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How are you fixing setup violations? If you are shortening data path to meet setup check, I don't see why that will produce new set up violations. If the data travels fast, then fixing setup may produce hold violations .
hi i trying to receive data with usart on stm32f4_discovery board. my code do send data with my configuration,but it does't receive anything as what realterm said:( .i check the RXNE flag also ... but it does not set either . does any body khnow how to handle this ? i try so many examples on the net ... still facing (...)
STA doesn't check the functionality of a design. It verifies the design against a set of timing constraints. In your case it would analyze timing from the nearest launch edge to the rising edge of the divided clock, i.e. the period of the launch clock +/- the clock skeew between the two clocks.
- Are there some error messages while simulating? - Are you using variables? Then you could try to set all variables to "nominal" - You can try to check if the solution is available by creating for example a data table with the gain.
It is not related to compiler version problem i think you need to set TXC bit manually while you are using simulator. In real time it sets automatically for successful data transfer, so if you set your TXC bit I think you will able to run your UART simulation
hi friends, I am trying to interface spi in SSP at LPC2478. but I can't able to interface . I am using Keil 5 . I have check with debugger all control register set correctly but i cannot move the data from temperory register to SSP1DR i dont know what is reason . can anobody pls explain interfacing details and example code.
set uart receiving interrupt at the interrupt vector you can check received data and save on register rest of time you can implement portd blinking hoped this will help you
Hi, I have a question on how to simulate this situation. I have a working UART with parity checker that I synthesized to a Spartan 3 FPGA. If the parity check is incorrect, a signal will be set to high. This signal I routed to an LED on the FPGA board. I use Putty on Windows to communicate with the serial port and enter (...)
This is an experiment to check if digital data transmission was done accurately or not. Ok, so here's what is done: The part where the value is lower than the value set at trigger level is detected, then the number of samplings of the finer offsets are set, and only those parts were horizontally shifted and (...)
Hi, check the data sheet, think you will find many of those ports are mulit-functional and you need to set or change other parameters as well as just input/output; example Analogue or Digital. Also check for any CONFIG parameters that affect the port pins.
hi i use only microchip basically, to use spi you have to configure two register SSPSTAT and SSPCON.SSPCON register is used to set the spi mode if either slave or master, the sampling, the rising or the falling edge clock...etc The SSPSTAT register is used to check if the data was sent or not.pretty easy in case of pic microntroller. i did a (...)
During the DFT insertion stage, we check for the DRC rules such as: Clocks are controlled Asynchronous set/reset are controlled Clock gating cells are enabled bidirectional pins are set to in/out during shift etc.. But which are the DRC rules which are checked only in ATPG step and not in Scan (...)
We can set the SPI freq by changing the values of TMR2 prescaler value. Timer2 Output / 2 Ref: PIC18F4550 datasheet page no. 199 chk SSPCON1 register BIT SSPM3:SSPM0: Master Synchronous Serial Port Mode Select bits Note: 4: PR2 = 0x00 is not supported when running the SPI module in TMR2 Output/2 mode.
PIC 16f1527 datasheet Asynchronous Transmission set-up: set the CKTXP control bit if inverted transmit data polarity is desired. But BAUDxCON register not have CKTXP bit?
thanks for your reply. i check all register and flag that i set are correct . this same codein is worked in old model wavecom gsm modem but new model gsm modem wavecom modem not work for tis same code .
The part of data set you posted is not a set of integers. These are rational numbers. Try to plot your data set and check if it looks like origin (dont pay attantion to values, just shape). Maybe your noise added is very great. Or post the full code
Basically it looks OK although I do not have the same compiler to check it. I would note that you set the "uart_receive_flag" every time a character arrives, regardless of whether it caused an overrrun error or not. If the UART is not configured properly it may still receive data and you correctly reset it to clear the (...)
If possible, check out the timing for the LCD clock. 50us high clock should be enough when using 4MHz PIC clock. Also, I'm not aware of mikroc programming and the available functions, but I see no configuration in your code for the Lcd_Init() function. How do you set 4-bit or 8-bit data transfer mode? From your code I understand you're (...)
any state is possible, so you need to set it up to your desired state or clear the files on start.... or you can check from data sheet on the Function register file summary they do state the thresholds!
Hi All I have a very simple question that I "kind of" know the answer to. But I would like to see what you guys think. I have a series of digital data for example 001110001100000111100. I want to count how many 0 to 1 transitions are present in the data. For the data set in the example, I should get 3. The simples (...)
From the CAM 350 help files, under DRC checks,thats wot they are there for (searching): Annular Ring The Annular Ring area allows you to set up annular ring checks by comparing data on different layers. These tests check both the data size and offset between the two layers. (...)
That time you set data check
Hi, If you have the correct settings in your code it should work ok. Show your code so we can see how you have set things up
Have you changed the bud rate etc settings(used in the program) of your PC's port ?
First of all people are not going to check every thing of your code,so you should provide proper information ,anyway I am doing it for you? As SYNC bit is 0, you are using asynchronous mode. You are using 12 MHz for clock and your baud rate is 9600 as you set BRGH = 1 and SPBRG = 77 or 0x4D. Now about your problem, you can?t receive anything,
You have posted in the wrong section so I'm not sure if you refer to a microcontroller but assuming that you do there should be an interrupt you can use that is triggered when the fifo is empty so you add more data and there is a also a flag that you can check continuously in a loop and add data when it's set.
