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Hi Guys, I tried connecting my Latitude and Longitude data from sim908 and Microcontroller to Google map but not getting a good link for my Project. Can anyone suggest me a Google map link?
I'm using PIC18F4550 at 115200 baud rate to get GPS information from sim908. It works fine with commands sent from PC. Also it works fine with commands from MCU. But the problem is, the MCU can not read the GPS data sent from sim908. I checked the MCU, it can read data if I send the data from PC UART. But can not read SIM module. It reads some
I was working with sim908 few months ago. Last time when I used, it was ok. Recently I made some modification to the code. Here is the code, /******************************************************************************* * Program for 'GPS Position Tracker for Car accident' * * Compiler:
Hello fellow, after several days searching google and reading the datasheet, I can not find the solution to my problem and I appeal to your kindness and intelligence. ;-) I designed my own hardware, not achieving the sim908 reply me any AT command, I do not get OK, or RDY. I paired the DTE baudrate (ATmega2560) and modem communication port to 96
I think you need to read AT command format.If you want read msg try to know the message indexing AT+CMGL="ALL" then AT+CMGR=2 you need use proper formatting and steps.
Hello everyone, I am trying to use sim908 with Arduino, but having problems with it. I used the reference design to create my own, below you will find the schematic. I have a stable 3.6~volt VBAT. The problem is : the netlight pin is always high, therefore the net status LED is always shining. It should be blinking, but it doesn't. When i pr
Hello! I'm designing sim908 based Car GSM module, in which I need 12V to 4V PSU. The device in 99% in sleep mode in minimal current consumption and GPS only available on-demand. The easy answer is do a heat loss comparison. For Buck Regulators, the lower the output, the higher the losses. while LDO's are very sensi
Hi every body , I have a problem about nuclear detection radiation . my sensor is RD3024 and the output is pulse . I use ext interrupt of microcontroller to read pulse from sensor . My board include sim908 module more . When sim908 module dont powrt up, all things are ok . But if i power module sim908 then pulse continuos
I am using a Positioning module that has a SMA port to hot plug an SMA antenna. It also has pins available through its foot print to connect a GPS Antenna. The module name is . I was not able to spot a place in its data sheet that describes if both antennas can be connected at once. I want to solder a passive chip antenna about 5-
I'm using sim908 module to gate the GPS data. But there is no data from the module. I tried with all the commands it may required to get the data. But... AT+CGPSPWR=1 OK AT+CGPSRST=1 OK AT+CGPSINF=0 0,0.000000,0.000000,0.000000,20101010000127.000,0,0,0.000000,0.000000 OK there is all zero... I'm using a Active ante
In ISR use a 200 byte buffer to receive USART data. Don't test for AT or anything else in ISR. Every AT response ends with OK. So just receive whatever the sim908 sends and after all the data is dumped to buffer, parse the buffer and extract the required field or SMS.
Hi all, I newbie of arduino and gsm/gps/gprs.. May i ask why we have to register GSM sim908 to network? What is function, and if I do not do so, what will happen? Thanks reply JJ
working with sim908 gps and using the antenna prescribed by simcom.however my antenna is taking almost 14 minutes to collect the proper coordinates and time..cud sumone help me with which is the proper antenna to be start the modem im giving the following AT commands AT+CGPSPWR=1 AT+CGPSRST=0 AT+CGPSINF=2 should
i was working on a GSM based system with sim908 and it was working perfectly. After a while i restarted the system and found that GND and Vbat pins are shorted. i really need help on this issue. what to do now?
sim908 is a module, not a modem. Which modem are you asking about?
Hi, I am currently working on my bachelor project and it envolves GSM and GPS, so the choice fell on the sim908 on an Arduino shield form DFRobots here. Although I am quite disappointed with the quality of the product, I don't really have a choice now to ch
If you are contemplating a new design using the SIMCOM sim908 GSM/GPS module please be advised that it will phased out at the end of this year. SIMCOM have suggested SIM928A as an alternative and also advised: Purchase orders will be accepted until 2014/12/15 and the last order will be delivered before 2015/03/31. Cheers.
I am planing to use a powerfull GPS antenna which has a gain of 31dB. I am wondering if it can degrage by some means the performance of the sim908 GPS system. I am actually planing to try the same antenna with Linx, and some other GPS devices as well. So how
Sorry I haven't worked on sim908. Hence I cannot help you in this...pls write to Simcom so that it will be cleared ASAP.
what do you get when you connect the sim908 to the PIC16? some information? odd characters? nothing? what baud rates are you using?
