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This site has the classical Motorola RF power amplifier ap notes plus the parts needed to construct them. They also have complete kits including the PC board for some classical HF amplifiers.
Hi ,I am designing a BDA(bi-directional amplifier) in 5.8GHz band,and I need a RF power amplifier: 5.725~5.850GHz P1dB=33~38dBm Gain=>20dB power Down function Single power supply Please give me some advices,thanks!
To measure DC power from power supply you need ordinary multimeter or two of them. One to measure DC voltage and second to measure average current from power supply if it hasn't them build in. They measure average values, you do not need any extractions. I suppose your amplifier has properly filtered supply voltage and (...)
please, tell me some more bbs of "RF power amplifier". regards bbs ?
Dear ALL, Do any 1 have any complete reference circuit for RF power amplifier work under 13.56MHz for RFID (AM Modulated) usage? thanks. tok
The MRF150 is frequently used for HF amplifiers.
How can I model a rf power amplifier in simulink? Can someone illustrate, describe or provide a simulink file? Thanks
Ansoft Serenade is possible to realize your design. you can see Advanced techniques in RF power amplifier design these books. good luck.
I'm confused about the 50ohm load in the RF power amplifier. My questions are: 1. In simulation, I usually put in the 50ohm load, but when you do the actual design, do you omit out the load and replace it with an external load to do measurement? What would happen if you don't put in the load? 2. Most instruments such as PNA says that it is t
A book about RF power amplifier Design for everybody.
Hello Everyone; Which parameters are important in RF power amplifier design? Which Parameters determine the specifications of an RF power amplifier? What is the best book for a beginner in this field?
You have to do another design to achieve your goal... Steven C. Cripps power amplifier for Wireless Communications>
Hi I want to design an RF power amplifier. but I know almost no thing!! pls help me. Which blocks are there in power amplifier? power transistor? power supply? combiner? ... Is there any simple block diagram?
The RF power amplifier is CW one. Can you suggest some schematic for that? I think I will have to analyze the feedback control loop for the phase control. In that case how to analyse the loop and its dynamics? Kindly help
I'm a beginner to RF power amplifier design. I have searched for a long time. but there's no example about power amplifier simulation. But I have to know a method of PA simulation on Cadence. please tell me about a easy method.
Hello, I am trying to simulate the OIP3/IIP3 of class B RF power amplifier using Cadence Spectre .. I have tried the following analysis 1)QPSS with one large and one moderate tone 2)PSS with two large tones 3)PAC +PSS I sweep the input power from -60dbm to 30 dbm whereas my amplifier inout refeered one db (Pin (...)
Friends I need your help I need a 3 Watt linear RF power amplifier which can operate at rang of frequency between 1 Hz to 3 MHz. Please send me its design or the schematic diagram with detailed components specifications as soon as possible. If anybody who is electronics circuit designer and could design it so kindly helps me. I have 3 MHz f
can someone help me to biult a small rf power amplifier for my tv transmitter.i need about 1w or 2w power. it shoul work at 200mhz.
Cool. Do you know how to hook up the power meter with a RF power amplifier IC? The PA IC is packaged and is connected to a costumed test PC board. The PC board has BNC connectors of 50ohms termination on the PC board. Then for measuring the power supply power, how do I measure it with a (...)
hi Help me how to design a RF power amplifier,Class E power amplifier for 2.4ghz(for Zigbee applications).the input signal is of MSK. The output power we need is 0dbm,VDD=3.3v,f=2.45Ghz. i am working in cadence 180nm there is a need of Drive Stage or not if it needs which classification we should (...)
My classmate and I are designing a RF power amplifier for our senior design project. I realize we are just reinventing the wheel, but both of us would like to work in the RF/Microwave field and hope this project will give us experience with ADS and PCB layout to make us more marketable. We have to conduct a market research survey with the following
hello I need a ic part number which is a RF power amplifier , i used sky65116ic for my project but i am not satisfied with it 1. output power gain is more than 30 dbm 2. freequency range : up to 433 MHZ please tell me the related part number of an IC Thank you
Hi all, I want to design a RF power amplifier using Doherty configuration. At each of the main and peak amplifier, I intend to make a bypass circuit in order to allow high-frequency go to ground (so not disturbing the power supply and output port). Here is the detail of the circuit I'm about to design : 74013 http
hi, i was wondering if anybody can help me understand this circuit: 81207 it's a schematic for an RF power amplifier stage for an analog communications trainer and i was hoping to use it as a basis for designing our own rf power amplifier for our communications trainer (project for school). the thing is, i'm not sure w
in the design of rf power amplifier,power added efficiency is directly proportional to the ouput power then why power added efficiency decreases when increase in out power magnitude?
what is 1 db compresion point in rf power amplifier
Hai I have 10 500w Rf power amplifier for my FM tranmistter . Here I want to know how can I combine these 10 500w power amplifier output to total 5000w . Please give me the detailed working principle . Regards Aneesh
Hi, I am reading about RF power amplifier, however, I don't see any papers that mentions about voltage gain. Most of them state clearly about output power(dBm) and power-added efficiency, PAE (%). Can you tell me how can I compute voltage gain and power gain of RF power (...)
