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right, ive just noticed that this isn't an audio class d amplifier , but an RF class D amplifier...obviously my above now changes as the pulsations of the load will be at a much higher frequency than for audio signals
The main reasons of low impedance bias circuit is to prevent RF to go into DC power supply, and to improve linearity and stability of the amplifier. Low impedance improve the linearity of the final stage of the bias circuit (reducing the generated distortions), and also low impedance minimize the generated noise by the bias circuit. I don't (...)
The power amplifier gain is part of the RF System analysis of the entire transmitter chain. The gain and loss of each transmitter stage should be distributed from the modulator up to the antenna. The gain of the power amplifier is limited by different factors, as stability, number of internal stages, (...)
I made stability simulation and it's ok. It seems stable at every input output impedances. Here is additional information. The amplifier is LDMOS MRF6S27015GNR1. I commonly used the test circuit of the device. I transformed the impedances compatible to my dielectric substance fr4 , 1.6mm thickness where the test circuit was built in taconic rf-
Hi guys i need some material on multistage amplifier stability analysis. Is there any paper or guide in analyzing the stability for multistage rf power amp. thanks danesh
I am assuming that by intermittance you meant that you have intermittent output power cutouts. This type of intermittence might be caused by excessive current and/or voltage across the RF capacitors in the RF circuit in itslf and/or in the RF by-pass network. If it is the case the capacitor's ceramic will be slowly cooked what, over the time, w
If I understand you right there is only a digital controlled oscillator which drive a PA with digital amplitude control. Every other thing is digital! That is the analog/digital interface for TX. How about the RX? Channel filtering in the digital domain? Or direct RF sampling? Sorry there is not a single reference. Most of the techniques above a
it is easy to check the stability of the power amplifier,follow the following steps: 1) link the signal source and the power amplifier and the attenuator with the spectrum analyzer. 2) set the power amplifier analyzer full span 3) then turn on your (...)