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its SPI protocol having three wire interface. serial clock, serial data and chip select.
"8051 Tutorial: serial communication" Regards, IanP
I try to using the 8051 to decode the serial data send from a PTZ keyboard (using Pelco D / P protocol) The data transmitted from the keyboard will be something like this: ff 01 00 04 20 00 25 (This will make the camera to pan left at moderate speed) "synch byte" - ff "address byte" - 01 command 1 byte - 00 (no action) (...)
Questions: -speed requirements ? -security ? -power consumption requirements ? -data or voice (i guess data because of -51) -price target ? And of course it must be legal. Frequency bands are country dependant. Perhaps some of the ISM-bands will do ? Many manufacturers exists. serial interface is convenient to use and there are ready mad
HI see this file "Interfacing SLx 24Cxx I2C-bus serial EEPROMS to 8051 microcontroller, especially Siemens C5xx" with c example SOKRAT
what type of RTC are u using? is it on serial bus,I2C or what?
Hi. I am interfacing a Mobile with 8051 through the data cable, for that i need to have a MAX232 for the serial communication b/w mobile and MC. So anyone with solution to this pollution, plz help me
I have working circuit with 8051-micro and DS1307 rtc. Every second it transmits time and date via serial port in the ASCII format. What I need to do is to add 0.1s time base so it sends time and date not every secon but every 0.1s and time format should look like this: hh:mm:ss.x Where can I have this 0.1s from?
Hi all... I am stuck in one problem ...Please help me to solve it... Actually i am working on GSM module and i am going to interfaced it with 8051 controller.The hardware part is working well but i am not able to do a serial communication(tx,rx,rts,cts,dtr,dcd) between these two devices. Please help me out of this (...)
You can defineately interface a GSM MODEM to a uP - 8051, AVR , pIC, etc. It only requieres a uP with a serial interface. You don't need much processing power to do simple GPRS communications. The IP address is assigned by netowrk when you connect to it.
if you are using C you can simply use serial_init(); char str="AT+CMGF=1"; printf("%s",str); void serial_init() { intialize UART for 9600 }
hi , sorry for my English..... i have already build my own firmware for interfacing serial eeprom with 8051 but am facing i problem and i can't know it , i made the HEX file but on simulation if i store (ex:#05h) the out put then after storing this reading inside the eeprom and read it again became wrong always the out put is (ex:0xff) i (...)
Why use an 8255? What is the make and model of the 8051 variant you are using in the design? If your particular 8051 does not have a hardware SPI interface you could always bit-bang the SPI interface. The following appnote covers both hardware and software interfacing an 8051 with a SPI serial
no bro,I dont think there is a need as the voltage level are of the same levels... 6398063981 the pics also say the same.. btw, can you please tell me how are you doing this diagramatically...if you can provide the diagram.. it will be a bit easier to debug.. what i am thinking is just make y
No way you can check your logic only. By using com-PIM and Virtual serial Port send response to GSM Module manually to ur contoller.
hi i want to do the serial rs232 communication between pc and at89s52 microcontroller... i set it with 9600 baud rate...i just want to know what is time gap between each bit of a rs232 frame...and is it possible if using that much delay i can recieve the frame by connecting the rx pin of computer to any other pin of mcu (...)
I am working on a data logger project where huge amount of time stamped data is to be stored. For economical reason storage into compact flash is required. Can somebody provide me C Code Interface Library Thanks Zastereo
Yea, What kind of interface you are using. I interfaced this printer serially with 8051 and it works fine. If you need code please use this: Remember: 1. I made an additional serial port in 8051. You can get help from here
Have anyone a sample code for use Max147 ADC 12 bit with 8051 micro's ? 4 wire serial interface 8 channels Bascom basic or assembler metalink tankyou
Hello All I'm looking for code of simple calculator with 8051 microcontroller IC
Hi, I want to the generate dtmf tone with 8051 My need is C source codes on this project Thanks..
Hi there ... i want a subroutine for dividing two 16-bit data with 8051 microcontroller Thanks in advance
Can anyone help me how to interface keyboard with 8051 ?
How can i read ibutton via serial port with minimal electronic components? Best regards.
dear friends, can anyone please provide me some sample coding or application note for interfacing TMP101 with 8051, in assembly language. what are the steps required, for 12-bit resolution. with best regards, Amit
What is distance (max) between mcu and your sensors? Maybe you dont need 485? Maybe i2c is good enough? If you dont have long distance you can use just one serial port of mcu and via digital outputs selecting devices to send data (something like r/w pins ...). Alarms -> you can read all devices in one second (maybe 2), so you have "on line
How i interface EEPROM (AT28C256) with 8051 microcontroller and i how erase this EEPROM either using GENIUS NSP universal programmer or any other eassy method.
i m using EPROM 27C256 with 8051 microcontroller . plz give me a very basic code for doing this . plz also specify the diagram for interfacing . give me a small code for displaying any number on microcontroller port using EPROM for code storage
hi i want to make a stand-alone board with 8051 with this properties : 1- external program code ROM up to 64k 2- external RAM up to 64k and 3- FLASH or EEPROM as my memory can you guide me with this circuit wiring ?
