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I want to demonstrate a coupled oscillator circuit at graduate level. Can any one suggest some thing?
i need rf crystal oscillator circuit for oscilltion at frequency100mhz can any one help me :)
I am a beginner of analog circuit design. If some one know books or articles about self detect circuit,i do wish your reply and help! Thanks
anyone have tutorial on hand analysis of ring oscillator. I am figurin out how to determine the transistor size of my ring oscillator circuit. I have check out the tutorial in the pinned thread, but the circuit involved capacitor which i cannot use it for my circuit.
Hi , I would like to design a crystal based simple oscillator circuit for my project, I don?t know much more hardware knowledge, so can anyone help me how I can design the circuit?, I was tried some circuit based on 32KHz which is published in , but I did get correct output , and also I got noise output on
I am not getting the output waveforms of Colpitts oscillator circuit in OrCAD CAPTURE.Can anybody send me a Colpitts oscillator circuit using Q2N2222 transistor for simulation in OrCAD.
hello to all...!!! i need a oscillator circuit for speed check radar lab experiment! can any one let me know how can i design an oscillator circuit for more than 1G hz Frequency. further can anyone let me know that what frequency range is suitable for speed check radar. and if you know about the frequency used (...)
I designed a differential oscillator circuit but it does not work? Any suggestions?
I designed a differential oscillator circuit but it does not work? Any suggestions?
There are three state for the circuit: 1,0, and bi-stable state when the clk is high, the self biasing circuit(regenerative circuit) strives out of the former 1 or 0 state, Vout+ and Vout- settle down to the same voltage( at least very closely voltage level). when the clk is low, the branch of vin- or vin+ ( which (...)
Hello, I am trying to build a oscillator circuit using AD549 and so far it has not been successful. I tried connecting a voltage divider at the non-inverting end and a resistor-capacitor at the inverting end. I have also tried connecting a resistor-capacitor pair at either ends to trigger some oscillations. Could someone help me on how to ge
hi, I'm doing a project about flicker noise and it use CMOS LC oscillator circuit. i have successfully simulated the circuit without error but when I'm trying to get the result, the value that i obtained is zero. i don't know why it happen like that.i have set all the value as in the figure . except for the Vcontrol which i replaced with DC (...)
Hi guys. I'm searching for an oscillator circuit for 2.4ghz with decent power output. I came across max2750,2830 etc., but there are no spice models for those. Please give me some links or ckt diagrams or any ic for 2.4ghz oscillator. Thank you
Hi, I am learning about oscillator circuit, in my text book draw out a basic configuration of oscillator circuit and from it they introduce the configuration of colpitts and Hartley oscillator and so on.I want to understand deeply about it but I can find where to give me detail about it.Would you help me (...)
HI all! I'm a student, I have a problem! I want to design a oscillator circuit at 50khz frequency. what should I do? use a transistor or op-amp circuit and a positive feedback! and may use give me some name of a transistor or op-amp please help me! any help will be grate! Thank you so much Hi If you're going to design
Hello, I'm designing a high voltage generator and I would like some suggestions. The oscillator will take a dc voltage (maybe from a 9v battery) to produce ac, a transformer will boost the p-p output and then some voltage multipliers will produce the desired dc ouptut. What type of oscillator circuit would be suitable? The desired high (...)
Why does this simple oscillator circuit need a transistor? 107943 I just don't seem to understand, any help would be appreciated. Also, would this circuit work /efficiently/?
One option is discussed by kender, which is a boost converter. Other option is the self oscillator circuit, in which a small transformer (ofcourse ferrite) is self oscillated with one or two windings and produces a square wave stream, which can be rectified and regulated.
Below pls. find a paper on self-biased amplifiers!
Anyone can help with the above problem? Pls? Also, in HB sim, non-linear models for FETs & BJTs are to be used. So when a feedback is required to make the active device unstable, should I use the linear (small-sig) model or the non-linear one (which will be the one eventually used in HB sim)??? Thanks in advance To s
I was desging a RF crystal oscillator 12 Mhz. I designed it with my own knowldege ,coudn't make it work ! I searched on google , got some circuits stil coudn't make them work !! Can please some one tell me how to design a crystal oscillator cicuit or please tell me some reliable circuit itself ,that (...)
can any one help me , i want a circuit diagram for 50MHz crystal oscillator
Do any one have circuit (for any type) of coupled oscillator? Thanks... Or any experiment diagram....
In the circuit is it a crystal oscillator? Has anyone seen this circuit? Please Give me more imformation about it. Thank you very much.
I am looking to build a oscillator from a ceramic resonator. I know that a single digital inverter can be used to form a Pierce oscillator (hundreds of data sheets and application notes show that). I want to keep the circuit simpler though, and use only a single transistor. After a ton of searching, I haven't been able to learn much. (...)
I have designed and had built a 4.9MHz pierce oscillator on an IC. I have it in the lab and everything looked okay for a while. The oscillator seems to start up and have decent frequency accuracy. I have noticed when I put my finger on the crystal pins, the oscillator dies until I remove my finger, then it started right back up. I (...)
Hey. Can someone help me out? I need to make a 5-20 Hz squarewave (ideally) oscillator. Not variable, but fixed anywhere between 5 and 20 Hz. I'd like to only use basic components--no ICs, no inductors; just capacitors, resistors and transistors. I've found quit a few 2 Hz oscillators online (like the one on the left in the PDF I included).
Hi everybody I am trying to simulate the lc oscillator given below using pspice but its not working the oscillations of the tank circuit are in the femtovolts range, can any body help me with the circuit or any other useful link. Kerry D. Wong ? Blog Archive ? AVR L
hi all, i have a crystal 60 MHZ and i want to model the crystal in a crystal oscillator, i have the circuit diagram but i dont know the values i need it for C1,C2,Rs,Rf for a 60 MHZ crystal , also what is the number for the inverter
Hi, can anyone please give the circuit of the oscillator inside the 8051.all the books i've seen give the pin connections to the crystal,but not the oscillator. thank you.
hello. we need a high frequency oscillator circuit using transistors, can you suggest any circuit that we could use and please specify the values for each component. we have 72.673MHz, 63.3333MHz, 39.168MHz, 46.475MHz (3rd overtone crystals) and 18.432 MHz. thank you. :)
Greetings, I run a multisim simulated circuit and real life circuit. The circuit I am trying to simulate is a basic The simulator shows that a
Hi all i need an oscillator circuit but contains Coil with schmit trigger 74hc14d
I watch the TV show called Mayday where they are investigating many airplane accidents. Most accidents are caused by the pilot or by a mechanical failure. When I was living in an apartment when I went to university I was visited by the RF Cops. My do-it-yourself fan caused radio and TV interference. We had a nice discussion about electronics then
In a oscillator circuit like this one: 103474 How does the bjt put energy back into the tank circuit? What is the theory behind this bjt putting energy back into the tank circuit? is there a website that explains this bjt feedback amplifier? I can't seem to find anything on Google about this, I am obviously searching
Hello, I have found this ultra wideband oscillator circuit in an old Greek magazine. It claims to operate from 0.5-450MHz and it never stops oscillating as long as it is powered by 3-15v vcc. The only component to be changed is the band-switching coil L1. I would like to know how this circuit works if anyone has any clue. There is some (...)
Hi Friends Currently am pursuing my final year ME VLSI Design. I do a project in self CHECKING circuitS FOR LOOK UP TABLE. I use a technique called SCALABLE ERROR DETECTION method for this self checking process. Now i am in a stage to implement the circuit in TANNER EDA TOOL. Could anyone help me out .... (...)
i require a low power (very less current consuming ) oscillator circuit
Hello, Can any crystal oscillator be tuned to its harmonic frequency. Or is it just for special crystals?
crystal & oscillator , what's the difference? Pls give me some idea. :cry:
We had a school project to build an active integrated oscillator antenna at 3GHz. We used the AT42085 as the active device and patch antenna as load. The result from the spectrum analyzer showed it oscillated close to the design frequency about 7% off, which is fine due to inaccurate transistor model. The question that I've been wondering i
Hi, Can some one please explain in details the operation of oscillator circuit attached? Please highlight following questions : 1. How is Berkausens criteria satisfied ? 2. Please tell the function of each components (R,C,etc ) 3. How can power be increased ?
what is the difference between quartz crystal and oscillator?
Hi, I have a question regarding my Crystall oscillator circuit for low frequency application (32kHz). It is a simple inverter type pierce circuit with ceramic 32kHz model. I manage to run SPICE simulation and the oscillator does start up and oscillate when I ramp up the power supply VDD. The problem is that the frequency (...)
Hei, all friends: I've seen that low phase CMOS ring oscillatior is so hot a topic these days. Is there anybody be so kind to tell me the applications of it? I really wonder if there are some products of it? Thanks very much~
Hi, I need a simple circuit that I can play with that will read an IR signal, store it to memory, and then have the ability to resend the stored IR signal out. I just need something simple to play with. I am trying to learn how universal IR learning remote work ? like the LCD touch screen remotes. I need a simple circuit to generate ideas for this
Hi everyone! I want to design an oscillator circuit which has the frequency about 0.1Hz (T=10S) using L, R, C, Transistor (passive components) to reduce power consumption. Please help me! Thanks
Hi there, Anybody can refer me to some resouces about how to desig Bandgap reference circuit step by step? I need to design a self-biased bandgap circuit in 0.35um technology, which looks like the pic below? Can anyone tell me how to start it? Appreciate your help. ethan
How to design a 20MHz crystal oscillator circuit with 50% duty cycle? I use 0.5um CMOS Logic process,and choose the circuit like some papers said, but the duty cycle of post-simulation result is not exactly 50%. I add decoupling capacitor between VDD and VSS. How can I control the duty cycle to 50%? How long should I simulate the (...)
It is simple self-bias circuit.