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Hi, I need help, i want to make a sensor network simulator what can I do, i work under Windows. Thnx in advance Added after 1 minutes: sorry, i need another request: I want a sample of sensor data set.
hello i want to simulate wireless sensor network,i uesed opnet modeler 14 but it didn't supprot it.please help me to select good simulator? i wanna use sensor and sink node and use wi-fi and bluetooth for this topology and mesure QOS THANK FOR YOUR REPLAY
hey all .. i want to download TOSSIM simulator to simulate but i ddnt find the program the main goal to simulate a Wireless sensor network .... any help plez ? thanx
Does anybody khow about good free simulator for sensor network suimulation I need to simulate virtual MIMO in cooperative sensor network over correlated fading environment.
Hi, I am using the Crossbow Micaz motes in a Wireless sensor network project. My mote uses CC2420 as its transceiver. I was wondering if it is possible to change the transmission frequency (channel) at runtime? i.e. while the program is running. I know how to do this using the parameter DCC2420_DEF_CHANNEL in the Makefile...however, I am
We are trying to make a wireless sensor network, where we are required to send data from node to base station as well as from base station to node. Which software will you suggest us for simulating this network ?
Hi , I am started doing the research work based on wireless sensor network. in which i am concentrating at node level. is there any tool available to know and change the properties of the sensor that i am able to improve the lifetime / enhance the performance of the sensor network. can i use linux as a (...)
Hi all, I want to simulate and compare Zigbee/z-wave/UWB/Bluetooth. Can I use Matlab for this? Can I create a Wireless sensor network using Matlab Simulink using above technologies? What are the good reference websites for me to get an idea.. Thank yooooo sooo much.
can anyone suggest me how to use matlab for simulating wireless sensor network?? also suggest me sme reading material for using matlab for wireless sensor network.:!: thanx in advance..:smile::smile:
I am a MTech Student doing my final research work on preventing the flooding attack in the wireless sensor network. The tool suggested to me is MATLAB. As I am very new to this field and to MATLAB also. So please help me from where should I start writing the code write from the scratch. The things which I have thought to do in my project are:
Hi, I have done the theoritical analysis of the IEEE paper mentioned in the below link. I want to compare this theoritical results with a wireless passive sensor network, so I need to simulate wireless passive sensornetwork. Could you please guide me to achieve this.
hi,, now i'm doing my final project about localization in wireless sensor network and for get estimation position of node i used euclidean distance to get distance between anchor node and unknown node but i still confused how to make a program to get euclidean distance when we use ns2 for simulatated ??? please tell me how can i create and get eucl
How can i time synchronize my all nodes in a wireless sensor time synchronization i mean that if i want to use TDMA scheme then all nodes must have some timing reference.Also i want to use the sleep mode to save power such that every node will be in sleep mode untill its specified time slot in TDMA scheme arrives then that node will wake
where i can find good network simulator
..hi there ...can anyone help me ...on simulating ad-hoc networks (my FYP) in network simulator.. p.s: i don't know how to handle ns-2 ...i've installed cygwin but its not functioning az expected ..everytime i open cygwin opens a note pad instead of bash shell... is this normal i've also tried Jist-swans but to no use .. plz do help me ..
Hi,everyone I'm runing a project about"distributed video coding in wireless sensor network". Is anyone have experience about it? please, give me a hand
I have a research about sensor network and want to build a small system for practice. I want to know how i can use Zigbee for this network? The purpose of my system is control all smart devices in the house with range <100m and use Zigbee for communication. Do you have any sugestion? Please tell me know if you have any ideas or (...)
DO anyone know are there exist some user guide for the network simulator OPNET?
Hi all Iam new to network simulator(NS)and linux Anyone please tell me how to patch a new module in NS and run it to see the output. For this i learnt that i have to make some modification in the make file(that is add the files to the make file) and then use make and makedepend commands then configure it using the command ./configure c
although ad-hoc networks and sensor networks have common concept, their applications are different and because of that their research area are quit different. please specify on which you intend to work.
hi i need help on network simulator(ns-2.30-allinone) and traffic simulator(sumo). any one who has used it pls help me as i need it for simulation of my projects. i am using windows but can also work on linux.pls help me on how to use it.i have seen all the files related to it but cant find much help.i need proper guidance.
Have you find it on google ... You can easily find many projects, many are open source... BTnode is one of hot Wireless sensor network, and is open source, in both HW and SW...
I have my final term project as LINUX based network simulator. Can someone show me the direction as to how to go about it and what are the relavant books. I need detailed information about event driven simulation of routing protocols as that is going to be the first presentation topic of my project.
