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I am connecting VSS from sensor to RB0. If the sensor gives 5 volt means PIC work in normal program, If the sensor output is 0 Volt I want to run INTERRUPT program..........Let me help me.....
i face problem with simulation in proteus i got wrong output not the expected from the written program but i dont know why ?! while(1){ start : temp = temp_sensor_func(); // call temp sensor function dtostrf(temp, 1, 2, buffer); //convert temp value from double to char to display on LCD and transmit with Uart lcd_print(&Lcd , buf
Hello, I am going to simulate a proximity sensor based on measuring fringing capacitance in CoventorWare. However i can't find anywhere if CoventorWare is able to simulate such capacitance, or maybe just the direct one. Thanks for anyone who can anserw my question.
Interfacing PIC microcontroller with DHT11: Interfacing PIC microcontroller with DHT22: The following two videos shows the simulation of digital humidity and temperature sensor DHT11 and the sensor DHT22 using ISIS Proteus software. These simulations are an interfacing of PIC18F4550 with DHT11 and DHT22 one by one. If we (...)
I'm tryimg to simulate a temperature sensor that has 7-bit output depending on the input temperature from -40C to 125C. in spice (I'm using eldo which similar to Hspice or star-spice). The issue that I'm having is how to change temperature with time (increase and decrease) to watch those bits changes because all what i can do now is to run a DC an
can anybody guide me how to do this im using proteus BLDC star motor pic 16f877 i tried to send 1 and 0 and follow this AN857 6 phases and will run the motor clockwise C5C4C3C2C1C0 P1 0 0 0 1 1 0 P2 1 0 0 1 0 0 P3 1 0 0 0 0 1 P4 0 0 1 0 0 1 P5 0 1 1 0 0 0 P6 0 1 0 0 1 0 but the the motor turns positive +40~ and then -50~ and
Hello... I made temperature sensor using pic16f877a. NOW i want to send this reading using sms... i want when i send for example "Temperature" to the phone connected to the pic it responds to me as message "Temperature is: 20°" i mean sms communication and i guess it is done by fbus and AT commands, my problem i cannot write the full source code i
Hello guys am new to ISIS professional software, i need to simulate ultrasonic sensor so as i can see the transmitted waveform and the received waveform
Please suggest me some simulation tool to simulate time synchronization protocol for wireless sensor network.The other option for me is to work on hardware for that i have to understand tiny OS properly if anyone knows about tiny OS plz tell me from where to start..Hope i will get some solution from here..have a nice day :)
hi I want simulate leach protocol in opnet ,but I need source code of sensor nodes. pleas help thanks
Hello everyone, How can I find minimum detectable photo-current value? (in Cadence, Post Layout simulation of a 3T-APS image sensor) the more i try, the less i succeed :sad:. Thanks in advance.
hello everyone, Here is the proteus simulation of my code.I am just trying to display temp on lcd screen but when i connect lm 35 to any of ad pin then LCD is displaying any garbage values and without connecting the sensor LCD is working i m just printing "pra" while no ADC code is running. 107060 [ATTACH=
HI; I need an isis circuit for AC current sensor(acs758) +pic16f877a+virtual terminal.
You think a simulation testbench is going to tell you about anything but "ideal" accuracy? It's quite likely that, outside places like AD, LTC, TI, your diodes are not modeled well enough for sub-% bandgap or temp sensor accuracy - neither nominal nor process-varying, and maybe even temperature is not credible. Certainly a "non-valued" diode in a d
In terms of SPICE, NJL5501R is just a combination of two LEDs and a phototransistor, nothing special. What do you expect from a NJL5501R SPICE model? How should it represent the non-electrical signal generating the output. These aspects can be modelled in a SPICE simulation, but they are beyond the responsibility of the sensor manufacturer. It'
Hi all, Thanks for your replies and your suggestions do helps me a lot. Thanks again. I've another query, Am doing a project in which Interfacing of Temperature sensor with the ARM LPC2148 Processor is a part. Am using Keil uVision4 and compiled it. What is the procedure to see the output in simulation? Thanking you.
Hi Can any1 tel me hw 2 simulate a ir sensor(modualtion and demodulation circuit) in proteus
Dear all As part of my project work, I need to simulate the gas detector. Can i simulate the gas sensor(MQ-2) and its output using Proteus software. Microcontroller is also included in my project. If I can't simulate using Proteus, what alternative is there for the same.?
i had written the adc coding...but i couldn't get the output for ldr sensor.....i couldn't find the flaws in coding....can anyone help?
thank u shatruddha for ur rly.... the project is abt developing an middleware architecture for secutity in WSN using mobile agents. the simulation tool is jprowler which deals with matlab codings middleware is a bridge between the OS of the sensor and the application done by the sensor... if it is possible to get the algorithm i am able to (...)
I'm going to make a project using a PIC18F4550 and a HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor to measure the level of an open oil tank and want to use proteus to debug the program of the microcontroller, proteus does not have a library of the device but i found on internet a simulation of the operation of a srf04 using a microcontroller in proteus, i've been inve
Hi, 1.Vision-Based Automated Parking System 2.simulation of Earthquakes and Tsunami Through GSM Network 3.Design of Intelligent Traffic Light Controller Using GSM & Embedded System 4.Design and Implementation of Pyroelectric Infrared sensor Based Security System 5.Touch Screen Based Robot Control with Speech Alert 6.Single Axis Solar Panel Controll
Can u help me with what are the routing protocols used by 802_15_4 for zigbee sensor network for simulation in ns2?? Also i had few doubts regarding the energy losses in can we know where exactly the energy is being lost when the node transmits packets ...what all are parameters involved in energy loss.,..and how to calculate
I am doing my project in OPNET and i don't have much knowledge about this simulation tool. My project area is Wireless sensor networks, so in this regard i need can anyone help me in creation & simulating the WSN in opnet. Thanks in advance,
Which pin is your sensor connected. make that pin as analog input.
