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I am a PHD candiate student , now try to implement LTE Uplink scheduling algorithm using matlab Is any one can help me find those resource prgrams so that I can work on it ???
actually i want to implement a scheduling algorithm The voice is modeled as an ON-OFF process, where the average duration of ON and OFF periods are set to 2.5 and 0.5 seconds, respectively. During an ON period, packets are generated with fixed intervals. No packet is generated during an OFF period. In a video traffic, packets arrive in a Pois
Hi guyz / galz, can anyone helpme with information and solution about using matlab to implement a wimax scheduler for QoS provisioning? Or where i can get codes for proportional fairness scheduling algorithm using matlab. Thanks in anticipation:!::D
This question has been taken from , and we need to plot the graph in matlab. Does anyone know how to go about this. In this problem we consider the effect of Doppler shift in multiuser systems. Plot the sum capacity in a Rayleigh fading environment for different Doppler frequencies fD = [0.1Hz, 1Hz,
I need HSDPA model to simulate AMC, HARQ, Packet scheduling algorithm with matlab source code. Please help me. Thank you.
Hi, I need some matlab code that can model the title above. -- Amr Ali
I need a simulation toolbar in matlab or m.file for packet scheduling (especially SCFQ )? Do you help how I can find it. I want to simulate a node by SCFQ scheduler.
For full simulation of MAC level, i think, it should be better to write a simulation program on C or C++, because there are a lot of structures, like a QoS parameters, Service Flows parameters, MAC management packet's data etc. As for me, it's too difficult to implement pointers, structures and arrays of structures in matlab. By the way, if you
I require source matlab scheduling maximum C/I at HSDPA. I later will compare its(the queue system covering delay,troughputdll with algorithm Roun robin. something can assist me??please. my email : thanks for all
About Fast power control (inner Loop Power Control) as one of close loop power control method, you can read thesis "Outer Loop Power Control in a Wideband CDMA System" by H?kan Silfvernagel or "Closed loop power control for LTE uplink" by Bilal Muhammad. They simulated it by using CURT (CDMA UMTS Radio network Tool). May be you can reanalyzed it by
Dear All; I am interested in doing a semester project of around 1.5 month duration on scheduling in Ad-hoc network.Preferably i want to implement a scheduling algorithm and perform its simulation in matlab.Finally I can conclude by comparing results of adhoc network with or without scheduling.Can any one (...)