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Hello everybody !! I serach for a "pwm-circuit" for controlling a "Buck/Boost-Converter" !! Does anybody have a circuit !! Thank you ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post. Any other replies are always welcome via PM.
Hello brothers! I have one problem: I am design a pwm circuit that control the current source in galvanometer(speed meter). The manufacturer of the galvanometer (speed meter) specify the following conditions: 60Hz, 0...25mA; speed show proportional of the pulse current throught of the coil. I design the circuit show above and when the (...)
Dear Advancer: I will be responsible for DC-DC converter .pwm circuit seems the most important circuit.I know one architecture is "op+ triangle wave" but I do not feel it is the best choice. Can anyone give me other circuit that have proved or other information about it ? thanks.
Integrated CMOS Buck DC-DC Converter with On-Chip pwm circuit
The sg3524 has a very good advantage over monolithic cd4047 cus the output can be automatically adjust to normal a.c voltage when there is variation in load. The auto adjust is possible when there is feedback signal to the pin 1 of the ic, the circuit i have worked, but does not have a feedback. thanks.
Hi, Guys I need the Spice 3 Model for the sg3524 or LM3524 pwm Regulator, this is to simulate a circuit in Multisim 10.0, if somebody has it please Email to me at this Email address: Thanks in advance. Jorge G.
From would like to adapt this circuit as an LED dimmer (C1 will be 33nF so the pwm frequency is higher...), but instead of the thermsistor, I'd like to use a phototransistor (less light = brighter LEDs). However, I'm not exactly sure
Dear all: I would like to design a pulse width modulation circuit so that my circuit will have the different duty cycle ( 50%-50%, 40%-60%, 30%-70%). But I don't want to use the dividers to implement it, because it will decrease my output frequency. Anyone has other suggestion?
Please, I need a circuit for pwm signal generation
Hi, i'm looking for anyone or company service in singapore who can help to design a pwm to control the speed of a single phase induction motor. The person or company must come out with a circuit design, micro-controller design & programming, simulation test using any software, report writing and lastly, hardware assembly. thank you
Are you referring to the Microsemi sg3524 pwm controller? If so I would start by reading the data sheet. As far as understanding how a Microsemi sg3524 based inverter circuit works, I would start by reading up on inverter circuits and their operation. Just search for Inverter circuit design (...)
I need to power a small microprocessor circuit which will have a 5 volt regulator. The power source is a 0-12V pwm operating at 100Hz. I realize that I probably won't be able to drive this circuit at less than 45% duty cycle. I thought that I was onto it by building a simple low pass filter. It smoothed out the pwm, but (...)
I really need like this to I tried a lot and I can't find any good circuit for make like this thing. I found a circuit for IR transmitting/Receiving activated circuit.But I can't find any circuit for this light effect style.Its like a Ripple effect with
Hi, Is there some simple circuit (I'm new to electronics) to modulate pulse 1-10 or 1-20 ms wide to simulate fuel injector work.
Hello everyone. I'm unclear as to whether the U1B and U1C components in the attached circuits are regular opamps or voltage comparators. They are all taken from MAX4094 which is a single IC with 4 opamps on it. But U1C clearly is a voltage comparator. I do not have MAX4094. What I have are LM358 (regular opamp) and LM397 (comparator). I need
Actually there is '-' ,'+', and comp terminals for sg3524 pwm controller.. i m designing isolated converter for our application. i need to isolate the voltage sensing which is given to '-' terminal of the error amplifier.. how to acheive it..? any idea or example circuit..? Usually i used to go with tl431 and optocoupler at the feedback (...)
