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Thank you all! I think what I need is a rgb decoder. Yesterday I read some SPECs such as sony cxa1585q, maybe ICs like this will fit my application. Because cxa1585q only support Y/C input, so I must add a Y/C seperator, Could you give some good choices? Thank you. P.S. I've heared that SHARP's IR3Y31M/3Y29M is also ok, but I can't find their SPEC
Please introduce some ICs part numbers for decoding MPEG video data stream to rgb digital for TFT LCD interface. I want to show a film clip with some data on TFT LCD.How to do it?
hello? :) i need video in to rgb out + csync out. please..
I have two 24bit rgb signals (fully synchronous). How can I mix them with some proportion (alpha) . OR How can I build alpha blender. Any suggestion?
Hi, A1: If it is absent BT656 to rgb converter, you have use fpga with multiplyers built in. Try to use it as a reference. A2: FPGA can be implemented as a frame memory controller
I read the post about the rgb to S-Video and this reminded me of a problem I had with the TMS9928 Video processor (used in MSX, Colecovision, NES, ...) This IC has the Y, R-Y, B-Y signals and I was ondering if there's a simple way to convert this to rgb+Sync so I can attach it to a SCART connector. I already tried this circuit:
help required urgently to convert composite to rgb signals.using cpld or fpga. Any core available or info which i can read about it.? Thanks and much appreciated
Does anyone know the class of chips that takes a digital DVI/HDMI signal, and breaks it apart into parallel 24bit rgb (so 24 pins, 8 for red, 8 for green, and 8 for blue)? Is this a decoder? Or a video interface, or what? Is this generally done on a high speed microcontroller, or is there a specific dedicated line of integrated circuits to do th
I'm working on embedded image processing project using Altera DE2 board, which uses ADV7181 for TV decoding. My problem, is that I'm stuck at Image Acquisition stage, I've used the DE2 default TV decoder program, which comes with its CD, and attached a CCD camera to the CVBS input (video input) of the board but no results yielded when I connect
I would like to ask if there any available chip that can separate rgb signal from composite video(PAL or NTSC). I found some chip but most of them are obsolete.
Hi! A while back i bought this 3,5" TFT display that has a 24-bit rgb interface. With it I bought an analogue to 24-bit converter board. Using an analogue signal from my TV decoder it looks pretty good, but with the analogue output from my Raspberry Pi, not so much. It's difficult to read text, and it seems like a lot of pixel information is
I am looking for such IC's which shall be common and cheap. Any Ideas?
Need help to cr@ck this decoder... I was told there is a software that can do this. Thank You
I'm looking for a complete description of encoder and decoder (or universal encoder/decoder) for RF remote control. The encoder/decoder I'm looking for, should have 16 data inputs/outputs and 4-12 address inputs. I have found a description of such device on , but it says nothing about how to build it (pr
does any one knows an optimal remote-control decoder algorithm. I use PIC12c505 as the encoder and having touble with signal quality for more than 1 meter from the receiver (e.g. i use standart 433MHz receiver). thanks
hello. i need close decoder schemtics(video & tv).. wow !!! help me !!! thank you...... ^O^
I am doing the Mp3 decoder ASIC design now. Can someone tell me how to add equalizer feature to my Mp3 decoder ? cyteng
hello friends, I'm working on a remote control for a garage, could anybody show me any secure encoder/decoder pair to be used? regards, 2000
i`m curently building a receiver to receive weather satelites pictures.if anyone is interested please post a relpy or email me to exchange opinions.
Does someone knows any reference design for a stand-alone mp3 decoder which can be used in an Aiwa cd system? Has someone worked on Atmels 8xc51 based mp3 decoder chips? Who can help with the mp3 algorithm? hock
Hello guys. Does any one know if it is possible to build a MP3 decoder chip with an embedded softeware/ VHDL and burn it in a PLD such as Altera, Xilinx or others. Note: I am talking about the chip itself not all the mp3 player, even better is the info you supply makes use of this chip within a mp3 player project. appreciate any help l
Does anyone know if its possible to create a DivX decoder using an FPGA? Are there any reference designes available that do this or perhaps do MPEG I or MPEG II decoding? - Jayson
Hi All I want to design a memory map decoder for the following scenario. I am using a 8051 variant with a special memory interface. This has 22 address lines and 8 data lines. This means that potentially 4 mb of memory or i/o can be interfaced. I want to add 2 mb of SRAM and also 32 bytes of i/o to this microcontroller. This is what I have
I am looking for rgb to monochrome LCD dislpay interface, which could work with Epson EG9015D-NZ 640x480 LCD display. Does anybody know any design of such an interface?
