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SALAM . . . ... . i m going to make a driverless car prototype in which i have to detect road sides i have to use GPS,GYRO accelerometer ULTRA SONIC SENSORS and a camera... .. .. NOW my basic problem is how to interface GPS and gyro+acclerometer with ATMEGA32.. 1-how to give Coordinates to GPS for car destination ---->Skylab GPS Module MT
Hello, I am trying to make a manual robotic car controlled by wireless remote and for the "wireless remote" I wanted to make a dual frequency remote not using DTMF but two RF modules with frequency 315 and 433 MHz and, HT 12D and HT 12E as decoder and encoder for the modules. Can anybody please help me with how can I mix these two frequencies a
i am doing a project speech controlled robotic car ..i have written code for parallel communication. here are the code %%%%%%%% Training Process %%%%%%%% % Prepare the user to record voice 'record your commands' l=0; m=0; avg=0; for j=1:4 'record command' disp(j) input ('You will have 2 seconds
Voice Recognition robotic car VOICE RECOGNITION SECURITY SYSTEM A Simple Speech Recognition Algorithm for ECE341...
i need ur help i want to design voice control robotic car which will simply go forward,backward,right and left it is interfaced with parallel port plz help me and provide me as soon as possible i've to submit my project on june 14 Email:wazi88(at) Sound like an interesting project. However, do you know where to sta
the problem seems to be moinor but i personally feel it is a major problem , i designed a car with 2 back wheels n 2 front wheels , back 2 wheels are controlled by two motors , due to some mechanical error my right back wheel is little um-smoother than my back left wheel i find torque difference in rotating both wheels at same speed , icant change
Some more info on the competition of robotics in your college will be required to help you more. What they are planning to build like robot car, robot arm, Line follow robot, even CNC can be included in robotic. How they are going to build like using electronics, using microcontrollers etc. These are few but we can hit the target if we get (...)
What kind of rover is your requirement. A simple toy car can be used for this by controlling the motor either be bluetooth / RF / WIFI or any protocol. to that you can add the robotic arm and control it tooo. robotic ARM is available in bangalore, SP road, OM technology center. you can confrm it a it, website i
I need speech recognition code in matlab plz help me i want to design voice control robotic car which will simply go forward,backward,right and left it is interfaced with parallel port (i've done this part) but speech recognition code is needed plz hel me and provide me as soon as possible i've to submit my project on june 14 Email:wazi88(at)gmail
Hi my project is voice recognition robotic my project i am using HM2007 IC,i have a doubt that how the voice samples are stored in SRAM by the HM2007IC,and how many bits are required to store a word in SRAM,please reply soon
hi ! i m doing project on wireless computer controlled robotic car. but i m confusing how to make computer transmitter interfacing. i m using matlab to select the GUI objects(for e.g. right ,left,stop etc). how can i send the information from the GUI object to the serial port and then to the transmitter
Thsesare the links of my final year project Its basically an obstaclae avoidance robotic car. please share your reviews about it.
my final yeard project.. i need to create a robotic car that using my voice to control it.... such as i give a voice command "turn left" then the car will turn left and " speed up" so the car will increase the movement there away to apply using PIC.... can i use 2 PIC to do that because one is for the voice recognition (...)
Feedback Control for a Path Following robotic car
Heya frdnz, few months back i had bought a RF Module 315MHz for making robotic car. Also at that time someone told me I need to use Holtek HT12E & HT12D ICs for multichannel operation., but the project was cancelled. I now want to use this RF module to send wireless data from one microcontroller to another (89c51). Please tell me... 1. Can