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There are lots of DIY led Music Spectrum kits available in the market, but here you can make your own led Audio Spectrum Analyzer using NeoPixel rgb led Matrix and ARM microcontroller. led Audio Spectrum Analyzer Circuit: How to make a led Audio Spe
Are you speaking of a rgb led?
Hi I want to find a way, to controll rgb led color (specific color for example 5 or ten specified color) with a tact switch and without micro-controller. on the other hand want to use simple and cheap material. thanks for your help
Hello I'm making kind of a project right now. But, i've got a problem with choosing a power supply. I need three times 7.5A continuous current. Will I be able to use a 650W PC Power Supply for this project or do I have to buy a different one? Here's a link to my power supply: .
Hello all, I am trying to control the brightness on 8 separate common anode rgb led strips(24 Channels) of varying lengths using a single Arduino nano or Mega board. I have found other threads and online articles suggesting that a TLC5940 chip(16 channels) with the help of MOSFETs can do exactly that. However I am merely a student and have b
Sounds complicated and if you intend to run one I2C bus around them all you will run out of addresses, bus drive capacity and speed. What are the IR phototransistors detecting? Most need a fairly 'bright' IR source before they give significant changes in their current and that current has to be detected somehow. Cheap rgb leds can be just as goo
I am using NCP5623 led driver for the rgb led.. The code isn't working in hardware. #include #include #include #pragma config PLLDIV = 5 #pragma config CPUDIV = OSC1_PLL2 #pragma config USBDIV = 2 #pragma config FOSC = HS #pragma config FCMEN = ON #pragma config IESO = OFF #pragma config PWRT = ON
Why wouldn't someone want to? If there is a spice model for a single led, why would rgb led be an exception. Sorry if that's hash.
// pwm #include sbit R = P0^0; sbit G = P0^1; sbit BL = P0^2; int j; void pwm_setup(); void DelayMs(unsigned int); unsigned char pwm_width; bit a=0; void main(void) { pwm_setup(); while(1) { for (j=0;j<=255;j++) pwm_width=j; DelayMs(100); /* I want to use total 7 case, R,G,
I do not know for rgb model, but for single color 16 x 32 dot chinese led modul there is 16 pcs of 74hc595 (1/4 refresh). Each panel have 74hc245 buffer on data, clk, latch and enable line. There is one NOT gate, i think on enable line, hc138 decoder and 8 pcs dual p-channel fet transistors in SOP8 package for driving rows
Hi guys, recently I got an Philips LivingColors lamp. I wasn?t too happy with its brightness so I decided to do small hardware modification. I added few N-channel transistors to the led drivers and connected an rgb led strip. The effect was really impressive. The single lamp with a strip was able to light up the complete room. The control (...)
Hi, I'm looking for a Looking for very cheap rgb led in SMT package, low power. Thanks, Enrico Migliore
Hi guys, Im interested in building an led controlled by an app on my mobile. Im wondering what components would be required in order for this to work. So basically a small battery would be connected to a Bluetooth chip with an rgb on the other side. If anyone has any circuit diagrams that would be great help.
Hello, I am trying to drive an 8x8 rgb Common Cathode led matrix. I am planning to use four 74HC595 shift registers. The problem is that I want to get the maximum brightness out of the leds but I do not know which IC to use between output of shift registers and leds. I am using 5050 smd rgb (...)
In simple words, you need to adjust the individual led currents to get same luminuous intensity (according to eye sensitivity curve). led datasheets are usually showing the eye corrected intensity (luminuous intensity in cd), so you can calculate a rough current ratio. But rgb leds have also intensity variations between (...)
What size are you looking for? There are 1"-2" single digit rgb displays out there, but nothing smaller as of right now.
Hi ppl, I'm new here and I didn't see an introduction page, so I'll introduce myself here :). I'm bart and I'm new to electronics. I want to experiment with led lighting in my house. I've got some questions and I hope there are some people out here who could help me out. I have the common 5m led strip 5050 rgb (300 led (...)
i want to fetch rgb led matrix frames from SPI RAM and scan it @ 60hz. i have decided that one controller fetch data from SPI RAM and share it to other controllers through its USB port they will do scanning and PWM stuff. this will save complex h/w like dual port ram etc. any suggestion regrading this ???
It seems that here the 4-pin rgb led has a common anode (connected to +), right? On the other hand, if the board could be supplied by different 12V sources and 11V is good for the board, placing a forward diode in series with each source and joining the diodes at the other side, the board will be supplied automatically by the highest voltage ava
i want to design rgb bulb led light which take electricity directly from 220 VAC or 110 VAC source and light up the bulb, any help? What do you mean directly? led needs DC ...
Two bits of allthread, some washers, some nuts and two bits of scap pin form the spreader. Take a length of suitable wire (I used 1.25m fencing wire to impart the column with some strength) and twist it with a cordless drill. I just twist the wire until it snaps at one end or the other. This removes all the kinks in the wire and makes it nice a
Assumptions: 1) The groups of 3 leds represents a single common anode rgb led. 2) The test points represent out pins of a TLC5940 IC. 3) The 4 xTLC5940 output pins on the left side of the schematic get a fixed duty cycle of 100%. 4) The 12 x TLC5940 output pins at the bottom of the schematic get a variable duty cycle and control the (...)
