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Why not make the footprint with the rj45 data sheet? Because worst things to do are this which can be made by someone else :D :P Sorry ! Just kidding ...
Today most have magnetics, but there is also rj45 without this. SFE footprint library Eagle SFE footprint library Eagle - Open Circuits I/O Connectors :: Modular Jack RJ11/rj45 Connectors
even if you donot find the footprint for rj45 it is very easy to create footprints in Altium, if you have datasheet try to create footprint rather than looking for it because i think it will save your time (if you are not getting footprint easily).
I agree. There is nothing like making up your own footprints while training. Sometimes a helping hand is nice though. As a starting point you could look in the Molex footprint libraries that can be installed with Altium. There is a footprint in there called 44050-0001. It does not have the LEDs or all of the fixing holes but it's a good (...)