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Hi, First you have to decide is it a point to point communication or a bus communication. Single master or multi master? --> From your description it seems like a point to point master to device configuration. What data do you want to transfer? What block size? What data rate? After that you decide what protocol t
MAX485 is convert UART to rs485. So, the programming is easy still use UART. Only, MAX485 need 1 more control RE/DE for either transmit or receive. If 1 part is transmitting, all other part must receiving.
i am using datamate 3000 for my is an small room air-condition monitoring device.. for my project i need to get the parameter details from datamate 3000 using rs485.. and then transmit the data using another rs485 to host.. i need some programming help... how to start with datamate 3000...
hi friends.. i have a circuit on Pcb, for rs 485 and am using avr atmega8, now when i make the power on and conncet the rs485 to pc using rs485-rs232 converter using hyper terminal i get this error "cannot open COM Port3 check port settings" now when the power is removed this msg is not displayed, moreover if just avr is removed fro
Could you please evaluate more about your request? There is many way to interface a PIC or more generally spoken a microcontroller with a PC, here is some example: - SERIAL (RS232 or RS422/rs485) - PARALLEL - USB - IRDA - BLUETOOTH .... Bye Pow
I am playing with serial port under windows 2k trying to implement modbus master working over rs485 in halfduplex mode . 232-485 covnerters transmit direction is controlled via RTS line (similar to described in Serial port complete). My problem is - i can not properly detect end of transmission (when last character has been transmitted from com po
10 week course using C covering multiple issues from rs232 rs485 CAN adc ... hope you enjoy
I want to write a program, running under PC. linux (redhat). to use PC.'s serial port work as rs485, use DTR to control direction. (use 75176 or MAX485) Could anyone show me the sample? Should I need to modify kernel source's serial port driver? ZeRoN