App need connect to Arduino Board then control rgb led. Use Android USB port to control. Then need USB-OTG Cable and Android device with USB-OTG supported. VDO Presentation and more detail and
Hi, I want to about Color system or Color chart . Thanks, Phongphan Porana. There are 2 color system. 1. Additive color. Which is use for light color mixing. For example, rgb led display panel or Spot light. The primary color for this system are "Red, Green and Blue". 2. Subtrative color. Which is color of a
Perhaps you mean the CIE color space using x,y coordinate. This gives the human eye color corrected value for daylight colors. Although a neutral white from rgb is still not a wide spectrum as a white led with broad spectrum phosphors.
I have a ULN 2003, and common anode rgb led's, I know technically this won't work, but is there any way to make it work? I have to work with what I have here. I'm thinking of possibly using mosfets to drive the led's, but I really don't think it's worth the effort seeing as they would have to be removed from another PCB. Any other options (...)
Hi I wan't to control around 100 rgb led (not an led matrix) and need to obtain different colours. Now I am trying the multiplexing by switching the common anode of led using a ring counter and applying the 3 channel PWM from MCU. But for me, I cannot sacrifice the led brightness, I want maximum brightness. (...)
HI, I am in need of very tiny rgb led, the same one seen on a stellaris launchpad. Can any one give me the link from which I could purchase the same led... Searched a lot in alibaba but couldn;t find the exact one...
Nothing magical there, WS2811 chip is used to control tha rgb led. Study the datasheet of that chip.
Hi, I am making an 8x8 rgb led matrix and I am using PIC24HJ502 microcontroller & TLC5940 led driver. I consider myself weak at programming so I need a bit of your help. For starters I want to generate continuous pulse of ~76 KHz from my micro controller to a SCLK (data shift clock) of TLC5940. I know that everything can be done by SPI (...)
dear all please help me. as i am working on rgb led driver, i have completed my software upto 90% with the help of you people. but now i am facing new problem here. my controller unit is working fine as when i connect led direct to it's pins, rgb color modes works well. but for driving power led (3w) i (...)
dear all please help me i am working on 3W rgb led controller. i want to use a single switch for changing the color sequence. like i used switch statement for different color. but how to change the color using single switch with multiple press please help me its urgent!
hi guys, i am using pic16f883 micro controller to generate pwm signals to control rgb led, pic has two built in pwm channels, but i need channels to control all three.... please help me how to generate third channel(any options using timers or can i make use of two ccp channels to generate third one.... below is my code using mikro c compiler..
HI all, i'm trying to control 8*8 rgb dot matrix controlling the columns on/off is easy i did it with shift register the problem i'm facing is with TLC5940 Interface with led's row i used the following code and it works very will "it lights all the led and then turn them off in steps from 0 to 4095" for all of the three colors, the (...)
Hi guys, I've got 3 of these rgb led's that I want to use alongside an Arduino in a project. Just a few questions about powering them. When I got them, I also got these led drivers (bought these I believe http
I was wondering is anyone can assistme in building a circuit that would take the voltage from 3 led's and have it drive 8 rgb single ledS as extended lighting. This origional rgb Lighting is from a Gauge Cluster background lighting that use 3 leds (Reb, Blue, Green) to make 127 different colors. I want (...)
pls can anymore tell me how i can use my new 16x2 led display screen with my teensy microcontrolleratmega32u4.And a short code that i can write on it to know if the display is working perfectly.thanks
Hi, I am troubled of how can I make my tri-color led dim. I have a 595 shift register where my tri-color rgb led was connected. My goal is to dim it so I can have a different color. How should I do it in Keil C51 code? Should I use Timer interrupt? Hardware pwm? BTW, I successfully light/blink those tri-color (...)
Leaves of that tree of happiness are made of rgb leds. Light is scattered thanks to deodorant balls used. Branches were made of computer twisted-pair cable. A box with whole electronics serves as a stand. In addition
Some friend like the led matrix display.But It's difficulty to find a schemtaics.Now i show a schemtaics what is the rgb led matrix board,and i designed. It's under the GPL license. Some IC's
currently working on large size rgb led based moving message display........ pls share schematics, codes or any idea if anyone hav thx
I am working on a battery powered device that will use an array of rgb led's. It is one large segment (well, it will be split into strings obviously but the whole panel will always be just one color and intensity). I have a microcontroller inside and will use PWM to do color mixing. There are 180 PLCC-6 rgb led's. Vf (...)
This is a project of a lamp made for the New Year's Eve. Matrix consists of leds 3x15 in rgb colours. Processor AT89C4051 was used as a counter. The colour change takes place in the rhythm of the music via built-in microphone from
When you use CCP, you're using the hardware PWM. So, for PWM without CCP module, use software PWM. One way would be to use a timer. Have the timer interrupt at the end of each period. Depending on the time required, keep output on and off as required. Check this out: AN1074 - Software PWM Generation for led Dimming and rgb Color Applications [u
I'm designing a rgb led circuit that uses a stacked transistor topology. There are 3 leds, and each led is paired with a transistor in parallel... these 3 led/transistor pairs are stacked together and connected to a constant current driver. To turn on any led, its corresponding transistor is (...)
Also for a very simple solution you may use some specials rgb led ( with only two pins). Datasheet: This leds will automatically scroll through the rgb colors and fade into each color. You just need to supply it with 4-5V . There is an internal oscillator that controls the color
is a simple but very pleasing to the eye shop window lighting excellent to attract customers' attention during Easter time. There are some interesting effects ? independently controlling two channels rgb as well as independent control of white leds that backlight the top.
Hi i'm a newbie. I'm trying to develop software pwm to drive rgb led using interrupt. but seems the code i developed doesn't works even the code was successfully compiled. Need experts help on my code. my code as below and i'm using HI TECH C v9.83. thanks in advance.. :-) Code: #include __CONFIG(FOSC_INTRC_NOCLKOUT & (...)