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Questions: -speed requirements ? -security ? -power consumption requirements ? -data or voice (i guess data because of -51) -price target ? And of course it must be legal. Frequency bands are country dependant. Perhaps some of the ISM-bands will do ? Many manufacturers exists. serial interface is convenient to use and there are ready mad
HI see this file "Interfacing SLx 24Cxx I2C-bus serial EEPROMS to 8051 microcontroller, especially Siemens C5xx" with c example SOKRAT
"8051 Tutorial: serial communication" Regards, IanP
what type of RTC are u using? is it on serial bus,I2C or what?
hello guys how are you i am interested in developing a system that will send and receive data from the computer to a micro-controller through USB . now thats what i want to ask has anyone of you done that before or knows some practical link related to this subject,i mean there are many websites that will tell you about usb but i have no idea where
Hi. I am interfacing a Mobile with 8051 through the data cable, for that i need to have a MAX232 for the serial communication b/w mobile and MC. So anyone with solution to this pollution, plz help me
I try to using the 8051 to decode the serial data send from a PTZ keyboard (using Pelco D / P protocol) The data transmitted from the keyboard will be something like this: ff 01 00 04 20 00 25 (This will make the camera to pan left at moderate speed) "synch byte" - ff "address byte" - 01 command 1 byte - 00 (no action) (...)
I have working circuit with 8051-micro and DS1307 rtc. Every second it transmits time and date via serial port in the ASCII format. What I need to do is to add 0.1s time base so it sends time and date not every secon but every 0.1s and time format should look like this: hh:mm:ss.x Where can I have this 0.1s from?
You can defineately interface a GSM MODEM to a uP - 8051, AVR , pIC, etc. It only requieres a uP with a serial interface. You don't need much processing power to do simple GPRS communications. The IP address is assigned by netowrk when you connect to it.
I guess that it is not difficult task to find some sample code for VB6 serial communication with 8051, there are many examples available in here and Google, search for details Sending Data From The PC to a Microcontroller - Free 8051 Microcontroller Projects
hi , sorry for my English..... i have already build my own firmware for interfacing serial eeprom with 8051 but am facing i problem and i can't know it , i made the HEX file but on simulation if i store (ex:#05h) the out put then after storing this reading inside the eeprom and read it again became wrong always the out put is (ex:0xff) i (...)
Why use an 8255? What is the make and model of the 8051 variant you are using in the design? If your particular 8051 does not have a hardware SPI interface you could always bit-bang the SPI interface. The following appnote covers both hardware and software interfacing an 8051 with a SPI serial
no bro,I dont think there is a need as the voltage level are of the same levels... 6398063981 the pics also say the same.. btw, can you please tell me how are you doing this diagramatically...if you can provide the diagram.. it will be a bit easier to debug.. what i am thinking is just make y
...hi everyone... i'm currently working on my final year project. it is timed-based lighting control system... i have this seimens mc35i terminal based modem from china and i already test it with hyperterminal and it can read and receive sms message ... i have also a code for the sending at commands and it also works in hyperterminal.. The proble
No way you can check your logic only. By using com-PIM and Virtual serial Port send response to GSM Module manually to ur contoller.
I want to represent data bits on port2 of 8051...and this same data is transmitted serially on rxd pin of uC by putty software on pc. I.e if i send byte "1" by putty software then this byte "1" should be represented on port 2 in terms of 8 bits on port 2 pins...can anyone provide me code. At 9600 boud rate.
anyone know a good free tutorial to learn VB for the 8051??and how to use the serial port with VB. thanx a mill OMG I hope it is a joke :) a 8051 isn't something wich much ressource. ASM is still the better for any mcu code at my point of view, or C even. Basic seem something people like, but VB............ ;)
application that transfers data from the serial line over TCP/IP. Uses a higher version of the library with compiled serial line, "telnet" client and HTTP server support. The result is an ETHERNET to RS232 converter, configurable over a WWW i
Dear all, Who have the experience which add a virutal com port in win98 os?Because I have a project which is a 8051 soc with usb 1.1 interface,but the keil mon51 only support the serial interace with the hardware platform,So I want to write a driver which add a virtual com port in (...)
check the usb part of this site there are an example for pic and pidusb11 as a serial device. The way to control the 11 chip is simular to the 12 one and all the code is in C so it should be useful also for 8051. The tricky part is the enumeration and al that is done there. regards Me
You can obtain LCD standard in 2 ways, Parallel or serial interface. The most common for 2 x 16 is Parallel so you will need say 8 bits data, RD, WR, CS lines at least for the interface to it. As a bit bash exercise it is not too bad in C. For the temp sensor i would suggest it is a di
DS89C420 is full backward compatible with 8051. It will only need slight modification to adapt an old 8051 program into DS89C420. compare the datasheets of the two microcontrollers, maybe you missed something. You can't communicate via serial port? In what way? The (...)
