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For analog PSTN modens, have two options: 1?: serial interface - rs232 "physical pattern" 2?: Parallel interface - TTL "physical pattern" For the first option, do You need build one interface for conect the microcontroller/modem. In second option, if Your microcontroller are powered with 5 volts, no (...)
hlo bro i'm from Indonesia and need help from other master heheheh now i've worked in my last project to graduate from university i want to know the code to interface to serial interrupt in ATMEGA8535 that when i send a character from PC to micro will back to PC that seen in the hyperterminal i see in the post zhi_yi but in that post seen th
you don't have the option of USB with PIC18F452, you can use serial interface, read the datasheet about the built in USART module, you will need MAX232 IC with some capacitors for line coding. also the parallel port available, just you will program the parallel port pins and make it read/write from any GPIO pins of the microcontroller. for USB yo
Most modern PCs don't have a parallell port, so if I was you, I would use a serial interface which is easier to come cross in the modern world.
I would almost bet that u need a usb host capable MCU, else buy a cheap cellphone with serial interface (rs232) like old motorola/siemens or try nokia FBUS.
1 Wire to serial interface Circuit using max3232E IC, This interface can daisy chain 1Wire device such as 18S20 Supply Voltage 5VDC, (schematic / ready PCB is available ) 77383
If you still need some info look at:
Here Is AN Application Note From SunDisk About Interfacing CF To serial Port With 6811 UC
Questions: -speed requirements ? -security ? -power consumption requirements ? -data or voice (i guess data because of -51) -price target ? And of course it must be legal. Frequency bands are country dependant. Perhaps some of the ISM-bands will do ? Many manufacturers exists. serial interface is convenient to use and there are ready mad
i need build rs232 self power interface with bidirectional serial interface with mcu have any info to do it ?
hi .. if you are looking for serial interface then sd or mmc cards ar much better serial iterface later cancel
hi all here is a nice thing to making interface using vb6 and pic micro for lot of application such as data logging and other hardware interface between pc and pic via vb6 hope this will help full code and software can be found link given under /
Hi There, Take a look to EPE Mag. OCT/2003 There is a article about "serial interface for PICS and VB" + PCB + software included. PM me if you want this article. Bye
Take a look at ''. serial interface is described in great detail with sample c code.
Look carefully for tty sample in embedded VC++ x:\Windows CE Tools\wce300\MS Pocket PC\samples\win32\tty This Windows CE application shows how to open, configure, and close a serial communications port and perform read/write operations for a TTY terminal emulation application.
Just a 2 cents idea: Use a CPLD to convert your serial stream to parallel. As an example a simple EP3064 from Altera would do the Job. Aantage: - A CPLD could have a state machine which would initiate your LCD at startup. - It would take care of the low level handling. - If you change the LCD in the future, you won't have to modify your h
Dear hm_fa_da: When you asked about serial interface, I thought about an UART interface; in this case, the answer is yes. The rs232 standar, specifies only the "physical" layer of the interface, that is voltage levels, threshold, etc. When you connect two or more MCUs, SPI or I2C (...)
Not related directly with the serial part: Each /MCLR pin to Vdd through the 10K resistor. (The eventual button - NO - between /MCLR and Vss.) I guess you use that for resetting the micro when needed, right?
i have spartan3 fpga starter kit from xillinx i want vhdl or verilog code to interface with ps/2 and serial (rs232) thanks for any help
hi every1. i am sohaib. i am currently working on a project to control different display units remotely. The prob dat i am facing is that i have been alloted with a very limited budget by the concerned authority. coming to the point. 6 microcontrollers are to be controlled via one singel pc. i can't go for Ethernet. Zilog supports Ethernet
i have spartan3 fpg starter kit from xillinx i want vhdl or verilog code to interface with ps/2 and serial (rs232) thanks for any help :D
Hi all, Download serialTerm from, my free rs232 serial terminal utility which I have developed for 8051 microcontroller serial interface testing and debugging. Find other useful resources including 8051 tutorials, data sheets, assemblers and wallpapers. Visit discussion forums and even (...)
I have a transceiver module that uses either one of these host interfaces: 1) MII PHY 2) GPSI PHY 3) MII Host/DTE I understand with the 1st one, MII PHY i'll have to use an Ethernet PHY transceiver. I have located one of such transceiver, the KENDIN KS8721B. However, i do not know how to construct it. The datasheet that i managed to obtain
There aren't rs232 to Usb converter in . Believe me or not, there are. scroll down to CP-US-03 USB to serial Adapter But probably you need one that covers new OTG (Limited host capability to communicate with selected other USB periphera
Hi scgoo! You haven't posted the complete code. Check the serial port initialization registers in pic and set appropriate baud rate in pc as well. Giri
Hi, I do need any tutorials or books about industrial networks. I wanna gain knowledge about the communication between any logic processor ( DSP , micro controller )and the PC as well as the rs232 and the RS485.from where shall i start ? it would be helpful also if anyone can recommend any site .. I work with Dallas
As mencioned above you just need a MAX232 and a few capacitors to connect the PIC to the PC using serial coms. Most of C compiler already include libraries for serial com.
