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Hi there, MAX7219 is nice for this application. You need only three port pins to connect this chip to a MCU. It can drive up to 8 seven segment LEDs. HTH
Does seven segment led spice model exist? Thanks!
Hi, Any schematic and tutorial to drive seven segment with PLD or FPGA. Thanks
How can I dispaly in a seven segment dispaly, with a atmel mega16 , several resistor and swithches, the numbers of 0 to 9, if a use the switches as a input for numbers in binary code, how can i read the 1 or 0 they send to me , in which register they will be located.
Please help in displaying the output of 6-bit counter in decimal format instead of hexadecimal on the 2 seven segment displays of FPGA board. Also VHDL code for the debounce of Virtex-II FPGA board from Insight IMPACT with clock speed of 100MHZ
hello genius guys well now i am making a XCESS-3 calculator .the only problem i am facing is HOW TO DRIVE seven segment DISPLAY i am using 7447 seven segment display ic.How this ic can be used. how i connect my output from calculator (Binary form) to this 7447 ic. plz reply soon thz in advance
I am a beginner of learning hoe to use PIC to display seven segment display. Can anyone give a suggestion how to do. I am using MPLab IDE v7.31.
who can give a sample of verilog code that convert 4 bit binary (deciaml is 0-9) to display at seven segment? Inside the code need to have a reset and clock. I am facing problem to create a clock and reset. If you are genuinely seeking for "help" (and not to get your job/homework done by others), post your code and explain
You didn't say exactly which board you have, so here's an example that builds in Xilinx ISE 9.1i and runs on the Xilinx/Digilent Spartan-3 Starter Kit. The "hex_display" module displays a 16-bit hex value on the board's multiplexed 4-digit LED display, with adjustable brightness. The "top" module assigns the FPGA pins and includes a simple 16-bi
This condition refers to dynamic displaying. the display step is like this: 1. for one time, you can select one seven segment, and put your digit to it, then wait for a moment (< 0.1/4 s) 2.and then, you can select another seven segment, and do the same thing as the first one. 3. repeat the same operation for the remain (...)
hi to all why we use transistor in ( Binary to 7-segment with Decoder)i need a circuit schematics that show this application of transistor,also seven segment is common chatode. thanks
Hi, Does anyone have an idea on how to display the analog conversion into seven segment? Thank you.
HELLO, I have Connected Port 0 of DATA BUS LCD and 3-MULTIPLEXED seven segment. I have used three Transistors (NPN) in Common Collector Configuration.I am using Switching Between Vcc 'for LCD and Anode of seven segments with Common Collectors. So,LCD and seven segment at works (...)
before using lm35 & adc interface, simply send a fixed value, lets say "52" to the display. for this make a lookup table for each digit 0-to-9 having it's corresponding seven segemnt code. The 2 displays will run in multplexed mode. after you get the value then take the adc & lm35 and read the value & then transmit it to display.
please help me program in assembler language...a seven segment display that everytime the pushbutton is pushed it will count from 0-9....attach here is my circuit...
Hi, I am using PIC 16f873A controller. I that project I want to display float value in 4 digit seven segment LED display. the data lines(a to g) of the seven segment display is port B1 to B7, and dot point (DP) at C0. Can anybody help for me? Thanks in advance. Regards, Anand
Hi friends, I have planned to design aa digital clock using large seven segment display, can any one help me in this.
sir i m trying to make a digital clock with RTC(ds1307) ,but i am getting a problem to throw on seven segment. i have tried to make this code in c and i get easily in lcd ,but i am unable to throw same value on seven segment. plz if some one help me how can i throw value in (...)
I need to design a C code for 8051 using 4 seven segment displays I have used the multiplexing of 4-displays and i wish to count from "0000" - "9999' upon external signal i've used the same multiplexing technique, 4 select lines and common data line to all the displays am not getting how to program this in C, can anyone please send me a
good day to all, my project is about to show the heart beat using 7-segment means i have to use a PIC which i already have PIC16F and as far as i know i must use decoder and connect from the PIC and the decoder to the seven segment--- so what i have to measure or what is the formula i must use or any guide to go through plzzzz thanx (...)
Hi was doing this multiplexing 10 seven segment using pic16f887 but i having a problem in programming hopefully someone can help with it. i manage to on perfectly show number for the 1st to 8th as the port D is used to control the seven segment but the last two digit was not work perfectly as it is always on which i put (...)
hi to all, i was making a code in asm it is a clock which displays hours and minutes. but then as i was running the program I doesnt change the display in seven segment... i can send you the code i made... thanks
helloo..everyone...can anybody help me on how am i going to interface two seven segment led display to pic16f84a..using only 6 ports of the pic...and also a buzzer...:|wat ic am i going to use...pls...
I want to drive 4" seven segment display (25 nos.) 5 X 5 matrix form. But I do not know how to drive 4" seven seg display . Please suggest any driver IC also Latch for that. CD4511 But, you can control 4 sev. seg displays without using any driver/latch ICs, by using multiplexing techique. www.youritro
Help me adc result on 3 digit seven segment display using pic 16f676.