Please give me some links to schematics how to connect my mastert 8051 with 8051 slaves. :) Read first this nice introduction: But i havent found any schematics showing how to connect rs485 with 8051 using rest of pins in 8051 then go to : w
Try DALLAS Semiconductors DS80C400: DALLAS, TX?November 4, 2002?Dallas Semiconductor (NASDAQ: MXIM) introduces the DS80C400, a networked microcontroller chip that integrates a high-speed 8051 core, a 10/100Mb Ethernet MAC, and silicon software TCP IPv4/v6 stack. The DS80C400
i want to find the baud rate of AT keyboard(acer) for interfacing with microcontroller 8051 through serial port in order to configure microcontroller One of more interesting idea is that, don't try to find the baudrate of AT keyboard, put the AT keyboard CLK to the external interrupt of AT89C51 (INT0 or INT1 depends on you)
very good info is available in beyondlogic website Circuit and sample code in assembly is given for HC05 micro. It can be easily converted it C/ASM for 8051. Protocol is also explained. Check this application notes from atmel for avr micro
There are in "pc bible" some explanations related to this topic which describe cd-rom that communicates as an serial device instead of IDE bus which use a parallel protocol
hai one of my friend converted the usb to serial (rs 232) it is easy to interface rs 232 to 8051 i hope this will help you sunish
First of all look at the marked chip. An AD7714-3 means it will operate at +2.7 to 3.3v AD7714-5 ot will operate at +4.75 to 5.25v You can avoid a lot of surprises when interface with 8051. Then review a little your application requirements, especially ADC input configuration, reference temperature drift for current desired resolution and so
For communicating 8051 with Matlab you have to use serial link.On the harware side if you have sucessfuly transfered your data from Microcontroller to serial Port of Pc,then you can use matlab commands of serial communication avalible @ (...)
check website for interfacing parallel and serial port. first get the details of the port then u can write ur own routines and wire ur circuit
Hardware (see picture below): "Interfacing AT24cXX serial EEPROM with AT89CX051 microcontroller" : I2C specification: Code example: I2C single master code for ANY 8051 type controller. 'Bit bangs
The Dallas Semiconductor DS80C400 is an 8051 based High-Speed Micro with 4 DPTRs, ROMless, WDT, 3 serial Ports, CAN Controller, 4 Timers/Counters, IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Interface with TCP/IP in ROM, 1-Wire Net Controller, 64 I/O Lines + Address/Data Bus, 16 Interrupts/3 Priority Levels, 256 Bytes On-chip RAM, 9K Bytes On-chip (...)
A good idea is to implement a buffer .. How to do this is desribed in this article: Overview These routines provide a interrupt driven serial input and output, which is intended to replace CIN and COUT in the serial I/O Routines. This code uses separate transmit and receive buffers in Internal RAM, so that no external chips are required
Dear, ATMEL AT89Sxx,AT89Sxxxx,AT89LPxxxx has 2 serial ports.One is compatible with 8051 uart, another ones is a SPI Port. You can use SPI.But if you want a microcontroller with 2 8051 uart ,I think you should use Dallas/Maxim DS89C4xx series.They are 8051 (...)
Hi everybody. I'm a new person in forum,my English not good.I have a project is "Control device in home via PC",and programming with VB6. anyone have schematic circuit interface 89C51 with serial port,please send to me,thanks a lot my email thanks and regards
hi friends, can some one guide me how to write the serial data comming from pc. to the eeprom like 24c04..? i m using 89c51 MCU from ATMEL and using KAIL UV-2 to program it in "c" i can take the serial data out on the ports.. but i am stuck at how to write it to the EEPROM like 24C04 and read it back.. on serial port..( (...)
8051 has one hardware UART, but you can use any general I/O pins and/or interrupt pins to create additional UART(s) in software .. Maybe you should consider this option before trying to connect external hardware UART .. Here are more details on "bit bang": "Bit-bang" serial
All , Can anyone give me the solution about "how to interface serial RTC HT1380 with 81051 MicroController, I am doing coding in assembly language. Any help ??
Hey everyone! I want to find an application like this...Also I m going to use hyperterminal for serial comm. with computer.. It must written with assamble
There are two kind of C55 data cable: one is normal serial port cable, it has no any problem when connected to HyperTerminal. and other one is USB to serial cable, this last cable has trouble with HyperTerminal. Which cable do you use?
for your reference
please visit,,Controlling the serial Port with PHP
For sending and recieving byte throught serial port of the com u need to have null modem cable connected via MAX 232 to ur 89C51. For programming u need to decide first baud rate u want to communicate with. According to ur working frequency calculate count to be kept in counter. Counter has to be kept in such mode (...)
Hi, I would like to control 2 serial ports from PC with 8051. Which MCU can I choose to achieve it? Thx~
Hi, This will mean you have to make 8052 a USB host, which in my opinion will be very difficult to do. You should look for an RS232 serial cable for your mobile or you could connect the USB cable to PC. Regards, Laktronics
Hi Seematha, The only way to use as external code memory is to use parallel EEPROM/ Battery backed up RAM or EPROM and use PSEN to read the memory. You will need an LS/HC373 like device to separate low byte address and data bus for connection to the EEPROM/EPROM. serial devices will not work for this application as they have to be bus comp
hello I need to help me to know how I can Inerface 2 serial device(GPS+ GSM) to 8051 and I use Keil mvision to program 8051 but I do not kow If I can use the same softwre to do that please I wish to see example about it. please help me.
hi, that depends on ur application. the configuration/requirement would be, 1)Power Supply 2)other peripherals r interfaces as per ur application(it is better to choose all ic's with same power supply which are to be interfaced with microcontroller ) 3)ofcourse u need to take care of availability for example if it is simple (...)