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There are ADC with internal PGA that can measure thermo couples. ADS1118 has e.g. about 0.2 K resolution and a few K absolute accuracy, also an internal temperature sensor suitable as cold junction reference. That's not mind blowing but suitable for many applications.
Hello experts, Currently i am Working on Autoclave. So i Need to select a pressure sensor for reading the pressure maximum range should be 4 bar. But i am bit confused about pressure types. I have to measure the pressure which is going to generate inside of the chamber. What kind of pressure sensor i need to use? whether
It's wrong to say that the transducer "requires 150Vpp" drive signal. The specification is a maximum rating "allowable input voltage". Most applications use a lower drive level. As betwixt mentioned, we have to look at the application requirements to understand what's an appropriate drive level. Similarly a reasonable matching circuit depends st
There are circuits designed for multipurpose applications, so you will find in some cases a whole region of the board without components, as for example if for a specific project do not need some kind of communication, some sensor, etc...
Hi I will design 3D laser displacement profiler but don't have CMOS Image sensor information. What is a CMOS Image sensor company or product information for 3D Laser displacement profiler? Thanks
I think there are many applications. It can be perimeter security sensor placed in the corner of building or area to form two beams using single transmitter. Or it can be simple old-designed roadside FMCW traffic counter, upgraded with two-beam antenna, so it can estimate vehicle speed with higher accuracy using time difference between beams. Data
Do you mean these Plessey sensors? Electric Potential Integrated Circuit (EPIC) are basically 20 GOhm 15pF E field sensor/amps. Disruptive EPIC sensor with multiple proven applications High sensitivity electric potential sensor that can be used
If your processor runs directly off of 3V, and you've got a 3V battery, you certainly don't need a regulator. Many of the PICs will run down to 1.8V, which is probably the point where the battery is dead. Unless you need to maintain a specific supply voltage (for your sensor, for example) the regulator would only make things less efficient.
Hall sensors are used in professional voltage transducers, e.g. in traction applications (electric locomotives). The transducers are comprised of a series resistor and a hall sensor with a large number of primary turns. This way you get an isolated AC/DC voltage transducer that doesn't need a primary supply. The sensors are (...)
There isn't a thing like "the best gas sensor". There are different applications, e.g. explosion protection, monitoring of toxic or hazardous substances, different selectivity and performance requirements, possible power, size and cost constraints. What are your application and additional requirements?
Reading Nemoto web information carefully, you'll be aware of this general statement about catalytic sensor usage ?Not like semiconductor type sensors, a long preparatory aging time is not necessary for performance stabilization. ?In case of gas detector applications, aging for 10 minutes would be enough before calibration. Calibration can
Write 5 applications using Timer1 1. Asynchronous Clock Mode (read AN580) 2. Counter 3. Control the operation of electrical devices based on a programmed schedule (Simplest application is LED Blinking) 4. Delay (Timer Based) 5. Digital Clock Write 5 applications using Timer 2 1. Color sensor (using TCS230) 2. Delay (Timer Based) 3. Sonar (...)
most of the applications of ultrasonic sensor is distance measurement...but i want to make a project in which a pattern is stored in the microcontroller and when we show the hands in the same pattern the door should open...simply the hand detection is a please help me in this project....
