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Hi there, MAX7219 is nice for this application. You need only three port pins to connect this chip to a MCU. It can drive up to 8 seven segment LEDs. HTH
Driving seven segment displays has a problem of drawing large current, however you can use scanning segment by segment making small program on any available microcontroller, but i think, you would better to think in using even a single line LCD, it would work better and more reliable for you.. hope that (...)
Hi, As told above by mcs51, 2.5msec interrupt appears to be in order. I presume yours is BCD counter. You should keep a table of BCD to seven segment conversion, since you are using one port to drive the digit. You also maintain an index of next-digit- to-be-driven. On interrupt, you load the digit value of the next digit and turn on the appro
hello i am interfacing a ps2 keyboard using AT89C2051. i did some codes but it won't work when a key is pressed. it wont display anything. anyone has any idea? ill attach my current code. thanks
running 4 seven segment diaplay isn't a difficult job, just use multiplexing. send value of units digit and set the bit connected to this bit's anode, then send value of tens digit and set the bit connected to this bit's anode but clr the unit's segment bit....carry on like this for all 4 digits. Regards
Hi! Driven common anode seven segment led,+12V power,scanning display,6 meters RV cable(impedance is not work properly,it is always display "8".The signal is properly at input pin of uln2003 and the base pin of 8550,but the signal is very distortion at the output pin of uln2003 and the colletor pin of 8550.I know it is about due to tra
Hi I am using 16f72 for a clock circuit using 4 seven segment displays. I have written the code in assemby.I used 32.768khz crystal with timer0 to generate 1 second delay.The problem is that,as the crystal frequency is this much low the display sometimes gives small flickering.I have written the same in C also.There result was not so g
if u r using microcontroller and seven segment displays then u should rather check the scanning rate which u set in the code for the displays to set pattern..... think if the scanning rate is wrongly set...too fast then when hex file is code and burnt then during execution it may also load the processor as Pc is acting as (...)
You want to show each digit at least 50 times/sec so depending on how much lines you must switch you multiply that with 50, for example if you have 8 rows and you want them to switch at a speed of 50 times/sec you have to use multiplexing of 8*50=400Hz It is a similar thing with the seven segment display, the multiplexing there is accomplished