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I need paper or schematic about RF to DC converter. if you have, please upload . Thanks in advance
need to design rf power amplified for Dc:dc converter. suggest good ref
I am doing a project that converts rf power to dc power. Currently i am looking at the possible simulation software to study various voltage doubler designs and is pondering whether pspice or ads should be a more appriopate software for use.
Hi good day everyone! Can anyone help me simulate the RF to DC converter circuit that I have created in Agilent ADS? I want to know the output voltage given an input frequency (915 Mhz) and also the correct specs like the width and length for my microstrip design? THank you
I am using a MCU and a GSM module in my project. MCU consumes 250mA (max), GSM module consumes 400mA(average) and while transmitting RF signals consume 2A (peak). And also MCU consumes 1mA, GSM module consumes 1,5mA while IDLE mode. I have searched for ultra low quiescent current DC-DC converters, find some possible ICs that is useful for me.
hi all....i'am study about RF to DC converter..i need some advice how to design RF to DC converter..i also asking any example of RF-DC circuit that will produce 5v of DC output.. thanks
Hi guys, Do you have good companies to suggest me for doing such a RF mixed signal internship.?? THank you very much , it is very important for me. regards, Tahar
check the application notes by avago and skyworks about the detectors using schottky diodes , they are used in the power detection in current mobile phones for CDMA and WCDMA , i have been working with those months ago chekc this link about the c
Who can explain me the "isolation" parameter of RF Power amplifier? The unit for this parameter is "dBm". What is isolated DC-DC and Non isolated DC-DC? Thanks
Usually, DC-DC converters are not recommended for RF systems, LDOs are used instead. I think, for PIC controller it's ok to use step down converter, so long you follow board specifications.
If you were clever and had a slow measurement allowed, an electrical-thermal scheme would work across a wide range of duty cycles / crest factors and so on. This seems in fact to be what is done for RF power meters (high enough frequency that active processing is not reliable for high accuracy). You'd have a "heater" resistor, a close-co
So I have a 144Mhz signal from a transmitter that I am modulating with a 2 Khz signal. But when I look at the signal on my oscilloscope the signal is modulated by 2 signals: my 2kHz signal and an extremely overmodulated signal at about 125 Hz. Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? Also I am fairly new at rf circuitry
I'm desiging a mixer in ADS TSMC RF CMOS 0.18 v5 technology. I need to have 10pf capacitors. But the MIM CAP in technology is limited to 30um*30um which results in 1pf capacitance. Does this means that I te only way is to put 10 of these? There is also another cap option named MOS CAP. But it seems it's only for variable capacitors, and I don't
I need some help on designing a RF choke. A have a PCB that is supplied with 9-32 Volts where it gets regulated to 15 Volt. The pcb has a homemade-non manufacturing rf choke and some other signal conditioning components just prior to the 15 V DC/DC converter. The DC/DC converter couldn't fit in the screenshot but its just right of the 10K resist
I have a diode multiplier circuit and I need to somehow take DC out of the 1w RF signal. Is that possible? how?
Hi, I am designing PWM based integrated DC-DC converter operating at 300MHz clock frequency. I need to do the stability analysis of whole circuit inorder to check whether the whole feeback system is stable or not. What kind of simulations i should do for that in cadence spectre RF?. What kind of error amplifier will be suitable for this kind of
Receiver Workbook Cascade budget calculation spreadsheet for MS Excel. Complete parameter specification including Gain, NF, IP2, IP3, NBW, VSWR, Temperature, Tolerances. Predefined graphs for all parameters, parts list, DC power budget, A/D converter calculations. Uploaded by Kirt Blattenberger, the copyright owner. Updated in August '98. RF Casca
May be MAXIM Regulator series for RF applications can help you, for example
I guess you need an RF mixer. You can find from maxim or minicircuit
I have BLF1822 but data for design is not complete. you can use Mitubishi RF modulse from the selection guide in the site. this module RA07M3340 is 7w from 330MHz to 400Mhz
Choke is a term used in RF for inductors that inhibit the flow of high frequency or transient to or from power supply. Usually is very small(phisically), so I doubt you can use for high currents as in regulators.
Diodes can be used as RF Power detectors (meters). With no amplifier the dynamic range of a Diode Detector is ~20dB. Important for this kind of detector is the matching network. Here is an application note from Agilent:
I am designing a double-balanced mixer and think I need a balun to be implemented in the RF input for characterization purposes, and found this circuit that converts from single-to-differential. I simulated it and got the differential output expected. - How this circuit works, if there is no input signal in one of its inputs ? - Input signal i
u may use an optocoupler IC i think 7800 series... The original did not specify that he needs an isolated power supply. he doesn't need an optocoupler.
GaAs is the most suitable for a linear and efficient RF power amplifier. But in the same time is the most expensive process. Most of the WCDMA PA?s on the market still use a standard linear amplification, and sometimes using adaptive bias or a DC/DC converter on Vcc to improuve the efficiency at low power.
Hello.. just please understand my set up; 1. PC VGA card Svideo out to Video input of RF modulator with an Svideo-video converter cable 2.RF out of modulator to the TV 3.Now,whwn everytime i restart the PC or the TV the settings changes inside the TV and PC.I mean when the TV is turned on next time it says NO signal.Again i have to set
Hello Everyone; I want to know methods of designing a power supply circuit for an RF power amplifier. Please explain about topics and methods that must be considered. Also in which book we can study this subject?
