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Hi, I am using PIC 16f873A controller. I that project I want to display float value in 4 digit seven segment LED display. the data lines(a to g) of the seven segment display is port B1 to B7, and dot point (DP) at C0. Can anybody help for me? Thanks in advance. (...)
first let me clear your question..there is no 6 SSD . SSD is seven segment display. you can built A circuit with 5 volt supply and if u know binary code in the scene that is more than enough to write the code. you need 470ohm of pull up array to connect to the seven segment.use 8051 any port i think below (...)
hi could anyone please help me to get code of real time clock using seven segment display in LPC2148.i need to display minutes and second in 4 bcd seven segment display i need code in keil c could anyone help me to get code
Hi, I have to implement a thermometer. I use on my project a PIC18F2620, a LM35, and the temperature is displayed on 3 seven segment display. In order to have a stable display, I use the Timer0, and I read the value of temperature at each 1 sec. The problem is the fact that there is nothing (...)
How can I dispaly in a seven segment dispaly, with a atmel mega16 , several resistor and swithches, the numbers of 0 to 9, if a use the switches as a input for numbers in binary code, how can i read the 1 or 0 they send to me , in which register they will be located.
I hve a vhdl code tht displas characters as follows how do i use this code to show my 7 bit output named as error_bit currently the code shows me these values at output but the verilog file i have made its output error_bit i want to display at output not these values(this code has not been designed by me so i am having difficulty t determine where
I am a beginner of learning hoe to use PIC to display seven segment display. Can anyone give a suggestion how to do. I am using MPLab IDE v7.31.
Hi , i am using 4 seven segment display along with 8051 microcontroller, and i am using port 0 for display, how i can display 4 digit value instantely,using Embedded c program ,now i can display single 7 segment display only for one digit,using 74LS145 (...)
Hi friends, I have planned to design aa digital clock using large seven segment display, can any one help me in this.
hello, i want to implement refresh driven display concept in PIC 18F4520 has 4 seven segment display in output...can you people help me....
I want to drive 4" seven segment display (25 nos.) 5 X 5 matrix form. But I do not know how to drive 4" seven seg display . Please suggest any driver IC also Latch for that. CD4511 But, you can control 4 sev. seg displays without using any driver/latch ICs, by using multiplexing (...)
Hi, Check pls these actual parallel/similar topic:- :-) Digital clock using large seven segment display BTW: was the nothing? (These address is on my PC (at home) blocked, I can today nothing se from it...) K.
I have recently joined an institute to learn verilog and FPGA kit. I am having Spatran 3e kit but the kit which they are using is having seven segment display. So in order to do practice i need seven segment display. Is there any external adapter for 7 segment (...)
Today i purchased 4 digit seven segment display. I am having both common cathode and common anode display. How can i connect this with my Spatran 3e as it is having LCD and i dont want to jump directly to LCD. At present i am using 8 LEDs and now i am confident to use them. Now i want to use seven (...)
hii i am trying to interface a seven segment led display of four digit (common cathod) with the msp4302112.can any one tell me how i can interface ?
Dear all I need to send RTC data to seven segment display RTC data : SEC , MINIS , HOURS , DAY , MONTH , YEAR I am using 74LS248 IC for BCD to drive seven segment I am using 4094 IC for mux I need use single port for both BCD driver and MUX driver ( see image for wiring diagram) MSB for BCD (...)
Hi dudes, i am trying to display four seven segment s on the board. I know the code to enable one seven segment display. But four at a has to change. Can any one will support for me. I am using DE0 kit from altera. Thanks in advance.
Hello, Though I'm a newbie at VHDL I managed to write a keyboard interface ( though it is only unidirectional, it is a success) for my board and am correctly displaying the letters on SSD. Now I am thinking of going one step further, that is to say I want to extend the borders of SSD. But I can not think of any simple way to do so, I need some a
How to add seven segment led in proteus?
I have my code and already implemented on hardware that scan 4x4 matrix keypad and display a number in seven segment display, now I wan't to connect a DC motor so that number 1 is pressed on keyboard motor should rotate clockwise and when 2 is pressed motor rotate ant clockwise., the code for keypad and proteus simulation (...)
A couple of projects from the web using individual LEDs for seven segment display:
Please help in displaying the output of 6-bit counter in decimal format instead of hexadecimal on the 2 seven segment displays of FPGA board. Also VHDL code for the debounce of Virtex-II FPGA board from Insight IMPACT with clock speed of 100MHZ
hi! please help me. is it possible if someone could send me a programme in C language to programme PIC so that pulses in a specific time period after being counted by a counter are converted into a unit of speed that is either KM/h or miles/h. Well the summary is somewhat like this, magnetic sensors to be used passing the pulses picked up
hai all i interfaced the at 89c51 to a system, which will countinously receive data and display it on 8 seven segment displays. at starting the seven segment display will display a welcome will start displaying the incoming datas,when it (...)
Hi friends Here iam displaying the Voltage on 7 segment display In this program iam facing diaplay probalm It is flickering and not showing the correct values on the display Please solve this problam Regards naresh /* Program for display analog voltage On 7 segment (...)
