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The ORCAD layout foot print didn't support so many footprint. I already download ESPstarterlibrary on ORCAD web site. But I still need to create so many part's foot print. Anyone has footprint library solution.
Why not make the footprint with the rj45 data sheet?
Hi, If you a hobby,you will find this footprint library is very useful. Bye
how could i edit footprint library from build-in library. such as erase some pin and keep the same size of package.
Hello guys, can anyone recommend a professional OrCAD footprint library ?
Hiiii,,,everybody... Please, I need the footprint/library of PF08109B for GSM Repeater. I'm using Altium Designer to design the PCB. Is there anyone who can be of help to me, I will be very grateful if there is any helper out there. Thanks
Hi, I have a database library for Altium and now i want to aad a new component group to it. i inserted a new table, then added the required parameters for the new part. Then i have created a new sch. symbol library and footprint library. I have now the new symbol and footprint for the part inside. (...)
Hi, All of a sudden my whole footprint library seems to be screwed up. I just added a new component to my company's Altium footprint library. I then added the schematic symbol to go with it and inserted it into my project. Updated the PCB and everything looked just fine. I then added a few more parts to the (...)
Where i can get Altium footprint library for 5mm pitch,2 pin connector (Male/Female)?
Hi everybody. I need an Altium DXP PCB library that contains VGA Connector right angle footprint. is there anyone that has this foot print library. If anyone has its footprint in other software such OrCAD, I can import it into Altium DXP and use it. Thanks in advance. Alireza
Hi all! I use Orcad layout plus to design PCB. I downloaded many footprint library files from here. But there are so many different types in the library. How to choose the right one? For example, I will use OPA2695 from TI, how to choose the footprint from the existing library? Can I find (...)
Today most have magnetics, but there is also rj45 without this. SFE footprint library Eagle SFE footprint library Eagle - Open Circuits I/O Connectors :: Modular Jack RJ11/rj45 Connectors
Thanks :( Regards
i can't file any seven segment LED footprint in Orcad 10. anybody help me??? thanks alot
I'm newbie in using pads software, I saw that it come with a little library of component. I'm looking for PADS library for TI analog (burbrown,etc.), microchip, maxim, etc. PADS2003 Well any advance or explanation on how to find library is welcome Thanks in advance
Help me, please! Thanx!
How to add a footprint to schematic component without footprint and if some can give me a link for good protel book Thanks, regards from bulgaria
Hi guys, Does anybody know how to create an integrated library(.IntLib) of Altium Designer? Thanks in advance.
Hi, Is there any tool or scripts to convert Allegro 16.x footprints to 15.x ...........
hi i understood that the OLB files are orcad schematics symbol libraries, and I know how to add them to a project or make them visible. as i saw, in orcad, we can place a component either from the place>part or from the place>database_part. The place>partworks fine with the OLB files. What files are used by the place>databasepart (cis), an
i need to download the library in orcade which has :arrow: the USB :cry: thanks
Hi, Anyone have footprint "LY530ALH" or "LPR530AL" for Altium designer? I can't find in Altium footprint library. Thanks.
im using altium designer 10 for creating my PCB. now i want to create a smd board but my altium library doesn't have 805 component library.where can i download it?
hi everyone i am a newbie here... so i have a problem with pcb footprint issues...i want to find a relay pcb footprint and the crystal oscillator CR-H49U-20M - Crystal H49U 20MHz pcb footprint also..i hope
Hello, I have been trying to lay out a small PCB in Altium but i am getting huge numbers of errors. I put four different components into the library.......then put these on schematic, then transferred to pcb no problem.....but then as i added more compnents i am getting huge numbers of follows... The most common error i get i
Hello, I've noticed that the components in my PCB have silkscreen which is too big and takes up too much room....i want to edit the components, make the silkscreen more smaller, and then update the pcb with the new footprints...but how do i go about this? Is it possible to just adjust the footprint in the library and then click a (...)
Hi, I want a suitable footprint for SMD electrolytic capacitor 470uF/25V and 1000uF for Altium, but can't find any thing. please help me to find it. Thanks.
Hi, Anyone here worked on PCB design that includes Apple Authentication co-processor V2C? I am looking for the footprint library (preferably in KiCAD/Eagle). I am new to PCB design, did this footprint in KiCAD myself and wanted it to get reviewed. Please let me know.
