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Siemens has many programs and updates available for download, for example step7 v5.0 sp4 could be downloaded from the is a functional version but for prolonged use it is suggested to buy the license. Regarding to the MPI a
I want to write a program, running under PC. linux (redhat). to use PC.'s serial port work as rs485, use DTR to control direction. (use 75176 or MAX485) Could anyone show me the sample? Should I need to modify kernel source's serial port driver? ZeRoN
eidtechm, that means your problem lies in your program. If you do not trust your rs485 line driver - get a 2 PC and put 2 converters in duplex mode then check the communication by hyperterminal or similar .
Hello, all! I want to simulate communication system using C language! Could anyone introduce some useful books for me? I want to learn how to simulate the whole communication system using C programming Language. Thanks for everyone!!! tiannho Excuse Me !..... Please tell which type of comm u r going to introduce in ur system ..
Hi, I need to know if it is possible to broadcast the data of master microcontroller to all microcontrollers connected on bus using rs485? Or it is limited to one address at a time? Thank you
hi friends.. i have a circuit on Pcb, for rs 485 and am using avr atmega8, now when i make the power on and conncet the rs485 to pc using rs485-rs232 converter using hyper terminal i get this error "cannot open COM Port3 check port settings" now when the power is removed this msg is not displayed, moreover if just avr is removed fro
hi, sir am basically working on pic18f4520 in which we want to communicate between master and slave so provide us programming for rs485 communication in c languge so send programming as early as possible, thank u.
MAX485 is convert UART to rs485. So, the programming is easy still use UART. Only, MAX485 need 1 more control RE/DE for either transmit or receive. If 1 part is transmitting, all other part must receiving.
hello, i am trying to interface an rs485 chip to my 8051 controller, this is the tesing circuit i have made 73836 i have problem communicating between 8051 and pc through this is my schematic J1 and J2 jumpers are connected only when programming the cable length between max 485s is mot even 10cm the program i h
hi i am using stc12c5a60s2 controller for air-condition monitoring system through rs485. i receive air-condition details through rs485 and send the details to host using another rs485. for this project i need some protocols for monitoring air-condition parameters like temperature,fan speed,compressor etc.
Hai, You can fill the buffer like that. If the buffer is cleared in the beginning, strlen gives 0. In while loop, each time the buffer is filled by a byte, strlen(rs485.strRxBuffer) also increments. So,next time, the next byte will be stored in the next location. Also, strlen for a character array gives the length of the string and sizeof operato
Is there a sch for USB/rs485 PL2303HXD interface? What pins of PL2303HXD used for direction control ? How to program PL2303HXD OTPROM? how we apply 6.5V? please help me. there is no data in datasheet for these questions.
Need information how to make the PIC circuit with connector to an programmer. programming should work even if the PIC circuit has power switched on. But should also be possible if the power of the PIC board is not availabel. I already have good info on programmer. Any one has a proven circuit design that works well?
Does someone knows how to build this useful programming tool ? thx proton
Hi all I'm urgently needing a circuit for programming MC68JHC908JK1 from the PC. Also the programming software is required.
Hi, I wish to learn how programming PLD. I read some manuals about VHDL but I don't know anything about tools like Synopsis to compile VHDL code and download to PLD. Where can I get a tutorial about this? Where can I download tools (demo) for this scope? Thanks
Hi open verilog international programming reference manual A 350 pps pdf ebook. tnx Uploaded file: open-verilog-International.programming-reference-manual.pdf
I've used the C programming language for many years in DOS and find it a great language to use on the PC and for microcontrollers etc. I have come to the point though where I need to start programming up some windows applications, so therefore got a book on Microsoft Visual C++ and tried it out. After trying some of the book examples though, it
I'm looking for hardware to load a program in 68HC11. Somebody could tell me where I can find a scheme or layout to realise the board.
I'm looking for Gal16v8 programming algorytm for implementing my homemade Gal programmer. But problem is that usually it isn't documented or is secret. Please help. Thanks
Hi, To avoid collision you should have one master only on the line. Each frame sended must begin with the slave address, so this one only respond. I use the SN75176 transceiver for my rs485 application. Bye. Uploaded file: slls101b.pdf
Well I'm attempting to integrate in circuit programming into my application and I was wondering whether anyone has done this before. My problem is interfacing high voltage in circuit serial programming for PIC16F877 via pin PIN 1, RB6 and RB7 at the same time use this pin for another application. I have considered using jumpers to switch affected p
Hi all I'm interested in learning visual programming , I know pascal programming . I want to choose one of delphi or visual basic to learn. would you tell me which one is better for me in learning and usage. I'm an telecommunication engineer and I want to learn it and do something in my free times. by the way , do you know any good free e-book
Palm programming: The Developer's Guide
I have a codewarrior programming book if anyone wants it
Is anyone doing any work on implementing a 3rd party programmer for the PSOC devices ? I don't mean the commercial programmers, more low cost hobby / development stuff without having to buy the ICE etc. I'm looking at doing a design at the moment and would like to share ideas/problems.
