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help with sg3525 , sg3525 , sg3525 inverter , sg3525 smps
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The question sounds confused, because sg3525 is a PWM control circuit. What you probably mean is how to connect a buck switcher to the IC. sg3525 has two outputs with < 50 % duty cycle, so you would need to combine both outputs to drive the buck switch. SG3524 provides a simpler way to get > 50 % output duty cycle, so it's usually preferred.
Hi, all I want to drive eight IRFP064 with sg3525 directly (in each side). Please explain that is there any formula for calculating the number of MOSFET's? Regards
Hi sg3525 has a datasheet that gives some tables or curves for RT and CT . did you see them ? Best wishes Goldsmith
i want to generate pwm through this ic but i not able generate it , i have also tried different circuits for it... can any suggest me any circuit of this ic sg3525... i would be highly thankful to you people
Good! First of all I introduce myself and congratulate all the members of this community that nurtured and I both learned from this exciting world of electronics. I tell them: I'm doing a sg3525 PWM with which feed a think IR2110 and able to handle (or two) IRFP460 to control a DC motor. In reading, searching and trying different circuits, I get
I need a book about active circuits. Please if anybody has a book or a link where i can find it there, tell me about. There are books for sedra,Huelsman ... but i couldn't find any free on the net.
Collection of electronic circuits for the hobbyist or student. Sites includes circuit diagrams:
Hi, I am looking for circuits of modern computerised model radio control units. Can anyone help? Thanks
Hi, i find these nice site. Enjoy--
Where can I find ELectric Guitar Effects schematic circuits ? For exampLe; booster, distortion, tremoLo, phaser ...
i need the help about designing analog IC circuits, who can tell me the useful links which contains many practical circuit examples. Attention: analog IC design field :roll:
Hi all I would like to desing a house Alarm System. Any circuits available? any ideas? thanks a lot take care
G´day An electronic design circuits link
Does any body know where to get some eBOOKs about IC applications &Commnications circuits, Thx in advance, regards.
Hi guys, I'm in the process of trying to build an analog synth. So far I've managed to get a VCO working on my breadboard. But I wanted to try and simulate it (and other parts of the synth) using Multisim 2001. I want to do this because I want to add a filter VCA etc and would like to try out a few different schematics from old analog designs.
who has information or circuits about 220 ac digital power meter. thanks alot
Hello! I'm making one A/D moard with mc and I need more pins. Sounds familiar? I'm in dilema if I should use MUX CD4067, but there is quite big resistance Ron. Does anyone have any experience with use of this MUX circuits in real aplications. Any better solution? Regards!
Visit Harry's Homebrew page circuits with circuit descriptions, theory etc. Good site
hi, where can i find current limit circuits (for 50ma current)example to build from scratch, and is there any ICs that do that as a singke solution? thanks for any help... bull
:D hi all :D Discover circuits is a collection of 6000 electronic circuits electronic resouces book corner and much more :roll:
Hello world, I need some voice operated switch circuits. Any body can help please.....
Can anyone give me suggestions about using (small) FPGA's in hobby electronic circuits? Most FPGA's seem to be hard to get. And nearly impossible to put on a board (> 100 BGA pins). I'm not sure if other packages are still available and where i can buy these devices. (or free samples would be lovely ;-) ) Links to cheap ( below 250 euro/doll
I want to make UHF & FM antenna booster. Both will be seperate circuits. Please guide me where can i get good schematics\circuits.
I need a simple Rx Tx circuits for an alarm remote control in range (300-400 MHz). Thanks Diego.
Hi Lessons In Electric circuits A free series of textbooks on the subjects of electricity and electronics 1. -> t tnx
hi all this link have collection of useful small circuits thanks yours S 8O KRAT
Here is a site with some simple electronic circuits. Enjoy Enigma460
Hi to All.. I need circuits and pcb for videoCapture via RS232 or Paralele port any help for it. GUGA
Hi guys, Let's talk about new technologies for designing RF circuits. Will GaAs continue to be the paradigm at tens of GHz? Wouldn't be possible for advanced CMOS to reach and win some of those markets? What will be the price to pay?
Dows anyone have an electronic mosquito repeller circuit. how effective are these circuits
Hi Digital Integrated circuits (A Design Perspective) 1. tnx
can any one help me on atmelase circuits 8O
nice papers about protection circuits for CMOS
for all your hobby circuits and also all your radios or other equipment that uses DC power 0 - ~ dc the addition of a simple bridge rectifier inside or mounted on the power cable + to + volts - too - volts on the cable and the two ac then becomes the supply no matter which way round you place the
need a good circuit with max038
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From A to Z useful Electronic circuits
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Any member on the board has any experience with AFTC for railway tracks?
Lots of circuits there Tornado
Here is the link Tornado
Here is the link Tornado
A good course website and the loads of useful information to Download Electronic Devices and circuits
Designing on-chip PLL circuits seminar
anyone can guide me to books / website which has extensive tutorials (from basic ) on DRAM , Microprocessor based circuits
Short but interesting tutorial
I need barrier IR circuits plans infrared, good reach tx rx single reflective or 2 set.