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It's a single ended vacuum tube amplifier works in clear A class on two pentodes el84 and one double 6n2p triode ( russion equivalent of ECC83). Amplifier with casing, transformers and details e.g. potentiometers are based on
It is an acoustic tube amplifier based on popular and easily available tubes ECC83 and
This construction was based on an old tube [url=obrazki.elektroda
If someone thinks that device remind him Kasprzak deck from M91xx seris, he’s right. It’s provably the world’s only deck that can take off characteristics of electronic tubes. Most elements are from recycling. Of
This subject is very popular lately. Two months ago one of my friend have bought a guitar . unfortunately he have spent all money, and didin’t have for vacuum tube amplifier, so he ‘ve bought some transistors – b
Draw your package with ARES. Then in the menu select library - compiled into a library and then in the library manager where you can easily move your package to the library you want to,
The guitar was based on a neck of an old classical guitar. Also popular 5W amplifier based on ECC83 and el84 was home made. The effect is Ibanez Tube Screamer TS-808. The guitar body was cut of 3 glued dried pine boards. The ne
It is a tube guitar amplifier of own construction. Preamplifier was inspired by Soldano Atomic on two duotriodes 6N2P. Power amplifier was based on pentode el84. Transformers: TS40/14/676 and TG2,5/1/666. Firstly
This is a description of simple and cheap construction of a stereo tube amplifier. This device was based on 6P14P ? stronger counterparts of well known el84 and additional tube with two triodes ? ECC85. In order to meet the assum
It is a tube amplifier push-pull in Ultra Linear system. It was modified ? there is additional tone adjustment system, described below:www
It is a stereo full tube (2x18W) guitar power amplifier, adapted to be mounted in a 19? rack. Housing height is 2U. The construction is more simple than similar devices from Marshall or Mesa. It is based on a typical

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