Hi, I'm trying interfacing DHT11 with PIC. I'm using Hi-Tech compiler. From information all over datasheet and internet, after sending start signal, DHT11 will reply 5 byte data. The last one is check sum. void dht11_start(void) { dataDir=0; // set pin as output data=0; // give low (...)
I can help you with the attached manuals. check if the service mode data settings similar to your tv set.
Hi thanhFF, check set pindata variable. U will find various options for it. The three bits which you are referring depends on this command. The three bits refer to preclock, clock and postclock data. U can find this information in the tetramax document.
The chip marking is not visible in your picture but you are probably using DS1307, if this is the case there in no alarm that can be set to wake up the mcu when the time matches the pre programmed time, you have to do a continuous check in software. When the power is off then DS1307 keeps the time by using the battery but there is no way to read a
which pc language you r using whatever data you need to send or recieve can be done through VTerminal in start menu and microcontroller has SCON register which is used to set baud rate and bits check baud rate and bits should be matching in pc and ucontroller.
The string is shorter than the "start point" parameter, poss empty string (stringtoparse, 11, 5) Maybe stringtoparse isn't 16 long.... set a breakpoint on that line, and check values in stringtoparse (wave the mouse over it) to check whats in there matey Neal
Does you check busy status from FTDI chip in FPGA? It is need to analyze when FPGA perform writing to FTDI, but FTDI sets busy at the same clock cycle. Also you need to set flow control for Synchronous FIFO mode in software.
dear sir, i've written a program according to my understanding please check while((AD0DR0 & 0x80000000)==0); //wait till DONE flag is set ADC_data = ( regVal >> 6 ) & 0x3FF; //extract data for(i=10;i<=0;) { binary_data = (ADC_data1 = (ADC_data%10)); (...)
the program is not working in ISIS or in real board? Beacause sometimes ISIS has bugs!!!! What is your frequancy and set the baud register from the table.
you need a level translator max232 IC... check if you have this IC on the board... connect the serial cable to your kit and PC and set the parameters on the terminal as 9600 baud rate, 8 data bit, 1 stop bit and no parity and hardware control as none..wrtie a small program to receive data from serial port and store it in 2 (...)
don't forget to setup the port as Input (or output if you want to send data) with the TRIS registers...
For quick synthesizability check, we have set up flows with Conformal-LEC. It has one of the fastest parsers in the market and can quickly model a design without needing any library. > read design rtl.v -golden > read design rtl.v -revised > report design data I set up CAD flows for my company and we have seen customers get (...)
Your compiler may not them in it's set of fixed memory locations .. Try to declare them by yourself using: T2CON data 0xxh :wink:
U can set the variable as sweep variables and perform the simulation.
It's not the same you're asking, but you can set dont_use attribute on all triggers with qbar during synthesise.
Just to be sure you are capturing every character sent to the printer, set your printer driver to send its output to a file (instead of printer) and cross check your file with the data captured by your device.
well, the fact i that: there are some ol' AVR with no RAM at all!, you must battle only with registers and IO ports... so it's possible... about the ram usage, check the datasheet, where it says INSTRUCTION set, there you will find the instructions to 'Store' and 'load' data from RAM 'memory' if you program in C (or (...)
Hi all, We have connected two PC's with a RS232 null modem cable. we wanted to transfer data between these two pc's. The problem is that when we opened the HYPER TERMINAL of these two pc's, we were able to establish a UNI-DIRECTIONAL data transfer, instead of a BI-DIRECTIONAL data transfer. We have checked the cable, our (...)
Hi check your interrupt routine whether it change register data (re set some register) All the bast Bobi The microcontroller specialist
I have tried doing the same for the set of data that I have got but with no use. I have got a data file that contains 2500 points of amplitude against time which I am trying to find the FFT of. Since its a 5MHz signal, I am expecting to see the peak magnitude at around 5MHz, but I am not! Been fiddling around for a couple of weeks now. (...)
Hi 78L05, I think you missed serial port sending part, I mean SerialPort1.Write or SerialPort1.WriteLine add this code to your program and check it. I assumed you set the serial communication protocol properly by setting baud rate, data bits, stop bits, parity etc. Better way is, use (any) micro-controller or (...)
Hai With 89c51, no need to define the port as o/p or i/p MicroCon I thought you must set the pin of 8051 before you can use it as input but nothing is done if meant for output. Please correct me if I'm wrong because i read about it. And have seen codes for 8051 on different occasion implementing this rule. Tha
I run at speed testing. I already set WaveformTable at .spf file. After run ATPG, I get not bad fault coverage, then I would see the waveform of the clock and scan enable signals. so, I open GSV, and run simulation, and select nodes to add to waveform. but, it is reported error data type is selected>. how can I check the (...)
I assume you are asking how to do this. The typical answer is to use bit mapping. Let us assume that your rf remtoe is transmitting bytes. Then you set up a transmission scheme where a command byte is followed by a data byte. You can optionally add a CRC or check byte to the end for greater noise immunity. The command byte informs (...)