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hi any body send me a footprint for sd card in orcad layout. i attached sd card circuit. plz send me immediately
I am designing the SD card controller IC. which type pad should I select to connect with SD card? SD card's IO is push pull circuit. How can I select controller IC pad's drive capacity? About how many ma pad should I select? Thx
You can interface SD card with PIC controller on SPI line. And dont be lazy, search for it, How can you directly ask for code.?? After using SPI communication, if you have any problem then post a topic.
I am interfacing my micro sd card with the above circuit diagram(in the attachment file). I am initializing my sd card with the following sample code, i am displaying the response in my lcd. According to the code i am expecting blank display where as it shows one. which means it is not initialized or card is not accepted. (...)
hi i am working on project in which i have to used micro sd card for both for mobile and microcontroller ,but one at a time ,my project is to get data from serial port and then write to sd card and then want to used this card for mobile tooo without pluging from the circuit and then insert to mobile plz help
Hi, Who is the manufacture of the SD card? What is the capacity, 2GB, 4GB, etc. Is it a straight SD or SDHC? The reason I ask it that the protocols are slightly different. I'll look your code over and see if anything jumps out at me. It's been a while since I wrote these routines from scratch.
HI, Refer the following link. Design with Microcontrollers: SD/SDHC card Interfacing with ATmega8 /32 (FAT32 implementation) . Hope this may help you. Regards, Viswanath
Hi, everyone, I have learnt alot about SD card interfacing and i am able to save and extract data from an SD card(in simulation). After several attempts I am also able to run it in hardware environment, but my issue is just not simple because although it runs on hardware now, it detects SD card sometimes while does not detect SD (...)
Hello Friends, i have pic18f4550 micro controller. i want to interface SD card with it. Will it works and also will it works on 4 MHz crystal.. Please Reply me. With Regards Aameer
I dont know if you want to use a ready made file system than using this long code. If you do then Petit FAT file system is a good option usage : the example reads 512 bytes from a sector and dumps it to hyper terminal. Ive used
Take a look at microchip's application note on mass storage They implemented an sd card reader using a PIC18F4550. Based on this appnote and the ATA specifications you can build yourself a nice usb connected hdd. For the hdd connection you'l
connection for sd card is still missing would you help me one more time.
hi samuel, Before you design the PCB does your desing work from your schematic ? Have you built a proto-type from it, If not I would recomend that you build it first either on vero board or bred board and get working project then you can design your PCB for it. I know some one who made the same mistake desgined the PCB had 10 boards made only t
Dont use yellow color .. its not readable... which controller and do you need sd card or MMC card...
Guys, I'm been figuring out how to join everything to PIC18F4520 1.Max-232 (RC7,GND,VCC) 2.LCD 16x2 (RA1-4, RB4,5,Vcc,Gnd) 3.Keypad 4x4 card (RC2-5,Vcc) However, I cant make joining between max-232, keypad 4x4, Sd card. Those trace/route will be conflict each other when join to PIC18F4520. I'm work
I have coding of hid+msd device with pic18f4550 but I don't have circuit schematic to interface micro sd card. I want circuit schematic. I am uploading the code. I have searched google but not found any solution. Can anybody help me? Thanks Sailesh64322
I want circuit schematic for interfacing micro sd card with pic18f4550 using MSD class provided in AN1003 document. Can anybody provide the circuit diagram? Thanks Regards: Sailesh
Hello, The background of this question: as a part of my diploma thesis i did analyse an existing hydrophone amplifier (see attached file). It came up that this amplifier was improper designed. The amplifier gain is highly frequency depended due to the capacitive nature of an piezoelectric hydrophon or in other words the way to low input impedan
Hi, I am trying to write data in a memory card through MICROSD adapter for MICROSD ATMEGA32 datalogger. But with HYPERTERMINAL software the card is not getting detected. Can anyone please help me to sort out the problem. I am attaching the ISP connections and the circuit of the data logger. Please have your response. Sumanta
I am trying to interface MicroSd card with PIC18LF8720 and using this SD card Breakout Board I am just trying to send CMD0 command and check the response from MicroSd which is always 0xFF instead of 0x01. Thankx in advance Here is my firmware #i
Hi every body several month ago I tried to read and write in a SD card memory, finally I could write and read in the SD card memory till capacity 2G but my circuit don't support SD cards with capacity more than 2G!,look below link now I
Have a look at this link: Temperature Logger to SD card with Menu Control:
I am looking for a pcb to incorporate low cost mini pinhole digital camera (not cctv), with image storage capability (i.e. sd card) and linked to a pir to trigger the camera, with refresh rate around 3-5 seconds. pir's on ebay, but struggling with the rest. help pls
I´ve only got strange responses from SD/MMC when I missed a certain step. Can you describe the exact sequence you are using to issue a CMD24 and perform the write?
I think the following can help you: AVR 2006 DESIGN CONTEST GRAND PRIZE: WITNESSCAM The WITNESSCAM is a self-recording surveillance camera that?s perfect for the home or office. The innovative, ATmega32-based system features a VGA CMOS color camera, a passive-infrared (PIR) movement sensor, and a 1-GB SD card. The aesthetically pleasing
Is it possible to emulate a memory device of one type using a memory device of other type and some circuit. example: is it possible to design a circuit which behaves as a memory stick but actually the data in stored in a SD card or in other words interface conversion. Thx in advance.
A similar project as occurred to me and its on my TO-DO list someday. I bought a bunch of 128MB MicroSD cards that came with an adapter to full-size SD. I figure that I can solder the adapter right into the circuit and use it as a socket for the MicroSDs. Most of these cards can be accessed in single bit SPI mode. (However, the high (...)
