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I need paper or schematic about RF to DC converter. if you have, please upload . Thanks in advance
need to design rf power amplified for Dc:dc converter. suggest good ref
Hi good day everyone! Can anyone help me simulate the RF to DC converter circuit that I have created in Agilent ADS? I want to know the output voltage given an input frequency (915 Mhz) and also the correct specs like the width and length for my microstrip design? THank you
hi all....i'am study about RF to DC converter..i need some advice how to design RF to DC converter..i also asking any example of RF-DC circuit that will produce 5v of DC output.. thanks
I am doing a project that converts rf power to dc power. Currently i am looking at the possible simulation software to study various voltage doubler designs and is pondering whether pspice or ads should be a more appriopate software for use.
I am using a MCU and a GSM module in my project. MCU consumes 250mA (max), GSM module consumes 400mA(average) and while transmitting RF signals consume 2A (peak). And also MCU consumes 1mA, GSM module consumes 1,5mA while IDLE mode. I have searched for ultra low quiescent current DC-DC converters, find some possible ICs that is useful for me.
Hi, I need to simulate the performance of Envelope Tracking DC-DC converter with PA as shown in figure below. The problem is envelope signal varies quite slowly(MHz) and RF input to the PA input is in GHz. This means that i have to run transient simulation for very long time but with very short time step. It will consume huge amount of time. I r
First: Welcome to elektroda! This forum is a nice collection of EEs and other people involved with electronics, and we try to help each others here :) (And please remember to read rules and announcements so you get the full picture of the stuff here. Your first post seems to be correctly placed - not like some other newbies manage) :wink: About
hello friends, I´m looking for a dc dc converter from 2 or single cell (NiCad/NiMH) to 5 V. I´ve found some but they´re dificult to find/buy is there any magic IC??? regards, 2000
Hi, I need a schematic of a DC-DC converter (isolation converter) of some 150-200 mA of an output of +12V and -12V. Thank you.
I need, for car audio applications, the schematic of a DC/DC converter from 12v to 48v (about 800W). Someone can help me?
Micrel design software for DC/DC converter It
I should how to consider the stability to switch mode dc-dc converter. I cannot find book or data to reference.
Who can give me a genral description of how to design a high performance DC-DC converter? how to decide the spec? Thanks
I need a isolated DC/DC converter that with 5V in I get +12V and -12V (don´t need to be accurate simetrical) with 30mA power supply. This will be used in an RS232C to RS422 converter, if possible with LM555 or ua494 or LM3524 or any other very popular IC. Regards, Fernando
Hello!everyone I'm designing a AC/DC converter with PFC, because I'm fresh and absent of more practical experience, so I have to turn to everyone and hope to get your advice and suggestions. The following is the speciafication of the converter, The input voltage range:85Vac~264Vac; the output is 5V/22A; and the PFC is>0.95@2
how can i design a dc_ dc converter circuit based on IC- UC3524.. output should be pulse width modulated duty cycle cycle should be manually variable from 0 to 100% chopper frequenct 4khz anybody got any scehmatic for this... :?: :?:
Hi, I just started studying PWM DC-DC converter architectures, specifically buck converter. So far, I have found or heard voltage-mode, current-mode and this new "DSP-mode" topologies. Voltage-mode topology is the common textbook example so there are plenty for me to read about. However, I couldn't find much on the current-mode and DSP-m
Hi, How to design step-up/step-down converter accepts 2Volt to 100Volt inputs? I need to design Step-Up/Step-Down DC-DC Converts 2Volt to 100Volt input to a 12V output at up 2A. The output voltage can always maintain 12Volt. :cry: Thank You
Hi, I'm just wondering if anybody has ever come across an RMS-DC converter IC that has multiple inputs. I need to convert 7 AC inputs to an RMS equivelent. Thanks, Sam
I assume what you are looking for is a "charge pump", or "inductorless DC-DC converter" If this is what you are looking for, there are several types available, depending upon what you are trying to do. (the commercially available parts listed below are just the first example to come up in a search for each type. I do not represent any of the c
Hi all, What is the difference between regulator and DC-DC converter? The same thing? Is it the simplest regulator: Bandgap+OPA+external resistor? And adjust the resistance value to obtain the output voltage which is wanted to get? Does most regulator use bipolar transistor? Why not use CMOS except for the reference? Thanks & Bes
hi i am looking for any schematic or guide for to make dc dc convertor for 24v to 12v with 8 amp out any idea or help
I'd like to design a 90W DC/DC converter to use a laptop in my car. It should convert 12v of my car to 20v. I know that the car battery do not provide always 12v... but I've no experience with it. Is someone know : - what is lower DC voltage (voltage drop ) that my converter must cope with ? during car use ? during engine start-up ? -
Can anyone suggest application of DC-DC converter, dedicated for USB (4.25-5.25) which can produce regulated voltage 2.0 - 5.0V (regulated via reference voltage).