Hi, For any biomedical applications, the sensor output has to be amplified and digitized. For amplification, we use Instrumentation amplifier. But the output of IA has some dc voltage. So, how to suppress the dc voltage. At the same time, all biomedical signals are low frequency signals in the order of 0 to 20Hz. Which filter technique is bette
Helloo Im doing a project using PIC16f877A.Project aims at controlling current consumption during peak includes a current sensor and RTC.Current sensor used was ACS714 module which gives an analog output.PIC I had used here got an ADC peripheral and so i connect the senor output to AN0 of the PIC.Without load the ADC out
An embedded application can be many things, like a motor control in a washing machine, or a sensor application - like described here: . Thus maybe the better way is that you start with an application yo
Do you mean on "Blind Spot Detection System" ? In-Vehicle Blind Spot Detection System Additional m
I have realized that in order to build new projects with it I should also have good knowledge of sensors and signal conditioning circuits. You are correct, proper signal conditioning is critical for many sensor based applications. Analog Devices has recently released many of their texts in PDF format for free
Efficient way to design the VR sensor Interface for ECM for heavy duty, Mid range and Industrial applications. While going through different interface circuits, I came up with one design which is as follows. Input Impedance made of R ||C and this in series with the same values of R||C ---> goes to the Comparator --> Micro. Please advice
Hello sir I want to use some 2 o 3 photodiodes combination , but want to know which type of combination is suitable for it ? i mean in series or parallel or anything else so as to improve sensitivity for a particular any circuit it can . . is there any formula or mathmatical technique to solve it ? please reply its urgent for me .
Hi, I am designing a circuit where I need to know whether the device under test( in my case - it is a very small ic 2x3 mm) is placed on the tester. How do I detect the presence of the IC? Is there any sensor particularly for that kind of applications? Regards, S
I would like to ask about when is need to put a voltage follower (buffer) to a circuit. For example i create a circuit which has a transmitter/ receiver ...and use ultrasonic sensor. At the transmitter circuit i will need a voltage follower(buffer) before the sensor?
Normally hall effect sensors are quite enough, anyhow. You may use proximity sensors (Inductive for metalic sense and Capacitive for Other senses) These proximities are coming in wide ranges, and are high speed. but these sensors are expansive than hall effect sensors. Other idea is to use encoder or simple DC motor (...)
Hello Everyone, I am trying to make a Wireless Robot by using 3-Axis Accelerometer sensor. But I am new to this sensor... So can any one give me some brief explanation of this sensor... How many types are there of such sensor? Which sensor should I use for my project? Is it a programmable (...)
The piezo buzzer will need a little mod. Adding mas can change the resonant frequency and increase sensitivity of the sensor to suit specific applications. Try to glue one edge to your project and fix a bolt to the other edge. The rest of the disk (and the bolt) are not touching anything and are free to move/flex. A simple circuit to inte
check this Torque sensor application | Torque sensor applications applications of force and torque measurement in the Packaging industry
A good resources for UAV embedded applications: DIY Drones Sparkfun IMU sensor Boards Checkout the datasheet and appnotes on the IMU sensor Modules in the above link for ideas. BigDog
The term "infrared sensors" isn't particularly specific, referring to at least two decades of wavelength and many different sensor types. You should give additional hints about your region of interest.
Hi, This is veera reddy, i have a problem with spi commands in my application, i am trying to log sensor data from sensor tag. here sensor ic chip is mlx90129 it is located on the evb90129 board. this chip having internal eeprom there is noproblem when reading internal memory. this evalution board having external eeprom to store more (...)
I want to design Buck converter to be a LED driver for sensor applications not for light applications. (Low voltage and low power) So please can anyone help me to find the references for this work or how to determine the design parameters. Thanks a lot.
hi,all, now i am designing a high precision low offset fully differential PGA with cmos process for sensor applications, pls give me some circuits and papers, books, related resources or some suggestions. many thanks!
As in most similar threads, I miss a resolution (for digital sensors) and accuracy specification. For a high initial accuracy without calibration of the sensor, most people would prefer a Pt100 or Pt1000 sensor. It's the unchallenged standard for industrial applications up to 400° C.
Hi, I've started an open-ended design project and I'm looking for ideas for a design of a micro pressure sensor, can anyone recommend any new/interesting applications that I can work from for my design? Doesn't have to be an original idea; just something interesting I can adapt. Thanks, Ely
We are a company specialized in advanced equipment and instrument supplies and services, sensor, gyro products, logging equipment to name just a few. As to the oilfield applications, we have the MWD Inclinometer series for your reference as follows: 1 SWD inclinometer 2 High temperature & high pressure multi-shot Inclinometer 3 Wireless MWD I
I am new with these kind of sensor applications and I have to drive L3G4200D with a microcontroller. Do you have any sample code?