Hi! I want to build an audio decoder but i dont know what to use, i know that the input frequency is 15632hz, and i think i have to use a pll and a demodulator, are there any schematics that can help me? Thanks! Marmes
Hi, The command packets(like on command) exist in the VBI of the video signal. I have idea. When i subscribe first time i record the encrypted channel on a tape using VCR. Then when the decoder had disabled i playback the tape to reactivate the decoder again. Does this will work ?
Hi all, I was searching a way to decode a Mpeg 4:2:2 stream. Does anyone know a good chip to make that? or another way to do that? (I don't have the possibility to use PC with a software codec, so I have to do this via hardware) Any tips is welcome! Thanks in advance, Sirio.
is it possible to construct a cablecrypt decoder using a PIC?
DTMF Generator and decoder using PIC16F84 / File deleted, use link below
Hi , Does anybody have any code written in C to decode the PWM output of a RF remote control (from a car alarm) . Doesn't have to be code hopping just read the code so that I can display it . Thanks in advance Schmitt :lol: :lol: :lol:
Now u can reach: get more information about our company. DMX512 decoder Module 1. Conform to DMX512/1990 international standard, ensuring the users to quickly develop and release DMX512-related products at the possible quickest time without in-depth knowledge of DMX512 protocol; 2. Available for 1-9 output ch
Hi, I scanned the comcrypt 4000 user manual. It approximately 4Mb Where can i send it to ? Pharaoh Of Egypt
Keeloq code hopping decoder useing secure learn
I have two 24bit rgb signals (fully synchronous). How can I mix them with some proportion (alpha) . OR How can I build alpha blender. Any suggestion?
Hi! I have a mono radio with vacum tubes and a stereo amplifier with vacum tubes (OK, I'm audiophile 8) ). So I need a scematic of good stereo decoder with IC or with vacum tubes. Thanx!
Hi All: Did somebody else ever used the EM8400, a MPEG-2 decoder, to implement a DVD player? My DVD-playback application of Win98 was implemented with a PCI decoded card released by Sigma Design Ltd.. When I playback the DVD file with the application and hot plugged the USB pluge at the same time, the action always made the the tray of DVD ROM
i am looking for a tone encoder and decoder chip or a modem chip? anyone knows what can i use
Hi: Does anyone have the UART to IrDA Encoder/decoder code with the HDL (VHDL or Verilog )? If you have the source code , please share with us............ Thanks a lot...........
Hi, i need to replace a Holtek HT12D and HT12E with a Pic 16f676, do you know source code for this ? Thanks Totue
roadster Thanks roadster What is a LED Drive IC from TexasInstrument. TLC5911 or anyone? Please explain for DSP processor purpose function. I want know more detail. Generaly video processor is output 10bit rgb after Gamma correction for 8bit rgb. Is this meaning realy 10bit. What is this for theorical mean. And,next Colour and Brightness unif
Hi everyone, I need help in designing a circuit for a 16 State recursive convolutional decoder......if anyone has worked on this before plz reply... Aircraft Maniac
i need a 2to1 decoder with dual clock in (rising edge!). (or another one with this true-table: RESET A_CLK D_CLK OUT 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 x x 0 ) i've a little problem with this because i
I need transform rgb bayer pattern to rgb pattern, What is the good method for hardware implement??
Dear Fellows, anyone knows about a piece of code for AVR which does decoding of Manchester encoded data? Bitrate is around 2 kbps. ~Flaxa
Hi I need source code for high performance viterbi decoder(50Mb input) in VHDL language. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance. :?:
Who can provide links for a program that translates a Video Stream 3 Pixels (8-bit rgb values) to a standard BMP file ? Thanks in adavance !!!
This user guide provides comprehensive information about the altera Turbo encoder/decoder MegaCore function. And some further analysis on the source codes.
Ok I have found what Iwant... VideoOut(Fbas)--->LUM RED(rgb) --->Chroma Advantage of this is: Picture is much besser than Cinch(VideoOut) I test it with my Digital Receiver ---> Hauppage TVCard(SVideo-In). It´s Great... 8) Cu
Interested in knowing how a cable TV decoder works. Specifically the Jerrold brand set top boxes. I expect the box to receive commands from the provider but not sure if the box also send info back to the provider. Thanks.
Anybody who can help me with some recommendation of powerful hdtv decoder soc solution? and if you have datasheet to describe the chip, pls attach it as reference. TKS :wink: