frequency vs phase". My question is: How can i obtain the final dispersion diagram (frequency vs beta)
Hi guys! I am here new like in a field of EM simulations. I started to use cst software for simulation microstrip patch antenna @ 5.8 GHz, feed with coaxial probe. I am interested which of the above mentioned solvers are better in sense of accuracy (which will give better matching with measured results of S11 parameter)? In addition if you have
Dear Members I am simulating a tag structure on a single sided substare. Plane wave excitation is used to see the refelected results at difference polarizations (Horizaontla and Vertical). Now I would like to excite the antenna with a Dual Polarized Plane wave. How can i do that in cst MWS.Your assistance is needed. Regards
Dear all, I have linked cst and matlab, but i want to export my results into matlab automatedly like s11 at frequency of interest?? anybody help??
Hi Can anybody suggest why I am getting the different set of results in following cases for same structure and same solution setup Case 1 Geometry is made in cst and analyzed in cst Case 2 Geometry is made in HFSS and imported in cst and analyzed I am using wake field solver of cst. Any suggestion or (...)
Yes it happens if you do not tell cst to keep record of the results. To do this use template based post processing and define there the results you want to record and then you will be able to see the results in tables of cst tree
Hello everyone, Can anyone tell me how to create macro in order to store ASCII files of farfield results for all frequencies in cst MWS to read it in matlab so I can create database for all different frequencies and their respective Theta, phi values and realized gain. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I never used cst, but i can give you a hint: vias can be filled with metal, result will be the same. But i think you just need to find some tutorial or example with vias. I tried SIWs in Sonnet Lite, vias are made very easy, S11 results for SIW resonator was similar to paper i read. If you need fast result and see how things work i would recommend
What is your mesh definition? As your frequency is very high so proper and dense mesh must be used to get accurate results.
hi sandeepkiranv, usually we don't adjust the port dimension to achieve 50ohm line impedance. your coplanar have to be 50ohm and there is a guideline to create waveguide port to get accurate results. please refer to video below.
Hi Can anybody help me to make plot of phase of Antennas' Radiation Pattern in HFSS? in cst Studio software, Farfield results, plot "theta phase" and "phi phase" of realized gain of Antenna pattern. How we can plot phase pf pattern in HFSS like cst? Thanks
Hi everybody, I don't understand some conventions in cst, regarding the waveguide port excitation. Let's suppose I have a coplanar waveguide that I want to study. I define two waveguide ports at the extremes of the waveguide and I start the simulation. If I check the results, I see the so called Line impedance. With respect to the figure in atta
hi all mimo antenna in cst help mux efficiency?? any help PLeaseee hi all how can i plot the MEG and multiplexing efficiency in MIMO antennas I did not get satisfactory results in the threads I need to get explained by stel by step method rather cst snapshots will be good kindly help me regards kartik I real
Dear all, When looking at the 2D/3D results of a particle tracking simulation in cst Studio, is there a way to superimpose two different results (for example electric field vectors and particle trajectories) for a given "3D fields on a 2D plane" plot? Thanks in advance, Jason
I'm pretty new to cst, so this might be a silly question. I'm building a double loop RF coil. I noticed that in the schematic view, my s parameter task was giving a very different result than the s parameter in the 1D results in 3D view. So when I tune my capacitors using the schematic s parameter, I end up getting a totally different (...)
hi all where should i look for how can i check parametric results in cst mws thanks kartik
you can. you have to terminate/stop the simulation. it will ask you either to store the lastest results of pass 2 which currently being simulated or to store results of previous pass which is pass 1. you can choose to do either one based on your confident level!
Hi everyone, Please, can you help me how numeric division between two 1D results in cst MICROWAVE STUODIO could be done? I cant find such option in postprocessing template. Thank you for any advice.
Hi, I have a problem with cst ascii export using VBA script. I have used cst Eigenmode solver to simulate a periodic structure for 20 number of modes. A parameter phaseY is used in parameter sweep with 80 number of iterations. The results are OK but the problem arises with exporting the whole data set. I used both of the following (...)
No Sir I am not interested to design simple rectangular patch antenna. I am looking forward to circular patch antenna with some changes. But in most of the papers they published results not all the formulaes and design steps and some times references the refer is not available like these two books i mentioned. Any paper in which complete design ste
hi, the results looks bad and doesnt make sense. i agree with your friend. please use discrete port between the input pin and the ground. if there is no ground underneath the input pin, you may have to create an artificial ground underneath input pin. this is just to make discrete port connected to the ground. you have to do the same for waveguide
Normally moderators would issue a warning about "Inappropriate Use of External Servers and File Sharing Services" because you are uploading your attachments to dropbox. But it's OK not to upload > 100 MB simulation results to Edaboard. Will anybody read it? I don't know.
