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I need paper or schematic about RF to DC converter. if you have, please upload . Thanks in advance
Hi good day everyone! Can anyone help me simulate the RF to DC converter circuit that I have created in Agilent ADS? I want to know the output voltage given an input frequency (915 Mhz) and also the correct specs like the width and length for my microstrip design? THank you
hi all....i'am study about RF to DC converter..i need some advice how to design RF to DC converter..i also asking any example of RF-DC circuit that will produce 5v of DC output.. thanks
You could use voltage multiplier if your sensor does not need too much current. Give us data: RF frequency, RF power level, required DC voltage and load current.
hi all, I want the DC to DC converter IC. The input voltage is 5V and the output voltage is +/-3.3V and (minimum)150mA (maximum)250mA. I came to know that this type of converter is available in Texas. Can any one help me in finding this. It was very urgent Thanx all.
How can i reduce the settling time of RMS to dc converter. In my project i am using ad636. Max settling time desired is 100ms.
Hi. I need to find a schematic 12V to 48V 4 Ampere DC to DC converter Someone told me that i can do that with a UC3843! The think is that i can't find a schematic! (Or don't know how... Because i am new to electronics) Can anyone help me?
Hi all, Can any one know any thing about DC-to-DC converter (or) Buck converter?. Plz help. Thanx.
Dear all, I measure my dc to dc converter ( 3.3 -> 1.8 ) . My design is load current is 0.8A. But I measure my output will have a spike at load current of over 0.4A. This spike will be sometime the peak of 2.8. This condition my OCP is off. Why do my load current can not over 0.4A? The other question. Is it load current is l
Hi everyone, Can any body present here may help me in understanding and making a UPS based on SMPS AC to DC converter so that there will be no need of any type of transformer and the UPS would not be bulky and heavy. It should handle be capable of handling atleast 500Watts of Power. Thanks in advance
thanks mister_rf, can you give me some link about buck,boost ,buck/boost converter paper or design note . also can you answer my question if you have free time? my :) thanks ,
Hi, I have a request to make up a DC to DC converter from 12V to 48V@15A output. I need a guide line for this. Any kind of help would be highly appreciated, in the mean time I would be thinking on how to design it. Thanks
hi, can any suggest the model of rf to av converter? and where can i buy it? can any show me the circuit and design of a stancard lithium battery charger set? i need it urgently.. thanks
Hello All, I am using a optical module that required 5, 3.3 and -5.2V. the current needed at the -5.2 V rail is 4A, I was searching a -5.2V non-isolated DC to DC converter with an output current up to 4A I did not find any because the input voltage to this non-isolated DC to DC converter is 5V (the board have only a single 5 V supply). I am p
Can someone suggest to me a multiple input AC to DC converter module or chipset that converts 220Vac to 5Vdc. The scenario is this, in a control panel, there are lamp indicators that lights up upon completion of each process (flood control process) i need to detect each lamp indicator as it activates so that I could remotely control each device
Hi. Ya'll My chip of wireless sensors will be fed by RF signal (by inductive coils). I am now stuck at design for RF to DC regulator (2.5V VDD generation). My charge pump multiplies voltage and provides unregulated DC with small ripples. This DC varies from 0 to upto15v depending on the distance between the transponder and reader. My CMOS onl
Hi good day. I am using some 6Volt batteries that you can pickup at walmart, to get either 12V dc or 18V dc. I was wondering if there is a way to achieve the same outcome using an AC/DC converter. When I search the net looking for a converter there are just too many to understand what will work similar to 2 or 3 6Volt batteries in series. Any idea
i want to build a dc to dc converter with input of 90vdc to 12vdc @2.5 amp
hello i need sch about AC TO DC converter with ICL7107 ,please help me. thank you
Hello All, I want to use a DC TO DC converter to supply 3.3V for a high speed design, usually I put a linear regulator (LDO) after the DC to DC converter, but in this case this is not possible because I will exceed the power budget. I find two DC to DC converter with an output voltage of 3.3V and the required current rating ...., but (...)
please suggest me 5v to +/- 15v dc to dc converter with driving capacity of 4 amps isolated output.
hai, i have a an ac to dc converter with 3 switching frequencies 100Khz(power factor and harmonic correction),230Khz(primary of dc to dc ),460Khz(secondary of Dc to dc ),I have trouble in choosing the input/EMI can i choose a filter for this module please help
Hi, I want to design dc to dc converter that can produce 220vdc 10A,,,can you share the topology? thanks for your help,,, best regards priambodo
i have a question about mosfet wave for forward dc to dc converter I/P:9-36vdc when vin=34v,at full load as the following look at the part of mosfet wave off it occur oscillation,what's reason ? how to improve it ?
