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Hello Everyone. I am gonna design a Push-Pull dc dc converter converting 48V to 330Vdc based on the Tahmid's blog as below. 132927 My questions are: 1) Do I have to use isolation in the feedback, for example through opto-couplers, to isolate the higher voltage secondary side from the primary side? Or will the above cir
Dear all, I am trying to design an avr for regulating the output of 230volt ac generator. avr input voltage-230 volt ac avr out put voltage -8 to 15 v feed back to generator excitation coil Please help me solve the error amplifier problem of sg3525 .I?m using sg 3525 with ir2010 Sync buck converter design. Irf840 (...)
Hello to all. I have built a pure sine wave inverter from 12v to 230v AC at aproximately 500W. The DC/DC converter is the usual forward converter with sg3525 and ETD39. Now my actual problem is the LC filter at the output. The output is 50HZ sinewave. The SPWM is 24.3KHZ. The H bridge driver is the EG8010 + ir2110 board found on
Connect sg3525 pin 1 to pin16 . and pin 2 to ground. It will disable feed back loop and make duty of output pwm to its maximum value. - - - Updated - - - Connect sg3525 pin 1 to pin16 . and pin 2 to ground. It will disable feed back loop and make duty of output pwm to
Dear Experts I want to know the smps designing help regarding UC3842, TL494 , sg3525 PWM Controller. which is best for SMPS. where i can find complete design help. how the circuit is design. example how to calculate resistor and capacitor values according to input and output voltage. i want to design my own (...)
Hi, I am searching a library in altium for sg3525 and LMD18200. Can anybody help me?
Dear Members , I have designed pure sine wave inverter using sg3525 and IR2101 . Now at last stage i just want to design LC filter . I have used switching freq 16khz of mosfets . Now i have designed LC filter of this value by using formula , F = 1/(2*PI*SQRT(L*C)), I have used F=50 hz , C=330uF and L = 30.703mH , when i used (...)
hi guys, I intend to design an inverter using sg3525. the problem i have is how i could connect the low voltage disconnect, set frequency at 50hz and control the output voltage. can anyone send me a circuit diagram that can help me achieve this on my email; thanks in advance.
Hi..I want the circuit diagram for designing 500W or 1kW inverter with transformer (12V to 220V). Thanks in advance.. Use a PWM chip such as sg3525. Use MOSFETs for driving the transformer. Use feedback to achieve voltage regulation with variations in battery voltage and load. That's the inverter there. Now you just n
Thanks for all!!! Now i have got an outline of the design. I am going to use 12V 135Ah battery and design a 1000W inverter(i don't mind even if it comes for less than 1 hour) The inverter will be a switched mode type. *I will convert first 12V dc to 320V dc(DC-DC converter) using sg3525 ,a High frequency transformer(such as ferrite core) and (...)
Hi Maxpayne, I used push-pull topology with sg3525 and regulated the output with feedback (resistive divider). Then I used PIC12F675 to provide 50Hz pulse with 80% duty cycle to provide modified square wave output. . What is your push pull dc/dc output volt ,?
The sg3525 is simply a PWM chip, not SPWM. Keith
I m using PWM IC sg3525 but problem is this that whwn i use feedback circuitry one phase leg get destructed the mosfet i m using is 2907 have any body a solution for this................?
thank u Awarapunshee, i want using 555 as a pwm. u think that LM3524 or sg3525 are more than useful. please send me an SMPS scheme that uses these components if u have. regards
hi i need sg3525 based pushpull converter design examples (transformer, mosfet,etc) pls.................... satya :idea:
sg3525 is another one