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I need to acquire (for post-processing with matlab) using acquisition board/kit with a high sampling rate of the order of a few GS/s. It is a huge sampling rate, perhaps not too easy to find boards with such a specification, anyway had you seen the National Instruments portfolio ?
sampling frequency should be as low as possible to allow handy filter order, but must at least fulfill the Nyquist criterion for the input signal. You can play around with the matlab filter tool to get a feeling of meaningful filter parameters. I find IIR filters more effective for my range of applications.
Hi I need a simple code for sampling and reconstruction the signal with matlab Tnx
Hi, I am designing a GMSK demodulator, and trying to measure the SNR I can achieve, So I am constructing a GSMK signal centered at F0=26 MHz, using matlab sampling=260 MHz, and passing this through an AWGN channel, with mode (Eb/No), input power=0.5 Watts(as I am sending cosine) and Eb/No=15 dB. To make sure the actual (...)
kirjmaru, Do you try Gibbs sampling, yet ?
well in this I disagree, since increasing the sampling speed ofcourse helps, e.g. (and can test on matlab simply) if 1 Khz signal is sampled using 3 Khz the result is actually almost no use. while increasing the sampling rate will increase the quality of signal. Simply put the more the (...)
Hi Friends, Please help me how to sample a signal in frequency domain using PIC16F877A. as like we sample in matlab giving a input signal and sample. I need how to frequency sample a signal using PIC 16F877A. Thnx in Advance
Hello friends, I am facing problem in implementing IIR filter. I have determined the coefficient for the first order Butterworth filter using matlab FDATOOL with sampling frequency 2000 Hz and cutoff frequency 100 Hz and used it to filter the AC signal but it isn't working. To implement this I took the adc sample in (...)
i have code matlab of this compression but i have a probleme in the party of lloyd max ? i need for ur help plz i put only the party of max lloyd quantification % Lloyd-max algorithm using signal values % signal : signal Vector % tol : Tolerance % Initial : (...)
Hello Everyone I have a speech signal that I have read using wavread, whose details are: Sound is a vewel 'a' sampling Frequency = Fs = 44.1Khz Sample values = data I need to estimate the first three formants f1,f2,f3 of this vowel. Can any body provide me some matlab code or routine that could estimate the (...)
here's the easiest method. periodogram(x, ,'onesided',512,fs); fs is the sampling rate.
Dear all, I was always using ifft function in matlab to generate ofdm signal without passing to it a sampling frequency parameter. Know I realized this fact and I'm generating 4k OFDM symbols but confused whether to use fs = 4096 or fs = chip rate or other value? Thanks.
hello, I am currently studying wireless communication and I am facing a problem in my MIMO OFDM simulation using mimochan function. My problem is mainly that my input signal is not time based and therefore, whatever sampling time I use in the function the SNR vs BER is always the same. I would like to investigate the Cyclic prefix effect (...)
Hello! I'm working on a thesis about Speech noise reduction in matlab. Basicly these are the steps Im following: 1.Read oiriginal signal 2.Add Gausian noise 3.Frame sampling 4.Complex Spectogram 5.Magnitude Filtering (using a bilateral Filter) 6.Reconstruction(IFFT,Overlap resynthesized frames,Normalized (...)
I want to read the signal frequencies that can be seen in the spectrogram using matlab function(spectrogram). But when i give different sampling frequencies i am getting the display of my signal at different frequency points.This is explained below. I am using the below code to create (...)
u can record ur ECG signal with matlab sound card. but for that u will need some extra amplifing circuitary for the input signal, also the ECG signals are of low frequencies but by using sound card as ur data acquisition card, the sampling frequency must between 8KHz 44 KHz whic is very (...)
i think it can be done by using ur sound card. there is demo already in matlab. the input should be given through microphone. sampling rate can be set between 8kHz and 44 kHz. giving signal instead of microphone i think you should first know the max and min voltage ranges of microphone signal, then remove (...)
i need matlab code for filter in fm demodulation. the basic problem is dat i could find codes but nowhere they were using the modulated signal foer filteration. they just took the specifications as sampling rate and cutoff frequency etc. but as is the case we have to pass the I and Q componens of the signal (...)
I want to realize a simple analog low-pass first order filter in matl ab, but i waant also obtain time domain output if an input signal is present. So: 1)input time domain signal is realized with an array of values (i'm not using symbolic) 2)fft of input signal: i consider only frequencies equal and under fs/2 (with (...)
I am trying to calculate the cross-spectral density for a voltage signal using matlab. I am using the fft function to do the Fourier transform. The fft function is Y=fft(X,n). But I donot know how to pick the points n. My voltage signal Y is 2seconds long. dt is 0.0001s. so sampling (...)
How to get the sampled sine waveform by using "Simulink" in matlab before the sampled signal enters into the digital FIR filter??? Any settings I need to set?? If the sampling frequency is 1kHz and cutoff frequency is 50Hz??? 10s!!!
I want to design a lowpass IIR filter with following specification using "rcosine" matlab command. The LPF filter should extract the fundamental component of input signal. cut_off frequency=500Hz sampling frequency=20000Hz; Roll_off factor=0.6 Delay=2 Cycle of fundamental component; Fundamental frequency=400Hz (...)
I want to design a lowpass IIR filter with following specification using "rcosine" matlab command. The LPF filter should extract the fundamental component of input signal. cut_off frequency=500Hz sampling frequency=20000Hz; Roll_off factor=0.6 Delay=2 Cycle of fundamental component; Fundamental frequency=400Hz (...)
i want to analyze frequency which is recorded in matlab using wavrecord command , what is the highest frequency (for select best sampling rate next time recording) Reduced noise Understand behavior of frequency plz anybody knows those thing post it for everybody's knowledge
hi , please help me in designing the simple filter : The signal use to bandpass is in text form (EEG) data, is also uploded, and it needs without using the FDA Tool. the given specification is given as: Use the tool matlab simple coding Q: sampling (hz): 200 cutoff1: 12 hz cutoff2: 18 hz (...)
Put a DAC at the output from the ahdlLib and record the sinuoidal signal. Sample it and find out what code it is on every sampling instant. Take the recorded data to matlab using printvs. and run the histo function on it. =========== I am suggesting this, since manipulating all the digital signals, (...)
Hi, FFT(h(t)) is different from H(w) in your matlab implementation. This is because, H(w) is based on the continuous time and when you compute h(t) you will be using discrete values. What will be your sampling rate? BRMadhukar
hi, you may have to evaluate the function h(t) at your sampling intervals and then use it. Thus the length of the filter will vary. This is assuming you are using sampled data. If you want analog response, you should use symbolic toolbox.(or something like that) brm
it is simple. use simulink's sinwave block to generate a sinwave based sampling mode, and do fft to it