Hi, currently i'm doing a project to develope an intelligent energy management in wireless sensor network which fuzzy logic is needed in order for me to proceed to another stage (simulation in ns-2), my question is how to develope fuzzy for this such of situation, what metric/s need to be consider..and how it really works.. thanx in advance..
I am a fourth year communication Engineering student. I am about to start the project on wired sensor network. Please suggest me, from where should I start my project and information about the research going on this topics. Waiting for suggestion and informations
hi i am working on a project on wireless sensor network can anybody tell me that is it possible to implement it by using MATLAB only or i must first learn ns2 or any oter language
helllo... Need a project related to the ...Mobile sensor network...I want to do my final year project in plz helpp Me.........
hi friends i need book or paper with Subject "reliability in wireless sensor network". please guide me. thanks.
Dear all, I would like to request the following softwares if available: 1- network simulator 2- network Visualizer The latest version is preferred. Regards, m_pourfathi
hi to all i Want some idea about wireless sensor network for embadded system final project urgent please
hi to all i Want some idea about wireless sensor network for embadded system final project urgent please
hi my final year projec is implementation of intelligent wireless sensor network node i'am reading a lot of about the mcu useless in wsn but i can Taking resolution for choise of microcontroller please if there are ideas give me urgent
hi my final year projec is implementation of intelligent wireless sensor network node i want to programing the hdl of mcu and use it i'am reading a lot of about the mcu useless in wsn but i can Taking resolution for choise of microcontroller please if there are ideas give me urgent
hi my final year projec is implementation of intelligent wireless sensor network node i'am reading a lot of about the mcu useful in wsn but i can Taking resolution for choise of microcontroller please if there are ideas give me urgent
hi to all i'am finshed to implement a node intelligent wirless sensor network no i want to build an API interface using java or another language iwant ideas about this ?
how give me : what is hot topic in wireless sensor network for my final project
Hi I want to take my final year project on wireless sensor network, tell me that is it suitable as a final project ? and if any one has data about it donot hasitate to share it Thanks in advance.
=================================================================== Wireless sensor network (WSN) ISSN 1945-3078 (print), 1945-3086 (Online) =================================================================== WSN is an international refereed journal dedicated to the latest advancement of wireless sensor n
Maxim has some products that we can use for creating a temp sensor network and read lots of temp information from different locations. Are there similar poducts that you can tell.
I'm Working on Wireless sensor network, specialy on security model on this topic,i like to find someone who work on the same subject in order to exchange ideas and docs. Thank's to All
Hi friends im doing a project of sensor network using XB24 zigbee module, in my project im using three XB module and connected sensors in all module, i need to read the sensor data in all modules.., and im in confusion with the configuration of this modules. How should i configure this module for my application. They have (...)
hi , i need this paper please help me. A wireless sensor network for structural health monitoring: performance and experience Author(s):Jeongyeup Paek, K. Chintalapudi, R. Govindan, J. Caffrey, S. Masri, The Second IEEE Workshop on Embedded networked sensors (EMNETS'05) Acronym: emnets Year:2005 Issue:1 (...)
hi I want to know about "bluetooth sensor network for underground robots". and this ieee paper plz: Design of Micro Mobility Support in Bluetooth sensor network Xiao Ni; Weiren Shi; Song Zheng Industrial Informatics, 2006 IEEE International Conference on Volume , Issue , 16-18 Aug. 2006 Page(s):150 - 154 (...)
I am Masters Student doing my project in WSN. I want to know whether we can Simulate wireless sensor network in Matlab
Hi everyone... How are you all doing ? :) I have to do a simulation of a sensor network that can localize a source ( point source). It is supposed to be based upon the modelling of the diffusive field based on the heat kernel. It would be a great help if i could get an already made simulation in MATLAB so that I can look into it Please
Hi, I want to realize a wireless sensor network at 868MHz: this network should be used in open ambient, so long range (and low power) is important for me. What do you think is the better solution? About protocol: i thougth ZigBee, but i haven't found interesting solution at this range (I may be mistaken)...A standard implementation is (...)
Can anyone suggest me which network simulator is best LTE simulation? my BSc project is on multicasting data over LTE network. I previously planned to use opnet but they are taking so much time to process the request that there's a possibility of missing deadline. ite urgently needed. if its available free like ns2 its better.....
I want to design a LOW COST WIRELESS sensor network to detect vehicle(Metal) In and it should be expandable without changing any code simply by adding nodes... like a ADHoc network... Any suggestions: 1> Hardware 2> RF Link 3> routing algorithms
Hello I need a little help. I use the Rayleigh model as the photo shows in case of body sensor network. I have many different nodes on the body with many different channels among the nodes and my question is the following: Is it OK to use different 'a' before the produktum and different 'a' after the produktum, because I have many diffe