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here is the code when power on the system it start displaying date & time,but when I turns power off then again turn on the power it displays initial value not updated value #include void _nop_(void); #define delay_us _nop_(); //generates 1 microsecond #define LCD P0 sbit RS=P2^0; sbit EN=P2^1; sb
See if you can find any rtc PCF 8563 ASM code here.
Hello All, I'm interfacing ds1307 rtc with 8051 using proteus simulator , I have written the code and the seconds part is working fine but the hour and minutes are showing as 0 and is not getting updated . I believe there's some timing issue or the ds1307 register is not getting updated (...)
when compiling this code it will give warning c(2): warning C318: can't open file 'ds1307.h' is this a problem??how to solve it Yes, it is a problem. If the ds1307.h header file is located with the other C source files of your project, you may have to change the <> to "" as such: #include
hello, wich kind of rtc DS1302 SPi ds1307 I2C other ? LCD 4bits 2x16 , 4x20 ? direct or trough I2C ? so with 2 wires SDA,SCL you can drive LCD,EEPROM,rtc
Hi friends, Am posting the code this code am getting a problem that clock runs quickly without going accordingly with our real time clock please help me out please..... Thanks in advance #include sbit set=P1^2; sbit mov=P1^3; sbit inc=P1^4; sbit dec=P3^7; sbit ent=P3^6; void all_disp(); void time_set(); #define
CAN ANYONE HELP ME IN INTERFACING rtc ds1307 with 8051 MICROCONTROLER:PROGRAM THAT should turn on AN LED WHEN TIME IS 6pm and it turns off led when time is 6am.
hi i our project,we have connected 89lv51 with rtc ds1307. here we set the time as time23:59:36 date31/10/12 and displayed on that time, we are getting the is incrementing and displayed on hyper.but some times, it is showing ?. time23:59:36 date31/10/12 time23:59:37 date31/10/12 time??:??:?? d
Hi friends, I am doing a Digital Clock using rtc ds1307 and 89C4051 micro controller. Time is displayed on LCD and different alarms can be set through 3 switches. I have written the following code for updating rtc registers first time. Only minutes code is shown //Minutes min++; if((min>15)&&(min<20)) { onmin=min+6; } else i
how can i learn programming using keil in i2c interface . what basics should an individual know if i have to connect ds1307 to controller , i have to create automatic college bell so i have used ds1307 as rtc but i m not able to get how should i do programming in keil .can anyone help me .. . how should i get a delay of one hour through (...)
please my friends I want to change this 8051 bass file into a hex file .. but when I try to always error, I use Bascom 8051 ' -------------------------------- ' alarm1307.BAS 2-10-06 ' Led display with ds1307 rtc chip and max7219-hh:mm:ss ' written by K.S. Sankar India ' for MCS ELECTRONICS - Holland (...)
For the time being, forget about pin .. unless you really need a square wave synchronized with time .. and BTW, input P2.3 has internal pullup .. The main connections between the CPU and the rtc are the 2 I2C lines, and you have them .. As far as various components go, the crystal caps are to big and the reset cap is to small .. The most comm
The ready made clock chips available, usually use mains frequency as refernce and thus the accuracy highly depends on the same. But you can get dead accuracy with rtc interfaced with a microcontroller. But In the ds1307 as it uses external cylinderical crystal, the accuracy may not be guaranteed. But using a DS12887 module (...)
i am new to embedded. i am using p89v51rd2. i want 2 interface ds1307...... pl any one explain me with a good example.:???::???:
can anyone tel me how can i interface rtc with microcontroller... i have no idea about it ... i need to use keypad for setting up time ... i ve to use rtc for timer ....
hi people, i really need rtc c code to interface ds1307 with freescale 20-bit microcontroller mc9s08sh8.the code can be analogous to interfacing with normal 8051 controller..i'll make the necesarry changes..pls reply soon..its urgent.. Thanking u in advance. Pratik Shah
Hello Ram, Hav a luk at the attachment. This code is written for 89c51(interfacing 89c51 with rtc ds1307 using I2C communication) Hope this will help yu. Feel free to contact me if yu have any queries regarding this. Best Regards, Viswanath.
sir, my project name is smoker's counselor we are using 89C52 micro controller. it has 3 blocks 1.smoke detector 2.lcd interfacing output. when smoke comes it will detected by the smoke detector and a message like QUIT SMOKING will displayed in the lcd and same will come through audio output. so here when smoke comes then only lcd is di
Hi, I had done rtc(ds1307) recently. Here is the working code in c
Dear Maria Look at the like : you will find a clock project with 2 line LCD and a ds1307 as rtc All the best Bobi
First you read and understand the I2C protocol.Ten you will understand how to read the time from rtc.Then just compare the codes given above and try to understand what it is actually doing.. Regards Sajeev
I have working circuit with 8051-micro and ds1307 rtc. Every second it transmits time and date via serial port in the ASCII format. What I need to do is to add 0.1s time base so it sends time and date not every secon but every 0.1s and time format should look like this: hh:mm:ss.x Where can I have this 0.1s from?
The ds1307 is not a microcontroller, it's a rtcC that uses I2C for communications. Try the Philips site for I2C documentation or the Dalsemi site should have examples.
Hiii, I am working on a board which has the rtc and working with AT89s52 chip. I downloaded some sample codes from the net for rtc but could get anyting which works. have any of you come across any rtc code which works? Thanks Adhiteev
send me all details of rtc interfacing with 8051 using C
I am sure, here is interfacing rtc (ds1307) with 8051 Link:
I use ds1307 as rtc intercing with 8051.
My hardware consist in cpu 89c52 rtc ds1307 adc max147 mem st 24c08 connections pins 1,3,7 to gnd and pin 1 to vdd address write 164 decimal and address read 165 decimal software compiled with BASCOM 8051. My project working good with this configuration. Now I want to increase memory. I (...)