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The servo expects a pulse period of about 20 ms (50 Hz pulse frequency). You have > 320 ms, far to slow. Depending on the servo type, it will either work with low servo gain (analog controller) or might stop completely (digital controller). Delete the 300 ms delay and reduce the loop increment respectively.
You have to configure CCP1CON register to generate PWM. Read datasheet. Generate a PWM of say 2 or 3 KHz and then vary the duty cycle to control the speed of servo motor. You need L293. The first o/p pair of L293 connects to motor and the first pair of inputs connect to MCU. The EN pin of first channel of L293 connects to CCP1 pin of MCU. (...)
I had used servo motor for last two years. Got it from mmy Epson Dot Matrix printer ( 4 pin ) and Western Digital Hard Drive ( 3 Pin ) I burn my ICs as I did not care for Back EMF, the magnetic flex generated inside the motors. I learnt to use Diode ( rectifier ) protection on each pin before connecting with IC. Do you (...)
servo based dual axis solar tracker servo motor 4 LDR pic16f877a
I am using the Hi Tech C compiler to program pic16f877a running @ 16MHz. Can anyone please give me the code to turn the servo motor CW on Rb0 interrupt being triggered and stop when the PORT B int occurs? The motor should turn ACW in case of the opposite int trigger order. Thanks
Hello Guys, I need help about this curiosity i had in mind. I am controlling a servo motor via CCP of the PIC. The servo is rated to work at maximum stall torque @ 6v. We know the PIC produces 5v out. So I was thinking to connect the supply of the servo externally while the PWM is coming from the CCP pin of the (...)
If the boat design will require an onboard microcontroller, then using 802.15.4, ZigBee, MiWi or similar transceivers might be the most straight forward method. As not-a-moderator mentioned you can use a simple ASK type TX/RX with proper encoding/decoding, however the depth sensor, servo and DC motor control would require additional sensors and mi
This source is servo motor control with PIC18F452. and it is OK..I tested. Please help me to change code for pic16f877a. int servo1,servo2,servo3; void servo_1(int servo1); void servo_2(int servo2); void (...)
To genarate pulse for servo, need PWM at 50Hz. PIC16 can't use PWM module. Use delay function also, not good for many servo. Other way, you can generate PWM using Timer Interrupt. See example servo. or You can use servo Controller that use UART to set servo position like this product, [URL="ht
What you need to do is take the normal rotation of a servo which is 180 degree. Now take the pulse width for the rotation which is normally 1ms. ( the 2 ends are 1ms and 2ms). So from the 1ms position to move 1 degree the pulse needs to (1*(1/180))+1ms = 1.006ms approx (1006us). These calcs are based on a normal RC servo. HTH
I have a dys0213 servo motor interfaced to port a of pic16f877a . Below is the code #include<16f877a.h> #use delay(clock=20000000) void main() { setup_adc_ports(NO_ANALOGS); set_tris_a(0x00); output_a(0x00); while(1) { output_high(PIN_A1); delay_us (1345); output_LOW(PIN_A1); delay_ms (18 ); } } this code wor
looks like you interface it to a digital IO port and pulse it for the specified time have you read the C36R manual ? also may be worth looking on the forum on the Cytron web site
servo motor is derived from pwm by controlling the duty cycle of the control signal.. This Link will help u | Microcontrollers | servo motor Control with PIC16F84
i need help to design a circuit for pic16f877a .relay.npn. servo motor and its source code in c language move forward and backward. plz help
Hi, There are loads of googled Tutorials and examples for servo motors out there - here is just two -
Hi - I am trying to interface a dc servo motor with pic16f877a, the code is written in Basic. I don't see the hardware responding at all to the code. I think it is because of the initialization of the configuration bits. So can you help me out with what and how to initialize parameter in Basic. Regards Ankit
i want to create a program which use servo motor with push button to send the signal to the servo motor... the servo motor will move when the push button is pressed once.. the program is like this... when the button is pressed the servo will move to desired angle.. from (...)
how to write PWM function code to control 5 servo motor by using interrupt? my xtal 20Mhz.i got the attachment for my coding.Pls tell me how to do it let me can call the PWM servo motor spec -90degree = 600us 90degree = 2400us
hai...i m doing a mini project line tracing robot. but now my servo motor only can turn clockwise. no matter how i change the code the servo motor still turn clockwise...i m use PIC C compiler...anyone can send me a sample code to turn the servo motor anticlockwise and stop to the (...)
Dear Brothers, I would like to control DC servo motor with pic16f877a. It's no matter whether PIC16F877 or not. I just want to get the idea from this. And also what is the most important thing in servo motor? It's very good for me if you share me the circuit diagram and also program.:D:D:D (...)
Hi gang.. i'm new here. nice to meet u all.. actually, i need some advise from other about my project. as i mention, my project is about hexapod walker. this robot using 3 servo motor & pic16f877a with 20MHz. my problems is to create the signal for this servo motor. each (...)
use a 220R resistor in series with the pic pin and the servo control pin +5v and ground
Hi all, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to pic and i'm stuck again in the controlling of servo motor...i had already initialised the PWM to the required pulse but I don't know what to do next. May i know how to control the position of the motor as in rotate 45 degrees clockwise then 45 degrees anti-clockwise? is there a need to use (...)