I want to simulate my circuit which consists of hall sensor and its signal conditioning. Which simulation software should i use? LTspice or Pspice or multisim? Thanq It doesn`t matter at all. All software packages can do - provided they have a Hall sensor model on-board (I don`t know if there is any). Or do you int
hey all .. i want to download TOSSIM simulator to simulate but i ddnt find the program the main goal to simulate a Wireless sensor Network .... any help plez ? thanx
Hi i have the following program which is supposed to start and stop a timer when a sensor pair is activated and do this again for another pair. I have used the stimulus in MPLAB v8.84 and everything works exactly as it should. I programmed a chip and using NI Elvis MyDaq to provide 5v to simulate the stimulus. I have also connected this to a Comm
Hi, I have done the theoritical analysis of the IEEE paper mentioned in the below link. I want to compare this theoritical results with a wireless passive sensor network, so I need to simulate wireless passive sensornetwork. Could you please guide me to achieve this.
Design and simulation of an in-house remote medical assistance sensor network.... Can this be done in Matlab. I have a choice between Matlab and Opnet Modeler
I want to simulate communication with an MCP9801 serial output temperature sensor in Proteus VSM by using the I2C debugger as the bus master. Here is the schematic and simulation results: There is no activity on the bus. The command sequence should read temperature from the TA reg
Hey i m making a temperature sensor using lm35 and pic18f452 the objective is to control the temperature between 25 and 27'C...when the temperature is below 25'c,a heater is to be turned on at pin RD3 and when the temperature is above 27'c,a cooling fan is to be turned on at pin RD2...I have written the code in c lang..and compiled successfully in
CC110L is a second generation transceiver, a companion of CC1101 with slightly reduced functionality. Both are pin compatible. Like first generation CC1000, it has no microcontroller. A SoC version (CC1101 RF part + 8051 processor) is available as CC1120. It may be interesting for a minimum part count sensor solution. But the processor interface of
Is there any software to simulate a robot take, a line follower in action.. I mean we can adjust the bot's sensor's and specifications and the surrounding environment , then the robot moves as per the code burnt in the microcontroller??? coz checking hardware conditions are lengthy and we can modify design of the bot as per the simulation used to
Respected sir/madam, I am very new to matlab. hereby am doing my final year project in Wireless sensor networks using matlab.please please help me to know the following things, 1) random deployment nodes in an area 2) fix the basestation in the center if the simulation area 3) Each sensor knows its location inturn it knows its (...)
Hi , I am started doing the research work based on wireless sensor network. in which i am concentrating at node level. is there any tool available to know and change the properties of the sensor that i am able to improve the lifetime / enhance the performance of the sensor network. Thanks g kannan
Hi, I am using the Crossbow Micaz motes in a Wireless sensor Network project(with humidity and temperature sensors). and i would like to simulate this project before i purchase the items. Any ideas on how to simulate and get XBOW driver software(xlisten, xconvert,..etc)
when i try to simulate a circuit with a lm35 sensor, an error , saying "cannot find model file lm35.mdf " is shown and i can't proceed the simulation because of that. please tell me how to fix that. best regards.
i'm working now with FEMM 4.2. i have a Quader of steel and a magnetical sensor. I would like to move the steel rod so that it breaks forth as possible closer to the magnetical sensor and to its original position and though going back periodically. Does anyone have any idea how can I do that?
I work at present with the software FEMM 4,2 and with the programming language LUA. I would like a steel of a sensor stand, to move. The steel is to drive as near as possible to the sensor and go back then. This is to take place Zyklysch. To present enclosed a picture around itself the whole. Does an idea have, how I can make that? Ps: at left the
hi please I ugently need this paper : " Principle and simulation of coherent interference suppression by a three-sensor array. chinese journal of acoustics,2002,21(2): 110-123. "
This device is based on Attiny13 and it's powered from CR2032. Two PWM canals were used for steering two LED diodes simulation skewing the flame. The device has a twilight sensor switching off the device on dawn, and switching on
i want to create nodes with location and also mobile data collector moving aroun the circular field of R=200 there is transmission range for every sensor like r=10m and there is data transfered between sensor to mobile collector which collect data then transfere it to base station any body have code
57446 can any kind soul please help me on this? I have a capacitive sensor whose initial capacitance is 34.5pF and will go up to 35.2pF. I need to take in the capacitance and output a voltage value. capacitive sensor -> capacitive measurement circuit -> output voltage
Hi, i am Anand Can we Simulate Wireless sensor Nodes in Matlab?
hi i design a project that i use HS1100 humidity sensor.i use it as a variable capacitor and change its variation to frequency.i will send u my project file.simulation in proteous and code in code .vision
I'm designing a touch mode pressure sensor using the 3D builder software in Intellisuite. Every time i try to export the model to the ThermoElectroMechanical simulation, after i run the analysis i get the same error everytime "Result file not found" I would like to know if its a mistake with my model or the software's error. Thank you.
i am murali i am new to this area, so please help me to do my project. i want to simulate wireless power transmission to a sensor node. which is the best tool or software to do this simulation. can i use MATLAB for this? Thanks & Regards
Hi, this is my first posting.. i want to ask you, can we simulate humidity sensor in proteus? maybe, my problem is about the library. do you have a link to download the library about humidity sensor (HIH-4000, HMZ-435C, SHT1x, etc)? *for more information, i use Proteus v7.1 SP4. thanks before. :smile:
Hey, I'm trying to do a sun sensor circuit which uses several photodiodes and AD820s, anyone knows how I can do a comparator circuit for the input of atleast 4 photodiodes?