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A microphone isn't exactly a vibration sensor, e.g. suitable to detect if a device has been moved. But may be it can work for the applicaton with a respective low-pass filter. I see a problem with the sensolute sensor that it doesn't have a defined inoperational state. The contact may be either opne or closed depending on the sensor (...)
hello guys, what is the best sensor to monitor a movement? for example if something moves then a buzzer sounds if it stops then silent. i was thinking a tilt sensor like SW-520D but under specific situations then it doesnt work. is an accelerometer sensor good for this work? thanks a lot!
Make use of your Tmr1 to capture Time then follow sensor Datasheet to find formular that relate time to distance..
Ive made this very basic arduino shield with buttons lights a buzzer and one temperature sensor, here goes some pictures : 104543 I also had the board done in Osh Park, its shared so anyone can order it, and the rest of the entire project, schematic pcb and softwar
The part showing the connection of 5VDC to the PIR sensor is correct. I do not understand what Uc is and to what the vibration sensor should be connected? PIR sensor output usually is a relay contact to be used to light a LED or to activate a buzzer or alarm. The vibration senor is a different device.
Dear all, I am trying to finish a project which detects weight of an object. If the weight of the object is above the required weight the light would light up. I am fairly new to electrical circuit hobby works. Could anyone suggest a way for me to get started up? Any input would be much appreciated! Thank you!
We are using MQ-6 Gas sensor in one of our project. We tried to re-use the same circuit found in one of the sites. Normally, the coil resistance is 30 ohms and when i provide supply, it goes above 500ohms. so, the output on "B' pin is high and counter starts operating.. Because of this, led is glowing and buzzer in ON. This all with the gas bu
here are two i found right away. you can google for more. it is simple really
Hi everyone, I'm a beginner in RF and would like to know about the use of 434Mhz Tx Rx ASK module without any encoder/decoder for sending a square wave tone signal from a 555 timer circuit. Let me explain in brief, I have a PIR motion sensor (HC SR501) and I want to develop a wireless alarm circuit that can send a Beep signal (from 555 multivi
I would look at strain gauges and force-sensing-resistors (FSR). These come in a vast variety of shapes and sizes, thin films etc. You could try just putting the sensors under that wrapping tape you can buy anywhere, or take the whole grip apart and re-wrap it with the sensors under that. Then you could cut a small groove (or not) in the shaft o
I'm not familiar with inductor. I need this metal sensor for my project. Unfortunately all info I got from the internet are all about the whole device, which is connected to the buzzer. Any one here has any idea or schematic on how to create inductive loop sensor that can output an analog signal or just high/low signal to micro-controller?
You should connect your LM324 as a comparator, with a high gain and adjustable input level. As it is shown in your schematic, I cannot see what is the "ground" for inputs and outputs. You can rather try a LM311, a comparator allowing to set the sensor (buzzer) between the + input and ground (battery negative) while the (-) input will be connected
hello, I'm doing an eyeblink sensor Please give some details of the sensor
hi i'm doing my project named air quality measuring s/m. i have two sensors mq7 & mq135,first is co sensor and later is air quality sensor. these are interfacing with pic16f877a. analog values are converted into digital and displayed in a16x2 lcd. if co value is abnormal a buzzer is on.i want the hitech c code and (...)
Hi friends, My project is to interface PIC16F877A with LM35 and when it gets body temperature between 37.5 Celsius to 40.0 Celsius, the led red light and buzzer should turn ON. If the body temperature is between 36.8 Celsius to 37.5 Celsius, the led green turn on and it will check temperature every 15 minutes once.... Can anyone one help to un
Hi, i am having a big problem which need to be solved within a week. First, i am doing a simple alarm system. When the sensor detects break in, the speaker will sounds and at the same time, the handphone that is connected to the PIC will call 999 or pre-determined number. I am done with the sensor- PIC- Alarm(buzzer). Now, i dont (...)
The piezo buzzer will need a little mod. Adding mas can change the resonant frequency and increase sensitivity of the sensor to suit specific applications. Try to glue one edge to your project and fix a bolt to the other edge. The rest of the disk (and the bolt) are not touching anything and are free to move/flex. A simple circuit to inte
Take watch PZT ; aplifie signal ; into an comparator ; and driving a relay. You set the sensitivity with the amplifier gain and the comparator level. ---------- Post added at 12:21 ---------- Previous post was at 12:18 ---------- Take a look at this site
What is the RX bandwidth of a watch buzzer PZT ?
Hi guyz! I am trying to interface lm35 sensor with PIC microcontroller and light the LED when temperature goes beyond 40 deg Celsius. I am using 16F877a pic and using compiler PICC in C language. I have done simulation on Proteus and got no results. I have write this code, can any body tell me where is the problem in this code. Thanks #
Hi, I don't exactly get what you want, but one problem is: PINA.1==1 //intially define if(PINA.1==0) //this pin get input 0v from pir sensor module { start buzzer; }should be PORTA.1=1 //intially define if(PINA.1==0) //this pin get input 0v from pir sensor module { start buzzer; } To initialize the pull up resistor on that
what about a smoke sensor?
hello i am using mq-5 as a LPG gas sensor so need adc ic plz tell me any best ic with lesser package and plz tellme the circuit.i want to on buzzer after gas sansing...plz help
Most PIR sensors are "ready-to-go", no programming is required .. After power is applied and when it senses movement it sets the output "H", that'll tell the buzzer to generate sound .. Rgds, IanP :|
Hello, I want to design a handy object detector of USB drive size. I want to detect object at 1 ft distance. There is also requirement to detect object if it remains for 1 minute before the detector. After one min. detector give buzzer to indicate the presence of the object. I myself feel Ultrasonic sensor is ok But what to with (...)
Hello all, I want to build a PIC based board to detect simple vibrations to be used as a switch. My question concerns the sensor. I was told that I could use a buzzer to convert vibrations to voltage which the PIC can read. It does sound reasonable as a buzzer takes voltage which is converted to vibrations and finally sound. So it (...)
Hi All, Is there any sensor to detect leakage of water ?. If anybody used this sensor in their circuit please inform me. Regards, Vamanan Kutty.
I'm new to electronics. I'm designing a product using a retroreflective laser emitter/sensor. The laser emits light that is reflected off a target back at the sensor. The laser is powered off of two 9V batteries in series (18V). It's rated consumption is 35mA and output is 100mA. In addition to its positive/negative leads, it has two negative outpu
Hi I try to interface a small piezo disk (a non-oscillating piezo buzzer) as a shock sensor to a PIC ADC converter in order to get the instant shock value (in G for example) Any knows such a project ? Thx
Halo.. recently i'm doing a proj abt sensor.. i need to use 8051 program to control the alarm system.. its used to programmed so that the alarm will be trigger when the person being detected by the sensor.. is anyone of u all know how to search for the bitwise of the sensor? or is anyone of u got the similar program of this?
Hi help needed, I need a simple circuit to drive a piezo buzzer (the buzzer in not autoOX) with a pic. I build a pic based Vibration sensor that is Supplied by 3V litio cell, I need to produce a loud (long distance udible beep-beep) the pic produce a variable bf signal 800 Hz to 3000Hz, I just try to use a steep-up MC34063A with poor (...)
Hi I need any circuit for "sensor of movement" tnks. :roll: