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hi everybody ! I am studying of Calculate time which signal transmitted from mobile to base station (BS) using some methods : TOA, DOA, TDOA. I need some Matlab Code about MUSIC algorithm , or Matrix Pencil algorithm. Please help me ! Thanhks alot.
Hi, I'm doing ECG signal classification using Generalized Regression Neural Network in Matlab and I'm totally new to the ECG signal and Neural Network. So, could anyone tell me what should be the input parameters of ECG signal for GRNN? How the GRNN work? Thank you.
Hi all, The concept of noise for training a particular system for signal classification. I am implementing a system, whereby the signals can and cannot be drowned in noise. From the network designed so far, I get excellent (well, almost excellent) results out from both training and simulation, when I have no noise to the inputs of the (...)
This is a small piece of info I came across and thought may be useful for others. It can also be a possible interview question. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- signals in digital systems are classified into Synchronous,Mesosynchronous and Plesiosynchronous.
More info: Real-Time Analysis of Biomedical signals using a High Speed DSP Board Eric Biegeleisen, Kundan Nepal, Taikang Ning, Ph.D. 0-7803-7419-3/02 2002 IEEE Abstract - A real-time biomedical signal analysis system based on SHARC ADSP-21062 EZ-LAB board was examined in this paper. Installed as an embedded system on a PC workstation, the DS
Hi all, Help would gladly be appreciated for the following: I have 3 time domain signals x1(t) = {1......N} x2(t) = {1......N} x3(t) = {1......N} I am applying classification techniques for the identification of these 3 signals, I'm just intrested in finding and learning out that how can I see these signals in (...)
hi all i'm working on automatic modulation classification with cumulants(automatic modulation recognition) i got stuck in a problem i can't seperat the MPSK and MdPSK(M-ary differential psk ) modulation each other. i can't find a robust properties for perform it. how can i distinguish between them? in softwar radio how can distinguish th
hi please help in choosing which method is most efficient for the clasification of EEG signal. 1) neural network 2) ICA Is there any orther technique , please mnetion those...... best regards
hello, i need to recognize the modulation type of incoming signal in IF(intermediate band) .that is, i want recognize the modulation of signal is FSK or non FSK(such as PSK or QAM or ASK)? how can i design this classifier? remark: the non FSK modulation have pulse shape. i test several methods but all of them have problem and work in a spe
Have anyone known which book good for learn about signal proccessing?
Hi all, what is the purpose of Primary modulation? I know that some of the V/UHF has this primary modulation when we do the signal classification. Why do we need to first modulate the bit stream with FSK (secondary modulation) and then modulate the waveform again with indirect FM (primary modulation)? Appreciate it a lot if you can pr
hello, im doing speaker recognition project. I already processed the input signal coming from my microphone,and done it with 13th coefficient of MFCC(mel-frequency cepstrum coeeficient). For recognition part, i decide to use neural network but i had problems with that part which is: 1)What the input should be in my neural network? Please h
signal is anything which carries information... a signal can be a wave( AC signal) or constant( DC signal). waves are a classification under signals in which the signal varies continuously, A wave is a signal part. Most signals, and I (...)
hello i was if it is possible that you can help me in my project i was planning to make a device that is controlled using BCI but i am stuck with the analysis and i have a few questions that i would like to ask? i was implement this paper "classification OF MENTAL TASKS FROM EEG signalS USING EXTREME LEARNING MACHINE" 1)The EEG (...)
Hello, I am taking a parallel programming course with X10 language developed by IBM. We need to work on a parallel programming project for the whole semester. I am brainstorming from the first day of the class to come up with a project proposal. I would appreciate if anyone share some project ideas with me. My background is Electrical Engineer
Hi, I am working on classification of songs. I need a time vs. beat plot in matlab. If anybody has the code plz send it to I need it very much.
Hello all, I have generated digitally modulated signals such as ASK, FSK, PSK and I have done feature extraction for all these signals and saved those feature values in the database. Now when the tested signal is one of these signals, How do I set threshold value for these feature values to determine the feature value (...)
Good paper classification of BPSK and QPSK signals with unknown signal level using the Bayes technique Liang Hong Ho, K.C. Dept. of Electr. & Comput. Eng., Missouri Univ., Columbia, MO, USA; This paper appears in: Circuits and Systems, 2003. ISCAS '03. Proceedings of the 2003 International Symposium on Publication Date: 25-28 (...)
