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Thank you all! I think what I need is a rgb decoder. Yesterday I read some SPECs such as sony cxa1585q, maybe ICs like this will fit my application. Because cxa1585q only support Y/C input, so I must add a Y/C seperator, Could you give some good choices? Thank you. P.S. I've heared that SHARP's IR3Y31M/3Y29M is also ok, but I can't find their SPEC
hello? :) i need video in to rgb out + csync out. please..
I have two 24bit rgb signals (fully synchronous). How can I mix them with some proportion (alpha) . OR How can I build alpha blender. Any suggestion?
Hi, A1: If it is absent BT656 to rgb converter, you have use fpga with multiplyers built in. Try to use it as a reference. A2: FPGA can be implemented as a frame memory controller
I read the post about the rgb to S-Video and this reminded me of a problem I had with the TMS9928 Video processor (used in MSX, Colecovision, NES, ...) This IC has the Y, R-Y, B-Y signals and I was ondering if there's a simple way to convert this to rgb+Sync so I can attach it to a SCART connector. I already tried this circuit:
help required urgently to convert composite to rgb signals.using cpld or fpga. Any core available or info which i can read about it.? Thanks and much appreciated
Does anyone know the class of chips that takes a digital DVI/HDMI signal, and breaks it apart into parallel 24bit rgb (so 24 pins, 8 for red, 8 for green, and 8 for blue)? Is this a decoder? Or a video interface, or what? Is this generally done on a high speed microcontroller, or is there a specific dedicated line of integrated circuits to do th
I'm working on embedded image processing project using Altera DE2 board, which uses ADV7181 for TV decoding. My problem, is that I'm stuck at Image Acquisition stage, I've used the DE2 default TV decoder program, which comes with its CD, and attached a CCD camera to the CVBS input (video input) of the board but no results yielded when I connect
Hi Basically the TVP5150 need simple register setting via I2C link The hard work is to get the data from the TVP using the STM32 digital I/O You will need to use interrupt and DMA for trnsfering data into rgb format All the best Bobi The microcontroller specialist
I would like to ask if there any available chip that can separate rgb signal from composite video(PAL or NTSC). I found some chip but most of them are obsolete.
Please introduce some ICs part numbers for decoding MPEG video data stream to rgb digital for TFT LCD interface. I want to show a film clip with some data on TFT LCD.How to do it?
Hi! A while back i bought this 3,5" TFT display that has a 24-bit rgb interface. With it I bought an analogue to 24-bit converter board. Using an analogue signal from my TV decoder it looks pretty good, but with the analogue output from my Raspberry Pi, not so much. It's difficult to read text, and it seems like a lot of pixel information is
Hi everybody :grin: I´m Axel, French and living in Barcelona and I love electronics :-P:lol: Sorry for my English I will try to explain it well ;-) I searched for a solution during a lot of time and... I think I need a little bit of help... I will try to explain you my problem.... :-? I just made on my breadboard a rgb to PAL video e
roadster Thanks roadster What is a LED Drive IC from TexasInstrument. TLC5911 or anyone? Please explain for DSP processor purpose function. I want know more detail. Generaly video processor is output 10bit rgb after Gamma correction for 8bit rgb. Is this meaning realy 10bit. What is this for theorical mean. And,next Colour and Brightness unif
HI, I wonder if anyone knows any reference to a free core or any other type of information about how to implement a JPEG decoder (Reading a JPG file and converting it to BMP or rgb stream)? I know there are a lot of commersial IP-Cores available but I need something that is royalte free or if not, I have to convert the C-code to VHDL and write
Hi ! I'm looking for a replacement for this IC from Motorola ,it is a pal/ntsc decoder,but not anymore in production.I want to know whether exist any other IC that do the same job.... regards maXer Added after 1 minutes: i need to convert CVBS composite video signal in rgb HV one
Hello Philippe, Could you please explain more, what do you need exactly? What kind of controller? DMX168 or DMX512. What kind of LED module you need? Monochrome(or rgb) Led Bulb, Wall Washer LED Projector, Monchrome or rgb LED strip or anything else... I would like to guide(help) you but more explanation is necessary. Yavuz
Hi, I have been working on something similar application but on an Altera board for sometime. I can brief about the video pipeline implemented on an altera board. May be you can find something similar for xilinx and can implement it. first of all, the decoder IC (ADV7183B) will take PAL as input and will give you output in ITU-R BT.656 YC