Maybe. Can you post links to the SSR timer relay and the motion sensor you're looking at? Ken
Hall sensors applications with circuit diagrams Programmable Linear Potentiometer Programmable Rotary Potentiometer Programmable Motion sensors linear Hal-Effect sensor Hall IC flow meter significant power control push-button switch with hall sensor Liquid Level Detector/Alarm Position (...)
I have looked extensively online but can't seem to find a source for RGB color sensors. Any suggestions?
There are no polarized and non-polarized transducers. All have (or should have) a polarity marking relating input voltage to sound pressure polarity. It's meaningless in most applications. The sensor's datasheet is somewhat incomplete. Do you expect to get the missing information from edaboard users? But fortunately, these 40 kHz (...)
Hi, You could use a PT100 sensor. Take a look this helps. Tahmid.
Generally, this sensors have data sheets and specifications. They tell about the circuit and the electrical data. At zero pressure (assuming you have a relative pressure sensor), the differential output voltage can be slightly negative due to offsets (-> specification). For simple measurement applications, a single OP differential (...)
Hi, 1, LT has newly a stepup converter for energy harvesting in wireless sensor applications. I remember, that it starts from 0,6-0.8V!:-) 2, I would take an astable multivibrator for such KHz + make a voltage doubler, driven from output signal... K. Added after 41 minutes: Search for "zero threshold
hi brothers i have aproblem and asking your help a platinum resistanc temperture detector is connected as one arm of a wheatstone bridge the Rt,R1,R2,R3,R4=250 ohm at o c, supply voltage=12v. temperture 3.9x10-3 what is Vo at 1000 c if the measured voltage at 500 c is 2.95v,what is the non linear eror in volt Added after 1 min
hi all, i am badly in need of these papers.. i ll be happy if anyone send it.. K.O.M. Goh, T. Connie, B.J.A. Teoh, C.L.D. Ngo, “A Single-sensor Hand Geometry and Palm print Verification System”, ACM SIGMM 2003 Multimedia Biometrics Methods and applications Workshop, Berkeley Marina Radisson, CA, USA, 2003, pp. 100- 106. T. Con
i whant to made something like this. ultrasonic sensor even if is 4, have a zone uncoverred anybody have a schematic of this applications? i think is also calling " capaciflector" it is use on NASA spatial sonde for terrain obstacle ... maybe is like theremine principe or at us called termenvox. thank you
Hi guy, I want to share this site to you that has a lot of hobby projects or DO it yourself projects which involved electronics in different applications... Here are some of the Lists of Projects: Pure Class A Headphone Amplifier 20 Watts Automotive Power Amplifier Car Parking sensor Wideband TV Amplifier 300mW FM Transmitter PLL F
Hi guy, I want to share this site to you that has a lot of hobby projects or DO it yourself projects which involved electronics in different applications... Here are some of the Lists of Projects: Pure Class A Headphone Amplifier 20 Watts Automotive Power Amplifier Car Parking sensor Wideband TV Amplifier 300mW FM Transmitter PLL F
Do you have a link to a specific colour sensor? I am curious! At paint stores they have something called "the eye" that can look at your sample and match paint. I also saw a Philips presentation where they had a multi colour LED light that changed its colour to match the person's clothing who was standing next to it. What do you mean by u
I need a copy of "Investigations on Multi-sensor Image System and Its Surveillance applications" by Liu, Zheng. It will be used in my thesis for educational purposes. It is really a good piece of literature. Any help would be much appreciated. Melih
realizes sensor-to-host signal acquisition for testing analog signal or remote applications. Software-configurable for a wide variety of sensor types, including: analog input, analog output, and digital I/O,ISO40xx series are widely used in RS-232/485 automation control system,temperature signal testing,small signal testing, Monitoring & (...)