I need a low cost DC-DC converter solution, can you help me? Input voltage range DC 6~15V, output voltage DC 3.3V, output current >=5A. Thanks!
recently i built a dc dc converter which will regulate the output to 13.8V. i found that my pnp transistor had open cct and my shootky diode is shorted, after vithe cct went through vibration. Do any one have any solution y these failures occurs
hi all, I had a question about the OCP (Over Current Protection) in DC-DC converter. Whether or not the OCP should be enabled during soft-start period of a buck converter? consider the following cases in a buck converter 1. Output short circuit, and u still want to soft-start the output, u will encounter large current in this period, (...)
HELLO, I am a new member of this forum. I need to communicate with people who are working on SINGLE PHASE FULL BRIDGE AC-DC converter WITH PFC. I am trying to build this circuit with PIC micro controllers. How Can I program PIC to control four switches by using PWM waves? I will appriciate your help assitance on the written information about this
how can i design a dc_ dc converter circuit based on IC- UC3524.. output should be pulse width modulated duty cycle cycle should be manually variable from 0 to 100% chopper frequenct 4khz anybody ...
Hi, Did anyone know hpw to control the Switched capacitro DC-DC converter that regulate to 5v output , Iload=100mA , Input=3.3V. Can supply some material about Switched capacitor DC-DC converter?? Thanks a lot! SC
please recomendate a DC-DC converter input voltage 5~12V,output voltage +-15V,output current 300ma. thank you.
Anyone here who has built an inverting DC-DC converter? I am interested in what kind of driver can be used, that does not forward-bias the tubs when LX node goes negative. NMOS or NPN only.. Thanks!
Did anyone know how to design the boost dc/dc converter compensation circuit? Is it the same las the buck dc/dc converter?Can provide some materials about Boost dc/dc converter. Thank you!
Did anyone know why the buck dc converter has a left-hand zero but the boost has a right-hand zero?Can supply some material about this topic? Thank you!
I would like to build a DC-DC converter to go from 7.2 V down to two outputs:5V and 3.3V. What would be the best way to do this?
hi! I have a power supply 3.3v. Need to boost up to 5v to drive a circuit for about 8 mA. Should i use the charge pump to boost or DC-DC converter (boost up converter) ? In term of size and external component, which one is better?
Due to the first design for DC-DC converter, Nothing is known about it. Some one can suggest one good book about the design of DC-DC converter. Or post them . Thanks,
I have a pic based device with an rtc inside. This device is powered by a piece of LR44 (1.5volt). As the rtc minimum operating voltage is 2.7 volt, I am thinking of using a dc/dc converter to power it. The whole board's quiescent current at 3 volt is 4uA without the dc/dc converter. But after I added in the max1724 dc/dc converter to power (...)
Hi, everyone I am design a variable input voltage and variable output voltage dc-dc converter. Input range is 1.65~3.9, output range is 1.8 ~3.3. Did anyone know how to use one inductor to implement this step up/down converter and how to control its loop compensation and stability. This is a greate challenge.
hi any ideas about the protection of the boost DC -DC converter best regards
Hi, everyone Did anyone know the difference between dc dc converter trailing-edge modulation and leading-edge modulation. Thank you !
Hello all, How to decide the Amplitude of the Ramp in DC-DC converter? What is the problem if we choose very less amplitude or more amplitude? Is it going to create any problem on the PWM comparator or Error Amplifier specifications? Please answer me.
When I a dc analysis for a boost dc-dc converter in Hspice change the power supply from 2.7v to 4.0v .dc vdda 2.7 4.0 0.01 /do the dc analysis I did not use the .ic to set the initaial conditions but it was aborted.Because it could not converge in the 2.7v " **error** no convergence in dc sweep curves at 2.7000 " but when I use .load
Hi all, How to improve line regulation in PWM voltage mode DC-DC converter? on what factors it depends?
Hi all, I want to use this IC for convert 5v to 15v DC for 10mA current. I really have no idea about how to connect this circuit. Actually, I have the datasheet but I need some guides. Please help me. I also attached the shecmatics. Thanks
I have designed buck dc-dc converter in both asynchronous and synchronous mode. In asynchronous i am using diode in place of one mosfet. For asynch converter for large duty cycles it goes to discont mode and current through inductor becomes zero. For synh current through inductor reverses direction and does not become zero. Does this mean that
hi, i look for a dc-dc converter with a isolation voltage of 4 kv or better. the input voltage is in the range of 7V - 15V. the output voltage should be 5V. it would be nice if the converter has small dimensions. Have someone a recomedation which firm produce such parts? Anything will be usefull. best regards, El Paco
There are ICs for designing buck or boost converter. Is there any IC for designing buck-boost dc-dc converter? Thanks.
Hi,everyone Did anyone can explain the two DC converter control methods different for me? and can supply some material for this topic? Thanks a lot!