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hai, I am using stm32f0xx microcontroller by using neoway n10 gsm module i can send and receiving the sms . I dont know how to connect gprs to my microcontroller through neoway n10 gsm module of AT commands .. Please tell my how to write a AT commands for neoway n10 gsm module . I know the At commads for sim 900A (...)
+CSPN: " Service Provider: !dea Inside apn !dea AT+CSTT="internet" AT+CSTT="" If you using airtel simcard currently so your service provider should be airtel above listing shows its idea selected. mismatching in sim selecting.
Hi, I read a lot of thread but I can't figure out what is my problem. sim900a sim from nextm2m Problem with gprs AT+SAPBR=3,1,"Contype","gprs" OK AT+SAPBR=3,1,"APN"," JTM2M" OK AT+SAPBR=1,1 AT+SAPBR=2,1 +SAPBR: 1,1,"" AT+HTTPPARA="URL","" AT+HTTPACTION=0 +HTTPACTION:0,601,
how to get network time from sim 900 gsm/gprs module without using RTC
I amusing a sim 900A GSM module.When I tried to give HTTP commands it shows error. AT+CGATT? >OK AT+SAPBR=3,1,"CONTYPE","gprs" >OK AT+SAPBR=3,1,"APN","CMNET" >OK AT+SAPBR=1,1 >OK AT+HTTPINIT >ERROR I checked AT+HTTPINT? error Can any one help me to solve the issue?
I have sim 900 and i want take the time from ntp server. I try this comand AT+CSTT=apn,username,password //Start task and set APN, username, and password AT+CGATT //Check if connected to the gprs network AT+CIICR //I think this command is used to bring up wireless connection with gprs, or CSD? AT+CIPSTART=UDP,"",123 (...)
Have you solved this? I'm asking because I have the same problem. My suspicion is the GSM operator blocks inbound TCP connections. But a friend of mine is using a PC with an USB GSM modem configured as a SERVER. And it works! Will try to borrow his sim card to do some tests.
Hello, I have developed a modem application using sim900 modules. The problem is that now i am trying to use 4G LTE sim card and i have not accomplished network registration. If i use a GSM/gprs sim card it works. What it could be? Thanks for your attention. Ricardo
Hi friends, I got a problem with sim800. sim 800 is attending or making call and UART part is OK, gprs is working. But after connecting call no sound from modem to phone and phone to modem. Hardware connections are looking Ok. Anybody got same kind of issues or can anybody help me out of this..please
Hi All, I am having a sim900 module. I was trying to communicate it with and display the response in LCD. But somehow I was having some issues of getting LCD working all the time. In the mean time I connected the USB of the
hi, i have purchased one gsm module with sim 900A, power supply section, uart, antenna, sim card holder etc. when i connect power supply to module, my newtwork led
sim900 it is a GSM module for 800/900/1800/1900 MHz bands, so it will not work on other frequencies. GSM its a half-duplex TDMA system, with RX and TX on different frequencies AND times. To boost both signals designing the amplifiers to meets all the GSM network regulations, is a challenge. Here you can
I am collecting various components for my DIY project in electronics and i wanted to know how i can get the following circuits. 1. Bluetooth receiver 2. Bluetooth transmiter 3. GSM circuit with sim card (i will use this to sen,receive texts and also to make and receive calls) 4. gprs receiver circuit 5. Wireless receiver circuit 6. Wireless
Hello, I have a sim300s on a KUNS Design v2 board (I think thats the name...) I'm able to interface with the PC just fine and can issue and receive AT commands all day no issues. My issue is, it seems to never register on the network, or it might not be reading the sim totally to start registration properly? I know the sim is (...)
Yes for using gprs you should have balance in your sim card number or you need to activate any gprs data sachems with your sim network service provider and its is a GSM device like a cell phones and your sim service provider paying money to government and you must pay it to your service provider so you need (...)
