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hi everybody ! I am studying of Calculate time which signal transmitted from mobile to base station (BS) using some methods : TOA, DOA, TDOA. I need some Matlab Code about MUSIC algorithm , or Matrix Pencil algorithm. Please help me ! Thanhks alot.
Hi, I'm doing ECG signal classification using Generalized Regression Neural Network in Matlab and I'm totally new to the ECG signal and Neural Network. So, could anyone tell me what should be the input parameters of ECG signal for GRNN? How the GRNN work? Thank you.
Hi all, The concept of noise for training a particular system for signal classification. I am implementing a system, whereby the signals can and cannot be drowned in noise. From the network designed so far, I get excellent (well, almost excellent) results out from both training and simulation, when I have no noise to the inputs of the (...)
Hi all, what is the purpose of Primary modulation? I know that some of the V/UHF has this primary modulation when we do the signal classification. Why do we need to first modulate the bit stream with FSK (secondary modulation) and then modulate the waveform again with indirect FM (primary modulation)? Appreciate it a lot if you can pr
This is a small piece of info I came across and thought may be useful for others. It can also be a possible interview question. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- signals in digital systems are classified into Synchronous,Mesosynchronous and Plesiosynchronous.
More info: Real-Time Analysis of Biomedical signals using a High Speed DSP Board Eric Biegeleisen, Kundan Nepal, Taikang Ning, Ph.D. 0-7803-7419-3/02 2002 IEEE Abstract - A real-time biomedical signal analysis system based on SHARC ADSP-21062 EZ-LAB board was examined in this paper. Installed as an embedded system on a PC workstation, the DS
hi all i'm working on automatic modulation classification with cumulants(automatic modulation recognition) i got stuck in a problem i can't seperat the MPSK and MdPSK(M-ary differential psk ) modulation each other. i can't find a robust properties for perform it. how can i distinguish between them? in softwar radio how can distinguish th
hi please help in choosing which method is most efficient for the clasification of EEG signal. 1) neural network 2) ICA Is there any orther technique , please mnetion those...... best regards
hello, i need to recognize the modulation type of incoming signal in IF(intermediate band) .that is, i want recognize the modulation of signal is FSK or non FSK(such as PSK or QAM or ASK)? how can i design this classifier? remark: the non FSK modulation have pulse shape. i test several methods but all of them have problem and work in a spe
Have anyone known which book good for learn about signal proccessing?
signal is anything which carries information... a signal can be a wave( AC signal) or constant( DC signal). waves are a classification under signals in which the signal varies continuously, A wave is a signal part. Most signals, and I (...)
Does anyone have x.10 interface circuit? and or circuit that can send signal into main(AC) line? please suggest. thanks a lot.
The formula for a square wave is the infinite series: Pi=3.14159 t=time f=frequency w=2*Pi*f y=cos(wt) - cos(3wt)/3 + cos(5wt)/5 - cos(7wt)/7 ... In other words, a square wave is made up of odd harmonics. As the number of odd harmonics increase the waveform will look more like a square wave. Look for any signal (noise) that doesn't fit into t
For weak signals(less than -60dBm), How to measure?
Is there a rule-of-thumb regarding an RF transmission through the air (line-of-site, no obstructions) relating signal loss (-db) to distance (km) as a function of wavelength? Does this number change for FM, AM, ASK, etc.? Thanks much.
Does anybody can provide some help regarding signal viewer signalScan 6.2/6.4 (NT) or Undertow 8.1.4/8.2.5 or any sugestion...? Why daemon is missing in Undertow installation from Veritools?
hi all, i need your help. I design a PCMCIA interface for PC/104 signal. Everybody know that the PC/104 signals are nearby the same as the signals of the ISA-bus. Now i have to develop a board which can convert the ISA-bus signals to a PCMCIA protocol. A standard to do this is taking the Vadem VG469 chip. This chip can (...)
I will upload PC DSP in filemanager(New) in savvas folder. DSP is software tools for digital signal processing and simulation applications more information: :):):):)):):):):)):):):)
I'm looking for an RF signal generator, 0.001 to 3GHz or there abouts. I've looked at a few different models, but the price tag is kinda high for a small (ok, tiny) company. I'm looking for reasonable performance at low cost. What do you use, and do you like it? Thanks
Hi, Guys, Some one have some information about the PAL video signal structure? ThX NeuralC ***************************************** Please don't reply unless you have useful information to add on this post. Thanks
The circuit of the compressor of a speech signal for transiver is necessary.
Hello! Does anyone have any good solution for signal conditioning upper signal to standard NI equipment levels ( - 10V >< + 10 V ) and other. Any solution is welcome. Best regards!
Hi all users i neet to convert a 4/20mA Sensorsignal to a 0-10V signal is there a simple schematics for this. thanks diegor747 go to maxim site we get same application ckt
Hi! I intend to design Mixed signal ASIC. I need reference books links for download in PDF format. I also need suggestion for companies who loan license on project basis. At present I can't afford the tools needed for development. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Bye!