Clustering Analysis is used in pattern recognization and the Vector Quantization is used in the signal processing. Basically, use the clustering or VQ to represent the signal set belong to the particulr clustering. It is more efficient for signal compression.
Seeing Your Image under a signal Theory point of view, You can simply use methods like Fourier Descriptors. If You consider the Image how a stocasthic Process, You can apply methods like Supervisioned classification, but it's a bit difficult if You aren't expert on Matlab programming and Remote Sensing & Digital Image Processing. An other approa
I forgot to mention signal processing options such as synthetic aperture.
These classes describe power amplifiers .. Opamps don't fall into mentioned classification categories .. Amplifier classes Amplifier circuits are classified as A, B, AB and C for analog designs, and class D and E for switching designs. For the analog classes, each class defines what proportion of the input signal cycle (called the angle o
Hi, There are some good Speech related books. Go through the list: - Digital Speech Processing, Synthesis, and Recognition By Sadaoki Furui - Digital Speech Processing: Speech Coding, Synthesis and Recognition By A. Nejat Ince - Fundamentals of Speech Recognition By Lawrence Rabiner - Speech Coding a
we say class A amplifiers uses 100% of the input signal. and in class B less 50% or so is being used hence power efficiency is obtained.But in doing so only half of the input is processed and a major part of the information carrying signal is neglected,so in doing so are'nt we losing signal content ?
Hello my friends I need these papers please help me to accesses them. Thanks for your help 1- "Time-domain tests for Gaussianity and time-reversibility" G. B. Giannakis and M. K. Tsatsanis, IEEE Trans. signal Process., vol. 42, no. 12, pp. 3460?3472, Dec. 1994. 2- P. Marchand et al., ?Multiple hypothesis modulation classification based on
Fewer poles cost less. More poles have higher attenuation out of band. As far as the maximum number of poles, there is a practical limit when the coupling through the air between the input and output is higher that the signal passed through the filter proper in the attenuation band. Usually, 60 dB is the practical limit of out of band attenuation.
hi Help me how to design a RF POWER AMPLIFIER,Class E power amplifier for 2.4ghz(for Zigbee applications).the input signal is of MSK. The output power we need is 0dbm,VDD=3.3v,f=2.45Ghz. i am working in cadence 180nm there is a need of Drive Stage or not if it needs which classification we should use for output impedance matching,how
I want to ask whether there is any communication system without multiplying the carrier wave at the receiver end to get our message signal please help me
I think that the energy level depend on How good your wavelet match to EEG signals ? When the peak of Wavelet function be normal to 1, What's the it's real power ? Then you can scale to the Wavelet that used to match EEG signals . Ex. Input real pulse size 1 watts : Output(Wavelet) = 1 watts ?
Can i get the Differences and similarities between I/O cells for Digital, Analog and Mixed signal circuits. It is basically a classification of the three types of I/O cells and their characteristics .
All I/O cell are designated to connect internal signals to external world, providing necessary level of protection from ESD (Electrical Static Discharge) or EOS (Elctrical OverStress) events. This is common feature of all I/Os. All other are differences. Digital I/O can't to transfer analog signal, because incorporate threshold logic bitween input
I think this MCU is WAY to slow to do speech recognition at reasonable rate. I've seen it done on dsPIC30f5013 but it operated at around 30 MIPS with DSP core involved. In most cases speech recognition is realized with Hidden Markov Models (HMM). In the past main method was Dynamic Time Warping (DTW). Generally speech recognition involves a
In a classification problem, an output unit's task is to output a strong signal if a case belongs to its class, and a weak signal if it doesn't. In other words, it is attempting to model a function that has magnitude one for parts of the pattern-space that contain its cases, and magnitude zero for other parts. This is known as a (...)
Spectrum Mask is a requirement, and not a behavior of a modulation spectrum. Not well designed systems can make the digital signal looks badly, and in this situation sometimes you cannot differentiate between modulation spectrum types.
Dear all members, I am trying to use ICA for feature extraction of ECG signal , then use it for classification . neural network are widely used for classification , but problem is how to extract features with ICA , X = As , so how to select features . can some body help me out of this mess please.
Hi guys I'm currently doing on project regarding speech recognition (on bird songs). I would like to ask what classification can easily done in MATLAB such as DTW, GMM, HMM, ANN, and so on? (perfer DTW) So far I've gotten the code for framing, windowing, and MFCC of input signal from: Besides that,