It will automatically register to the network once you connect the sim card and power it up You can check using the following AT command AT+CREG? // to check network reg. AT+COPS? // to see which operator of sim card you are using like for example - Vodafone
HI, I bought the sim900A module few days back. I am able to initiate/receive calls/SMS. But I am not able to connect it to the internet over gprs. Couldn't find a AT Command list with description in English. The only one AT commands document I found from sim official website is in Chinese :shock: If you can share the full AT command (...)
This should be
hi al, Im interfacing sim 900 GSM Modem to microcontroller and sent gprs AT commands.Connection is ok.But Im not able to view the webpage content in hyper terminal. I gave the following data after sending AT commands. GET /index.html HTTP/1.1 \r\n Host: \r\n Connection: Keep-Alive" \r\n; Accep
SMSsending("AT+CREG?\r\n"); delay_ms(450); linefeeder(10); delay_ms(250); delay_ms(250); delay_ms(250); delay_ms(250); SMSsending("AT+SAPBR=4,1"); delay_ms(450); linefeeder(10); delay_ms(250); delay_ms(250); delay_ms(250); delay_ms(250); SMSsending("AT+SAPBR=3,1,\"CONTYPE\",\"gprs\"\r\n"); delay_ms(450);
hi i am working gprs with sm sim 300 module. and i am not able to access the google page itself.suggest some solution.
Sorry to interrupt in this thread, but can you please specify how to connect using a VPN sim card? I am confused as to what AT commands can be used to enter the VPN network, username, and password.
Hello Friends, I am going to buy a sim 928A module/chip. So i want the reviews for this module. Anybody who have it please share some tips for me. Expecting to know - 1) What type of GPS data it send through GPS_UART 2) Type of antenna that requires.. etc. Thanks in Advance...!!
It's a good module , you could use sim908 , it also includes a GPS almost at the same price. The sim modules has a lot of info.
Hello all, Can anyone suggest right product of GPS/gprs/GSM combo module?? similar to simCOM's sim 908. Also any module is available to switch over one network to another network in case of network failure?? This would be highly useful for GPS/gprs based Vehicle Tracking Systems?? Pl suggest.
Have you checked the Antenna? Is the modem working with another sim from another provider?
I am using sim300 module.I want to make an http request to my live web server.i saw someny threads regarding this but not fount any solution. sim used:Idea India with gprs offer APN: internet step i followed in hyper terminal: **************************************************************** AT+CGATT=1 AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","internet" (...)
Hello , I am using two sim 300 MODEMs for server client application.I am able to communicate in non-transparent mode, but i can not communicate in transparent mode. My Client Code >>AT+CIPMODE=1 <>AT+CGATT=1 <>AT+CSTT="www" <>AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","www" <>AT+CDNSORIP=0 <>AT+CIICR <>
hi i use sim300cz with static ip sim card from Vodafone on hyper-terminal try to connect gprs to receive data but nothing received at end give me closed. can any one help me please thats the commands: at OK at+cgatt=1 OK at+cgdcont=1,"IP","" OK at+cstt="","internet","internet" OK (...)
hi i use sim300cz with static ip sim card from Vodafone on hyper-terminal try to connect gprs to receive data but nothing received at end give me closed. can any one help me please thats the commands: at OK at+cgatt=1 OK at+cgdcont=1,"IP","" OK at+cstt="","internet","internet" OK (...)
The sim300 is no longer manufactured by simCOM, but instead the upgrade is now the sim900. The AT commands remain the same, so these commands can stay the same Their is a paperback book on how to interface a Microchip PIC to the sim300 written a couple of years ago. The book was called "Microcontroller Based (...)
Hello everyone, In the present project i am supposed to send the text files through mail using sim 900. How can i do this. I have referred many forums but i am not able to understand? Help me out.
