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hi any body send me a footprint for sd card in orcad layout. i attached sd card circuit. plz send me immediately
I am designing the SD card controller IC. which type pad should I select to connect with SD card? SD card's IO is push pull circuit. How can I select controller IC pad's drive capacity? About how many ma pad should I select? Thx
You can interface SD card with PIC controller on SPI line. And dont be lazy, search for it, How can you directly ask for code.?? After using SPI communication, if you have any problem then post a topic.
I am interfacing my micro sd card with the above circuit diagram(in the attachment file). I am initializing my sd card with the following sample code, i am displaying the response in my lcd. According to the code i am expecting blank display where as it shows one. which means it is not initialized or card is not accepted. (...)
hi i am working on project in which i have to used micro sd card for both for mobile and microcontroller ,but one at a time ,my project is to get data from serial port and then write to sd card and then want to used this card for mobile tooo without pluging from the circuit and then insert to mobile plz help
Hi, Who is the manufacture of the SD card? What is the capacity, 2GB, 4GB, etc. Is it a straight SD or SDHC? The reason I ask it that the protocols are slightly different. I'll look your code over and see if anything jumps out at me. It's been a while since I wrote these routines from scratch.
HI, Refer the following link. Design with Microcontrollers: SD/SDHC card Interfacing with ATmega8 /32 (FAT32 implementation) . Hope this may help you. Regards, Viswanath
Hi, everyone, I have learnt alot about SD card interfacing and i am able to save and extract data from an SD card(in simulation). After several attempts I am also able to run it in hardware environment, but my issue is just not simple because although it runs on hardware now, it detects SD card sometimes while does not detect SD (...)
Hello Friends, i have pic18f4550 micro controller. i want to interface SD card with it. Will it works and also will it works on 4 MHz crystal.. Please Reply me. With Regards Aameer
For the project I'm working on we have a student sprite that can wonder through 5 rooms and is controlled with the Keys. Oh, we're also trying to make the music be triggered based of the x and y position of the sprite (which will be tricky in itself) Can you give some details about the "sprite"? [SIZE
Hi all, does anyone make a portable video recorder with a webcam power up with batteries and store video in SD card? i want to use it for travel, mount it on my cap 8-) but i am wondering how to store the video in SD card without using computer. is there any circuit i need to add in between ?
Hello, i am implementing a simple wav player that play samples that are saved on SD card. i am using r2r 8bit DAC as problem is i get a trash sounds instead of a music. definitely i check the r2r circuit and working correctly. but i am confuse why i got a trash sounds? i actually check the output using serial communication and i
WinImage works. You have to create a FAT type .ima file and then rename it to .mmc file for Proteus. I have done SD card projects and simulated them successfully in Proteus and also got them worked in real hardware. In DIY section search for "USB HID 4 Channel Datalogger". It uses USB HID and also SD card. In Proteus you have to connect SD (...)
I uploaded SD Memory card Specs Physical Layer V1.01 (simplified) here: Mik
hi,everyone!can anybody can give some infomation about how to interface a mmc or sd card with a 8051 cpu?source code,card standard info and any other info will be wellcom. thanks a lot!
Hello, I buy SD card (32 mb) and this card will try to connect to AVR mcu. i found format for CMDx command: Bit Position 47 46 0 Width (bits) 1 1 6 32 7 1 Value ‘0’ ‘1’ x x x
I need one IC for to communicate between one BUS ISA and a SD card. Iberia :sm2:
You can inspire from a MP3 project for the interface and the software between a micro and HDD and for the SD card the interface is a SPI conection. You can find more details in the AVRfreak projects forum if you intend to use an AVR micro or look at for some ideas
Dear group, Anyone know where can I find a SD card model. Written in C will be better, verilog is OK too.
Every body, can u give me a example of SD card. from the driver layer,fat file system, to mmi, specily support the DCF and SDMI. thanks.
SD card normally is running in FAT16. So try to read out the FAT16 spec 1st. :)
I want to use MPU read/write data from/to SD card. But I don't kno how can i do? If you know as same as the project? Please help me. Thank you.
