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The output from this IC is a square wave, so if possible use ICs which can generate sine waves, for example MAX038 .. However, there is another option .. If the output frequency doesn't change much you can consider a multi-pole passive/active filter connected to the sg3525 output .. This filter should filter out most of higher harmonics and the
sg3525 is another one
hi i need sg3525 based pushpull converter design examples (transformer, mosfet,etc) pls.................... satya :idea:
for 1KVA you need 24 v or more input volt you can use sg3525 to drive mosfet and a 9-0-9 v 230v 1KVA transformer if you nedd to regulate output
Take a look at sg3525 PWM controller. Very easy to set up. Then use two MOSFETs in push-pull configuration. Step it up using ferrite transformer. Rectify the output. Then run it through a 50Hz H-bridge using another sg3525 and IR2110 or other such driver. Done! voila! an SMPS inverter. Too bad its not as easy as it seems. But you can master it with
I m using PWM IC sg3525 but problem is this that whwn i use feedback circuitry one phase leg get destructed the mosfet i m using is 2907 have any body a solution for this................?
The sg3525 is simply a PWM chip, not SPWM. Keith
Hi, If you mean with no transformers, not even ferrite ones, then you have to first step up the battery voltage to high voltage (260-300v) using boost converter and then use H-bridge converter. I think what you mean, is, without heavy iron core transformer. In that case, use SMPS with a ferrite transformer. First step up battery voltage using a pus
I have a few questions. What is the input voltage ,output voltage and what power do You intend to achieve. Do You need currentmode or is the choice of SG3524 a matter of availability? You can use the SG3524 for DC-Dc converters in pushpull setup (depending on the inputvoltage) Personaly i prefer to use mosfets instead of transistors. Have a
what's the purpose of using VR1 and VR2 in this circuit?
Dear Goldsmith thanks for your patience and the enthusiasm to help. i will try and break my need down as close as possible. i am trying to build an iverter using the sg3525 to drive a ferrite in push pul configuration and generate a voltage of 325 dcv at 5khz. then i am going to use pic to generate sinewave in fullbridge mode at about 5khz. so m
Thanks for all!!! Now i have got an outline of the design. I am going to use 12V 135Ah battery and design a 1000W inverter(i don't mind even if it comes for less than 1 hour) The inverter will be a switched mode type. *I will convert first 12V dc to 320V dc(DC-DC converter) using sg3525 ,a High frequency transformer(such as ferrite core) and (...)
Hi..I want the circuit diagram for designing 500W or 1kW inverter with transformer (12V to 220V). Thanks in advance.. Use a PWM chip such as sg3525. Use MOSFETs for driving the transformer. Use feedback to achieve voltage regulation with variations in battery voltage and load. That's the inverter there. Now you just n
I could not find sg3525 for Proteus. Proteus does not have any component sg3525. And I could not find one after searching Google. Does anyone here have one?
Go through the sg3525 datasheet. The resistor between Rt(pin 6) and ground, and the capacitor between Ct(pin 5) and ground set the frequency. Resistor between Rd (pin 7) and Ct (pin 5) sets deadtime. The relationship between these and frequency is given in the datasheet. To shutdown the sg3525, you can pull pin 8 to ground or pull pin 10 high. Both
Hello I have made car amplifier 1x100W 4ohm.The dc/dc converter is made with sg3525 PWM, two buz11 mosfets,torodial ferite trafo.The Amplifier is consist of one pair tranzistors tip35c,tip36c. I HAVE MADE IT AND IT SOUND PERFECT.Now i need schematic for making dcprotection for speaker. Here is the schematic and picture
Sorry, its sg3525. Sorry again. bimbla
i am doing buck converter design i searched many sites i did't get the PSPICE lib files can any one having plz send me SG3524 sg3525 SG3526, UC3906 UC3823
I don't think so, it is good idea to build a SMPS for multi-outputs with a simple 555 timer. Try to think of using LM3524 or sg3525 etc (PWM based) and design for specifically for SMPS. Any how following is a circuit based on 555 for tube light conversion. You can pick an idea and modify this circuit.(if you insist on 555 only). Second circuit is b
try and do some search on sg3524 and sg3525. these are components that are very good for building inverters you just have to do some little calculation to bring it to life. hope to load up some circuits for u. later Added after 1 hours 14 minutes: Hello there,I am Randolf F.Abadier, I hope th
hi, i have download and read the data sheet for the LM2907, but it didnt clearly state that what kind of input signal that can be convert to voltage signal. i have a motor with an encoder that will give a pulse signal every revolution (pulse per rev) so can i use LM2907 to convert it to an analog signal? may i know normally what we should do 1s
For 800W output its ok an half-bridge with 2xIRFP460 mos-fet's,or STE40NK90ZD super mosfets. Don't need synchronous rectification for output.Its ok an dual 30A/200V fast recovery diode. For PMW IC its better an sg3525 IC than TL494. For schematic check diyaudio forum.You find lots of schematics there.