Hi! I was trying to simulate a photonic crystal based wave-guide bend. Although, the simulation results was OK for a pure periodic structure, it diverges for the wave-guide bend. I have tried with adaptive mesh refinement option and by reducing the stability factor to 0.1. But no improvement was observed. Please help
go to E-Fields and H-Fields simulation results under farfields folder. you will see 3D plot of E-field and H-field. right click on the E-field and H-field 3D plot and select E-field plot properties and H-field plot properties respectively. under general tap, choose plot type you want, eg. polar, cartesian or 2D.
Hi everyone, I'm simulating an antenna in cst and I want to export the results of a planar near field scan to a text file in order to read it with Matlab. To do so, I've set up a field monitor( e-field (f=2;z=10) ) on the desired plane and I don't have any problem exporting the results manually once the simulation has finished (Post (...)
hi Nano_o, its weird problem you facing. what is the frequency step size you using for ADS simulation? reduce the step size to get more data points so the results will match your cst. BR pragash - - - Updated - - - to verify the cause of disappearance of two resonance frequency, 1st simulate the imported to
go to simulation -- field monitor -- and select power flow and other parameters there. once simulation completed, you can view 3d results or power at specific angel/direction as you requested.
Hello, I'm quite new to cst Microwave Studio and I'm not sure if my model of biconical antenna is correct because I got strange simulation results (VSWR). I noticed on internet that there is a model of EMC wire biconical antenna in Antenna Magus design software (which I dont' own). I would be very grateful if u guys could send me cst (...)
Hi, I would like to see how cst change the plot in dB to linear in 1Dplot of cst MWS because I need to change some data (in dB plot) to linear plot like the results in cst, please help me if someone used this, thank you very much.
I am looking for an example or a step by step tutorial for setting up a low-frequency analysis of a typical switch-mode ferrite material transformer. I am, in particular, interested to extract core and copper losses in the results. There are many examples of other types of problems with cst Studio but after searching for days on Google and YouT
Hi, I'm still not quite sure what the error is, therefore it is quite impossible for me to fix anything. What is the error? What results do you expect? I can see you've got two different s-parameter results, what are they due to? What are you trying to achieve?
What is the difference between S-parameter and S-parameter(AR) result available in cst? I'm getting different results for those S-parameters,so which one is the correct S-parameter to take?
Hello, I would like to compare results from simulations of antenna mounted on UAV using Transient Solver and Integral Solver. For Integral I will use recorded near field source (simulation of antena placed on infinite groundplane in transient solver). Do You have any experience with nf box size used to record near field? The largest di
For the radiation pattern of antenna, I took polar plot with Phi=0 and theta varying to get E-copolar and phi=90 and theta varying for E-cross(X-pol) polarization. How should I plot H-co-polarization and H- cross polarization from cst results?
I'm modelling a metamaetrial slab on cst and get S-parameters from the results. Then I need to extract permeability and permittivity from the those parameters. I learnt a method based on the Lorentz Model, as mu(w)=1+(F*w^2)/(w0^2-w^2)+jrw Note there is a F called fill factor, but I don't know how to calculate in my model. Since
That error may be due to the step you choose between each run. Example First run: 1GHz - 3GHz with step 1000 but after that it is rechanged step to 500. Changing the frequency of simulation leads to new mesh-cells for your structure, so your results can be changed!!!
Hi every one, I am simulating a horn antenna with a wave port with two orthogonal modes (to get circular polarization), the combine option in Post processing tab is not available for me. it gives me this warning:At least one propagating mode is not considered at port 1. Can anyone help me please? Thank you very much
Hello. I did a lot of research about this without finding any solution. If anyone has any similar experience on accessing results using the cstResultReader.dll I'll be glad to use his help. I'm running simulations on a log-periodic antenna so I'm insterested in exporting the broadband characteristics into MATLAB. This is happening automaticall
You can export your results and use another software like MATLAB, EXCEL, .... to compare them easily.
Do you get some errors or warning? Is the energy in your simulation domain decaying with time and met the "accuracy" setting in your td-setup? Also check 1d results - port signals.
Hi every one I have a problem with periodic boundary condition in cst software. I have a cylinder with two layer coating which is infinite along z axis I used periodic boundary condition for z This warning occured: Inhomogeneous material at periodic boundary detected. Farfield results may be inaccurate. (The structure must be identical in
Hi, I am working on this also and have some difficulty in getting accurate results. However i hope i can be of some help. From Eigenmode solver -> Parameter Sweep -> results Template -> 2D, 3D Field results -> 3D eigenmode result -> choose modes you want. The results should be at the 'tables' section.

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