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The sg3524 has a very good advantage over monolithic cd4047 cus the output can be automatically adjust to normal a.c voltage when there is variation in load. The auto adjust is possible when there is feedback signal to the pin 1 of the ic, the circuit i have worked, but does not have a feedback. thanks.
Hi, Guys I need the Spice 3 Model for the sg3524 or LM3524 pwm Regulator, this is to simulate a circuit in Multisim 10.0, if somebody has it please Email to me at this Email address: Thanks in advance. Jorge G.
I need to use sg3524 inverter circuit. Requirements of the output adjustment range from 0vAC to 220VAC. I find the circuit but do not know how it works. And how to calculate the stages: from the pulse generator block, step response, ... Please anyone help.Thank! http:htt
Actually there is '-' ,'+', and comp terminals for sg3524 pwm controller.. i m designing isolated converter for our application. i need to isolate the voltage sensing which is given to '-' terminal of the error amplifier.. how to acheive it..? any idea or example circuit..? Usually i used to go with tl431 and optocoupler at the feedback sid
Hi Can i know what chip are you planning to use for the pwm? If you are using any standard pwm chips like sg3524 or 3525 the best method is to vary the voltage at pin 9. Connect a 1N4148 diode from pin 9 to the wiper of a 50k pot. The upper end of the pot masy be connected to pin 16,that is the 5v Ref. The bottom may be connected to ground (...)
I am in need of mains (220V.45W) SOLDERING IRON TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER circuit Diagram ( I will Prefer sg3524 pwm cont I.C based Design with out complex Ferrite Transformers) Discations on this topic also welcome. Thanks
bdmehta: you can use step up transformer (say upto 1KV) and then use Cockcroft-Walton voltage multiplier. But all the thing should be in potting material. OR You can convert it to DC and then use a pwm IC (say sg3524 etc) to 1KV and then use Cockcroft-Walton voltage multiplier and here you can also use feedback for a good regulation. But a
use sg3524 in the pwm section to drive the mosfet
Hi, this can be a problem, if you look into the forum i post some inverters circute diagram using sg3524 pwm ic it work fine with modified sine output,and to control the inverter on when ever their is power supply failure normaly the shut down pin is used for the control.
hi every one.. i found this IC...sg3524... on my inverter..which i bought from the market.. i have read the datasheet but could not find the reason behind this IC to be used in inverter.circuit inverter is 50watt... anyone please can you explain how this IC works.. every help will be appreciated
See: I want to ask, if I have a 0-12 transformer in place of a 12-0-12 transformer, can I use the same sg3524 based pwm inverter circuit by just using four Z44 mosfets in place of two by making the transformer lying between H-bridge? The linked image is for showing the idea. Original design of mine that has
How to test this integrated Regulated pwm " sg3524N " ? What does it mean by " shutdown ", " Current Lim + " & " Current Lim - " ? why are they used ? thanks
sg3524,sg3526 are not intended to be used as pure sine wave, but can be used as modified sine wave. Sine wave purity depends upon the filter output. You can refer to this... A similar thread is found.:
Have you decided which controller you'll use? sg3524, SG3525, microcontroller or something else? If you want to do it without center tap transformer, use full-bridge topology instead of push-pull. If the transformer primary voltage rating is 12V, secondary rating of 240V won't be enough. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
I dont know exactly what is the min freq of sg3524. but less than 1Hz also it'll support. for ur req sg3524 (SG1524 or SG2524) is one of the best solution. ref circuit: . - pg no. 5 In other hand u can use 4017 with 555. her
hi friends I need schematics of 1kva pwm inverter(not switch mode) using sg3524 or SG 3525. thanks in advance javed
Hi simon, Check the feedback section of your inverter. Check any optocouplers and associated resistors and potentiometer. Check the connection of these parts to the oscillator and use a multi-meter to check the output duty cycle and frequency from the pwm chip (sg3524, SG3525, etc.) Hope this helps. Tahmid.
Which is the pwm ic used(16)? Maybe sg3524 or tl494. Is it working ok happened to me also transistor and ic burnt without a reason withen few hours, replaced with new ones then workd ok.maybe not of good quality.
i'll post the circuit soon. the output sinyal from IC pwm 3524 that i expected to switch the transistor. i want to make a charger battrey from flyback converter,using ferrit transformator.. please help.. best wishes. ---------- Post added at 11:24 ---------- Previous post was at 10:12 ---------- http:/
i using the sg 3524 to generated the pwm and to switch the mosfet.... my design... vin=25 v, and i want to get the output 13,8 volt and the current 0,5 A,... in datasheet of sg3524,there is formula to get the output that we want...,,, vo=2.5 v r1+r2/ r1... i have did it,but my output not stabil.... what cause it...????? please help.
Thanks .what is the o/p wave form?Can this power lcd tv.Cos I design using sg3524 it cannot power lcd tv(samsung) but it power other load in my room both lg tv flatron
You should start with a small capacity inverter, like 100W. Then scale it up for your required power. Start learning on the various blocks - pwm control section, feedback section, MOSFET drive section, power stage, output filter, etc. Two very common pwm controllers you could take a look at are SG3525 and sg3524. You can find lots of (...)