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Hello I have made car amplifier 1x100W 4ohm.The dc/dc converter is made with sg3525 PWM, two buz11 mosfets,torodial ferite trafo.The Amplifier is consist of one pair tranzistors tip35c,tip36c. I HAVE MADE IT AND IT SOUND PERFECT.Now i need schematic for making dcprotection for speaker. Here is the schematic and picture
I don't have a paper, but I went to the ON Semi webiste and in their datasheet you can find the actual oscillator schematic: See Fig. 7. So let's try to derive our formula and see which one is correct. From that figure, we can see that the cap is charged by a constant current, given by the c
hi guys, i need some help here i need to build a buck converter from 12v to 9.6v to supply to a motor. i must generate pwm using sg3525. i google oledi. but seems cant find much sg3525 used in buck converter. mostly are for motor control. do any1 have similiar schematic for this? thanks
pls can you help with 12vdc to ac inverter circuit and schematic diagram
Hi, I'm looking for a reliable 12 VDC to 230 VAC inverter schematic capable of delivering 90 watts. Need be low weight, high efficiency and preferably a sinewave inverter or close to a sinewave. Also, I cannot program devices or work with pic's so a simple analog design is preferred. I have searched the forum but didn't find such a design so
I don't have a schematic, but the feedback circuit of your example can basically work. The feedback amplifier should probably have a PI rather than a pure I characteristic for faster response.
For us to help you, we would need you to upload a schematic. That would help us find out where the problem lies.
hello, i want to generate PWM with sg3525 frequency 25Khz and use both output of IC output A and output B. Output A PWM duty cycle variation 10% to 40% and Output B PWM duty cycle variation 40% to 90%. suggest me RT and CT valules or schematic.
83706 Here is the schematic. The configuration is exactly same with the schematic given with the model files. I have changed components to meet my design settings. Here Vout is required to be at least 24 (Output voltage divider is much higher in the schematic for test purpose only)
Hi greetings may be this schematic be helpful HAVENT tried it warm regards andrew lebon
Could you tell me : 1. Kind of transformer u r using 2. PWM frequency It's more help for me to help you if you provide me the schematic..
Hi Please refere to the data sheet of the IC, This will help you get the basic circuit for the allication. WHat voltage level are you looking at? Please send spec so that a schematic can be posted. Please alos send power level. Thanks Hari
hi guys does anybody know anything about switching type audio amplifier. actually it modulates the input signal into PWM signal and take it to the output. the actual question is what tips or tricks are involved and do you know any good schematic? do you know any circuit that uses sg3525 for it?
hi friends I need schematics of 1kva pwm inverter(not switch mode) using SG3524 or SG 3525. thanks in advance javed
Hello dragonhamada, Put EM Extraction block on the schematic, & place the Stack up block with your dilectric layer details & finally select the elements which you want to extrat... It will create the em structure... If you have problems upload your AWR MWO project file (*.emp) here, I will send you the instructions.... Also there is a
From the picture, it looks like this inverter is in pretty poor shape. Fuse holders, battery post, and meter are missing. My concern is why the previous owner has discarded it? I suspect that the transformer may be bad and the missing pieces are the valuable bits they took off to keep. Attempting to repair this is a real leap of faith. You
For 800W output its ok an half-bridge with 2xIRFP460 mos-fet's,or STE40NK90ZD super mosfets. Don't need synchronous rectification for output.Its ok an dual 30A/200V fast recovery diode. For PMW IC its better an sg3525 IC than TL494. For schematic check diyaudio forum.You find lots of schematics there.
If you had the schematic diagram for a 15KVA inverter magically fallen from the sky to your hands; it is very probable you would never be able to build one. The parts are not at the corner store. And from 12VDC it would suck up to 1500 Amperes from the battery. Do you have an idea what 1500 Amperes mean ? :cry: www.affordable
Hi, Place 1k resistors from each of the MOSFET gate to source. If this works, good, else, please upload the schematic. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
Hi, I want to design a small modified sine wave transformerless ups (400 Watt) .Can anyone help me with the block diagram and schematic?? Will be extremely thankful .
Hi how are you every one hop all is fit n fine there dear friend's i have one inverter iam looking that very small and simple circuit ideside we make copy for this then i make whol schematic and make pcb board ...know i am go to electronic's parts shop and get the ic seam number and incert the ic in base ...... nathing eles ..mean no
Hello everyone, I'm designing a DC-DC converter system. That is user input voltage is 12V from battery, voltage output regulable form 150V(or 200V) to 600V with the power leve max is 600W. I will implement methods, that is system will be divide into two stages: DC-DC stage and Voltage Regulator stage. +DC-DC stage user push-pul
The odds of someone having a schematic and source code of a boost converter with some specifications you haven't even mentioned yet and using exactly the pic16f876A are extremely low.
Hi everybody. I need H-bridge schematic for 230V 50Hz output from DC 350V, using 555 timer IC and mosfets.