Driving seven segment displays has a problem of drawing large current, however you can use scanning segment by segment making small program on any available microcontroller, but i think, you would better to think in using even a single line LCD, it would work better and more reliable for you.. hope that (...)
hello genius guys well now i am making a XCESS-3 calculator .the only problem i am facing is HOW TO DRIVE seven segment display i am using 7447 seven segment display ic.How this ic can be used. how i connect my output from calculator (Binary form) to this 7447 ic. plz reply soon thz (...)
You didn't say exactly which board you have, so here's an example that builds in Xilinx ISE 9.1i and runs on the Xilinx/Digilent Spartan-3 Starter Kit. The "hex_display" module displays a 16-bit hex value on the board's multiplexed 4-digit LED display, with adjustable brightness. The "top" module assigns the FPGA pins and includes a (...)
hello i m building a circuit consisting of a seven segment display and its driver. i use a 7447 and a anode one if i want to switch from TTL to CMOS , with which IC i must substitute the 7447? is the 4511 a substitue of 7448 or 7447? thank in advance
Hi, Introduce 1ms timer interrupt. On each interrupt select one seven segment display and display its contents. continue the same method for the rest of the displays. On the main loop go on checking your adc etc.. Since it is interrupt driven, the display will update without flicker. (...)
can u help me to understand or even program the 4 seven-segment display in a microcontroller. How can i program it to control the display of each 7-segment. can u send me some sample to try-on?!^^ i hope that you can help me. by the what i used ATmega32 microcontroller and STK500 for burning the (...)
@evios Can you provide more detail about you project like how seven segment display is getting data and why you want to read using RX Pin of micro controller.
before using lm35 & adc interface, simply send a fixed value, lets say "52" to the display. for this make a lookup table for each digit 0-to-9 having it's corresponding seven segemnt code. The 2 displays will run in multplexed mode. after you get the value then take the adc & lm35 and read the value & then transmit it to display.
please help me program in assembler language...a seven segment display that everytime the pushbutton is pushed it will count from 0-9....attach here is my circuit...
Hi All, I recently designed a flow meter using MSP430 and did some EMI/EMC test. When ESD test was done, the unit reset immediately when High voltage was in contact with the body which was earthed. Give me a solution how to resolve the problem. I have a 30 multiplexed seven segment display in another board which was interfaced with the (...)
I need to design a C code for 8051 using 4 seven segment displays I have used the multiplexing of 4-displays and i wish to count from "0000" - "9999' upon external signal i've used the same multiplexing technique, 4 select lines and common data line to all the displays am not getting how to program (...)
I need to display a 3 digit number using 3 seven segment displays.. For Ex 516 How can I convert the number into hundred digit(Ex: 5), ten digit(Ex : 1), one digit(Ex : 6) using MPLAB assembly coding? Thanks in Advanced!
Do something similar to: case ({j,k}) 2'b00 : out <= out; 2'b01 : out <= 1'b0; 2'b10 : out <= 1'b1; 2'b11 : out <= ~out; endcase so that you can use the bits to control the 7 segment display or you can also use a seven segment decoder =)
hello guys, i wanna make seven segment display using LEDs and interface it with 8051 to make a countdown. i have thought to make a single segment with 4 leds so that there will be 28 LEDs in one seven segment. plz help me with how to connect these LEDs so that they would glow enough.further (...)
Try this: Pic Microcontroller P16F84 Tutorial: seven-segment display Example : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes a lot of samples around in the web. so do check them out!
refer this site for help PIC Tutorial  Ten - 7 segment LED's Interfacing seven segment displays | eXtreme Electronics
hi everyone i intend multiplexing two 7 common anode segment displays with a port of a micro controller by making 7 pins common to both of them and then the last one for the multiplexing. i dont know if there is a transistor that can switch as fast as a micro controller . some one suggested to me FETs but i have not used them before. i have simul
"if i use 3 to 8 decider i will only be able to use 2 seven segment displays....... " No, use the 8 decoder outputs to drive the commons of the 8 displays (of course via a PNP transistor, if you have common anode displays). One decoder output --- one display ...
Here's pseudocode for what you want: for each digit select digit i by grounding common cathode apply seven-segment drive for this digit end for This code will need to sequence through the digits at least 40Hz or faster. However, don't scan too fast since that will reduce the apparent LED brightness.
You can get an idea from: Control 7 segment LED displays with AVR - Scientific, embedded, biomedical, electronics contents. Interfacing seven segment displays | eXtreme Electronics [url=h
Hello, I am trying to use either 89S51 or pic 16f877a. I want to interface 4 rows of 4 seven segment display. means total of 16 seven segment display. Not getting proper idea. Also I have to interface matrix keypad 4x4. Please help with any of the above two micro. Eagerly waiting for (...)
Hi, i have a small problem about seven segment display sizes. can anyone tell me the sizes of seven segment displays available in the market(0.5", 1", 2".....). and also i need to know about the current which is required to light all the pins with normal brightness(1.5" = to light up (...)
I want to study about digital clock mikroC source code... can anyone put mikroC source code for 4 seven segment digital clock thanku
I need only algorithm Hi, I have not use 7 segment much these days, not with pic assembler anyway. However think you want to look at your design idea in more detail, can a usable referesh rate be achieved when driving 14 seven segments like that ? Each displays would only get a 7% duty cycle, so th