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I am using a Gsm module(sim 300) to transmit data to a cell phone after processing done in the initial circuitry. I want to now log this data. I was thinking of sending an email to the doctor via the gprs feature of sim300. Is there any software available that can assist in data logging? Please reply asap.
Hi, I am using GSM sim300 modem with vodafone gprs activated sim. I am facing error after AT+CIPSTART command . its showing ERROR IP: STATUS Please help me where i am going
sim300 is old one and sim900 is new one, you may use them with gprs activated sim
so any ideas how to send email through gprs using sim 548c?!
Hello, I am using CDMA Wavecom (Q2358C) gprs Modem with serial port. I am developing a PC application to access the sim Toolkit menu through this modem. The Sequences I followed AT+CMEE=1 OK AT+WIND=15 OK AT+CPAS +CPAS: 5 OK AT+STSF=2,?5FFFFFFF7F?,6,0 OK AT+STSF=1 OK AT+CFUN=1 OK After reboot Initial
Hi all, Initially we had problem in establish gprs connection in sim300 with new(3g)simcards. New simcard works fine with sim900a ,so we planned to migrate sim900 series. we replaced B2B connector and module for the sim900b in the place of sim300 (...)
The schematic attached is of Telit GL865-Dual GSM/gprs Modem. I have omitted the sim connector in the schematic "sim is connected to the modem". ISSUE: On power on the "powmon" pin goes high - i am assuming the module is functional, but no indication on the status led and the module does not respond to AT commands. I have connec
hi , I am using sim 340c to make an HTTP request, but i can't find any specific command to do this, what i reach from searching the internet is -->after making connection, we can issue send by at+cipsend and waite for > prompt and then send this strings ->GET / HTTP/1.1 //Send data - this example is an HTTP request for the google -> Host: [
assalamualaekum! I am working on sim 548c and want to open a website (any website)..i followed the following set of commands for establishing connection and sending the request.. at ok at+cgatt=1 ok //enabling gprs at+cgdcont=1,"IP","ufone.internet" ok at+cstt="ufone.internet","ufone","ufone" ok at+ciicr ok at+cifsr ok
Are you aware of you need a Licence from your local authorities before you are going to use a GSM frequency? Be carefull every country take it very serious when you are trying to use air medium for transmission. If you are planning to go for GSM modem what i recommend you to use the telcome operator sim with EDGE, gprs, or 3G technologies for data
You may want to refer to sim900_AN_TCPIP_V1.00, that can be found at several places at the internet and is also available at for registered users.
Hi experts, I'm using sim900 with Atmega64 for communication with a server over gprs. My code was working fine for some time. But I changed the sim card and run the code. When attaching gprs, (AT+CGATT=1) some times it returns error. sometimes it works fine. But when the ERROR started it remains giving "ERROR" even if (...)
Your best choice for GSM modules is simCom ( - look at the sim900 series. They are both low cost and certified. If your volumes are large (>10,000) you can deal directly with the service providers (AT&T, T-Mobile). Otherwise, you'll need to talk with a reseller.
Hi everyone, I have a Vodafone sim with gprs connection activated.and I am using a VISIONTEK POS 92 I need help to open a given url. using that sim.
Hi, I am doin a project with sim548 modem.Actually i am getting stucked with AT+CIPSEND.Aftr passing CIPSEND the connection gets closed.n the sever replied bad request the problem z wid CIPMODE is 0.. plzz help me...
Is your sim gprs enabled
Hi Friends, Could you please let me know to establish a connection to FTP server via gprs. I'm using sim300cz, Orange- UK sim. An early reply is very much appriciated. Kind regards Kande
1. Is the sim gprs registered. 2. Is it the same order you are following, then it is wrong 3. you cannot see the webpage in hyperterminal, it needs a tool. or what ever you get the values copy paste in notepad and save as .html and open in browser.
Hi all I am interfacing gprs using sim300z through hyperterminal hardware level , I am using Tx , Rx & GND pin of sim300z.I am using airtel sim card. Evey command is working fine except AT+CIICR command when i type this command , modem is not responding, What is the problem ? please help me.
You can look and convert Mikroelektronika's SmartGSM-gprs Board's schematic for your need! And also look Mikroelektronika's simcom sim340Z GSM/gprs Module ! Here is the attached schematics:
Problem is not about the signal.I confirm it. Read the ATC of sim300C.
Good day everyone! Has anyone here tried multiplexing the sim holders for a gsm module? I intend to use 3 sim cards with 1 gsm modem instead of buying 3 separate gsm modules. Will it be ok to do such a thing. I'm not very confident about it since I have read that there are standard routing issues (specially when using gprs) and (...)
can i open a web page on hyperterminal using gprs at commands through sim 300 modem
Try the sim300.
hello all.. I am new to this GSM/gprs i am using dual sim(different operators ) in one modem.but my device gives the data to one sim at time here i am using MUX to switchg the data but HOW TO CONFIGURE THE "APN" NUM TO BOTH sim? for selection of operator v r using at+cops but wt about this APN (...)
Hi all, I want to connect 2 sim cards to MC55i gprs module for single using, but the module has support for only one sim card. Maybe it can be done by using 6 channel multiplexer or analog switch or something like that. I will shutdown the module's power and then will select one of two sim cards and will restart the (...)
Hi, I'm designing a dual sim card device for cost saving when it uses in another home country. Can anyone tell me apart from adding sim card switch chipset or analog switch, and code the firmware to detect the MCC for switching to use the 2nd sim, any additional hardware or gprs modem feature is required?
