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My sistem s-parameters(I have it in *.s3p file) include connectors effect and I have connectors parameters in *.s2p file. I need calculator to calculate my sistem s-parameters without connectors. Maybe some program has this option but I don't know for that :(
Spar file: Data sheet A lot of other balun at I hope it can help. Mazz
Hello, I downloaded various S-Parameter .s3p files of 50 to 200 ohm baluns for 2.4Ghz operation from various vendors (i.e. TDK, Anaren, Johanson) and just want to verify that I get 200 ohm on the differential balanced ports. In looking inside the S-parameter files, they define port 1 as the unbalanced port and ports 2 and 3 as the balanced por
In dchematic you must select the element s3p from the Data Items Palette. In the properties of this element you choose: 1. in "Parameter Entry Mode" - "Network Parameter filename" 2. in "File Name" - you point out a path to your file *.s3p 3. and take up "Edit"
I believe that you can't do this work in HFSS. But you can do it in Ansoft Designer by introducing a Data file with s3p representation. regards KMPA
hi everyone I have found that all *.snp files which you import to ADS,ports' impedance are all 50ohm.For instance,I export a *.s3p file of waveguide power divider in HFSS without renormalizing solution.Then I import it into ADS,and set Terms' impedance 50ohm,so I can get the same result in HFSS.If I set Terms' impedance to waveguide impedanc
the issue here is , that band to band coupling will not be included , coz the s3p for the PCS and cell band only get the TX and RX and Antenna ports , and ignore the others in most cases it is acceptable to use every s3p file to CEL in it is chain , and so on i have done smehting linke this months ago , another solution , if u have time
What I have done is the first option. By definition S-par are valid in this configuration (the unused port terminated with 50 Ohm). Then I used a software to merge the 3 s2p files into one s3p, simply removing the redundant measurements. From s3p file you can calculate/simulate the balun insertion loss & umbalance. If you use Agilent ADS, the
*.s2p file is for 2-port data. There are *.s1p, *.s3p and *.s4p ... for different port number cases. I suggest to open any existing *.s2p file and read the head of this file and you can easily find the definition of each column. Then you can study to write a s2p file by yourself
Hi. I am also facing the same problem. I am using simulink which only accepts s2p file for mixer. I have s3p and s1p files. I am not sure how to convert them into s2p file. any idea??????
Hi, I want to use a Touchstone file (name_file.s3p) in cadence for a PSS analysis. I've insert a n3port in schematic, and in is properties: name_file.s3p in S-Parameters data file Touchstone in S-Parameters data format After i've put the path (Include Path) and the name_file.s3sp (Stimulus File) in Setu
Yes, usualy when you measure S-parameters or obtain from simulation they are stored in *.s2p, *.s3p, etc test files with special format - Touchstone. This is commonly-used format for S-parameters matrix representation.
If you dont have a direct measure of s3p of balun it will be really difficult to solve this issue. You don't have any info about amplitude and phase of differential signal generated by the input balun. Roughly, if you are well matched, you just can divide by two the back-to-back insertion loss and deembed this value from the LNA meas. I ho
I can't determine from the screenshots, if the said Zmatch tool handles S parameters with a complex Z0 and particularly can perform the requested calculations. I am sorry for mis-interpreting the question. I was thinking that the question was about impedance matching of complex source and load, not re-normalizin
Thanks for the reply. I've followed what you said and I've managed to do it for my s2p files. But how would I go about combining the s2p files into an s3p file? I tried using the 3-port Data Item like you suggested, but it requires (from my understanding...) a s3p file to use. So I need to either combine the s2p files together or somehow comb
You can use mixed mode s-parameters to have a full linear characterization of the LNA. There is a lot of literature about mixed mode S-parameters (google it), I'm giving you just a glance about them: Your device is a 3 port device ( ports are: in, outp, outn) that can be represented as a 3 port device (ports are: in,out_diff, out_comm) without any
BigBoss, Thanks for comment. I did what you suggested. Since when using data items in schematic, they have a reference pin; after importing s3p of the inductor (port 3 is placed on poly) into the data item, this reference pin should be tied to GROUND of schematic. Then pin 3 of the data item should be connected to the - terminals of port 1 and por
Dear all: I using a s3p as a center tap inductor simulate a VCO ,and the trans is work OK,while pss simulate is failed to oscillate,at this time ,I have to increase the width of MOS ,and it OK.why this happen, which one is more accuracy? thank you in advance~
Hi, you have to include your SPDT switch S parameter within a 3 port Data Item into your phase shifter schematic. S parameter(that have to be imported into the data item, touchstone format .s3p) have to correspond to the SPDT switch state that you want to simulate. Then you could run a second simulation for the second state. You have to ch
hi i need s parameter file for a mixer at ka band frequency. ie., s3p file at 26 - 40 GHz. can anyone pl help me ?
I have troubles with import a touchstone file from HFSS into Ansoft Designer. While forming an n-data and seting the path for the s3p file just an 'Error in creating n-port data ' occures. I created the .s3p file frome the Solution data window in order to export S-parameters data from power divider model. Can someone explain me the exact steps in e