Hi, At present, I am designing a RF power amplifier. I have found a paper in IEEE entitled "Design of 2.1GHz RF CMOS power amplifier for 3G"(attached). Here is its I am confused about how to model MOS transistor to calculate impdedance matching. To what extend
Hi, I am designing RF power amplifer in Cadence. Now I have just have basic understanding about A, B, AB, C, D, E, F power amplifiers. I am planing to go to simulation in Cadence. However, I am not familiar with Cadence; it is really new to me. I can't find any tutorial about simulating RF power amplifer in Cadence. Could (...)
Hi, I am designing a RF power amplifier. I use Cadence but it seems that there is little material about RF power amplifier in Cadence. Now I intend to switch to PSIM. I am wondering if PSIM supports RF power amplifier simulation. My power amplifier operates (...)
1.decide want you want the amplifier for, i.e. linear - class A or B, or just a CW source - class C 2. search transistor manufacturers application notes. Or consult the AARL or RSGB handbooks, these are the American and UK radio amateurs hand books, they are stuffed with circuits with constructional articles on all sorts of RF power (...)
Hello all, I am trying to learn some RF power amplifier theory. I am confused in the very begining. Maybe it is a funny Class B RF PA, the drain current is zero for half of the input cycle.(the conduction angle is 180 degrees) That means the transistor does not conduct for the half of the cycle. There is no output voltage.But in PA boo
Found this excellent guide on wideband rf power amplifier design: thought I'd share.
it is easy to check the stability of the power amplifier,follow the following steps: 1) link the signal source and the power amplifier and the attenuator with the spectrum analyzer. 2) set the power amplifier analyzer full span 3) then turn on your (...)
Try to measure the DC drop exactly on the collector/drain of the final stage at maximum output power. Also check if there is no DC voltage drop at full power through the ground near the final stage. You didn’t mention the output power, but some low-Q capacitors starts to behave poorly at high RF power, and this (...)
hi i am designing a class A power amplifier my question is the K factor for the whole amplifier is less that 1 in some bands That means for certain load combinations in those bands it will not be stable while S11 and s22 is less than 1 in all the band S11 and S22 indicate how good your i/p
I would like to simulate this RF power amplifier ... Somebody could you help me ? With OrCAD ... it doesn't work !! I have Microwave Office, i think it's the appropriate software but it doesn't work too !! If you have an easy software to simulate this kind of amplifier ... I take it !! Regards
Go to: to RF section. You will find a lot of interesting info on RF power amplifiers. Example:
Look the book: "RF CMOS power amplifier, Theory, design and Implementation" by Mona M. Hella and Mohammed Ismail, I think I found the pdf version here.
I am working on a two stage power amplifier design now. The PA uses 0.25um CMOS technology and will be integrated with other modules. Output power 8dBm. The first stage is broadband amplifier which employs Cherry-Hopper technique. The second stage is a stage which can be digital controlled by parallel different sized (...)
Hi all, Which kind of substrate the designers use as PCB in RF power amplifier circuit? I give a picture below
Hi, I am designing a 30W Rf hybrid microstrip power amplifier in S frequency band. I encounter stability problem that's why I need to implement serie resistor on the RF path to improve the power amplifier stability. I am looking for a 10-20 ohms chip resistor able to support 1 to (...)
There are so many class types for RF PA.Some of them are linear such as A,AB;some of them are like switch type,such as E.How to choose the class type for power amplifier?Does it depend on modulations or something else?Say,for BPSK,lienarity is easy to achieve,so we can use Class E;for QAM64,linearity is more strict,so we should use Class A or Class
Hi All, I have the following specification for an RF power amplifer: 800MHz - 1GHz +27 to +30 dBm P 1dB compression point S11=S22=14 dB S12>40dB S21>30dB 3V3, DC input=3 Watts output=500mW RF Two stage amplifier using BFG235 or CLY5(GaAs FET) Does anyone know how to design this amplifer in Ansoft Designer using linear and non lin
I made stability simulation and it's ok. It seems stable at every input output impedances. Here is additional information. The amplifier is LDMOS MRF6S27015GNR1. I commonly used the test circuit of the device. I transformed the impedances compatible to my dielectric substance fr4 , 1.6mm thickness where the test circuit was built in taconic rf-
I am designing a RF Class E power amplifier in Cadence. Does anyone know how to sweep input power to get input power versus output power chart in cadence? Is it PSS or what? Where can I find a step to step tutorial teaching how to do pss or related simulation? Thank you
Hi, Im totally new to RF circuits, i need to find the maximum input power that can be given to the power amplifier MWE6IC9100NBR1(datasheet attached) I went through the datasheet ,, and it gives a equivalent Circuit diagram like below But the datasheet doesnt mention abt any absolute
Hi Guys, Help. I need an push-pull AB type rf power amplifier tutorial with ADS. Please!
please help me how to design for my rf 100w power amplifier it needs 28vfor rain and 3.1v for gate another two , 28v for its drivers,and two2.8v for their gate how can i design all these ps connections in one pcb and what is the ckt to be used