First you must know the cable specs to use proper cable corection module in your video correcting amplifier. Cable correction must be oposite of attenuation curve of your cable. Building cable correction amplifier is not complicated and if you want sample circuit.... Frequency dependent cable attenuation is not linear with frequency specialy at lo
Hi, I have a problem with the RF output precision of my HP8657B signal generator and there is no manual on my hand. Does anyone know how to calibrate the RF output level? I opened the out covers and every RF shields but it seems there is no any adjustable component for calibrating RF output level, I guess that the level may be adjusted throug
Hi The best way to ensure that your signals are good is to use a moniter tv rather than a signal strength meter. Many aerial contractors just sit the areial up on a roof and point it in the general direction. The best way is to attach a cable to the arial and walk the site and choose the best signal IE no ghosting colour fade and grain . (...)
Hi pkn11425, What mean by "TRF"? I am a electronic engineer and with 5yrs exp. designing RF clock. I am sure that I can help you! Normally, the signal is received by a ferrite coil and amp. by a ASIC chip, and that let MCU to decode. Regards, OrcadPads
Sorry I didn't realize this was Asic design forum. Forget the above suggestion. In case of Asics, clocking the input signals and the output signal with the same clock may produce a clean output.
I would appreciate information where to find books, papers, experience how to design pads in mixed-signal designs.
Hi there, I have some LCD panels from laptops that I would like to use. Is there anyway I can drive with a svga signal from a video card ? The lcd panel is Hitachi TX30D01VC1VCAA Any information on this would be appreciated. Sailor_EDA
Hi First study work with search 8O engine. After a small search :? on "VESA Video signal Standard" (you have a lot standatrs specific one) :?: you can find some links :lol: (you can look on them) 8O but the site of the site of Video signal Stand
I think that any engineer would like to have a spectrum analyzer with 150 dB dynamic. This is not possible due to the saturation of the active devices on one side and the noise on the other side. If you need only to measure THE LEVEL of a signal not taking care about harmonics, other carriers, etc ( i.e. acting like a microwattmeter ) you can use
Does anyone know how, or can point to useful reading material, to recover a signal that has at most 1pWatt of power? at this low of a level i expect the signal (from a CCD camera) to be burried in noise. any suggestion would be helpful regards Mr.Cool
Hi, Try the Infineon IL300 optocoupler. There is a very usefull example in the datasheet. I've used it to set the speed of a motor controller. The circuit that generated the set signal had to be isolated from the motor controller for safety concerns. The application can be a little difficult to understand at first, so just try it out on a
Hi, I use MSP430F1121 in my project. I send out 24-bit pulses in port2 pin1, when finishing with sending 24-bit pulses, I generate a strobe signal: P2OUT |=0x04; P2OUT &= ~0x04; I use oscolloscope to check the signals, but the strobe signal comes irregulare, some times it comes some time it not. I can't figure out why this happens. Is (...)
Hi, all do you think is the best signal Integrity simulator for pcb's ? Please post reply with a Technical Data and personal experience if you have ! For example wich the SI program have a Pre-layout placement and Post-layout routing simulation ? Discussion is open, but seriously hope ! :) Skywalker.
when multi-signal input mixer. I want to get the power of the intermodulation signal. The HB method can't get the right answer. could you give me a good model to simulation it.
Hi I need Test Drive Serial number for Mixed signal visual DSP++3.0 for ADSP-21992 device Thanks
Hi Wowee It is important to specify wether the amplitude of the original signal should be preserved or not. If you want to have a linear network that gives a 90-degree phase shift over some bandwidth preseving the amplitude (i.e. a transfer function H(w)=jK over a finite bandwidth, called ideal Hilbert transformer or ideal Hilbert filter), th
Hi E-Book:VLSI-System Design & VLSI-signal processing 1. -> t tnx
Hi to all, someone have information about the price of the following Intellectual property: C32025 core 16-bit Digital signal Processor (DSP). sold by the Best regards Gnomix
I want to study the design of signal Process,anyone want to communicate with me?
Hi all, For my PhD I am working on algorithms for 802.11 networks (on the non-hardware/physical layer side). Therefore I would like to get a better feeling how the signal strength of an 802.11 network without base stations in ad-hoc mode is changing in an URBAN environment with mobile nodes. Therefore I am looking for a simulator where I can imp
Good signal Integrity Papers available at the link below. Thanks, DrBELL
Mixed signal SOC verification
Hi VeriasHDL - Language-Independant Mixed-signal Simulator Simulating today's systems, whether implemented in silicon or on boards, requires a sophisticated mixed-signal simulator that handles different design descriptions at multiple levels of the design hierarchy. VeriasHDL? was designed by a team of engineers with more than 50 years of co
Hi! I am looking for low cost mixed signal microcontroller vendors. This should have the following features : 16bit ADC 4-8K program memory (flash). 2-3 interupts extremely low power. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Bye!
Hi Analog and Mixed-signal Extensions to VHDL 1. -> t tnx
Hi, Whatever you do or apply for reducing the input signal to the LNA, the signal-to-noise power ratio suffers, so your NF also suffers. The idea with using a (more or less lossless) capacitor can be made an advantage if you use it for negative feedback inside a relatively wideband amplifier (much like a wideband inductive feedback like made