Hi savage67, 36 to 280v means a Vout/Vin ratio of (280/36) = 7.8. Power rating = 700W. With these things in mind, boost converter isn't a wise choice at this power level. You should instead use push-pull or full-bridge topology. If you have the proper program, use attiny else you can use a cheap easily available PWM chip like SG3524 / sg3525 / SG3
Hi Maxpayne, I used push-pull topology with sg3525 and regulated the output with feedback (resistive divider). Then I used PIC12F675 to provide 50Hz pulse with 80% duty cycle to provide modified square wave output. . What is your push pull dc/dc output volt ,?
Hi, First you need to change the supply from 12v to maybe 48v. Then, you need to become familiar with sg3525 or SG3524, LM339, 4N35 or similar PWM chips, comparators, optocouplers. Then you need to go about deciding what or how you are going to do at each section of the circuit, eg. battery charging, hicut, locut, overload cut, feedback, etc.
Hi, Like you said, there are many possible options. To have something between an efficient design and simplicity at reasonable current outputs, I would say you could use a step down transformer and use a switching regulator. For switching regulator, check L4971, L4964, L4970, L496x, L497x. Transformer should be easy to acquire. The easiest solution
Hi, Assuming that your motorcycle battery is 12v, this is the simplest circuit I can think The controller is sg3525. RT and CT determine the frequency, RD the deadtime. Hope this helps. Tahmid.
Lately I've been trying to design a buck converter. The goal is to have this thing run off of a 4S lipo (14V) and have and adjustable output voltage from 14V to 5V at 20 or so amps. It's going to be powering a ZVS+Flyback+Voltage multiplier to put out say 50 to 70kV (adjustable via the smps). I have used the sg3525 before for pwm purposes, but I
I have some basic SMPS skills. I need a SMPS that can take an input of 11-15v and provide +-30V REGULATED. The nicest PSU I've found is sg3525 Push Pull Unregulated. I prefer a design that uses a cheap, commonly available controller, integrated mosfet driver and DIP packag
I wouldn't use that circuit for more than 100W. For 500W, you should use MOSFET. This will give you much lower losses. Instead of CD4047, you should use a PWM chip such as sg3525. You can then control the output and maintain a fixed output by keeping it regulated through PWM. The output voltage of the circuit you referenced will change with chang
You can use a buck converter. For this, you can use a dedicated controller for such a purpose or you can use a general-purpose PWM chip like UC3845. If you use the second suggestion, you need to design a start-up section which can be a simple resistor. You can use the UC3845 to drive N-channel MOSFETs in high-side configuration. For this you will
I m really grateful to you for such a nice reply. One more question is circling around my mind. What if I take feedback from the 400V DC to sg3525?
Hello ALL, I am new here on this forum. I hope someone can help me design a Half-Bridge Converter. I want to design a Half-Bridge DC-DC converter with an input voltage varies from 350-400Vdc and output of 3-35Vdc@10A max. with adjustable output voltage. I would like the SMPS to have current overload protection (short circuit, over current), overv
This one is famous and is tested by many others. But obviously, sg3525 cannot produce "pure sine". It produces modified sine through pwm. It is made pure to some extend by low pass filters.
Hello Tahmid! Can you please give me full circuit diagram with explanation for this type of inverter based on SG3524,sg3525. Is sg3525 better in terms of performance or features?
You should start with a small capacity inverter, like 100W. Then scale it up for your required power. Start learning on the various blocks - PWM control section, feedback section, MOSFET drive section, power stage, output filter, etc. Two very common PWM controllers you could take a look at are sg3525 and SG3524. You can find lots of inverter-re
Regarding the design of the inverter, assuming that you're using a 50Hz transformer to step up, the stages are: PWM controller Power MOSFET driver stage Power MOSFET stage Output regulation / feedback stage Additional features - Battery low cut, overload protection, short-circuit protection, etc As for the PW
At this current and power level, you should look to use a switching regulator. These usually work as buck converters. You can choose a specialized buck controller and use it as the main controller in your converter. You may use general purpose PWM controllers like sg3525 or UC3842. You may even use a readily available (but rather expensive) regulat