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Hi guys. I am simulating a CPW with an extra SiO2 layer. the 2 wave ports are set to touch the two opposite surfaces of the trace. I first looked my s11 parameter, it's below -20dB, which seems all right. However, when I checked the z11 plot and found the real part is not (...)
add SSPCON1=0; in the beginning of the while loop also. Did you remove SSPCON1 from the main code ? Sorry, but your suggestions are completely wrong. SSPCON1 will be written once during initialization and usually not touched any more in SPI operation. Review PIC18 datasheet! the post #1 code looks (...)
the assumed first order gain characteristic isn't bad as an estimation. there's an additional cascode stage pole, but you can probably ignore it. the other expressions are however only right if C2 >> Cf, otherwise the amplifier output impedance matters. (...)
Hi, I've downloaded a project with a testbench where LINE type is used. I read variable line_in : line then if(line_in(1)='.') then... I don't understand this handling very well. the line_in object is a pointer to a characters string, right? then line_in(1) means the first (...)
first re-define what Z12 is in your mind ...You'll find the right answer.
first you want to know what the short circuit current really is. It must be above the 400mA and may well be above 1.6A depending on the design values. the duty factor looks to be minuscule and if you are on the right side of Abs Max ratings, should not impact reliability. (...)
You shouldn't expect others to do your homework, but help is surely available. first step would be a clear specification. You can design a divider to give fractional result bits (bits right of the decimal point), however this has nothing to do with floating point number representation. Floating point involves an exponent, (...)
first the element should be right-hand or left-hand circular polarization. then design the feeding network for the array. You could follow the example in the antenna books or papers.
I design a floating point multiplication. After multiplying the mantissa of multiplicand and multiplier is the normalize step. I need to detect the first bit 1 from left to right of a 48-bit series. For example: 01 01010110000000000000000 0000000000000000000000 from left to right, i (...)
How do you expect someone to help you fix the problem if you have not posted any code, or even reported precisely what is or is not working ? If you on the other hand are requesting a ready-to-use code, this is not the right way. You should first try to turn ON at least one of (...)
I think that your more likely to get one if you identify which one. Vertical, right angle, male, female, make & model ???? ISTR that they are not all exactly the same, one manufacturers does not always fit anothers.
It seems that there is normal I2S, left justified I2S and right justified I2S. the left and right justified make sense. However, the normal I2S has something peculiar about it. Once the LRCK changes polarity, the value of SDATA on the (...)
Hello Klaus! Oops, sorry! You're right! And sorry for the original poster for wrong info! Dora.
A PI error amplifier would be my first guess. You didn't tell about the phase shifter range. Generally, an additional comparator for positive or negative phase difference and phase reversal switch are required to push the phase difference to the right part of the detector curve.
Hi, the left top picture is a step response of a simple first order (analog) lowpass filter. Like an RC filter the left bottom is an impulse response of the same filter. the right picture is a (theoretical) impulse response of an sinc filter. Sin(x) / x response. (...)
Hello, i'm a new in design antennas, and having some problems in repeating experiments. I dont now how correctly feed double slot antenna. 129544. the arrow indicates the attachment detector. I calculated the two cases, and the first is right for me, but it does not work. But second is (...)
first, check that the op amp output is trying to do the right thing. Startup is a potential issue, so is swapping phase on the feedback. Next check that for any decent gate drive, the PMOS current sources are capable of pushing the needed current onto the (...)
A servo is really the answer. It is able to move quickly or slowly. Action is firm, with no loose play. It can be sturdy enough to move the head (perhaps needing to be counterbalanced), and hold position. It always knows its center position automatically, and goes there when you send 1.5 mSec pulses. Other than a servo, (...)
based on wireless technology Does it have to work by radio frequency? Or can it be by light transmission? Or ultrasonic? Do you want to make a homebrew radio system? It involves effort and knowledge. As a first project it will be difficult to make it work right. Both transmitter and receive need to be adjusted to the same frequenc
IF YOU HAVE USED A DIFFEENT DEVICE OF OPP. POLARITY , theN INVERTED the SIGNAL , theN the DELAY WILL BE TOO MUCH, -THOSE LINEAR CHIPS ONLY HAVE SMALL DELAYS (SORRY ABout capitals) should use the circuit they prescribe. I would go on their free ltspice sim (...)
first of all you should draw a non model box around your design at the position you want to plot the h field on it. then you should select this box and with mouse right click choose to plot field. In the plot field sub menu choose h field and you choose vector or magnitude of h field. You (...)
Hi Bradth, hi mitra, thank you for the reply. I prepared this reply when this thread was in EDA Job section, but I wasn't able to reply there. You are for sure right, but I have to explain better that the working situation in Italy, for the gratuadet but also for senior, is quiete different. (...)
first time on edaboard and my first time attempting a mod like this, I am hoping to be able to get some guidance to finish this mod successfully and safely. .... Goal: Adjustable fan speed ..... I think what I need to do is add a potentiometer (I think that is the right term, I want something to control (...)
That's in fact mains input current sense rather than IGBT current sense. the shunt resistor should be placed on the right side of the bus capacitors. You still get some current ripple, but not 100 Hz ripple as in your screenshot. - - - Updated - - - LM358 is basically O.K. with a common mode range includ
I'm investigating wireless communications for a project, I don't know the first thing about any of this stuff. Doing some basic research has lead me to look at the extremely reasonably priced nrf24l01+. the problem I have is I don't yet understand the code used or 99% of the technical (...)