ADS. You can use WLAN examples to construct your own RFID test bench.
Hi,buddy: I have a project that uses buck DC-DC(2 in 1) for RF Power supply(Vin ->3.3V & Vin->1.8V;Current is about 300mA each), a strange phenomena happened:when I turn the Vin of DC-DC Supply from 3.6V to 4.2V,I found that the sensitivity of RF Part have changed from -80dBm to NG(can't measure).Why?
Aslo I need this article, thanks! Smooth transition and ripple reduction in 4-switch non-inverting buck-boost power converter for WCDMA RF power amplifier Paul, R.; Maksimovic, D. Circuits and Systems, 2008. ISCAS 2008. IEEE International Symposium on Volume , Issue , 18-21 May 2008 Page(s):3266 - 3269 A high efficiency
Hi fellows, I am looking forward a voltage converter, preferentially an IC because of the little area I have, to converter +20VDC to -100VDC able to supply 10mA max. This is to reverse bias a series of PIN diodes in a high power RF switch circuit. Anyone can give me a direction on this ? Thank you and have all a great New Year, NandoP
Just look on minicircuits site or google, and find an Amp w/ P1dB ~= 40 and the rest should take care of itself. But 12V might be too low! Come to think of it this amp has to almost be 100% efficient from DC to RF power conversion! 12Vdc Max Amp Rail ! Assuming a 50Ω system ! You highest possible Pwr = P= 12^2/50 = 2.88W = ~34.5dBm
How about: Look for a printer that runs off USB power. (If you are using USB) Otherwise, you should be able to find a portable battery powered, recharable printer, then either, remove the battery and connect a dc power sup
Hello All Our company (Electronic Module_FM Audio Transmitter_RF Power Amplifier_DC/DC converter_Class D Audio Amplifier_Wirless Data Transceiver ) developes advanced electronic modules. Our products can simplify design dramatically. Now there're several product lines: DC/DC converter, RF data transceivers, FM audio
You need a "Dickson" or a "Greinacher" rf to dc converter with ZVT (Zero Threshold) MOSFETs. Search for these.
First, the best way would be to get a schematic. If you can see two solder "puddles" close to the battery input, the two may belong to one lead while a third "puddle" to the other DC input lead. Radios often have voltage regulators after the battery input terminal (connector). Find the regulator pinout and test the regulated voltage after it. Meas
linear amp is for increasing your rf signals amplitude. but logamps mainly used for detecting power level, ie it gives you a dc output for different levels of rf input as it is shown in fig.9 in the datasheet. you can transfer this dc to an adc later to an fpga, etc. or you can use dc level with opamps to build your AGC(automatic gain control) circ
My instructor told us about "wireless charger".. It is like RF scavenging. Some other groups tried that before but it didn't work because the signal gathered was not enough to charge the battery. They use op-amp to amplify it but still it doesn't work.
You need a DC level also on the LO signal. All transistors should be in the active ( decent Vce or Vds) when both the LO and RF AC components are zero and the DC components are present.
There are some method to measure the I/Q unbalance. 1) You can use a Netwrok analyzer. In this case you have to enter not in the two ports, but after the generator (usually is possible in the main network). So you can measure the unbalance (phase and amplitude). 2)If the frequency is under 2.7 GHz you can use the AD8302 RF/IF gain and phase det
Hi! everybody I'm simulating a 4th harmonic mixer with an anti-parallel diode pair, LO=8.5GHz;RF=34-36GHz;IF=DC-2GHz. When i simulate it as down-converter,the conversion loss is about 8 to 10dB,but when use it as up-converter,the conversion loss changes to 2 to 4dB. but i think the conversion loss should be the same whether use it as up
For fine tuning you should fix the feed back resistor as more than maximum value and very high value variable resistor connected in parallel with Rf. This setup should much useful for calibrate your system with accuracy. Bye.
RF Impedance and DC Resistance are two very different things, as stated above. To prove this, just take a DC ohmeter and hook it across an audio speaker that you have lying around. Even though the speaker says it is "8 ohms", or somthing similar, the ohmeter will read something like 0.3 ohms! The AC impedance is not the same as the DC resistan
Hi all... I am developing 3mhz ultrasound tharepy for my company...Already i developed the same machine in 1 MHZ frequency... (its nothing but to amplify 1 mhz frquency to 180v & give it to piezo electric crystal, It vibrate 1mhz frequency & its used for some treatments...) here we check that vibrate with water... If that water fountain is peak
Why not design simple DC-DC buck converter with internal monitoring of load current and I2C interface to send the data out? That is relatively easy (DCDC) internal monitoring of load is interesting project and I2C is not difficult to do either.
Dear all I would like to get some help about PCB designing.. in our university we have to make a project for getting some credit point. out of some topics list I selected " Ultra-wideband IQ up-donw- converter", whose description is ? to concept ? to design ? to implement, and ? to test a direct up-down converter which extends t
You can harvest energy; but it will be very small and therefore not cost effective. It is not illegal with the proviso that you do not degrade the performance of the source. Near field harvesting may be illegal