I recommand you tu use Atmel data flash... only 8MB but fast... and work on SPI bus like MMC&SD, Another strategy is to use some static or dynamic ram and buffer data inside; when the process become noncritical, you have to save t
I have a MCU project that requires a SD card for data storage, this must be compatible with windows storage fat16/32. does anyone have any suggestion for me? Thanks in advance
I'm offering 100 U.S.D. to anyone who can send me an assembler program for read a .txt file from an SD card with the AVR 8535, and also store it in the microcontroller internal memory. (Commented)
Sd card has 2 types of protocols. The first is SPI and the other i SD. The SPI protocol is very common and easy to implement. SD protocol is more complex and secure. I read somewhere that the SD protocol is faster than the SPI, I don't know if that is true.
I am need examples of design MMC card or SD card with any microntroller, data sheets of MMC and SD too. tks in advance.
onMMC, SD card file structure, does anyone know the content of FAT16 and FAT32 ?
Hi. Use search in forum: Best Regards
I am usin SD cards with SD bus mode (only 1 data wire, not 4 ). 1. Leading bit is not taken in care when calculating CRC. You make check it yourself by simply reading one 512B block and compare the CRC returned by the card. 2. Errasing is not nessessary. You may put 'write ' command any time CD card is not bussy. The SDC controller built (...)
Hi , Do you know where to download MMC / SD / miniSD datahseets ? Thanks ,
Reference : SD Memory card Physical Layer Specification, version 1.01 (pdf) SanDisk SD card Product Manual v1.9 (pdf) SanDisk
hello I want to attach sd card to microcontroller 80c51. I do not know how do this job.:?: if you have any idea I will be glad to know it. thanks::D
hi I should connect sd card to microcontroller 8051 if you can please help me:cry:
HI Try this site it might help you All the best Bobi
Anyone has an schematic for interface a SDcard to a 3V3 microcontroller. I found some, and some people use pullup resistors, others not. Is it necessary? If is true, in what pin? thk, leomecma
Hello, For getting the best performance I would like to implement a SD card IP within an FPGA which communicates with a SD card in SD bus mode. As far as I know the first steps are as follows: 1. Send command CMD55 2. Send command ACMD41 with OCR data 3. Wait for response to the ACMD41 command After sending CMD55 and ACMD41 I get no res
Hi all! I hope you`ll tolerate my english. My problem is the one in the subject. I have an SD card, a Palm Zire 71 with the USB cable and the program to simulate an USB Mass Storage Drive in MyPc in Windows XP. The thing is that i need to see the FAT and whatever is written on the SD. So if you know a program that can show me in hexa what i need,
Because the SDIO if for communication and SD for memory storage!
I'm interested in buy a SD card source code from Micrium, because it seems a very good enterprise. I need know if anyone have used it, and if it works well. I think it will reduce my design time .... Any suggestion for others sources that are complete and fine, can help me. But my price limit is the Micrium price. thanks, leomecma
Hi I need sd card connector library for PCAD 2004. Could anyone help me ? thanks
If you cannot find one and just need something quick to test with you can use a floppy connector to access the pins of the device.
which is better SD card or MMC card and which is more reliable and easy to interface
HI I think that his will help you to do what you want... Best regards Pendragon
Hi, I need to interface SD card with PIC16f877a.I a using a data logging system in which one EEprom and a flash memory device is used.The EEprom is of size 2k.I need to copy the entire 2k of EEprom memory into this flsah device when it is full, and so i need a flash memory size of 256 of 512 mb so that it can store all the data coming from the E
Hi, I use ARM LPC 2103 board from and sd/mmc mini board from I need connected them together, with SPI communication, Please if some body have experience with this send me info witch pin on lpc going to sd card pins, best regards
I wanted to change a sd card in a way so i can connect it to a wireless card . my final goal is to change sd card (digital camera) structure in a way that instead of storing a data send it directly to the computer. suggestions?
hi all i m jignesh i m making sd card reader-writer but i m hang out on programing stage.i readed out atmega128 data sheet. i very well know 'C' programing but dont know how to write avr program in 'C' can any one tech me how i can solve this prob "i m using pdiusbd12 for usb interface with pc. so i must convert seriel out from sd card into pa
Now I'm doing the graduate Project about LCD Nokia 6610,6100 to interface with SD card using Microcontroller ARM LPC2119 or another ARM7 , If who have the Source Code about this Please give me, Thank you very much