Products in stock 1. sim300 2. sim300C 3. sim508 4. sim548C 5. sim20 6. Connector 7. sim holder,RF cable, antenna If anyone needs simcom products in BANGLADESH mail me for
The new version of sim300 has added the function of fetch DNS automatically. Now you don't need to send "AT+CDNSCFG" for 10.0version B16 B17 B18 B19
hi Friend, i want to simulate a circuit that contain an STM32, GPS/gprs, has anyone a model for this circuit??SPice model or sim model??
Hi, i am having trouble interfacing a wismo gsm gprs modem to my PIC. I tried to test it using hyperterminal, where I can read sms in the sim, but I am unable to dial. The ATD command doesnt seem to work. I can't make calls to that number as well. I guess it is a problem with the antenna... Anybody have had such issues?.. please help me out, i
Greetings, I have recently purchased the sim5218 module + evaluation board. I can get it to connect using hyperterminal, make receive phone calls/text messages/gps messages etc. What I cannot get it to do is connect to the gprs network. I have tried reading other peoples posts on the sim300 module, but unfortunately it is not so (...)
Can anyone tel me d procedure to establish a communication between a sim300 and UDP? And When asked to define PDP context ... wat is cid and PDP type? please help me...
Dear All, If i use the airtel sim cards, m able to send the data from GSM/gprs modem to statiic IP through gprs connectivity. But now for aircel network, m getting problem. Has Any body done the same with Aircel network. Kindly guide to resolve the problem. Regards Mak
try use sim 508 it's simply
AT+CIFSR It shows a local IP. It cannot connect to the internet. You need to get a 3 digit IP to connect to the internet from the sim card. Note: This is only my observance. I used to get the two digit IP either when i had a sim like airtel or vodafone with only gprs activated (internet not activated
hi everyone, I am using sim300 gsm modem and a vodaphone sim.sim is activated for gprs but i am facing a problem following are the commands which i have executed please help me... at+cipshut STATE: PDP DEACT SHUT OK at+cipclose ERROR at+cgatt=0 OK at+cgatt=1 OK at+cgclass="B" OK (...)
I connect gprs with sim508. but sometime i receive message "CME error 107 : gprs service not allow". Why? plz help me. thanks.
When using sim300 to transmite gprs data, what happens when there is an incoming call (somebody dials the sim card phone number) while the gprs connection is still open ? Is there a way to block incoming calls using the module ??
Hai, for this you required to know how to receive the data from gps receiver to uart( for this check ADL doc-FCM mechanism).If you want to send data through GSM use AT+CMGS or after sim subscription you have option smssend.If you want to send data through gprs use AT+CGATT=1 for gprs connectivity and then you send tha data.
Hey dude, A sim card will have two numbers, one is voice number and another is data number, Through at comands voice call can be made by give semicolon in the last. atd1234567890; Data call can be made by dialing data number of the sim card and without semi colon. atd9876543210 When pressing enter in your keyboard by giving this comma
Hi All, I am new to this. Can any one help me to activate gprs using sim300 on my PC either using AT commands or through PPP.... I have tried the following commands AT+CIPSTATUS STATE: IP INITIAL AT+CGATT=1 OK AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","" OK AT+CSTT="","","" OK AT+CDNSORIP=0 OK AT+CIICR
I am designing a similar system like yours, the server (in Java) and the gprs based device. I think that the best option is that the gprs device issue the AT+CLOSE command, but if the server has to close the socket always end your messages with a '\n' or '\r' character, that is the end of line character for the function readLine that is (...)
hi i am working on project using mc35i i want to send some data (files and text) on a server using just at commands. i registered my sim card on the gprs networked and it got attached to it. i used at+cgdcont=1,"ip","apn",,0,0 ok atd*99***1# connect ~ }#?!}!}#} }9}"}&} }*} } }'}"}(}"}%}&f???}#}%┬#}%?─~~ }#?!}!}#} }9}"}&} }*} } } NO
You may ref. it. Manufacturer MultiTech SocketModem Type GSM/gprs or CDMA SocketModem GSM/gprs 850/1900 or 900/1800MHz operation Packet data up to 85.6kbps Circuit-switched data up to 9600bps GSM class 1 and class 2 group 3 fax SMS capability MMCX antenna connector and sim socket -30 to +70░C operation (...)
hi check your anten cable & be sure that you etered the sim pincode by at+cpin=<> if you do this right sim300 give back you if U see this massage U can connect to gprs
hi i am working on project using mc35i i want to send some data (files and text) on a server using just at commands. i registered my sim card on the gprs networked and it got attached to it. i used at+cgdcont=1,"ip","apn",,0,0 ok atd*99***1# connect ~ }#?!}!}#} }9}"}&} }*} } }'}"}(}"}%}&f???}#}%┬#}%?─~~ }#?!}!}#} }9}"}&} }*} } } NO
hi, im new here; i want to integrate a gsm module to my micro controller project the gsm module should be able to recieve message and reply to the same number indicating the status in my project and should be able to control a switch through sms i have looked into sim300 from simcom r there any cheaper once than this? and if got (...)
You can try to search on the following sim com: sim340, sim300... Wavecom (they acquired Sony Ericson's M2M as well): GR47/48, GM47/48 Siemens: MC55... Telit: GC864...
Hi all, Mod sorry if i put this question at wrong thread, please just simply move it if needed. I got some problem when interface my 430F147 uC to sim 100. My system already work wells. But sometime when I leave it active about 2-3 (or more) months, my firmware is looping on sim_waiting_response function. Seems like the (...)