I have some questons: (1)the output inductor (for forward),L=V*(1-D)/f*ΔI,where D is Dmin or Dmax, which one is better ? why? (2)current mode pwm ic ,connect a small value ceramic capacitor between CS pin and RT/CT pin,someone said,it can improve steady the dc to dc converter, why? thanks!
what is the purpose of rms to dc converter in the system
hello sir, i need a formula to choose the input capacitor for the half bridge with capacitor dc to dc converter. And in order to maintain equal potential across the capacitor,a resistor across each capacitor can be added. but how to calculate that resistor value. thanks in advance. Regards, Manikandan
Hi All, I am looking for really small ac to dc converter(would be really good if its made using cmos process) that can operate at 13-19 Mhz and can provide output voltage of 2.8 volt. I need this type of converter as i am working on wireless energy transfer using inductive coupling, any help is appreciated. Thanks
Lots of ics available that will do what you want. An example is LT1680, the datasheet shows an example circuit (use it with a couple of IRFZ44 or similar), and also shows the formula for computing the values to meet your voltage requirements. Bear in mind a car battery is seldom 12V, but varies. Use a varistor at the input, and maybe a TVS too.
what condition is necessary for adding Auxiliary supply winding to the dc to dc converter of transformer ? thanks !
Hello mengwang, for calculating your DC - DC converter can use the WEBENCH designer of TEXAS Instrument. Here and [URL="http:
Hello, Working on design - inverter for 3 phase induced motor 380VAC x 3 I am using IGBT module (rectifier + 6 transistor) that convert the 3 phase to ~537.4VDC = 380 x 1.414 I need from that voltage 537.4VDC create lower voltage for the control section - 15V + 3.3V Isolated one option is to use flyback trasnformer with multioutput with i
I want to make a dc to dc converter whic may convert my 18v 2ah dc to 3v 2ah dc how it is possible please guied
Hi all, I am trying to built DC to DC inverter. At input, I want to providing 12 Volt and at output I want to get 300 Volts. What steps or schematic I have to follow to get this output? With transformer I can do this more efficiently, But I want to do this without transformer, Kindly help me out, Thanks to all, Imtisal
Hi Guys, I just ordered a DC to DC converter for a project I'm working on. I'm looking to power the positive and negative rails of an audio amplifier. I found on amplifier that I can feed 5 volts to and then get out + and -15 volts. The problem is I can't get the chip to work at all. I bought two of them and neither will give me anything close t
There are varies dc to dc converter topologies like Buck, Boost or Buck-Boost & others!! But which one is used for what application?? What are selection criteria/ parameters?? Experts Plz discuses each of this in detail so that every one will be benefited.
please suggest any rms to dc converter circuit diagram with suitable ic thank you
I have a diode multiplier circuit and I need to somehow take DC out of the 1w RF signal. Is that possible? how?
Dear All Can anybody help me to find an Ac-to-DC converter circuit works on 12V to drive an AC-motor? (i need a reliable one) Best Regards
hello my friends i want to know how to do switching control i means 12V to 6V and other, this affects i used motor control,means 6V to control low speed and i don't know possible or it Needing to change motor coil. thanks please help me.
hi,I am doing a project on boost DC to DC ,Vin=2.8V--5.5V, Vout=10V Imax=250mA my question is about slope compensation. m1=vin/L ,-m2=(vout-vin-Vd)/L ,vin is not constant,so how to compensate the circuit to canceal the sub-H osc? in buck ,ma>=1/2 m2, how to set ma in my design? another question: how to design a V to I converter in the slop
hi,I am doing a project on boost DC to DC ,Vin=2.8V--5.5V, Vout=10V Imax=250mA my question is about slope compensation. m1=vin/L ,-m2=(vout-vin+Vd)/L ,vin is not constant,so how to compensate the circuit to cancel the sub-H osc? (Vd is the voltage cross the schottky diode) in buck ,ma>=1/2 m2, how to set ma in my design? another question:
Hello i am novice there and i do not speak english very well. But i need help. I am looking for DCDC converter for my charger i need from U=5V, I=max500mA to U=≥8V, I=200mA something easy thank you
Dear all, If my bulk's waveform's voltage is correct, the frequency is not correct. Why? It's voltage is 1.8V. But the frequency is strange and it is not a stable frequency. Thanks.
Hi Is anyone here know where to buy 72V to 24V DC to DC converter @ approximately 20A? mm
Dear All, I need to have a dc-dc converter in which input is 20-60V and output is 13.5V @ 2Amp. Please suggest . Vicky
Need Isolated dc-dc converter 1.5V-2 V input 15-18V out that is relatively easy to do , now the challenge 10-20 Watts , better than 90% efficency ,manufacturing cost less than $5.00 in OEM quantity (10,000 up ) Is anyone up to the challenge ? Able to come up with some up front money
These is not the same, but a very interesting work:-): Modelling, Simulation, and Performance Analysis of a Hybrid Power ..
Input voltage is a fixed DC voltage 12volts but output voltage isn?t a fixed voltage and it will come from keyboard for example 2,3 v , 5,7 v , 18,9 v about these it will be show in lcd
I asked about DC to DC converter and I got the answer that "when we need different dc voltages and need higher amperage from low amperage batteries we use DC to DC converters like in Laptops" My question isn't possible that we get different AC voltage levels from transformer and simply convert them to DC. As we know the purpose of using AC si