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Hi. I have a downloaded a PSpice model file (in .lib) from On Semiconductor. I am wondering how to run spectre simulation in cadence with this file. For the same diode, there are .sp2 and .sp3 models are available as well. Am I using the right one (.lib) for spectre simulation? I (...)
Hi! I want to run spectre simulation of transformer, how can I add following characteristics into my spectre simulator to run the simulation properly?I found only turns ratio of default xfmr device can be modified. Open-circuit inductance: 1.2mH Inter-winding capacitance: 35pF (...)
If you use hspice simulator(you can choose simulator in cadence enviroment if you have such license), you can run simulation directly with hspice model. Otherwise you need spectre model, which is quite different format from hspice.
Do you really have the license to run spectre simulator?
In the Results Display Window of noise summary in cadence spectre simulation, there is a list like the following: Device Param noise distribution % of total /M0 id 1e-7 40 /M0 fn 2e-8 8 I want to know what's the meaning of the param. In other word, what kind (...)
Hello. I want to run a simulation using cadence(icfb). The simulation should show time transient result with a time varing resistor value. Basically, I want to assign the value of resistor as res = sin( w* time) + some offset. Is there any way to do this? The value of the resistor should vary along with the time (...)
Hi all, I have a question regarding some parameter setting for transient simulation with spectre. there are two parameters : step and max step, are used to control the time step, but after run the simulation, I do check the data step and it corresonds to none of them. Cany anybody tell me how to really control the (...)
Hello Now I have done lpe for the layout, then I get the netlist of SPICE.DAT. I use spectre for simulation. But I don't know how to use it for post-simulation after I get the netlist. Can you help me, or please give me some usefull way to simulation the netlist from LPE. Thank you! Regards.
Dose anybody know how to simulate the dc current with spectre in cadence? I can only see the voltage of every net, and can not see the DC current. Thanks!
Hi everyone, I got some problems confusing me a long time. Can anybody help me? Thank you very much. When doing spectre simulation, some fatal errors occur as follows: Command line: /home/eda/cadence/ic5141u5/tools.sun4v/spectre/bin/32bit/spectre \ -env artist5.1.0 (...)
Hello, I designed a comparator in a transistor level. I connected the comparator to a digital logic gate, like inverter or AND gate from the NCSU_Digital_Parts. But whenever I use the logic gate, It gives me an error. My question is, 1. Can I use digital logic gate in spectre simulation? 2. How can I fix this error message? Thanks gu
How to install the SiMKit library(Philips) for spectre in cadence IC_50?
for example, in Hspice following description "ecmfb vcmfb vss poly(4) vb1 0 vcmref 0 vop 0 von 0 0 1 -1 0.5 0.5" is function as a idesl CMFB block Similarly, Can I use the ideal CMFB block in spectre simulation? What's the name of that block
when i start spectre simulation, the it often shows "Greated directory input .ahdlcmi(770),compiling ahdtcmi modeule library'in the beginning of the output log file. what is really mean of the sentence in my simulation ?
Hi guys, Foundary gave us a .pm3 model, can anybody tell me how to use it in a spectre simulation. Thanks in advance!
Does anybody know how to simulate the low pass filter with spectre in cadence? Thanks!
Hi. When I run spectre simulation in cadence, I get an error message. The error is for Schottky diodes. From NCSU CDK package (I am using AMI06, I bring Schottky diodes in Schematic and run) The error is that it requires to use of a model for Schottky diodes. I think I need a model file or at least (...)
when doing spectre simulation(IC5141, mmsim 7.1 version), there exist the following warnings and notice: 1\WARNING(CMI-2114):Define Q:Unit of quantity 'Q' is changed from 'coul' to 'C' 2\WARNING(CMI-2114):Define Freq:Unit of quantity 'F' is changed from 'N' to 'Hz' 3\Notice from spectre during IC analysis, during transient analysis 'tran' (...)
How can I use instances from bmsLib, which have veriloga and verilogams views, in a spectre simulation? I added veriloga and verilogams to the beginning of my switch view list and the circuit netlists without warning/error, but the state of the instance does not change when an input is given. I can't even get an inverter to work. Do i have to use i
700V MOSFET 0f TSMC. When I use 700V MOSFET model in spectre. Error of spectre simulation is that 'hisim_hv' is an undefined primitive device. When I exchange "hisim_hv" with "hisim" in process file of TSMC, warning of spectre simulation is that 'xqy' is not available in HISIM1.0.1, and error occurs (...)
Hi,when i run my simulation modelled by simulink and matlab it displays an error" The periodic sample time 1 is not allowed because the ratio of this sample time over base rate (1.01010101010101e-014) is greater than the maximum value of uint32".Can you please help how to fix this problem?Thanks alot!!!
Hi, I m currently using VCS for functional simulation. My testbench toplevel contains a parameter for a data input file that should be streamed into my model under test. To control this I use 'vcs -gfile foo.dat' to overwrite the parameter at compile time. Now I want to run my simulation with several input files (up to 20 inputs (...)
After installing IC5141 on Redhat ES3, I can run icms on C-shell, with the following message: Incorrectly built binary which accesses errno or h_errno directly. Needs to be fixed. Then, when I tried to run spectre simulation in Analog Artist, I get the following warning/error message also: Error: Unable to (...)