ht Regards, IanP
am trying to create an rs232 serial interface btw an FPGA and a pc. using verilog on xlinx. how do i set up xlinx in order to use verlog? and how do i create an rs232?
hi i want connect rs485 with 200kbps to avr i want is possile do with uart (serial interface) if no what must be do? thanks
Hi Guys I am using a motorola 5282 microcontroller in my project with serial interface. The vendor has provided some utilities to programm the processor flash using rs232 port. I want to develop a small program to connect PC to micro controller using rs232. The micro controller will send data over (...)
hi . im oso doin a project in rs232 need the codes to control serial port anione? or u hav it? visual basic
Hi, Just curious, did u find such a module? PoE + Ethernet to serial interface. Thanks
This may do things rather difficult .. You see, information is usually coded in numbers and not in the presence or absence of a signal .. And to ?decode? a serially sent byte one needs some ?intelligence? which is easily provided by even reduced-pin microcontroller .. For simple tasks like you just mentioned in your post I would go for a simp
I need to interface some VGA/QVGA panels serially (rs232,SPI...) I have come across the following "Picaso" device: Does anyone know of similar devies for comparison ? Regards CADRJR
I need to interface some VGA/QVGA panels serially (rs232,SPI...) I have come across the following "Picaso" device: Does anyone know of similar devies for comparison ? Regards CADRJR
Hi,Regards I want to send a varible to the pic with rs232 i think first you need to establish serial commuincation... by the way how you are checking code... directly on circuit or simulator..???
hi there! I've built an ICD2 clone that have both interfaces: USB (pic18LF4550 as bridge) and rs232 (pic16f877a as main controller) It's just a potyo2 with a max232 and a db9 connector each pic (f877a and lf4550) has its own 20mhz xtal the serial interface works well, icd2 can connect, download os, program, (...)
Hi I have a very, very basic and simple question about the rs232 interface. Basically, I have a microprocessor running with 24 MHZ and sends and receives the data over the RX and TX Pin respectively. How do I need now to select the baud rate at my host PC to be able to communicate with the microcontroller over the serial (...)
Is there a port in a laptop for serial communication?
hello everybody.I want catch directly 1Hz frequency from pin's of com port (in other word if i connect one led directly to the serial port it regularly on and it operative and how? Man .... U r using which type of serial comm rs232 .... then to check that ur serial port is working or not just short pin nos 2 & 3
Hi beeshyak, Yes, you are right. Sorry that I have misinterpret the question. What shivachellam could be asking is can VB codes communicate to a microcontroller. Yes. A computer can talk to microcontroller through many means. digital I/O, parallel port, serial port (rs232, RS485), Ethernet, WiFi. for rs232, you can try searching for (...)
Hello I need to transmit serials datas RS 232 ( 19600 / 8 / N / 1 ) over 1500 ft distance ( 500 meters ) and i found RFM12BP module from Hoperf. This module has SPI interface and i don't know how to convert my serial data ( rs232 ) to spi . Has someone already done that ? I will really appr
Hi, I planing to use any PIC micro (for example 16F877, 876...) with nokia 3310First, make sure this phone has a serial port and supports the 'AT' command set. You may want to consider using a GSM module instead. I want to send SMS to this mobile for opening and closed electronic door (if is possible with one
I think you might not have initialise your USART. You might like to read more about rs232 in order to understand and setup a simple test step by step to troubleshoot the source of the problem. Best Regards, Siong Boon
For A1200 ALPHA meter from How can I do CLO (current loop interface,between pins 23,24) interface with PC serial port(rs232)? Do you have CLO to rs232 converter schematic?
First of all, select nokia mobile phone with serial port rs232. onces you have selected the mobile, search your mobile's cable datesheet. short all pins(of ur data cable) except Tx,Rxand GD. Search google for At command and serial port
It’s a complete mismatch .. Using hyperterminal you have no control over particular pins of the serial port and on top of that to get data from MAX187 you need to follow the exact timing sequence .. see data sheet .. It can be done with the parallel port, but really more practical approach would be to employ a microcontroller, program i
Been given a task to write program, software and hardware design to READ/WRITE EEPROM, 24LC16B EEPROM. PC ---> uC (16F877A) using rs232. Using normal serial cable. Connect to uC using MAX232, convert from serial port to TTL signal. 2-wire connection from uC to EEPROM. I want to write the code using mikroC compiler, but the problem now (...)
Hi, Is there any 8bit MCU out there that can be programmed/re flashed just using a PC's comport? All of them seem to require an external ISP. If you know any mcu family that has a serial port based program that sits on the MCU and enables in application programming via the com port, LET ME KNOW ! :D