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Hi All, I converted a orcad capture(.DSN) schematic file to altium designer schematic. During conversion properities attached to schematic symbol getting removed. Pls let me know what is the exact procedure for conversion. Thanks, shabby.
I am looking for a tool that can handle the schematic conversion from Mentor's Design Architect to OrCad Capture. The tool must be able to read the Mentor native binary file directly and convert it to Capture format. Any one any idea? Thanks! backdoor_
hi, I working on cadence tool. I have a verilog netlist, can I convert this to schematic view?? could you help me in resolving this please. Thanks, sonu
You can use HDL Entry to import your vhdl code and you will see it as hierarchical schematic diagram with easy browsing. There is a trial version:
Dear all, I know that usually is made the schematic to VHDL translation but I'm starting in learning this language and I like to know if using Modelsim or other software there is a way to show in a schematic like way the equivalent of a previously written VHDL code. Thanks in advance Powermos
Hi all, Can you plz suggest me a software which converts RTL to gate level schematic without doing any Synthesis Thanks, sp3
Hi, check this link, Added after 4 minutes: the link below is for viewing schematics, generating schematics from netlists, translating from/to leading vendor databases or from/to standard formats like EDIF and XML
I have drawn a schematic using Diptrace.And want to use it in power point .The file format is not supported by power point .How do i convert it to some other form..PLZ HELP
Hi i am using orcad 9.1, i wanna ask is it possible to develop schematic from layout?
Hi,,, I had design an Antenna in Momentum layout and rectifier in schematic. I import layout to schematic following method momentum.....Component... Create updated .. after this i select lookalike option with minimum pin to pin distance .... when i connect this with rectifier to find S-parameters it gives an error message(error message and desi
Hi Friends. I want to open PADS schematic file in to dx-designer. can anybody tell how to do this? THANKS
Hi all I would like to convert ORCAD schematics and libraries into PCAD, is this possible and if so how? S 8O KRAT What version of Orcad What version of PCAD :R
As I understand it, it should be possible to export schematics from Expedition to ASCII and then import it to Capture. Likewise it should be possible to do the opposite transfer, from Capture to Expedition. There are also many third party programs that say they do the convertion for you. Does anybody have any experience from this? Does it work w
Regarding the mapping of transistors, you need to understand both technologies well. Sometimes you can't map cells 1:1 , but it depends also on the properties of the source cell, which target cell to choose. Migrating schematics in that particular path (IBM -> TSMC) you may face trouble with different symbols, symbol orientation, different number o
I need an EDIF or schematic Database to SVG (scaleable vector format) conversion tool or script for generation of web-based interaction circuit design tutorials. Is there something?
You can get schematics from Xilinx at
To All: I have an old Orcad schematic consisting of 74xx msi/ssi components. I want to use Xilinx WEBPack to convert this schematic to Verilog. Is this possible ?? Has anyone on the forum done this ?? All help is appreciated. dspcode
A circuit schematic will help a lot to understand the problem. Mazz
Usb to Rs232 schematic
there is translators available for schematic from PADS to Orcad but noway to Layout from the same.
Somewhere in MPLAB folders are demo files for ADC conversion in assembler and display result on 8 LED . For schematic use demo board from ICD debuger.
Hi guys, Our company decided to use Electronics Workbench as our main CAD tool (schematic and routing). However a few clients ask for the CAD files in a given format (ex. OrCAD or PADS). What do you guys do with such cases? I mean, we are not to maintain a license or more of many CAD softwares, even more so that we would have to maintain a part
Is there any software that can input gate schematic and convert it to verilog?
hi eveyone i m very new to this field ... went thru some tutorials....but little confused in the basic PCB design FLOW.... as it says we start from the does tht mean we hav to ourself create the entire schematic...(in case for a bigger module i suppose thts going to b difficult to create the schematic from scratch of such a bi
hi guys, is there any good website to recommend where i can learn to convert the schematic diagram to PCB? any programs to recommend along? thanks!