Hello everybody, I am new to this forum and a relative new comer to microcontrollers. I have a school project where I want to make a PIC-controled GPS tracker that sends the GPS data over a GPRS link to a server, or stores the data on a SD card if there is no GSM signal. Being only fairly familiar with microcontrolers I have huge "?" about this
I think the WITNESSCAM can help you in your school work The WITNESSCAM is a self-recording surveillance camera that?s perfect for the home or office. The innovative, ATmega32-based system features a VGA CMOS color camera, a passive-infrared (PIR) movement sensor, and a 1-GB SD card. The aesthetically pleasing prototype looks like an ordinary ala
Sd cards sound easy but have yet to find a simple proven circuit cards work on +3.3V supply. If the PIC also runs on +3.3V, then the circuit is just SPI with pull-ups. ...and software to do card file system for CCS compiler - . Worked from the 1st time
hello friends. I want make a MMC card R/W board and have a SD card socket but don't know what pins must be blank (I know that MMC have 7 pin and SD vave 9 pin). I wired the socket and take a picture from it and attached please see that and help me to resolve the problem. (I written the black texts on picture to explain my circuit if the pin (...)
hi everyone!! im working on a thesis for PQ monitoring device...its my first time to deal with an MCU...i would like to ask your help for the layout of our circuit..i will be using 2 atmega32,1 is using a CT at the service entrance and the other is using a rogowski coil for the harmonics.and then combine it on atmega128. the data is real time and
am working on a solar data logger. the circuit reads the sun's intensity and records it on an sd-memory card. i live in Nigeria and the sun's intensity is very high during this season. i have three challenges 1) the sensor to use and how to interface it with PIC16f877a 2) how to log the data to the card 3) i how i can retrieve the data (...)
"... m already using vtg divider ckt for SCK, CS and SI pin, but problem M facing is for SO pin..." There's no need to convert the voltage level for SO pin as the uC (5V) can read the logic signals at 2.7v level . We only need to lower the voltage levels from 5v to 2.7v just to protect the SD card or other slave device. Hope its clear now.
Hello everybody i'm an electronic engineer with 3 years of experience in hw and fw design. I'm going to design a low power data logger equipped with SD-card (SPI protocol), external RAM and small electronic for analog signal conditioning. The key point of the design is that the DL has to be supplied with a small 3V battery so that its AVER
Hello! can i connect a PIC16F877A to MMC? I am using HIGH TECH C compiler. Could u help me.... I have never used a PIC. However, if I had to, I would verify that: - The supply power is compatible; - It has a SPI bus or at least 4 unused GPIO pins to emulate SPI. Then MMC or SD will connect without any trouble. Dora.
Flash memory basics and its interface to a processor: Flash memory interface tutorial covering basic fundamentals Interfacing a USB Flash drive to a PIC microcontroller Interfacing a USB Flash drive to a PIC microcontr
Ok. Reducing resolution and fps. 320 x 240 pixels x 5fps x 1 (no storage) = 384KB Too much for microcontroller internal RAM. Anyway, it will be a stream with 384KB/s data rate. Impossible again. You can easily use your camera for taking single photos because it producing normal JPEG compressed images. Then just store them to SD card. Possible, y
I wanna Need your help to chose an uC for the such a abilities because i dont want to use an extra chip, but and audio amp. keypad LCD 2x16 (not recommanded) SD-card (or any memory card to save voice files) Audio o/p using PWM or DAC , should be integrated in uC should be from atmel AVR or PIC, because its easy to bu
This is a project of simple boards, ready to be connected via ribbon cables. It is a good alternative for pin plate, because mounting the multiplex display or matrix keypad, though simple, is very time consuming. With this device,
Hallow everyone! I want to make a circuit that captures photo form webcam and saves it in to a sd card after about five minute interval. I'm using the 18f8722 and max3421 chip. I can write data to sd card but the problem is that i don't know nothing about OTG. How to initialize the webcam and how to get the raw data form it ? I (...)
Hi i want to drive an IC for reading and writing from/to MMC or SD card. my IC is GL827L, i could find its datasheets but i can't find any tested circuit or schematic for it, can any one help me to can drive it correct? i attached datasheets too.
Check out Sparkfun's MP3 Trigger. You can also use the Arduino with their MP3 Player Shield and the MP3 player shield control example sketch. I used their Arduino Pro 8Mhz/3.3v with the MP3 VS1053 breakout (could also use the VS1033 breakout, cheaper), and SD
Hello, I am building a very small circuit with PIC12F683 which will drive two small 5V relays from its timers. The time interval will depend on the one of 4 settings on DIP Switch connected to GP4 and GP5 (GP4 = Switch0 and GP5 = Switch1). I am using HI-Tech PICC compiler Lite Version (9.83). I am having syntax problems at "IF{ " when co
This is very very nice, is there some nice circuit for holter and ECG (6ch and up, 12ch will be excellent) with SD card logging ?
You can find a lot using google Here is one for example
Hi, Your PPG signal needs to run though an op amp circuit to convert it to a single voltage 0 to +5v or 0 to +3v3. The EADog display has the ST driver chip on board, however it all runs at 3v3, so you either need to step down all the 5v Pic signals to it or use one of the many pic chips that run at 3v3 - though you have to then consider if
Thank you very much Peter.... Is it possible to use SD card together with ISP ? because I saw in circuit it shares the same pin... SCK / PB1....
IC1115-F64LQ USB to SM/XD/SD/MS/Ms-Duo card Reader NAND flash MP3 player but, It haven't Datasheet in the site.
hi .. if you are looking for serial interface then sd or mmc cards ar much better serial iterface later cancel