I have few HC908GP32 - marked chips (HC08) and i like to try these. But I only have PIC experience and I need some help to get started. Do I need special programming device and software and if where I can find these or building instructions? What compiler (C) do you recommend? It should be free or cheap enough for student. HC908GP32 is flash de
Any one had experience with programming ICSP with this new PIC? 18f8720? I am using the warp13A programmer. The pic-start does not support the chip. I hope I can get it working using in-circuit programming using the warp13a. thanks ahgu
Hi, Can anyone point me where to get the information regarding how to control the JTAG port in order to perform the in system flash programming? Thanks in advance Jackson
Hi fellas !!! I need to write a program to comunnicate my pc with a tcp/ip enabled embedded device. I'd like to use visual programming (vb,Delphi,Borland Builder,etc). Should be a visual rad development enviroment because I need a very good GUI for the PC. I already wrote a program to link my pc to just one remote device each time...but now I
Where can i find all Siemens PLC series programming datasheets?
I grab hold of old xilinx chip XC4003a Xc3030 xc3042 i dunno how to program them with current xilinx tool. Is there a programming board schematic for such chip and what is the software needed?
Where i can find The ebook "programming in ANSI C" from Steven Kochan in any format (pdf, doc, or whatever). Any suggestion is welcome,
Hi. I need to program a Psion Workabout handheld for bit level reading/writing for a RFID tag system. Do you know if this is posible? Do you know the OVAL software? Can I do very complicated programming in a Workabout? (bit level manipulation) Thanks in advance.
Hello: This is my first time to use Xilinx FPGA. I had designed the PCB , now I want to test my code is correct, so I have to program the code to the Xilinx EPROM . I have question about programming , I upload my schematic about Xilinx FPGA programming circuit. I use a XC18V01PC20 EPROM and a X2S150PQ208 Spartan 2 FPGA, between XC18V
I'm new in linux programming. I want to write a program that sends and take data between two computers that has linux. Has source anywhere? :?: If not please give me ideas, links docs or smt. like Thanx...
I want to know how to write a program in C which utilises less instruction cycle ie in keeping assembly programming in mind. Do anybody have any notes related to this. Thanx in advance. Max
Dear all, I am very new in PIC technology and I would like any one who help me understanding PIC by send me small and useful project so that I could easily understand it. Or if any one could provide me simple literature (PDF). Thanking you all.
I m biggener in this field Please if any one provide me good guidence how to start this era. Regard.
Linux Kernel Module programming Guide
Does anyone have some experiance with programming Motorola's HCS12 microcontroller in C? I'm looking for some good examples on peripheral programming. Also external addressing on the multiplexed Data/Address bus. (A Little unclear in documentation) Are there any libraries for peripherals available? (IAR, CW or ICC) Thanx in advance.
hi which is the best programmer for programming microcontrollers. i hav looked into topmax and lv48 serial programmer. can any1 justify which 1 is good. i am also in search of logic analysers with debugging tool. i heard these logic analysers can read the program in the microcontroller and give it in pc is it so can u suggest sum companies
Simple programming card... I still use it : ) Altera Card next .....
programming course - interesting !
Use this with PonyProg2000. Schematic is in Pr*tel 3.0 format.
Hy, does someone have some further specifications (information) about the rs485 Bus (Website) ?? Greetings mc_eddy
Hi all, I am working with AT29C020, and when I program the flash I wait in a loop for the flash to go out of programming mode. This algorithm goes right with ICs dated before 1998, but sometimes it fails with newer ICs. The problem is that the flash stays endlessly in programming mode. Does anybody know about this problem? Thanks for any infor
this on designing rs485 circuits I found interesting. :sm9:
Surfing over the internet I have found (sure I am not the only one) some interesting programs which are capable to generate code for microcontrollers, from PIC to Amtel....we can take for example a company called Actum has Realizer, and Conrad electronics from Germany has C-Control Plus...I wonder if anyone knows more of this kind of software....
Does anybody have C code for ISP programming of micros AT89, AT90 and ST7 via parallel port. Thanks