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Hi, all I want to drive eight IRFP064 with sg3525 directly (in each side). Please explain that is there any formula for calculating the number of MOSFET's? Regards
OK, so I just finished building a DC-DC converter based on the SG2525 PWM and some IRFP240s. It works but I don't think I have a very good grasp of the Compensation, purpose of the opamp inputs (inverting and non-inverting inputs), etc. Lots of circuits I see based on this just enable "shutdown" when voltage gets too high. Others modulate the
Hi sg3525 has a datasheet that gives some tables or curves for RT and CT . did you see them ? Best wishes Goldsmith
Hello guys, currently i'm working on a DC 12V to AC 230V switched mode power supply using sg3525. I noticed that most of the output of the reference SMPS circuits that I found are not pure sine wave. Do u guys have any good circuits to share? Besides that, the transformer is giving me some headache. I plan to custom build the transformer (...)
Hi dmmahesh. Here is link about circuit dc to dc step up voltage. Simple: 5VDC to +12V and -12V Isolated dual Switching Regulator with LM2587 sg3525 DC/DC C
I don't think so, it is good idea to build a SMPS for multi-outputs with a simple 555 timer. Try to think of using LM3524 or sg3525 etc (PWM based) and design for specifically for SMPS. Any how following is a circuit based on 555 for tube light conversion. You can pick an idea and modify this circuit.(if you insist on 555 only). Second circuit is b
You can download Application Notes and circuits from ON Semiconductor for UC3842 or UC3843. Also for DC DC converter you can choose the IC LM3524 or sg3525, you can find alot of circuit for these IC from the web.
try and do some search on sg3524 and sg3525. these are components that are very good for building inverters you just have to do some little calculation to bring it to life. hope to load up some circuits for u. later Added after 1 hours 14 minutes: Hello there,I am Randolf F.Abadier, I hope th
i am experimenting with almost exactly the same circuit, the sg3525 is directly driving the MOSFET via gate resistors. The main difference in the above circuit is the driving of the MOSFETs can anyone shed any experience as to whether the first one with additional components to drive the MOSFETs be any superior in practise? According to sp
Hi Try a look at sg3525 OR KA 3525. At you can find a lot of examples. BEST
Hi, Assuming that your motorcycle battery is 12v, this is the simplest circuit I can think The controller is sg3525. RT and CT determine the frequency, RD the deadtime. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
Hi, You could use a pulse generator and a gate driver. For gate driver, you can use IR2110, IR2181, IR2184, L6385, L6387, etc. For the pulse generator or oscillator, you can use sg3525, SG3524, SG3526, TL494, TL594, etc. You can find the datasheet of these chips here: Datasheet catalog for integrated circuits,
Hello Tahmid! Can you please give me full circuit diagram with explanation for this type of inverter based on SG3524,sg3525. Is sg3525 better in terms of performance or features?
You should start with a small capacity inverter, like 100W. Then scale it up for your required power. Start learning on the various blocks - PWM control section, feedback section, MOSFET drive section, power stage, output filter, etc. Two very common PWM controllers you could take a look at are sg3525 and SG3524. You can find lots of inverter-re