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Siemens has many programs and updates available for download, for example step7 v5.0 sp4 could be downloaded from the is a functional version but for prolonged use it is suggested to buy the license. Regarding to the MPI a
10 week course using C covering multiple issues from rs232 rs485 CAN adc ... hope you enjoy
I want to write a program, running under PC. linux (redhat). to use PC.'s serial port work as rs485, use DTR to control direction. (use 75176 or MAX485) Could anyone show me the sample? Should I need to modify kernel source's serial port driver? ZeRoN
I am playing with serial port under windows 2k trying to implement modbus master working over rs485 in halfduplex mode . 232-485 covnerters transmit direction is controlled via RTS line (similar to described in Serial port complete). My problem is - i can not properly detect end of transmission (when last character has been transmitted from com po
eidtechm, that means your problem lies in your program. If you do not trust your rs485 line driver - get a 2 PC and put 2 converters in duplex mode then check the communication by hyperterminal or similar .
Hello, all! I want to simulate communication system using C language! Could anyone introduce some useful books for me? I want to learn how to simulate the whole communication system using C programming Language. Thanks for everyone!!! tiannho Excuse Me !..... Please tell which type of comm u r going to introduce in ur system ..
Hi, I need to know if it is possible to broadcast the data of master microcontroller to all microcontrollers connected on bus using rs485? Or it is limited to one address at a time? Thank you
hi friends.. i have a circuit on Pcb, for rs 485 and am using avr atmega8, now when i make the power on and conncet the rs485 to pc using rs485-rs232 converter using hyper terminal i get this error "cannot open COM Port3 check port settings" now when the power is removed this msg is not displayed, moreover if just avr is removed fro
hi, sir am basically working on pic18f4520 in which we want to communicate between master and slave so provide us programming for rs485 communication in c languge so send programming as early as possible, thank u.
MAX485 is convert UART to rs485. So, the programming is easy still use UART. Only, MAX485 need 1 more control RE/DE for either transmit or receive. If 1 part is transmitting, all other part must receiving.
hello, i am trying to interface an rs485 chip to my 8051 controller, this is the tesing circuit i have made 73836 i have problem communicating between 8051 and pc through this is my schematic J1 and J2 jumpers are connected only when programming the cable length between max 485s is mot even 10cm the program i h
hi i am using stc12c5a60s2 controller for air-condition monitoring system through rs485. i receive air-condition details through rs485 and send the details to host using another rs485. for this project i need some protocols for monitoring air-condition parameters like temperature,fan speed,compressor etc.
Hai, You can fill the buffer like that. If the buffer is cleared in the beginning, strlen gives 0. In while loop, each time the buffer is filled by a byte, strlen(rs485.strRxBuffer) also increments. So,next time, the next byte will be stored in the next location. Also, strlen for a character array gives the length of the string and sizeof operato
Can you give the function definition too: UART1_Init(9600); // initialize UART1 module rs485Slave_Init(160); // Intialize MCU as slave, address 160 rs485Slave_Receive(dat); Also try to make TRISC6_bit = 1;
Rooftop, your question about 10m and rs485 is confusing. Are you talking about ethernet? Those words don't have anything to do with ethernet.
VB is good if you need MS Access kind of database and if you use any ActiveX. The Serial and Parallel ports can be accessed through VB too. If you are going to use any special hardware like rs485 to RS232 converter, Mod Bus etc, you need LabVIEW. LabVIEW is having good support for instrument controllers and Addon cards. If you feel that your hardwa
Could you please evaluate more about your request? There is many way to interface a PIC or more generally spoken a microcontroller with a PC, here is some example: - SERIAL (RS232 or RS422/rs485) - PARALLEL - USB - IRDA - BLUETOOTH .... Bye Pow
Hi beeshyak, Yes, you are right. Sorry that I have misinterpret the question. What shivachellam could be asking is can VB codes communicate to a microcontroller. Yes. A computer can talk to microcontroller through many means. digital I/O, parallel port, serial port (RS232, rs485), Ethernet, WiFi. for RS232, you can try searching for keywor
hey i didn´t find anything on google i could use, tryed wiki, if any of you have any good links ?? the UART/USART is for communicating between a rs485 transciever / reciever and a AT90CAN from Atmel. I am programming in assambler !!
Hi, I'm doing some hobby practices with HMI/SCADA systems in LabView. I have an old Siemens S7-200 CPU 214 and it's work fine with PC/PPI cable and NI OPC Server. The PLC haven't any programming. The LabView "VI" diagram control I/O through OPC driver. The time response is quite slow (maybe 3 or 5 seconds) so I want try ethernet connection t
Modbus on a physical rs485
To connect a PC to the MPI programming interface you need a MPI programming adapter. In case of the S7-200 PPI interface, a simple RS232 to rs485 adapter is sufficient. Pin No. Notation Signalname Direction (of cable) 1 NC Not Connected 2 M24V Ground of the 24V In 3 Ltg_B
Create a simple UART interface in PIC18F first and then follow by the control of the data enable line. Dear all, Dear all, I have worked on pic18f4520 and have implemented usart and all basic peripherals. I am planning to work on rs485 implementation. I know the hardware detail with max 487 and implemented hardwa
If you want connect that, you need 1 to be a Master (PC) and 4 PIC to be Slave. But, you can't connect through simple UART. You need to change UART signal into rs485 signal and protocol to communicate that ex Modbus. RS232 can't because can't connect multi-point, rs485 can connect multi-point.
i am using datamate 3000 for my is an small room air-condition monitoring device.. for my project i need to get the parameter details from datamate 3000 using rs485.. and then transmit the data using another rs485 to host.. i need some programming help... how to start with datamate 3000...
Can use rs485 bus with some protocol ex. Modbus.
How you are interfacing energy meter to the PIC ? If MODBUS through rs485, convert it to USART and interface with PIC IF you want to simulate both GSM and Energy meter simultaneousely, you need two COM PIM and two COM ports/RS232 converters in your computer, one connected to the GSM and another to the energy meter. Virtual terminal can be used to j
Dear friends, I have a small problem with hi-tech programming. usually I use C18 for programming but this time I have to use Hi-Tech C for PIC16 series because the code already exist based on this compiler and I wanna add some lines to get current date and time from PC due to setting the RTC chip. Let me simplify the code as following: code
Hi, First rs485 and RS232 are two different protocols. You should be using the simpler RS232, this means using a MAX232 chip between the Pic chip and the PC - are you using one ? Equally have no idea what you mean by using a pull down resistor - why - what for ? Think you have just connetected the PICs TX pin to the PC and thats a v