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Hi. I have a downloaded a PSpice model file (in .lib) from On Semiconductor. I am wondering how to run spectre simulation in cadence with this file. For the same diode, there are .sp2 and .sp3 models are available as well. Am I using the right one (.lib) for spectre simulation? I (...)
If you use hspice simulator(you can choose simulator in cadence enviroment if you have such license), you can run simulation directly with hspice model. Otherwise you need spectre model, which is quite different format from hspice.
Hello. I want to run a simulation using cadence(icfb). The simulation should show time transient result with a time varing resistor value. Basically, I want to assign the value of resistor as res = sin( w* time) + some offset. Is there any way to do this? The value of the resistor should vary along with the time (...)
Do you really have the license to run spectre simulator?
Why not using spectreVerilog run the simulation. it can also seperate digital and analog part to run a mixed-signal simulation. you can refer to openbook.
Hi knataraj, You may modify the netlist and run the simulation in command-line mode. There is a command script in the simulation directory (runHspice for example). Just run that script in terminal window. An alternate method to plot the power dissipation is to plot the currents. This do not need to (...)
Hello all, I have a question about co-simulation of extracted view and schematic view. My question can be very dumb, but if you know anyting about this issue, let me know. My situation is this. I draw a schematic and it is a componet of higher schematic. I also did layout. After that, I run extracter and got the extracted view. What I wan
No idea how to run it from the command line. Always use analog artist. Why don't you use it, too?
run the simulation, Open Calculator Hit op button - little popup will (should) appear. Select on schmatic the device you are interested in and the in pulldown menu list in the pop-up select gm. Then hit plot in calculator.
Read Ken Kundert' s paper at - the tricks of simulation are perfectly expressed there. He also provides the files for an example, you can learn how to run spectre from there (although you'd still better find cadence documentation..)
You can run spectre from Analog Artist by selecting the spectre (not spectreS) simulator.
Hi, cadence Analog Artist has an option "Corners" for a corner analysis. It works like a more complex parametric analysis. You need to defind a path for your corner models and run Corners Analysis. As a result you'll get a set of curves for different corners. Open "Analog Design Environment " window, choose "Tools", "Corners" and get "Co
I run spectre with command "spectre aaa.scs" not in cadence ADE and got the result file tran.tran. How can I open this file to view some waves? By which tool?
Hi horzonbluz; What's your digital part seems like? Do you write it with verilog. If this right,you should setup your digital part in "behaviral" view and run with "spectreverilog",Or you can run with spw. The process is quite similar. Hope this helpeful. hanm
Hi, I have problem using spectre in cadence. when I choose the simulation environment as spectre, it says that first I need to convert spectre siminfo from spectreS (basically convert spectreS models to spectre models) using the conversion toolbox, but when (...)
Hi, I have problem using spectre in cadence. when I choose the simulation environment as spectre, it says that first I need to convert spectre siminfo from spectreS (basically convert spectreS models to spectre models) using the conversion toolbox, but (...)
*Error_Message: Invalid command character following '[' in: ' type=pwl '. si:simin didn't completely suessfully *Problem: I am trying to simulate my design using a text stimulus file in spectre. I included this file in the Stimulus File field via Setup -> simulation files from the ADE window. My stimulus file contains
According to the distproc.pdf, I do such setting: 1. modify /etc/hosts.equiv so that I may rlogin to other machines without password; 2.set up the nfs server and I can read/write any data on every machine; 3.set one NTP server and make others as client to sync the time; 4.write file 'queue_config'as this: fast 3 host1 2 host2 3 host
type checkSysConf cadence IC version number> in the command prompt. If the command runs successful then there is no problem. If it doesnt then probably u wont be having the necessary patches to run spectre. It will specify all the patches that u dont have. Install all the patches and run the command again.
I try migrating to BJT by reading the textbook by Gray & Meyer. simulations should be the best way to get an insight into the methodologies. But I need advice on the starting point, say, on how to run simulations in cadence. I don't know what Vcc I should choose for the supply, how to size the transistors, etc... I (...)
I have the verilog code for the sigma delta modulator and the PLL circuits in cadence. How can I run the co-simulation on the whole PLL including the PLL circuits and the verilog code? Thanks.
When i use simulation by spectre,there's an error. Error found by spectre during hierarchy flattening V1:Waveform type must be specified if any waveform parameters are given. It's seem as the Independence source,just like(Vsin,Vpluse and so on) How did you run spectre? Did you run (...)
You probably know where you place .scs file. You should define the path in analog environment. I do this each time i run the simulator , i need to efine the paths of the model to the simulator to use it by itself each time i run a simulation
When I run the simulation , several errors were found like this: "input.scs" 32 : function 'pPar' is undefined or is used recursively cadence IC version is 5033 in my notebook ,in our lab it's the same ,but it run quite well,how can i do?Is there any Configuration problems? please help me , I have tried many ways (...)
You actually do not need to write all the script. You can make cadence enerate the script then modify it to include your own loops to sweep on the corners. To generate the ocean script from cadence. In the Analog Design environment choose: Session -> save script Then go to the file, and place your model file inside the loop, changing the c
spp only converts the format of the netlist and it can not convert spice model to spectre model. This is why foundries usually provide both hspice and spectre models. A good news is that cadence did a lot efforts to make spectre compatible with hspice models and netlist. You can use spectre to (...)
in the ADE ,you can go to analysis --- in the analysis section you find noise just left click on the noise you will get a new form for noise analysis ...enter the field and run a simulation...
