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99% silver epoxy may do the job if you can have a jig to hold it together. Strain relief is not included unless you add a tail to the wire interface. Ultrasonic is the preferred method. Soldering may be impossible for a newbie.
I was watching a youtube video on how to make copper nano particles by mixing copper sulfate solution with ascorbic acid solution. It got me thinking how else you might be able to achieve this with some other chemicals I had laying around from my chemistry days in high school and university. I happened to have some sodium metabisulfite and that
silver solder that evaporates or is epoxy with >99% silver content is $$$ but can be painted on. Hobby shops have nail brush applicator for simple fixes. but 30AWG magnet wire or WW wire is trade solution for jumpers. What is it for?
Like casted IC ---------- Post added at 04:22 ---------- Previous post was at 04:18 ---------- Moisture resistance, high temp for reflow ovens, etc.
You don't plug using solder mask. You plug your vias shut with various conductive materials (silver, specially formulated paste, etc.)...but not epoxy. Plugging your vias (with conductive material) will allow for better connectivity, and the holes will be free of corrosion over time. Tenting (plugging with solder resist) helps to assembl
hello all, what I can use to adhere a chip without its package (just the die) to a normal cupper PCB ?? The material should be conductive or must have other properties to avoid ESD ? silver filled epoxy is what I called for on a sensor board I did a few years ago. The die mounted to a die mounting pad on the board that h
Dear all, Can someone from this forum provide me the value for acoustic impedance for silver-glue? Would appreciate it someone can help. Some people called it as silver paste or silver epoxy. Thank you.