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The schematic will show you what the ribbon cable connects to on each circuit board.
If using prewired Molex then 12v and 5V is correct. 19V will burn out some components. go to BIOS to check CDROM is present and jumpered correctly on drive if using ribbon cable.
Looks like it's a ground link to a shield around the ribbon cable. If the plug fits that socket underneath it, I would say it goes to the same screw as the green wire. Brian.
Hi all fellow electronics engineers. We are currently working on a two-display ARM processor solution and have finished our PCB but seems to be having some issues with the cabling. Our current configuration consists of a single SSD1963 LCD display connected by a 1 meter long 40-pin flat ribbon cable. The display doesn't work being connected wi
My drive is not being recognized by my PC. I want to check if my ribbon cable is working correctly or not. Can anybody please tell me how can I check it using a multimeter? Should each pin should appear shorted on the multimeter e.g. pin 1 shorted to pin 1,pin 2 shorted to pin 2 and so on.
if the contactor interfered with the LCD is there an easy way to stop it, could you shield the ribbon cable with foil and earth it or something ? The interferences can cause false commands to the LCD, resulting in garbage characters or even loss of configuration. Screening and earthing can improve the interference strength but may b
Hi marce, In your post you said "It is not ribbon cable actually" . So what do you refer that as. Pls I am interested in your view. Cheers
I did search on Digikey. ribbon cable, flat cable connectors. I have no luck to find the right connector for this LCD module. The pitch for the cable is 0.5mm. By looking at the module, it looks like need some connector can allow cable plug into it and solder other end to PCB. What kind of connector (...)
I?m using a FPGA to drive a matrix keyboard and I try to connect it with a ribbon cable. I have problems and I don?t know if it?s because of the cable. The signals are 20 ns pulses.
ribbon cable?? for ATA port or floppy...yes
You can very much use it for off the board: We have a system where it travels upto 1.5metres with a normal ribbon cable and even upto 2.5 metres with twisted pair shielded cable.
The connection board (the big pins) is called just Header pins (or DIL header), e.g. To connect to it, there are a few ways: 1. Use a ribbon cable and an IDC Socket like this:
Use a ribbon cable with a female connector and pins
About the design I've 16 slaves that connect through a ribbon cable (no shield, not twisted) with each other. The maximum specified length that I specified is 25 meters for the system design but typically installations would be 12 meters long. The devices operates in noisy environments (high power electrical motors starting/stopping).
Welcome to EDABOARD any way you have to use 3 wires with ground as third. please manage to have a 3 way ribbon cable and use middle wire as ground. Also, try to keep minimum wire length. you might , i suppose, have used twisted pair . instead , use one twisted pair with second (mate)wires as ground , fo
I think he just wants to connect the leds to the power supply not the PC port. The ribbon cable wires are very thin and the current high so I don't think it is the proper wire for the job. Alex
Hi all! I'm designing a pcb, but in a section of this, the traces are very convoluted, because they have to "turn around" a big trough hole component. I was wondering if it's a good practice to "jump" the trough hole component using a ribbon cable instead of keeping long and convoluted traces and if you can suggest me any brand or series to use
you can either solder a ribbon cable 59318 or I prefer a pin header 59317 Alex
If you can make that ribbon cable look like a transmission line you'll do a lot better than if it looks like just capacitance. I've seen twisted-pair ribbons and you could probably go ground-signal-ground-signal-ground... and get something like a transmittion line (Z=TBD). With just one clock to care about, you could probably afford to (...)
My Sony ZS-X3CP portable stereo has no line in input, it has a CD player (able to play MP3) and tuner only. My intention was to do away with the cd player and just add a linein somehow instead so i can plug my tiny Sandisk MP3 player instead. Any idea how i go about this. I took it apart and can see a large ribbon cable from the CD player feeding
If it is a standard connection such as USB, VME, PCI etc the pins will be defined. If it is your own connector they its up to the engineer, the type of signals being transmitted and quite often the type of cable used to carry the signals. A general (and historical) rule of thumb was; "sig-gnd-sig-gnd..." used when we relied on ribbon cables (...)
You can get those colours from leds, but for a one off you might want to use multi colour leds, I suspect that the item in the video has filament lamps in it. For you application a selection of single leds is probably the way to go and solder them to bits of veroboard. Solderable ribbon cable would make the connections nice and neat.
I have to send 14 bits of parallel data to a 14 bit DAC evaluation board need to use a ribbon cable to transfer the data from my FPGA daughterboard to the DAC eval board's IDC connectors.