Hi i need to match 5 transistor (A,B,C,D,E) each having 2 fingers. So the total is 10. So 3x4=12.. So i add 2 dummies (0) and i have laid them as D E 0 A B C ------- A B C D E 0 Is this a right way to do. Or should i make an even square matrix by adding 4x4=16... So by adding 6 dummies. Am i missing something??? Any tip while (...)
BLF369 application reference circuit is used to make pulse amplifier at 200MHz fre. but the O/P pulsed spectrum is not symmetric.the first lobes at leftside and right side differ in amplitude by 3 dB. Can it be a possibility of oscillation in the device. How can i confirm the oscillation (...)
To remap a com port: Start Device Manager Go to Ports (Com & LPT) right-click a port and select Properties Select Port Settings tab Click Advanced Change the port number :) You will need to remap Com 1 or 2 away first, then remap the one you want to the now-free number. As to (...)
Hi, I have a question about simulating the noise of a S/H circuit. the method I am using right now is to simulate noise in sample and hold phase separately. first, I put it in sample mode and simulate the noise over the sampling capacitor (CS) and hold capacitor (CH). I used (...)
Hi Guys, Is there a way to position the fields I created in "Laker GUI" properly? Everytime I create new fields, it just go below the first one. Is there a way to place two fields in one row? e.g. set label1 set label2 gtCreateAppForm -name "F
the circuit can't be right. You have multiple switch nodes shorted by GND symbols. As a first step you should remove all shorts form your schematic. Presuming you have DC- tied to low voltage ground, than the upper two switches can't be controlled by a regular bootstrap driver.
Pl. any body help me to write c (or) asm code for 8051 to scan the 4x4 matrix key pad & displaed it 7seg display -i'm using 3 digit (000-999) , first digit is to be displayed start from left digit, 2nd digit in middle, last digit right .
You have mismatched brackets so I would fix that first, it could be that it is seeing CMCON as part of an earlier expression instead of a line in it's own right. the other odd thing is the indentation, the instuction is out of line with the others, is it (...)
Hi, Pipeline digital correction solves some offset of comparator, but it can't correct gain error, right? For example, for a 10 bit adc, the first stage is 1.5 bit stage, the idea gain of this stage should be 2, but the actual gain is 1.9. Even with the help of digital correction, it (...)
LT6220 is probably not first choice for a high side current monitor. You are right that CMRR and PSRR are unspecified for common mode voltage near the positive rail. Also the input offset is increased. But in most cases, resistor mismatch will be the dominant source of power supply power supply (...)
Hi all, I'm pretty new to PCB design and am getting slayed by the auto-router... not sure if this is an issue with ELECTRA but it seems like pretty reputable software... You can see in the image the bottom row of U11 isn't being routed to the right side of U1 on the first (...)
Hi , can you explain little more is my thought is wrong. do you want to identify the channel sampled after adc interrupt, right? first set any one of the channel before start adc conversion. Once adc interrupt triggered copy that value and initiate second one. i think pic32Mx795f512l having only one adc. so (...)
now as you can see the second core uses the output signal of the first when core p1 evaluates it should take some clock cycles to complete its execution right? since the two instantiation will work simultaneously ,wouldn't the intermediates results of core p2 (...)
Hello, I have build the Fig 2. load and probe from this page in order to measure a 1w @50R transmitter with my scope. first I just connected a 50R load without the divider. I think (without the divider) the writer assumes a 1M scope input for the measurements, am I right? (...)
Hi, This is the first time I work with STM8 microcontrollers. My question is, can anyone suggest me the right choice for the VCAP. the datasheet said vcap must be between 470nF and 3.3uF and must have max ESR 0.3 Ohms and max ESL 15nH. It's difficult to find capacitor with (...)
there isn't a thing like "RMS POWER". the first equation is right for transferred real power, the second is nonsense.
Here's what's happening. Assume all three Q outputs are zero-call them Q1,Q2,Q3 from left to right. On the first clock pulse, Q1 goes high, which will clock Q2 high. Q2 going high will clock Q3 high. So you've just counted from 000 to 111. On the next clock pulse, Q1 goes low==> 110. On (...)
please help How can i convert 12 volt 3000mah battery to 5 volt or 6 volt to use it with MG996R servo ???
Books: right the first time is a useful book for beginners as mentioned above. High Speed Digital Design: A Handbook of Black Magic Hardcover – by Howard Johnson Signal & Power integrity by -Eric Bogatin there are several free calculation tools available on internet. You can check them. I found below (...)
Hi edaboard masters! first of all, I don't know where to post this specific question but please free to move it to an appropriate thread. And now for the question: does anyone here have done crosstalk analysis using SPF/SPEF? I just want to know how does the method been carried on. right now, I am trying to do some (...)
Q ; LAB FINAL PROJECT) Write an assembly program, that sets the 7- segment?s value equal to 5 for the first time. Ask the user to press one of the mouse buttons (right or left ),when the user presses right click the number of 7- (...)
I wonder if the problem explanations in this thread are right. If you get ''write...error at:0000:FF'' it means that the programmer already fails to program the very first flash location (reset code) to a non-blank value. This won't depend on having code for a different x51 chip, (...)
the first thing that comes to mind is to use ordinary MOSFETs to do this. Since the quiescent current of the switch must me as low as possible. right. In off-state you have only leakage current, in on-state a few ten .. hundred microAmps.
You are right. Thread moved lately.
I had a storebought line follower robot called a Movit. the motors were small DC powered. A long geartrain stepped down the speed. the circuitry responded instantly to the photo-sensors. first it drove the left motor. then the right motor. (...)