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Hi all I want to build a dog shock training colar schematic transmitter - receiver. TIA
i'm looking for a schematic diagram for a syperheterodyne Rx with a proper values for the parts,coz i need to simulate it,can anyone help??
require a simple schematic (transistor level ) for my subject thx for help
you'll have less problems if you put IC like ULN2003 (7 transistors) or ULN2803 (8 transistors). Of course you can use any NPN or PNP (depend on the schematic) transistor until it has enough Icc_max
hi. help me!!!. i need video in to y/c output schematic(transistor)? thank you.
1. Abstract model in Matlab where you insert imperfections and estimated performance. 2. Verilog or VHDL model of the digital 3. VHDL-AMS or Verilog-A model for the analog 4. Synthesis to get gatelevel Verilog or VHDL 5. schematic design of the analog 6. Mixed verification 7. Analog layout 8. Place&Roue of the digital This
Hi i need to know how to use preciosn (mentor tool) and if i want to use certain design kit to implement schematic (transistor level) how can i use it through IC Studio or design architect second how to implement layout from block on design architect such that it is digital Regards
Hello, Routing some nmos20t in 0,35 HV, i got a very strange parameters mismatch between the layout and schematic, where there should be none. My LVS error report tells me that their is a mismatch of 20% which is completely impossible since the schematic transistor and layout transistor have the same parameter. I'm (...)
which tools can i use easy to draw transistor level circuit schematic and can output spice netlist for hspice simulation in linux enviroment? i hope the tools can be easy get, free or cr*ck already.thanks Hi A. Oregano (Free for d/l) 1. Xcircuit (Free for d/l) 2. h**p://bach.ece.
315MHz receiver schematic
Cheap RF Fixed Signal Transmitter and receiver schematic for Remote control using Microcontroller
Hi, Can anyone help me to get a schematic (or complete project) to build a transmitter for an electric guitar + a receiver for this ? This is an example of what I'm talking about : a lot, Greetz, Flinter
Hi friends, I need UHF mixer schematic for downconverting ~450MHz to ~45MHz. This is a receiver project. Ther are a lot of docs. on the web about mixers. But I can't use any special IC . I have to use only a few transistor for "mixer" section.
Hello, I am searching for schematic or info about 35MHz receiver used in model air plains. If you got anything please mail me. My radio projects:
I try to make a transmitter usinG BPSK,but i had trouble with the receiver,i use an AM receiver to receive the signal,but it can't give the digital output,what should i do with the receiver?.Does anyone have a schematic diagram for the receiver,please?
Does anyone has a FH receiver schematic?or knows how to design it? regards
Hi All, Just getting back to my hobby electronics after a while with trying my hand at building a USB radio.... While googling gave me some leads, I was not able to find any schematic for building an FM radio with the TEA5757... Can somebody please help me?? Thanks in advance... Shankar
Can anyone help me find a schematic for a omnidirectional transmitter and directional receiver ? I'm very greatful for your help !...
i have a project that is to design a schematic diagram for low pass filter in transistor level.the reason that i need the schematic diagram in transistor level is to design the layout.the question is,is there any schematic diagram of low pass filter (any type of low pass filter) in (...)
I have a small chinese radio, the YOKO World Band receiver YWR-33 that covers almost all the broadcast bands: LW, MW, SW 5.9-15.8MHz, FM (it has a PLL synthesis with LCD display). I have a problem with my YWR-33: I think the synthesis doesn't lock on the upper half of all the bands. For example the receiver tunes corectly in the interval
please can help for schematic receiver from 1hz to 100khz thx all
Hello. I'm new on using CADENCE's Virtuoso schematic Composer and I need to know how to flip a transistor. Is there anyone who knows how to do that? It is possible to do it with PRIMLIB transistors or is it necessary to create a new symbol? Thanks
I want to design HF receiver (2 to 8MHz) band for my project. If Any one has a schematic,Please Share Regards Adeel
can any one give me a schematic of a fm receiver with mpx out only....
hello transistor495, congratulations! what you did using a single fet was amazing. now, i want to build it too. can i use BF245C fet for the project? i want to use it with my home brew fm transmitter. what is the sensitivity? is bf245c an exact equivalent to mpf102? can i build it for 2mband? . please give me t
I Need optic receiver Circuit schematic
hello please take a look at the fm receiver schematic below. i think the varicap diode is connected in the reverse. is the schematic's tuned circuit correct?please help. It is very proper. Try to see the analysis diagram below. the cathode gets V+ thro the coil and the anode gets a lower Voltage due to
I need schematic for design of loop powered 4-20mA transmitter(output section ) I need solutions with opamp,REF,Reg,transistor(discrete )
can anybody kindly give me working DRM receiver schematic...i want to make my own ...thanx
Interesting! The component references are not on the schematic but I think I can see what is going on. I think it uses a zero, or close to zero IF by running the oscillator very close to the signal frequency then uses a pulse counting detector to recover the audio. A similar design was available commercially in the UK back in the 1970s. Perf
schematic & simulation result attached.