That "tape" is a flexible interconnect between the circuit boards made of polyimide film with copper traces, sometimes called a flex jumper. It serves the same function as a ribbon cable but is thinner. If you can get a replacement from Apple and the solder connections at the ends are not too deviously concealed and you have the skill, it may be po
This is probably going to be no help at all, but my only experience with fixing a broken SPI interface was where a 1 foot long ribbon cable connected the two chips. The slave was not receiving its data. After hooking up a very high speed logic analyzer, I saw a very fast ringing on the clock line at the slave chip input. The ring looked like an
My first thought would be to mount the SD card holder on its own pcb with a pin header that would interface with the uP board via a ribbon cable. I would then need some "L" brackets to attach to the SD card pcb and the back of the metal plate. That's a viable approach. Another possibility is to bolt the SD board to th
Hello All, I am considering powering the gate drive circuit for my H-bridge via a ribbon cable. Has anyone been successful doing this before? My design is a full-bridge converter, with an H-Bridge on each side. Each H-bridge is being laid out on its own PCB so that I can disconnect one of the H-bridges, and connect a rectifier or
After I disassembled a LGP1 laptop the touchpad no longer works. I was told that it was missing it's cable however the touchpad was working with the cable that is there, a large ribbon which comes from the side of the touchpad into the centre of the motherboard. I have installed all the drivers and the system tells me it is functioning (...)
my new board had all the led and lcd lighted before i connected to the jtag port via a ribbon/platform cable usb. Instantly all led and lcd went blank, except the power is good led that is still on. Did I damage the board? It seems this board is no longer functional. Please somebody help troubleshoot this board.
My opinion is that you are in for a lot of work to make a USB interface for this keyboard. From your pictures, it appears that keyboard contains only a key matrix arranged in a number of rows and columns. That is why the ribbon cable has so many connections in it. If this keyboard had an on-board controller, the job would have been easier.
I was repairing my tv and I accidentally ripped a ribbon cable...on it says SUMITOMO-M AWM 2896 80C VW-1 -F- It is white with 40 pins and is about 20mm wide and 120mm came from a Mitsubishi WD-52525 DLP Tv...does anyone know where I can buy one of these cables? I checked e-bay and found nothing...and the only thing I could find on goog
Guys Is it possible the serial data from the FPGA to the other IC or gate can be loss if we use such a long (1.5Meter) 20AWG ribbon cable? Please advise. Thanks in advance.
Guys Is it possible the serial data from the FPGA to the other IC or gate can be loss if we use such a long (1.5Meter) 20AWG ribbon cable? Please advise. Thanks in advance.
hey there could somone help me find an extender or just a new longer ribbon cable as i need to sit the controler board lower so its not in the way of the lcd thanks i've look about for ages try'n to find a new cable but dont even know if ribbon/flex/flat cable is the right name thanks mart
Hopefully someone can help. Board #1: Cypress EZ-USB FX2-LP (CY7C68013A) microcontroller on pcb operating at 3.3V. Board #2: Analog Devices (AD669 DACPORT) 16-bit monolithic D/A converter plus other analog IC's operating at 5V. The Cypress board has 3 of its I/O ports connected to the other board through a 26-pin ribbon cable. We use th
Zilog Ez80 Embedded Webserver includes: eZ80Acclaim!? Development Kit ? Includes development platform, development module, and 9V AC power supply with adapters ZPAKII Debug Interface Module ? Includes ZDI TIM, 40-connector ribbon cable, DB9 serial I/O cable, ID10 to DB9 cable, and 5V AC power supply with (...)
Guys, any one can explain briefly on how the protocol of LVDS data transfer works in Xilinx FPGA Development Kit? In the board they have the LVDS transmitter and receiver ports, can we just loop back the transmitter to receiver using a ribbon cable ( to connect the transmitter and receiver ports), or any extra work needed? And how to convert a digi
Zilog Ez80 Embedded Webserver includes: eZ80Acclaim!? Development Kit ? Includes development platform, development module, and 9V AC power supply with adapters ZPAKII Debug Interface Module ? Includes ZDI TIM, 40-connector ribbon cable, DB9 serial I/O cable, ID10 to DB9 cable, and 5V AC power supply with (...)
Hi, I don't know about a 'large' system' but I regularly use ribbon cable, anything from 4-way to 50-way using headers (all of which are cheap). Ready built cables for computers are a cheap option. Alternatively you can get 'edge' connectors, where a PCB plugs directly into the connector on another PCB, these are usually at right (...)
Hi I am considering to use flat ribbon cable to connect LCD module and in breardboard but I am not sure which connector that can fix in the breadboard and holes in the LCD modules. I welcome to hear hear your suggestions. Maverickmax
hello, all friends: how much is the normal ribbon cable's characteristic impedance, can I measure it useing a simple method? best regards measure inductanse on shorted piece of cable and measure capacitance opened same piece of cable for low frequences ( 0-20 kHz) is also interest of resistanse of shor
Although I have no experience in ribbon cables, why can't one make a coplanar transmission line on ribbon cable?
Hi, I think if you use ribbon/flat cable type 25PIN D-type and 26PIN header will solve your problem see the picture of the programmer at dilogic. Note: If you punch a flat/robbon cable on the 25-PIN D-Type connector (that support ribbon/flat cable direct) and match the Pins of the connector to the wire (...)
I've touchscreen glasses for 128x128 T6963 LCD modules but I don't have any info about this touch-panels... LCD module and touch panels are seperate. I've no problem with LCD module now... For touch-panel: It is a usual glass with a layer on it... There are two single row flat ribbon cable & connectors. (One cable is 18pins...) (...)