Dear all, I am doing dual up conversion mixer simulation using SpectreRF simulator. However, I do not know the setting of NF and voltage gain simulation. I hope you could give me a step for reference. My simulation input is as follow: RF input: DC with a band from 0 ~ 250MHz (the RF input signal is DC and up converted to the r
Hello, I need to design and fabricate a single balanced rat- race mixer with two schottky diodes. The down conversion is from 2.5GHz to 100 MHz. I have already got the hybrid ring to work. I have a couple of problems. How do i simulate the hybrid ring along with the diodes on ADS schematic? I know that we need to use harmony balance, but i
How I read old PC-CAPS schematic ? or Convert it ? plz help me. You need to use PDIFOUT.exe to convert the file to PDIF format. You then will have to read it into a Windows version of PCAD (Accel, or PCAD), and save it to that newer format. Once you've done that, you can use the free PCAD viewer that can be downloade
Change unit in ORCAD schematic again and generate a new netlist for Layout. May it will work? Take your layout file backup before preceding
There's no way to convert an Eagle schematic to any other EDA schematic format. The best you might be able to do is export the Eagle file to DXF, and use that as a template to draw your new schematic. None of the component information will be preserved. There's no way to convert an Eagle schematic library.
Hi Experts, Is there any way/converter available for converting EAGLE schematic and PCB files to PADS? orelse any workground? Recently i got one PADS converter but in that no link was from EAGLE. Plz help me.. Regards Abhi
Hi All, I have some schematics done in Pulsonix that I REALLY do not want to redraw. Is there conversion from the Pulsonix native schematic format to any other tool? I have access to OrCad, Pads, Altium Designer... Those tools convert between one another, but don't seem to have anything for Pulsonix... Is there a way to do this?
actually what`s the need,if you use orcad cis for schematic you can get plenty of options for generating netlist. cheers chakri
Hi all! I would like to know if anyone has any circuit for converting frequency to a voltage signal. Can I perform this conversion with the AD7740 V/f converter IC? And if yes, how should it be configured to achieve this? I have not found any schematic for this. Thanks a lot! Nick
Hi, i want to learn about NMEA to STEPPER (S-TYPE, SPERRY etc) conversion for retransmission , to convert a GYRO heading output (NMEA) into SYNCHRO/STEPPER i have searched on Google but didn't find any tutorial or guide. i would be grateful if some one help me to find out resources regarding learning this conversion OR provide schematic (...)
Hi, i want to learn about NMEA to STEPPER (S-TYPE, SPERRY etc) conversion for retransmission , to convert a GYRO heading output (NMEA) into SYNCHRO/STEPPER i have searched on Google but didn't find any tutorial or guide. i would be grateful if some one help me to find out resources regarding learning this conversion OR provide schematic (...)
Hi, i have a project of designing a NMEA TO STEPPER (SPERRY) CONVERTER, . i have searched for schematic and got one. the circuit seems to take NMEA input and out STEPPER OUTPUT (S1, S2, the other part of schematic consists
If ur doing in Layout window ....Go to momentum--->substrate----->create/modify U can define thickness of the conductor /dielectric .... Else in schematic u can select Multilayer substrate..
Hello, Is there a way to convert a an eagle schematic to PADS schematic ? Because I want to use PADS layout since it will be more helpful than Eagle's one.
Export the schematic in Cadstar to RINF netlist I think and then import it in Pads.
Is there any way to open or convert a PADS 2007.4 schematic to DxDesigner v2005.1?
Hi tushar, You can convert 1-5V to 0-4V. Refer attached schematic. If you want to convert 1-5V to 0-5V, you have to use DC-DC Converter. Regards, Viswanath
Any one know how to convert the Altium schematic file to Concept HDL? Hi, Check Elgris They have the tool E-studio and provide the services to convert Altium schematics to Concept HDL
ncelab: *W,CUNOUN: Cannot find any unit under chrt18base.RFNMOS_1P8:spectre in the design libraries. ncelab: *E,CUCFUN: instance 'NM0' of the unit 'RFNMOS_1P8' is unresolved in 'pllmml.dts:schematic'. how can I solve this? one solution: Because the AMS simulation is different from spectre, so we must use the CIW-conversion Tool Box-AMS simI
I am looking a dc-dc converter design using a switching regulator. The schematic shows an inductor on Vin. What is the purpose of having an inductor before the conversion? I should mention there is also a cap to ground after the inductor. E.G. Vin ------mm--------> LM2595 -----> Vout Thanks!
Hi i have been developing verilog code for a design using XILINX ISE and the synthesised schematic obtained is a .ngr file . The LTSPICE schematic is .asc;.app file .Can .ngr file be converted to .asc file so as to import a larger design into LTSPICE. regards Vino
58429 i try to convert from schematic to layout using l-edit && s-edit tools but appear to me this error
Sir thanku for the reply i need to know how to convert resistor,capacitor,inductor,transistor from schematic to layout????? please help me...
Hi, May i know is there a way to convert Eagle 5 schematic design file into Altium support format schematic file? Thanks.
Hi, I have attached the schematic. Regards, Viswanath