Hi, I am trying to make an intelligent traffic light controllorvusing fpga with gprs which gives priority to emergency vehichles. I am using xc3s400 . And there is no serial comm port on the kit to interface eith gsm (sim 300) .can some one help on how to program fpga for serial comm and also how to interface uart with fpga
I am sending data continuously to a remote server using sim300 gsm/gprs modem connected to Arduino Uno the same time I want to check if I have received a sms on the sim the setup function I have configured the modem to gprs mode and executing the AT+CIPSEND continuously to send data in the main loop program. In my interru
-> AT+CGATT=1 //Attach to gprs Service <- OK -> AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","" //Define PDP Context (cid, PDP type, APN) <- OK -> AT+CDNSCFG="","" //Configure primary and secondary Domain Name Servers <- OK -> AT+CSTT="","","" //Start Task & set APN, User ID, and passw
consider the configuration of module. first check the configuration of you working sim900 module using AT command. You can find the network configuration settings/configuration commands in the AT command manual. Then configure your sim5218 module similar to sim900. Try!!!!!!!!!
Hi.. I am working on a project in which i want to transfer 1 MB of data between two sim900 GSM modems. I heard about the gprs and I also heard about the CSD Call(Data Call). I want to do it by making data call (CSD Call) as the facility provided by the GSM modem! I an finding difficulty in making Data Call service available to the sim (...)
HI, I am using a ARM Cortex M3 LPC1754, with a gprs based sim card. I m going to send the firmware to this device over gprs. And store in its External 2MB flash from specific address location. After complete downloading I want t switch ch the boot location to this newly added firmware boot location by using it On-chip boot (...)
Hai, I am using sim 900 modem as a server. My gprs server is running correctly and clients can connect to it. But after listening for a short time, it becomes unavailable in the network.i.e, no clients can connect to it. But when I checked the status of modem, it says it is still in LISTENING mode. Does anyone faced this problem? Thank you
This is how you send AT commands to sim300 module to setup gprs connection. >> AT+CGATT=1 - Attach to gprs Service << OK >> AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","" - Define PDP Context (cid, PDP type, APN) << OK >> AT+CSTT="","","" - Start Task & set APN, User ID, and password << OK >> AT+CIICR (...)
Hello, I'm using a Huawei M323 GSM/gprs Module to send some data to a web server. The data sending part is working. The problem is, the module doesnt detect all the sim CARDs that I insert. It only detects a very few cards that are rare to find. I checked with the service providers, but cant find anything special or different about these cards.
are new to the forum, i posted wrong This is the problem... sim 900d gprs-ftp RDY +CFUN: 1 +CPIN: READY at OK at OK at+creg? +CREG: 0,1 OK at+cgatt=1 OK at+cstt="","","" OK at+cipscont? SHOW APPTCPIP CONTEXT +CDNSORIP:0 +CIPSPRT:1 +CIPHEAD:0 +CIPFLP:1 +CIPSRIP:0 +CIPCSGP:1 gprs Config (...)
hi you have to insert your sim in gsm module and use it. I dnt knw it will work or not i am just guessing that. - - - Updated - - - hi you have to insert your sim in gsm module and use it. I dnt knw it will work or not i am just guessing that. once try it. It is also one new experiment.
I have a gprs printer with a sim card. It has a device ID and an IP address. I also have a website. The website has fields that are filled out. When a button on the website is clicked on, I want to send that info to the gprs printer. I would use XML to format the print. I understand that this can be done with a PHP script on the (...)
Hello everyone. I am trying to access the web page through gprs sim 900 modem. at+cipstart="tcp","","80" OK CONNECT OK at+cipsend  GET /HTTP/1.1 SEND OK After these commands what can i do. I am really very weak in networking. please help me out.
dear frnd, check this
I want to know how can i connect gprs using fargo mastro 20 gsm modem.i am using docomo sim.i am getting some garbage values after i enter *99***1#.plz give me the at commands to connect gprs using docomo sim and fargo gsm modem.
can anyone help me to connect gprs in fargo maestro 20 gsm module using at commands???am using a docomo sim...When i connect using atd*99***1# i get "CONNECT" and then some garbage values and at last it shows NO to solve this problem??I am doing this in hyperterminal and also tried the same in Serial port terminal in linux... tha
We are looking for a microcontroller development kit with sim300 or sim908 or any other modem. that sends gps position to web database by gprs connection. The core of all project is establish a internet connection via gprs and send to internet database . Also, i presume it has sim card slot also. (...)