Does anyone know some OrCAD-Layout to Allegro footprints translation tool ? Thanks
Hi all, is somewhere available update from DXP to 2004?
eloo, I am a recent graduate student in electronic engineering.. i am currently taking PCB analogue design from SHRDC (Malaysia). I would like to know what does this job actually do and if possible what company are related to this field in malaysia? Thanks.
I just started my PCB learning, and try to create my own footprint library but I cannot use the footprint i created, in otherwise, i cannot assign some component to the footprint i created, there are always error messages saying there is no match. and the system will give a default footprint for the (...)
Does anyone know why when place an op amp eg. TL074 chip in the schematic it does not show supply voltage pins of the chip? I am trying to make a PCB layout but just wondering why the chip does not have Vcc pin so I can place power ports to the pin.
Hi, Can you help me about finding a pcb layout model for molex connector 52991-0508(female) where I want to use it for GM862 GPRS(Especially for PROTEUS).I searched about this connector but I coludn't find can be useful to find a GM862 library for PROTEUS or OrCAD. Thank you!
Hello: Who has the Protel 99SE compatible libraries for the Spartan3 FPGA and XCF family Flash memory? Symbol library and footprint library are both needed! thanks!
Hello: Who has the Protel 99SE compatible libraries for the Spartan3 FPGA and XCF family Flash memory? Symbol library and footprint library are both needed! thanks!
Hello everyone, I am trying to make footprints for these: AD588BQ, AD8331ARQ, BAS40-04, and AD630 I know the best way is the make them by myself. but I am kind of confused with the details that are in the package information. can anyone help me what would be the best way to do this? thanks, cheers, Pariah
hi, friends. I am a new user on Orcad, i have a few question; Now when i make a design on Capture CIS, i can't not see the footprints of my component at component properties window. so, after i created netlist, when using layout plus every footprints thats in my design i have to find the footprints of my component manually. How I (...)
Colleagues, Samtec provides OrCAD footprints for it's connectors. The provided files have *.min extension. What's the difference between *.min and *.llb files? Can I use *.min files with OrCAD 10.5? Thanks, - Nick
does anyone know of "good enough" general purpose footprints available for these types of discretes for using standard solder? i know pcbmatrix is the savior of footprints and they're the greatest thing that ever happened to pcb design, but for general purpose footprints are the ones that come with the layout programs good enough?
Hi everyone, I am currently doing PCB designing in OrCAD and wanna learn Allegro.Can anyone tell me how to start with Allegro? And how to import logic and nets from capture to PCB SI and Allegro PCB Editor??? Please help me..... Regards, Pavan Vora
Hi, I am new on Altium since I moved from OrCad. I have created a footprint library with lot of different mounting holes (MH) (plated, non-plated, various diameter, and so on...) I have extorted this lib to Altium lib. I used to place pcb MH from footprint library in OrCad, just inserting a new->>component , (...)
Hi everyone. I am beginner in PADS layout. I don`t know how to import decal(chip, resistor....) in layout window Thank you.
Hello, Is there a way to do converting from a Protel 99se pcb footprint *.Lib file to pcad *.lia ? It is easy to save schematics (design or component) from protel in a pcad format but it seems there is no way with the 99se version to expoxt in pcad format the footprint library and PCB design. Regards, Vincent
Guys, need help. Can someone please share the high level FLOW CHART (process flow) of how to do PCB layout using Cadence Allegro. Familiarizing the UI is not a problem. I just need to know how to do it by understanding the flow chart so that I can compare how it differs from the previous PCB layout software I had used. I have been using Alti
i need to create the PCB of the circuit i created in Cadence capture 16.3. i created the netlist how can i create the pcb for that particular circuit. i have an experience in orcad layout pus 9.2.
Hi all, I wonder if you can give me some tips about Altium Designer 10. I am trying to design a simple PCB that contains 20 Resistors. The goal is to have this 20 resistors in paralel, fed from a +12V line (there is no return path or ground needed) and connect each resistor to a pin of a 20 pin header connector. In the attached image you can
I am presently working on a PCB design for a sensor and I have just started learning Capture CIS and PCB Editor. I completed the schematic in OrCAD Capture and cleared all my DRC errors. I have also succeeded in creating a netlist and thereby exporting it to PCB editor. At this stage, I have a query viz. even though I have filled in the PCB f
Can anyone here share some icons used in PCB design? I'm looking for those icons that I can use in my printed circuit board design. Please help. Thanks in advance.