Hi! 89C2051 is 20 pin ucontroller with 8051 architecture but it cannot be programmed serially. 89S2051 is similar to 89C2051 and can also be programmed serially, but i would recommend u to switch to Atmel AVR series or Microchip's PIC series of microcontrollers. Both of these families are fast (...)
hi i have a material on ADC interfacing with 8051 with full source code
Hi everybody, I have a sensor to capture the fingerprint image and then send to PC via serial com Port. And I use MScomM Control 6.0 for transfering & receiving data in serial com Port. Here below is the structure of the data which the sensor send to me : HEADER : 6 bytes DATA : Fingerprint Image 280 (...)
Hello can any one help me to interface PC keyboard with 8051 Microcontroller?
dear friends i am working on a project,which uses tsop1738 to detect whether there is an intrruption in the path of IR ray.i want to connect tsop with 8051 some how so that 8051 can count the interruption per second.(i will use the timer 0 of 8051 as an event counter and timer 1 to generate an interrupt every second) the (...)
hi..i want to desing with 8051 ..but i have a problem..I know anyone pressure sensors..If you help me to find its..i am happy..Thanks alot everything ..
I have found that it is cheaper to buy 8051's than 8255. So I just link multiple 8051's together with the serial ports :)
I suppose you have two options. PC serial connection to 8051 MCU via RS232 or USB. For USB, you need a USB driver chip if the current 8051 MCU you are using doesn't has one. For RS232, you need a RS232 transceiver chip. Check out 8051 from STMicroelectronics, Philips, Intel or Siemens. They have free example circuit for (...)
Hi, Please give detail schematic for smart card (i.e as only EEPROM) with 8051 as well as programming details of it. I want to use this system for attendance system. The smart card is having 1K or 2K EEPROM memory only which is written as well as read by mocrocontroller 8051 with PC connected system. Thanks, (...)
Hi guys..this is my project here...i'm havin some problems wit it..i'll be grateful if anyone can help me wit the source codes for this project..
dear i have a much simpler solution , dowload c# express 2005 it has a built in serial port drag and drop component it is very easy to use it bye
anyone can help me to do some coding on max1112 with 8051 based on keil c-compiler? // Coding for MAX1112 (serial ADC) #include sbit CS1 = P1^0; sbit SCLK1 = P1^1; sbit DIN1 = P1^2; sbit DOUT1 = P1^3; sbit LSBRA = ACC^0; sbit MSBRA = ACC^7; void Delay (unsigned int msec); void Sending (void); (...)
The MScomM's Oncomm Event works as interrupt in your VB program. This event is fired everytime there is activity on serial port. Use it like this Private Sub MScomm1_Oncomm() Dim strData as String If MScomm1.commEvent = comEvReceive Then (...)
hello guys how are you i am interested in developing a system that will send and receive data from the computer to a micro-controller through USB . now thats what i want to ask has anyone of you done that before or knows some practical link related to this subject,i mean there are many websites that will tell you about usb but i have no idea where
how can i connect and controll stepper motor with 8051 or avr.
pleasee anyone help me.. i want to build project wih attiny2313 serial comunication with baudrate 115200 heres some example: $regfile = "attiny2313.dat" $crystal = 20000000 $baud = 115200 Dim Cr As Byte Cr = &H0D Config com1 = 115200 , Synchrone = 0 , Parity = None , Stopbits = 1 , Databits = 8 , Clockpol = 0 (...)
pleasee anyone help me.. i want to build project wih attiny2313 serial comunication with baudrate 115200 heres some example: $regfile = "attiny2313.dat" $crystal = 20000000 $baud = 115200 Dim Cr As Byte Cr = &H0D Config com1 = 115200 , Synchrone = 0 , Parity = None , Stopbits = 1 , Databits = 8 , Clockpol = 0 (...)
AOA i want to know what is the best possible way for serial communication with pc and 89c51 i m using MAX232 currently but i dont have coding if some one can provide me with anothere idea or some code i will be thankful
Hi, I have heard that T230 can be interfaced with 8051 by using serial communication through data cable. But the set is not available in market.T280 is available in market.I have never done interfacing of any mobile with 8051. Now,I want to interface T280 with (...)
Sir I need to interface AT PC keyboard with my 8051 microcontroller with two i/0 pins only eg: P3.4 and P3.5 . Simply i need to scan the 6x7 keypad and i need to send the scan codes to the PC correspondingly any one help me .Its very urgent...