Hello, i would like to use this circuit replace the potentiometer with a ntc, because all i want is auto-throttle using pwm. however, the ntc drops restistance as heat increases, and so, i am not sure how i can reverse that. can you suggest a fast sollution ? prob
I need pwm driving linear Ramp circuit, output is 1 to 5VDC . Component count is critical fpr the place. Thank you very much
becuase AMD or Intel prescott CPU have large current > 60A .. if we use single pahse pwm need driver very large power-mos how to design multi-phase pwm system ?? 2 phase or 4 phase is better ? have any paper (or book) talk about multi-phase pwm circuit
Hi iam aravind i am looking for a 12v to 220v inverter of 1Kw,2Kw,5Kw power circuit diagram pls help me forword your diagrams to Aravindan_t20@yahoo.Co.In. Thank you aravind
friends i need the coding to generate a pwm waveform from the Spartan 3E stater kit to a MOSFET on a circuit via a gate drive. the waveform can be at logic 0 or 1. eagerly waiting for your reply thanks
i have build 555 timer pwm circuit and i am varying the motor speed with the variblre resistor b/w pin 7 and 6.but i want to control the speed form external analog voltages which ranges form 0.80v to 1.20v. any ideas thanx
I'm a degree final year student. my project is need control AC Squirrel-cage Induction Motor 41.5V 2A 50W 1400rpm 50Hz. so need to design and construction a 3 phase pwm circuit. Please help me, give some ideal, experience or circuit teach me solve my problem.
i have a question about dc-dc converter during study it, as we all known, one of pwm input signal always a saw-tooth wave(triangular wave) the other is a error-signal from error amplifier,so the out is a pwm signal. my question is why not use a dc level signal to replace the saw-tooth wave? so it is a common comparator,it also can ouput a rectangu
I am in need of mains (220V.45W) SOLDERING IRON TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER circuit Diagram ( I will Prefer sg3524 pwm cont I.C based Design with out complex Ferrite Transformers) Discations on this topic also welcome. Thanks
Hi I am making a Big Digital Clock. I will use 7 Segments made of LED. The size of one 7 Segment is 12" and consists of 252 LEDs. The problem is I want the display to get the equal light intensity. I am thinking of using pwm design. So, give me any ideas regarding the pwm circuit designs and welcome any tutorials or lessons for digital (...)
Hi I need help , I have to use pwm circuit with frequency between 5K to 30 KHz to switch Mosfet or any other transistor (IRF540) in Buck converter so by chainging the refrence voltageso I will get different pulse width. I tried LM324 IC but it works in just few hundrdes of hertz.
Hi everyone, I am require to come out with vibrating motor which is able to be control via a RF wireless remote control and able to control the speed of the vibrating motor. I'm new into this field. I hope the people here can help me or giving me ideas about how to deal with it. I have been google for a few days but come out with not much o
Hi, I m trying to generate a pwm signal at the output of the lt1016 comparator. My idea is to compare a basic sinusoidal signal with a linear ramp signal aids of this comparator. The linear ramp (called IN-) is plotted in blue. I don't have idea to set up a correct linear ramp, what is the proper frequency the linear ramp should have? [
hye...i am doing my final year project using PIC16f877A..I want to produces 45kHz of pwm signal with 50% duty will be use as switching for my boost converter..i really need help for this project since i am not so familiar with PICs..i attached some file here. the coding and my circuit layout. I am using 20Mhz crystal.
Hi, this can be a problem, if you look into the forum i post some inverters circute diagram using sg3524 pwm ic it work fine with modified sine output,and to control the inverter on when ever their is power supply failure normaly the shut down pin is used for the control.
Im new to designing pwm circuit. How can I mute motor's high pinch sound generated due to pwm on its driver? I'm using Atmega8, Timer1 as pwm, F-oc and 9V motor, DC, Small, High Speed I tried lowering freq, by dividing Foc/1024&..., but the pwm on motor doesn't work quite well , because its high speed (...)
