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i'm looking for a schematic diagram for a syperheterodyne Rx with a proper values for the parts,coz i need to simulate it,can anyone help??
Hi friends, I need UHF mixer schematic for downconverting ~450MHz to ~45MHz. This is a receiver project. Ther are a lot of docs. on the web about mixers. But I can't use any special IC . I have to use only a few transistor for "mixer" section.
I need schematic for design of loop powered 4-20mA transmitter(output section ) I need solutions with opamp,REF,Reg,transistor(discrete )
LM567 ic needs few mvolts to lock to input frequncy.A gain of 20 is suffiecient to operate this circuit. Relevent ciircuits: Popular Electronics Detector schematic
Interesting! The component references are not on the schematic but I think I can see what is going on. I think it uses a zero, or close to zero IF by running the oscillator very close to the signal frequency then uses a pulse counting detector to recover the audio. A similar design was available commercially in the UK back in the 1970s. Perf
schematic & simulation result attached.
Circuits like in Communications [SIZE=1
Hi, I am Doing a project in wireless optical communication using laser 680nm. The signal is data from a Keypad by a UART using PIC 16f877A which is send to LASER using an OP-AM circuit Given In schematic. I need to receive this signal (UART) from a Phototransistor 2N5777 and regenerate the data by another PIC16F877a and display it correct
Hello, Attached is a schematic that now only resembles the UHF receiver I have been designing. It simulates fine but when placed on a board it required alot of modifications to get working. Anyway I can inject a signal at the Antennae port at -100dbm and view the signal on the spectrum analyzer after the saw filter at -90dbm. The oscillator wor
Q1 bias reaches ground through the load and the transistor at bottom right. It can work if the load is conducting during that time. I am trying a simulation of your posted schematic. The portion at right is a way to make the transistors conduct and turn off alternately, to cooperate with the portion at left, in order to result in H-bridge (...)
Hello! You need to tell us more. Especially, "the current has to flow in 2 directions". Usually, you have one power supply, (in this case with 5V output) and the current flows from this power supply to some kind of load. Do you need a switch between the power supply and the load, and this switch triggered from as mall signal? Could you draw a sche
Of course, you can do that like standalone circuit with or without mcu. Use any of above 3-pin ICs and connect them like on schematic and pass to mcu input pin or to base of some transistor. Example with mcu (12c508 or 12c509) link: You can do this with any mcu (PIC,AVR,...) Example with standar
Usually to work on the mobile phones you MUST have: 1) schematic diagram; 2) Good experience; 3) Mobile tes instruments. Anyway, let's try to solve the problem. a) If the signal strenght is weak, but is possible to receive the call, this means that the I/Q demodulator and the Local oscillator are working properly; b) Check the pin diodes us
Hi,Puppet1,Can you upload the schematic first?
Can anyone share designs or schematic on CB transceiver for an AM band and for FM will be better if its a simple one.
pls can you tell me at which point the rf encoder and decoder will connect to this circuits You have posted an incomplete schematic and asking a wrong question. the circuit is a silly RF transmitter. You need to search for the receiver as well. Post them both, and ask exactly what do you want to do with those...
I don't know which part your looking for a substitute for. I did a search for 1018 on digikey. This was the hit. 60V 79A hexfet,... not a part common to a IR receiver. If you show a schematic to the analog group, they may be able to suggest a component.
I am trying to drive 3 ir leds from an ic using the following schematic : This seemed to work for a while but at my receiver i am getting a strange offset value as if the transistor cant turn the led's truly off at any time. Any
Show us schematic of transmitter and receiver block
Maybe your physical circuit works fine, but what I said is, the schematic you posted is wrong.
you need to put your schematic here or provide some more details regarding your question.
in the following picture, the schematic is a part of an ir receiver, here is a twin-t notch filter and a non-inverting amplifier. in the notch filter, R is programmable (s), and switch here is nmos transistor (having body effect), when simulation(assuming s=100), in some corner, the leakage current of s is 25nA also, causing a voltage
hi, I would need a small range & stable fm transmitter schematic . I search for something simple to build, with nowadays components that provides good quality transmission, specially of audio signals... :grin:
This is a circuit of tv transmitter, but this circuit works for both video and audio (specially audio).
In transistor amplifiers we need to adjust the DC voltage and current through the transistor to get an optimum operating point. This is done by the resistors in your picture and the structure is called the "DC bias network". When this is done, you need to add an AC or audio or RF signal to transistor base without disturbing the DC setting. (...)