Use .connect command, .connect gndd! gnd .connect vdd! vdd And run simulation
In the pre-simulation schematic veiw, build a config file, replace the schematic file with your extracted file in the popup config dialogue box, run the just simulation file, the results you get this time are post-simulation ones
I installed the TSMC 0.35um CM Process design kit in my unix system. When I run the simulation in the analog envirnment in cadence Virtuoso, I always got the error message so I can not use that at all. I am not sure this error is originally design kit error or cadence error/ Do you know what this error message means? (...)
There is perl script provide by cadence in converting the spice netlist to spectre netlist. By the way, TSMC always provide digital/analog library pdk to designers. So what you do is use include the spectre model inside tsmc pdk to run the simulation.
Hello, I installed cadence 5141_usr4 on RHEL 5 WS(I installed RHEL 4 WS first and then updated to 5) and I can run "icfb" properly well. But when I tried to run a simulation(I opened Virtuoso Analog Design Environment), I cannot see the information on the top right corner. That part is just black and invisible. That part (...)
Dear all, I run my simulation with spectre of cadence. One diode i wish to use is only .scs file and no symbol with it. You know the simulation flow is usually draw schematic first and add stimi, then evoke spectre and run simulation. (...)
there is no fft in spectre ther is dft which you can use first you need an ideal dac you can write the dac equation on the calculator (weight each bit) then you run SFDR simulation you enter a full sine wave and put the ideal dac behind the adc and take dft for the output
when i simulate my circuit in artist5.0.0,i can run simulation after i change the file "runsimulation" to the following: spectre -env ........ -format .......... but when in artist 5.1.0,after i do the same change,and input the comman "runsimulation &",it can't (...)
Dear all, so what is the problem? Is it due to old version of IC5? can I run this PDK on IC5? I mean if it should be used for IC6.0.2.247 and later, can i run in a compatibility mode for ic5? thanx in advance, Mohamed Abouzied
Did you run MMSim?
Hi, I am learning to run a design using AMS simulator with spectre solver. The set up looked fine and the netlist was generated without any problem. But when I run the simulation, I am getting the following error message: Failed to elaborate ("amsPLL" "pll_160MHZ_sim" "config"). How can I resolve this. Please help. (...)
Hello everyone, I am doing a full custom IC design using cadence Virtuoso tools. I have a problem with the calculator associated with spectre Simulator. It often happens that I run a simulation with spectre and i want to evaluate some parameters of the calculated waveform using the calculator. To do (...)
Hi. When I run spectre simulation in cadence, I get an error message. The error is for Schottky diodes. From NCSU CDK package (I am using AMI06, I bring Schottky diodes in Schematic and run) The error is that it requires to use of a model for Schottky diodes. I think I need a model file or at least (...)
Dear I currently use spectre simulation in cadence. I am wondering if there is any method to run the spectre simulation with layout only. It's simple and no problem to run the layout simulation if based on its schematic or symbol. My question is to (...)
I finshed the schematics and the test bench, both are saved and have no error. when i go to AE -> simulation -> run, i got the an error in the icfb window: It checked the netlist files and started simulator, and there's this error "errors encountered during simulation. the simulator run log has not been generated. (...)
You may have a license to run only some types of simulations (just guessing). Try to check your license server log (if you have access to the log) and see if there is something there about some missing feature.
Hi, I want to do a corner analysis along with several other variable parameters for my design. At present the line specifying the model file looks like this... modelFile( '("/home/pratap/cadence/foundry_data/umc13mmrf/../Models/spectre/ L130E_HS12_V241.lib.scs" "ss") ) All I need to change
Hi, I'm using spectre to simulate my analog circuits. But the circuit is slightly complex. When I run transient analysis for 2 us, the output file (named tran.tran.trn) is as large as 40G. So I set software output time to 1.5 us. Then the output file is much smaller. However, when I plot some signals to verify the simulation result, (...)
With the new cadence token system, an individual now can use almost any of cadence's advanced features as long as there are free tokens. It also means a user can easily suck up many tokens and leave everyone else waiting... Is there a way add priority levels to the tokens, such that a token-hogging feature such as APS simulation (8 (...)
Hello, I want to use corners to simulate circuit in different technics, like tt,ff,ss,etc. But many items under the corner window is dark, which means there are some file unsetup, I guess. Is there any body know such situation? what files I need to setup in spectre before I run corners simulation? THX a lot!
I don't use Pspice but my approach for doing this sort of thing is to change the obvious syntax differences and then run a simulation. Then try to work out what the error messages mean and fix them. Comparison with a working Pspice model in a similar technology would help. For example - how fingers are handled in the symbol & template. Keith
Hi, I got a problem when try to run ocean in matlab: I've run an oceanScript in Unix environment 1. configure .oceanrc file 2. set path in .cshrc file 3. source .cshrc file 4. run command-- ocean < oceanScript.ocn And this works, as the results are confirmed with what I run in cadence ADE. So I think (...)
Hi I simulate the PA using model from Infineon. I can't do the load-pull properly because of non- convergence errors. Additionally when i run LSSP simulation the results is the same. When i decrease the input power by 5-10dB from saturation level the problem dissapears. HB for single tone when i make some changes at setup (Krilov method) i can wor

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