Hi, I was wondering if there are any LED driver that is able to drive the pwm frequency in the 100kHz to 500kHz range? Secondly, it seems that LED datasheet don't spec in the frequency response. I wonder wondering if LEDs might act as a "filter" such that pwm signals of the above mentioned range becomes ineffective at the LED. Thanks. :)
I am a new girl in electronics here and I hope this is the right place. I used to play with my grandfather when he worked on building electronics. I learned a lot about building PCB's, but not to much about theory or how electronics works for that matter. I can usually follow a schematic and get something built. I hope to learn more because thi
I am using a controller which can generate max 100Hz pwm Frequency. But for my application I need 10KHz frequency in pwm. Is there hardware circuit is available which can control by this controller and able control duty cycle of pwm @10Khz.
Hi All, Im hoping to use a simple 555 circuit with mosfet (low side) output to drive a solenoid, Im confused over the specs of the solenoid i will need. Am I right to think that I can replace a 24V 12W solenoid with a 6V 3W on a 25% duty cycle at 24V? The main trouble with the 24V 12W is the heat it generates when continuously on, would the p
hi, i want to generate pwm using altera, i have built a circuit using counters, but am having errors. I have attached the circuit diagram. Would be glad if someone can take a look at it, and see what am doing wrong. Thanks
Hello, This is the circuit: 58679 What must be the tOpen and tClose values? and What must be Voff,VAmpl and FreQ values of V3 .. Thanks for help
Hi all. I have a plan on trying to use a simple pwm averaging using RC filter. By Googling I have found some information about determing the RC value. It seems that the higher pwm freq we use the better. I't's kinda a rule thumb. My question is, how high should it goes? Is it merely depends on the uC (generator system) capabilitiy (incl. design
hi all i am new here , i was working the past 2 weeks to make pwm for an existing 240VAC 2200W but i will run it on DC 260V instead from 20 12V batteries for and electric car project i am working on i did try this circuit DPRG: A Simple pwm circuit Based on the 555 Timer with 555 timer but
i have the schematics for a pwm using a 555 Ic and an RC network taken from this forum: instead of changing the Oscillation time manually with a poti, i need it to steadily change the pulse time, and thought of using another 555 pwm circuit but i dont know how to combine them together .
hellow ! how to check a pwm IC with multimetr if it is woking or not in a power supply ,in general THANK YOUU!
Hello everyone. I will be implementing the circuit found here to drive a DC motor through Pulse Width Modulation. In addition to the Vcc, I have a 'surplus' DC source / battery. What I want to do is power the motor through this surplus
Hello everyone. I'm operating a DC motor through a pwm signal but I'm facing a problem regarding the back EMF generated by the DC motor. Ideally, I want the back EMF eliminated. Currently when I connect an oscilloscope across the motor, I find that the voltage across the motor never reaches zero. When the pwm waveform is LOW, the motor kee
hi..sorry for interruption..I really need help in finding suitable pwm circuit for buck converter with Vin=15v , Vout=5v? here are the schematic diagram of my buck converter's design..hope to hear from u guys soon..thank
Hello, I have made a pwm circuit using the STP120N4F6 & PIC16F628A, I was thinking if using pwm and then filtering the output with Large 4700uF 25Volt Capacitor i can make a Buck Converter, then why Inductor is required ? If i m getting Average Value Directly....? Please explain me, i m new to Buck Converter and i need to make one. (...)
Greetings, Could anyone help me explaining the following circuit 99832 Actually i have been assigned to build a circuit with pi controller to maintain the temperature set point of 40C of an incubator. the above is proposed to be used as the first stage before pi controller. Explanation with mathematical relations would
Hi, I have a 16V smps with current range of 2A. I want to use it for battery charging. Battery is lithium ion 14V. However i want to add pwm circuit for current limiting. How to do that? Which IC i should use for pwm generation?
Hi there I have been working the following circuit: 106967 Built in LTSpiceIV. I am trying to input a square waveform, integrating this to become a triangular waveform, then through a summing amplifier to be able to vary the offset with a dc bias, then this triangular waveform is compared to a reference voltage which se
Hi, I need to control the output of a boost converter and make it equal to a given reference voltage. But I need to control my inductor current as well and make that equal to a given reference current as well. My input voltage is variable and so is my inductor current reference. However my output voltage has to remain constant. I need some tut