I am using Verilog-A to generate a carrier-frequency stimulus to an power amplifier in virtuoso schematics, but saw a mysterious frequency shift in the stimulus when I run spectre simulation. It reduces to a basic test case where, parameter real omega = 2* `M_PI *20e9; ... V(pure_sine) <+ sin(omega * $abstime); V(test) <+ (omega * $a
I have the verilog code for the sigma delta modulator and the PLL circuits in cadence. How can I run the co-simulation on the whole PLL including the PLL circuits and the verilog code? Thanks.
go to your results folder/design/schematic/spectre/netlist and type .runsimulation
Hello, I want to use corners to simulate circuit in different technics, like tt,ff,ss,etc. But many items under the corner window is dark, which means there are some file unsetup, I guess. Is there any body know such situation? what files I need to setup in spectre before I run corners simulation? THX a lot!
Why not using spectreVerilog run the simulation. it can also seperate digital and analog part to run a mixed-signal simulation. you can refer to openbook.
No idea how to run it from the command line. Always use analog artist. Why don't you use it, too?
Hi, I have problem using spectre in cadence. when I choose the simulation environment as spectre, it says that first I need to convert spectre siminfo from spectreS (basically convert spectreS models to spectre models) using the conversion toolbox, but when (...)
When I run the simulation , several errors were found like this: "input.scs" 32 : function 'pPar' is undefined or is used recursively cadence IC version is 5033 in my notebook ,in our lab it's the same ,but it run quite well,how can i do?Is there any Configuration problems? please help me , I have tried many ways (...)
You actually do not need to write all the script. You can make cadence enerate the script then modify it to include your own loops to sweep on the corners. To generate the ocean script from cadence. In the Analog Design environment choose: Session -> save script Then go to the file, and place your model file inside the loop, changing the c
Dear all, I run my simulation with spectre of cadence. One diode i wish to use is only .scs file and no symbol with it. You know the simulation flow is usually draw schematic first and add stimi, then evoke spectre and run simulation. (...)
there is no fft in spectre ther is dft which you can use first you need an ideal dac you can write the dac equation on the calculator (weight each bit) then you run SFDR simulation you enter a full sine wave and put the ideal dac behind the adc and take dft for the output
Dear all, so what is the problem? Is it due to old version of IC5? can I run this PDK on IC5? I mean if it should be used for IC6.0.2.247 and later, can i run in a compatibility mode for ic5? thanx in advance, Mohamed Abouzied
Hi, I am learning to run a design using AMS simulator with spectre solver. The set up looked fine and the netlist was generated without any problem. But when I run the simulation, I am getting the following error message: Failed to elaborate ("amsPLL" "pll_160MHZ_sim" "config"). How can I resolve this. Please help. (...)
Dear I currently use spectre simulation in cadence. I am wondering if there is any method to run the spectre simulation with layout only. It's simple and no problem to run the layout simulation if based on its schematic or symbol. My question is to (...)
when i extracted PEX netlist (for ex: circuit1.pex.netlist)using calibre, how to run simulation with the PEX netlist in spectre (ic5141)? what is the procedure? In input.scs, i delete the netlist part (with no parasitic parameters), and include the PEX netlist (for ex: include ./circuit1.pex.netlist), then run the (...)
Hi, I'm using spectre to simulate my analog circuits. But the circuit is slightly complex. When I run transient analysis for 2 us, the output file (named tran.tran.trn) is as large as 40G. So I set software output time to 1.5 us. Then the output file is much smaller. However, when I plot some signals to verify the simulation result, (...)
I have simulated a fixed geometry 6-port transformer in Momentum and I have the s6p file. How may I import this into cadence to do spectre simulation? I used the Nport element in analog lib and mounted the s6p file with it. But the DC simulation in spectre does not give expected result. I guess for DC, (...)
Hi, I have a testbench-schematic for an If I start cadence and open this schematic and ADE GXL with the related adexl view and I run the simulation everything is alright. But if I subsequently "Check a
hai to all, can we tune the parameters of LNA in cadence spectre like we doing in ADS???
Hi, I am also working on delay locked loops.. I too have the same problem ... my output is not locking with my input signal.. To measure power, in the ADE window select outputs -> save all... In the window appears0, enable the check box all in power in subcircuits .. Then run the simulation... then go for tools -> results browser.... The
I'm doing DC sweep simulation with cadence 5141. Now I've got V1~VX plot and V2~VX plot, from which I want to obtain the V1~V2 plot. How to do this? I know that this is possible through exporting the data to MATLAB or Origin and replot, but can I do it with cadence spectre? THANKS
I am now do a SAR ADC design and need to do mixed-signal simulation on my design. The digital part of the circuit is descripted with VerilogHDL at RTL level. And then I make it as a symbol and integrated into a schemetic with analog part. The stimulus to digital part is descripted with verilogHDL and the stimulus to analog part is directly adde
Hello all, I have a question about co-simulation of extracted view and schematic view. My question can be very dumb, but if you know anyting about this issue, let me know. My situation is this. I draw a schematic and it is a componet of higher schematic. I also did layout. After that, I run extracter and got the extracted view. What I wan
Hi Mickywang, Long ago, I have run the simulation about mixed signal. I remember that the most important thing is to generate a "config" part, which can combine the digital part and analog part. Detailed information can be found in the manual. Good Luck!
Read Ken Kundert' s paper at - the tricks of simulation are perfectly expressed there. He also provides the files for an example, you can learn how to run spectre from there (although you'd still better find cadence documentation..)
I?m simulating a Sampling and Hold circuit, which has 14 bit resolution. The simulator is spectre. When I set ?accuracy (errpreset)? to ?moderate?, the result (after DFT of transient simulation results) shows about 12 bit resolution. However, after setting ?conservative?, it has about 14 bit performance. My question is, which result is more reliabl
For the cadence spectre simulation using BSIM3 model, does the capacitance in the DC operating point result such as Cgs, Cdg already include the overlap capacitance? i.e., does the value add both intrinsic device capacitance and parasitic capacitance? Thanks. :wink: