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is there any other option to send binary data into fpga kit ? Well, hyperterminal (there are others that do the same job) deals indeed with characters, but at the end it are all bits that are sent out. So, if you know what the fpga needs to receive, you can figure out easily what to type in HT.
if you use dockligh(another hyperterminal program) you can send data in ascii or binary.
Yes, that's true. The main reason to use ASCII formatted data in communication is to provide a human interface, you can e.g. use hyperterminal to send commands and get readable responses. For a FPGA, it surely more easy to send and receive binary data.
The hyperterminal function "send text file" exactly does what you intend: send a file as is (binary).
we know that when we send the data in the form of bytes from mcu to pc, the windows os will convert this bytes of data from binary to their ascii code, now if i want the data to convert back to their decimal form rather than ascii form , then what should be done for that