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could i used picoblaze to control the motor by using spartan -3 starter kit , ??? How i could built the interface for the motor , ? what about robotic arm i need some document about the subject ?
If you really want to learn nothing is impossible. There are several good pic tutorials here make a search. Some tutorials have servo motor control chapter in it. Check also robotics books. Most robots use servo motors. Some also have similar options like your project. If you need further help let me know. Good Luck
hello....i m working on "AUDIO controlLED REMOTE CAR" as my final year project. I belong to Electronics and communication branch. This project consists of basically 3 parts:- 1. speech recognition system(which makes use of DSP) 2. Wireless system( RF transmitter and receivers) 3. robotic car (which can make use of Stepper motor) i hope (...)
I'm building a robotic arm with servo motor control but not sure how to build it.i mean the software part like to use visual. madlap will be to hard and long HELP ME
i need help on a robotic arm using a pic16f84 and 3 push button but not have the software,do anybody have the software like matlab or c need it ASAP
control engineers make circuitry to control different systems of real life e.g controlling the level of water in a tank, controlling robotic arms etc
I think that electromagnets can be used to cause locomotion in a robot. In this case an electromagnet will push or pull the lever (leg of the robot) and there will be no need of a motor. Any comments?
hi ppl... i'm very very new to de field of robotics tho i'm very interested in the subject as such. I would like to know what prerequisites should I have so as to go about the process of actually building a robot(or a prototype)... I want to design the control of a robotic arm, like a robot that can pick up objects,say a sheet of paper. (...)
Hi there It would be easier to control the robotic arm if you just used stepper motors there are many available in electronics hobby stores.
Helo everyone. I'm newbie in micro and robotic, i try to build one, from this site. . That's robot is worked. But I need help to re-code using sdcc. From that site is using MC51. and this is original code : #include d:\mc51\8051io.h #include d:\mc51\8051reg.h extern register u
Humm....I asked you to elaborate your problem.. long time ago i had used the concept of target tracking in my pick and place robotic arm with object recognition.the obj recognition part was done in matlab using neural networks and to track the object in the real time, a robotic arm(you wont believe but i was using dc motors without (...)
Hi mastang, I also newbee here. My interest also robotic. Please include some main idea for your project, so that we can work on system design. Yes, the main target is a robotic vacuum cleaner, but you going to need another sub target, such as the sensor sys, motor control sys, vacuum sys, main control (...)
Hai oTaru You need to construct a pwm circuit which controls the motor speed first and then interface it to a RF remote unit receiver which will control the function wirelessly when specific buttons are pressed. Pwm circuit depends on your motor volatge, and wattage along with the power source. (AC or DC). These ready to (...)
Hi Guys I need your help in creating a software that can control 6 DC motors to help my robotic arm work.
How can i write a robotic arm Program and Impliment it in Physical?
the problem seems to be moinor but i personally feel it is a major problem , i designed a car with 2 back wheels n 2 front wheels , back 2 wheels are controlled by two motors , due to some mechanical error my right back wheel is little um-smoother than my back left wheel i find torque difference in rotating both wheels at same speed , icant change
hi , i am a fourth year electronics and communication student , and i am intending to make a project in robotics , i don't have a good experience in mechanics , so i need to buy a robotic arm for educational purposes to use it in my project , i need it to be cheap , good quality to handle experiments , good degree of freedom , and nearly as
hello...! I'm working with pic16f877a to build Six legged of robotic, so I want to control it with RF remote control using Tx & Rx modules 434 MHz with RF800 encoder & decoder. here I'm going to use DC motor and Stepper motor and L293D drivers _each leg has two Angle, it means stepper (...)
Hello friends, greetings. I have designed a robotic arm based on emg signal extracting from biceps. The emg signal I extracted using amplifiers is faithful and reliable. So to interface it with the arduino board I am giving emg signal to analog pin of the board and did common ground (of both emg circuit and arduino board). The robotic arm I have co
Hi Cristib, I am Interested on using Power electronic to control the Brushless Servo motor for path possitioning in robotic or CNC machine. Pls Help Thanks a lot Tr2000
Anyone has any suggestions? I am trying to make a robotic fish for a guy. I don't want any motor sounds as it scares away the real fish that he is supposed to study. Is there some material that contracts and expands using electrical current? Specifically, the current should not be too high. Other suggestions are also welcome. ASIC
I think smooth movement of the servo motor can be achieved using a cubic spline algorithm.But the processing power required will be more.And im not quite sure whether a cubic polynomial spline equation can be successfully ran on a PIC. I had a project in which a robotic arm was controlled using hermite spline equation.We gave the start and (...)
there are lots af robotics books on edaboard make a search
What kind of rover is your requirement. A simple toy car can be used for this by controlling the motor either be bluetooth / RF / WIFI or any protocol. to that you can add the robotic arm and control it tooo. robotic ARM is available in bangalore, SP road, OM technology center. you can confrm it a it (...)
A research, Which digital and wired communication system would you use for the following robotic system. A system composed by a PC/104+ (it is just a very compact standard PC) with Xenomai (or maybe RTAI), and some sensor nodes (something like 12, but could vary a lot). These sensor nodes are basically composed by a DSP/MCU/DSC (not the same
If this is intended to be a complex control system ie robotic or N axis controller, you may want to consider feedback design not just control. and consider what to do if one is at fault. Consider current feedback , back emf feedback or encoder feedback. The dsPIC33FJ32MC204 is a great choice but drivers . chokes , (...)
Hi all... I am making a robotic project, which I have to fix its speed whatever the slope of the surface. The Problem is in The Power System.. First I have 3 different voltages one for the Microcontroller, the second for the Coil of the relays, The third for the motors. I was connecting the coil of the relays with the voltage of (...)
Hi all,, Im making a robotic Project that fix its speed whatever the slope of the surface.... I bought two used motors that each have an encoder installed onto it, that works with the effect of Hall Sensor. Im working with Pic 18F452. This is the speed and direction circuit for one motor : 93283 PIC:PIC18F452