hii i am looking to build a stereo fm receiver can any one please send me the correct schematic with pcd design if possible its my request :P :P :P
i need some helps! i use IC5141 USR6 schematic editor and PDK symbols from TSMC. For P/NMOS transistor, I want to remove the bulk terminal since almost all MOS transistors' bulk terminal is tied with source supply VDD/VSS. so the circuit look simply if all MOS bulk terminal is removed. i want to create 2 new MOS symbols which have only 3 (...)
Hi, I m looking for free software to draw mos transistor level schematic in windows. Can you suggest me one? Thanks
Hi, I am Doing a project in wireless optical communication using laser 680nm. The signal is data from a Keypad by a UART using PIC 16f877A which is send to LASER using an OP-AM circuit Given In schematic. I need to receive this signal (UART) from a Phototransistor 2N5777 and regenerate the data by another PIC16F877a and display it correct
Anyone got a schematic Diagram or Service Manual for Nav4plus (Nav4+) Navtex receiver by ICS Electronics?
Can anyone please provide me the transistor level schematic of TL084 op amp? I need to design a schematic and layout of a circuit where I have to use this op amp several times. Thus, it would be a great help if I could get the schematic. Would very much appreciate your help. Thanks
Q1 bias reaches ground through the load and the transistor at bottom right. It can work if the load is conducting during that time. I am trying a simulation of your posted schematic. The portion at right is a way to make the transistors conduct and turn off alternately, to cooperate with the portion at left, in order to result in H-bridge (...)
Hello, I have seen audio compressor /limiter schematics and I was wondering if a broadband (20KHz-30MHz) RF limiter schematic exists. I need to limit the RF output of a broadband oscillator (20KHz-30MHz) so as its amplitude is constant throughout the band.
It has been a few years sense my last VLSI class and I would like some advice on what to use as a transistor size starting point for a given schematic. I am trying to simulate the input equalizer given in "A 10-Gb/s CML I/O Circuit for Backplane Interconnection in 0.18-?m CMOS Technology" from IEEE Transactions On Very Large Scale Integration (VLS
Dear all, I have a problem with the postlayout parasitic extraction in calibre. My design kit recognizes only scaled sizes of transistors, that is, if a 0.5um width transistor is needed I have to put 0.5 instead of 0.5u. The design kit model is scaled by 10^-6. My problem is now with the parasitic extraction: all transistors extracted have (...)
can anyone send me the broadband fm receiver schematic that receives the frequency other than 88mhz-108mhz range i.e. around 72mhz or 76mhz or 26mhz even?
Hi, You can find nice info with schematics on your topic at (replace * with t). Further, if you make a search on the web with the following words : then you can find some more sites too. regards, unkarc
Hi! How do I build a R/C receiver for 40MHz? Any good links or other information? I had a Hitec 5-channel receiver that gave up... Does anyone perhaps have the schematic for it? (HY-5RN) Thanks! /Janne
Hello well i'm trying to build a receiver circuit for one frequency 2 Mhz (echo) but i need two circuits a Rf tuning amplifier and one demodulator my question is if i can build this with Opams or i need circuit tank with transistors or if somebody have circuit receiver for medical aplications i really like some help coz i don't have nothig (...)
Of course, you can do that like standalone circuit with or without mcu. Use any of above 3-pin ICs and connect them like on schematic and pass to mcu input pin or to base of some transistor. Example with mcu (12c508 or 12c509) link: You can do this with any mcu (PIC,AVR,...) Example with standar
Hi I need for DVB sattellite receiver a Line Amplifier circuit. :? best regards
Do you have Stereo Coder schematic diagram?
I want to build a receiver which can make TV without Teletext to see captioned TV program (PAL). Anyone has some schematic and design?
For a wide variety of ideas, go to the search engine at and enter 'ir object detector schematic'. You will get several pages of ideas. You didn't say if you wanted to detect only moving objects with the reflected IR. If so, look a the schematic attached below. The circuit on the left is the transmitter circuit that establish