I need to display a 3 digit number using 3 seven segment displays.. For Ex 516 How can I convert the number into hundred digit(Ex: 5), ten digit(Ex : 1), one digit(Ex : 6) using MPLAB assembly coding? Thanks in Advanced!
Hi, I've got a 16 bit output from ADS 7825, which is 16 bit adc. I've 6-seven segment displays. Now I want this 2 byte adc output on 7-segment. So can anyone tell me how do i conversion of this hex bytes to decimal and then print them on seven segment??? The output is signed int. I am using ATMEGA 128 (...)
Hi, Check pls these actual parallel/similar topic:- :-) Digital clock using large seven segment display BTW: was the nothing? (These address is on my PC (at home) blocked, I can today nothing se from it...) K.
is this because of im using too many multiplexing of seven segment so the brightness is dull? Yes. 20mA would be bright enough, if one 7-segment display would get it all the time. Because of the multiplexing, however, it gets this current only about 1/22 (assuming there's only 1 mux-group) of the time, which means it
Do something similar to: case ({j,k}) 2'b00 : out <= out; 2'b01 : out <= 1'b0; 2'b10 : out <= 1'b1; 2'b11 : out <= ~out; endcase so that you can use the bits to control the 7 segment display or you can also use a seven segment decoder =)
hi guys.. can anyone help me with this circuit.. i am aiming to have a program that will give ang output that only 1 seven segment will turn on at a time.. thank you
I have recently joined an institute to learn verilog and FPGA kit. I am having Spatran 3e kit but the kit which they are using is having seven segment display. So in order to do practice i need seven segment display. Is there any external adapter for 7 segment display which can be used with kit. (...)
first let me clear your question..there is no 6 SSD . SSD is seven segment display. you can built A circuit with 5 volt supply and if u know binary code in the scene that is more than enough to write the code. you need 470ohm of pull up array to connect to the seven segment.use 8051 any port i think below image helps you (...)
Today i purchased 4 digit seven segment Display. I am having both common cathode and common anode display. How can i connect this with my Spatran 3e as it is having LCD and i dont want to jump directly to LCD. At present i am using 8 LEDs and now i am confident to use them. Now i want to use seven segment. Somebody told (...)
can you upload your circuit so that we can trace try to make common anode seven segment only first in this circuit i tried to connect resistor suitable to anode led in series and cathod to uln2003 out put . why you use 220 ohm resistor i don't know ? since four leds are in series resistor value will decrease (12v)
Try this: Pic Microcontroller P16F84 Tutorial: seven-segment Display Example : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes a lot of samples around in the web. so do check them out!
I am using the PIC18f4520. How do i count my dual seven segment from 0 -60 and stop? I would like to know the coding for this function. Yr help would be much appreciated
hii i am trying to interface a seven segment led display of four digit (common cathod) with the msp4302112.can any one tell me how i can interface ?
refer this site for help PIC Tutorial  Ten - 7 segment LED's Interfacing seven segment Displays | eXtreme Electronics
can i use single bcd driver to connect 8 seven segment displays..!!! plz sum1 help me..!!! i will be deleteing all your future post if you continue to use sms kind of words. there is no place for lazy people who find it difficult to type complete words
I Want to interface 7segment display with Assembly Language using parallel port... The problem is Parallel port has 8 outputs and I want to connect 8 seven segment should I Do it...? if using Multiplexer IC...then which will do my work Perfectly..?
Here's pseudocode for what you want: for each digit select digit i by grounding common cathode apply seven-segment drive for this digit end for This code will need to sequence through the digits at least 40Hz or faster. However, don't scan too fast since that will reduce the apparent LED brightness.
Is it possible to interfacing 8 seven segment with Micro controller using only 16 transistors??? If yes , then please give the idea of this circuit.:roll: Thanks, Vimal Patel
You can get an idea from: Control 7 segment LED displays with AVR - Scientific, embedded, biomedical, electronics contents. Interfacing seven segment Displays | eXtreme Electronics [url=h
yes you can use ULN ... No he can't, he is using common anode displays and he wants to use the uln2003 to control the common supply of common anode displays, the segment cathodes are connected to the PIC i am using common anode (positive) seven segment... i connect segment to directly to pic16f877a's po
Who can help me to get the good otuput temperature;I am using PIC16F877A and two seven segment display(common anode )driven with BC337 (NPN transistors). see my code here below: #include<16f877a.h> #fuses HS,NOWDT #use delay(clock=20000000) #include #include #use standard_io(A) #use standard_io(B) #use standard_io(D) #d
Hi friends i'm using a 2.3" seven segment display(3nos), which is best driver IC or circuit i should go through?? Please suggest a best driver circuit. Thanks Binojkumar
hello everyone i want some help hope anyone can help me... i want to interface 4x4 keypad with 89c51 and want to display on 4 seven segment suppose on first attempt i pressed 7 xxx7 on second attempt if i pressed 4 xx74 on third attempt if i pressed 1
hi i need to display received string on serial port of 89c52 to display it on seven segment. how can i perform the received data string to 7 segment i am receiving 10 char string and want display them on 10 different 7 segment.
I had did some search for selection of seven segment displays for design....i.e. when to use common Cathode and when to use common another word what are the advantages that one will get if one is using common cathode displays over common anode and vice versa....but could not able to get satasficatory a

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