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In my case I would need a 100 ua meter to read 5000 rpm since my plug fires twice as much as most engines. The schematic shows a potentiometer in series with the meter. By running the engine at some known rate, and then adjusting meter travel to match, that ought to be sufficient to calibrate your tachometer.
I am using a pic16f877a, an EM-506 GPS module, and a 16x2 LCD to display the Speed Over Ground and using Timer 0 as the timer and Timer 1 as a counter to display rpm's. I can get the rpm's and speed to display individually but not at the same time. For the tachometer, I set the pre-scalar to 0x07 to create the longest delay possible prior (...)
We should expect that the fluctuating display happens according to your code. But you don't show the code, so what should we do about it? Obviously you can't get better resolution than 60 rpm when counting revolutions per second. You'll proceed to a multi-period algorithm if you want better resolution with limited gate time.
i'am doing tachometer using microcontroller AT89s52 in this i'am using sensor to detect the pulses of motor and i want display the speed in lcd that is for below 100 rpm i want to display two decimal point and below 1000 rpm i have to display one decimal point and above 1000 rpm their won't be any decimal point please some (...)
Constant display of 3000 rpm seems to indicate 50 Hz hum but no tachometer signal at the counter input. Looks like a hardware problem.
Good, the electronics part seems to work. I think the software needs looking at though. You may have to live with the fact that multiplexing the display and measuring rpm are mutually exclusive. You may only be able to do one or the other, especially when you have delay routines to slow the display multiplexing, at best you will get some flicker
Hello.... I want to make project on tachometer using IR leds with AT89S51. I want to know how to program time/counter to take measurement in rpm and how do I display on 16x2 LCD and how to convert pulses in rpm...what is the formula for it??? I m programming microcontroller in Assembly 99 000 R
So I constructed this tachometer project (it can measure rpm using 3 methods but I just chose one of them which is by IR LED and Photodiode) and I'm really sure that I did it right according to the circuits schematic I got from an electronics magazine, but when I connect the power supply its just dead and nothing works at all, please look at both c
What is hidden inside that rar, and what is relation of that rar with your question ? See this projects:
500 rpm == 120 ms per cycle 2500rpm== 24 ms per cycle i think it's just enough one magnet but you must check the reed switch specifications about this times, it should be at least then times faster (response time of 1 or 2 ms) (i would go to the optic way to get rid of this issue ) the almost exact way is to setup a
You should search like "tachometer" or "rpm", but you must pay attention on accurency, because this is not car tacho with x1000, you have only two digits. Car tacho have about 60rpm accurency. I will see what can be found.
Have you considered utilizing a rpm/tachometer sensing the revolutions of a rear wheel or a part of the drive train, e.g., drive shaft. The resulting rpm can then be used to calculate the velocity of the vehicle if traveling in a relatively linear fashion. Another option, although more costly, is using a GPS module, which can provide (...)
I haven't got the same compiler so I can't simulate but the basic method I use is like this: Start with Oldrpm = 0 and accept it may not show the very first reading correctly, store the measured rpm in Newrpm. 1. show the first rpm reading, 2. calculate abs(Oldrpm - Newrpm) 3. if the (...)
tachometer is only suitable when is possible to take measurement directily inside motor mechanism. However, many times it is not accessible. In this case, if motor have coupled reducer, an rottary shaft encoder must be used, due to low rpm property, wich could derail the cloed loop control. +++
Hi, Recently I visited the page Frequency Counter by PIC16F628 Now I'm very much interested to build the circuit with modification to use it as a tachometer(or rpm meter).The hex file is working correctly for frequency meter. B
More data please What kind of tachometer? What kind of servo? position or speed? I used a washing machine motor with AC tacho for speed servo ; controling high speed in 5000 -13000 rpm range with uc3843 ,no micro.
Hali, Check pls the "Similar topics"... I think, her is a better description: K.
I have to monitor current, voltage and rpm readings from a control panel using their analog panel meters present on the site. The panel meters has 0-200 VDC, 0-250 VAC, 0-60A and a tachometer. Any idea on how to interface it onto a processor to display those reading for monitoring? External Circuit needed? Regards to all..
I would like to buy a tachometer to measure the rpm of a ceiling fan. Any specifications I should consider? What type of a tachometer would be the best for this job?
you should also consider buying one. there are cheap one on ebay now... search for "digital rpm"
thanks for your interest but my project is for rpm measurement of a motor do u have any info abt the sensor moc7811 i.e which of its terminal should be tied to vcc and what is its o/p? do i need to amplify the o/p before giving to the microcontroller?also is any current limiting resistance reqd between vcc n the sensor?
Hello everyone i'm going to build a digital tachometer capable to measure revolutions from 1 to 2500 rpm with resolution of 1 rpm and speed alarm on low and high speed. the shaft generate 3 pulses per revolution. any help, source code or suggestion are very welcome Regards Giorgia
ATMEGA16 Based Tacho meter Feature -Measures rpm speed without physical connection with Motor/Shaft -Measure rpm Speed upto 90K -No Meachanical Part hence low mntnc -Low cost (Less than Rs 500) -16x2 LCD for
I Looking for help on conditioning the signal comming from the positive side of a coil on a harley motorcycle.I want to use it with a 4n25 opto for a rpm gauge with a pic processor.Thanks in advance.
I think you should check the trigger circuit! Examine how much pulse for 1 engine rotation... if you have 1 pulse per rotation, here it is the formula to calculate the rpm : rpm = 60/T T : Time between 2 pulse in second
I am looking for some ideas for a small remote wireless tachometer. The application would be for an remote controlled helicopter, where the rpm of the main baldes could be measured and transmitted remotely. One basic idea is to mount a small magnet to the fan of the heli - this fan rotates at a known ratio to the main blades. Then mount a sma
Hi friends, This is my new project called Digital rpm meter Enjoy it
David90, The code is written in Proton PICBASIC and mostly in French (my first language). Also rpm measurment is only a part of the software, in fact it's a data aquisition system for an inertia dyno and I didn't have time yet to draw the schematic on some kind of software. . If you're not in a hurry, I will eventually translate it in english
i need circuit digital tchometer range 30000 rpm (2051+4 digit 7seg. led)