Hello, I'm reading the sim908 GPS info with AT+CGPSINF=0 coomand , all works fine but the speed is always under 60 kph (before convert knots to kph), what is the problem? there is a sim908 problem? Best regards.
hi there i have used this at+commands and my problem is error after the "at+cstt" atcommand right at * step fputs("ATZ",COM_908); fputs("ATE0",COM_908); fputs("AT+CSCLK=0",COM_908); delay_ms(2000); fputs("AT+CREG=0",COM_908); delay_ms(2000); fputs("AT+CGACT=1",COM_908); delay_ms(3000); fputs("AT+CGATT=1",COM_908); delay_ms(300
Hi folks, I'm using the sim908 module with an Arduino shield. But, I don't know why, there is a wrong baudrate setting and the library, of Arduino, say: Trying to force the baud-rate to 9600 but don't work. 1 week ago it worked, now no, with the same sketch. I haven't change the baudrate with AT commands. So, there i
In case of sim908 you should speak of a GSM/GPS module rather than a "chip". There are many chips working inside the module. Having the programmable application controller also inside a single module is technically possible but necessarily reasonable for your project. You can b.t.w. get GSM/GPS modules with built-in Java machine so that they can wo
I am a sim908 user and I do not understand the meaning of the command AT+HTTPDATA. Can someone please explain to me in what sort of a context it can be used with an example? it would help me a lot. thank you.
Dear All, I am using the TIVA C series MCU and Code Composer Studio (CCS ) to control a sim908 GSM/GPS module. The module has TCP/IP stack, FTP commands and HTTP commands. I have a moving circuit. I want to send the collected GPS coordinates to my server using FTP, securely. (at least using the most secure method if sftp is not supported).
We can only guess about the exact circuit. There will be a level converter (e.g. MAX232) between DB9 RS232 level signals and sim908 TTL level. Arduino uses TTL level and must connect directly to SIM 908. This means that the level converter must be disconnected before, otherwise you get conflicting signals at the sim908 RXD, DTR and RTS inputs.
Hi, I had purchased from aliexpress some simcom sim908 modules, they had firmware version installed 1137B04sim908M64_ST. Could anyone help me with finding this version firmware, or if it is possible - give tips how to get firmware image from chip? Thanks!
Hello I have sim908 module Actually i want to get GPS data. is there any need to connect to the network first, via simcard or not ? when i try to connect to the network there is no success. I connected VBAT and GND and pulled down pwrkey. the status LED is on and the NETLIGHT LED is blinking 60ms/800ms . I don't know how to connect to netwo
Hi! I'm working on a simcom sim908 module. If I issue a AT+CENG=1,1 command, and then the AT-CENG?, I read all the neighbourgh cell, but only of my registered operator: they have all the same MNC, but I instead need all the cells of the neighbourhood (I need them to do a gsm triangulation). What's the AT commands? Many thanks :) Alby87
Hello, I'm working with sim908 and Arduino, usually it works well and give me the correct location, but sometimes it give me bad locations, they are too far from real location, between 1 and 10 kilometers, to obtain the location I check if sim908 is 3D fixed with AT+CGPSSTATUS? command and then I get the location with AT+CGPSINF=0, . I also chec
Hi people, I am trying to make a wiresless GPS tracking system using sim908C and SIM548C as the development board. The issue is, the GSM antenna for sim908C is given on one side, but when it is placed onto the board the GSM antenna connection for the SIM548C dev kit is on the opposite side. Does it really matter which side of SIM548C do we conne
I have just writen this code for sim908.I want to get data GPS from sim908,but erorr.Please help me. #include "msp430g2553.h" #include "uart.h" #include #include #include #include #define PWU BIT3 char end=26; char nhan; char buffer,*s; char Latitude = "0000.000000\0"; // Latitude, North
Hello I was wondering if somebody knew how to download an FTP file in parts... let's say, the file is 1024 bytes in size... I download only 32 bytes from it and then I disconnect the FTP. I come back and then I reconnect the FTP and I start to download from the position 32. The problem is that there is no way on the sim908 to disconnect from
I use a sim908 GSM/GPS module to determine the location of a unit being tracked. I want to know when GPS signals are not available to obtain location from Cell ID/ AGPS technology. That is using GSM Broadcast towers using triangulation. Google maps installed to my nokia 5233 which doest have a GPS device (symbian S60v5) gives me a pretty accu
Hello, I'm an beginner argentinian programmer, with no idea about designing pcb, but forced to try to design one. Let me explain, my first idea was to purchase the "Small Breakout for sim908 GSM&GPS Module" for learning purposes. But here in Argentina is very complicated to import components. So I purchased the sim908 module, and I want to manage i
the following exerpt is from sim908 hardware design V2 104433 It doest specifically mention this burst is for what. It could be for a call, SMS, MMS and there is no way to know. I require this to calculate the power consumption. Is it possible to know how many bursts like these are required by the sim908 to send o
my application constantly switches on/off a sim908 and I am wondering if this is a good idea. I read the data sheet it doesnt mention a number of times repeatedly this can happen. As sim908 turns on every time, it registers with the networok. Does this damage the IC if this happens around 24 times a day for 365 days? or for couple of years? I
what are the AT commands that need to be sent to the sim908 to call a URL through the sim908? my intention is to pass some variable to a remote server using GET or POST method. my APN : PPWAP I am a newbie so any help would be appreciated a lot.
would there be anyone with the knowledge how to send a text file via FTP to a server using AT Commands by a sim908? my APN : PPWAP Provider : Dialog Sri Lanka I use UART to communicate with the sim908 and my microcontroler is MSP430
hey thank you for the answers. it makes a lot more sense to me now about what I had put my hands into. I like to summarize things I extracted from your reply, please correct me if I am wrong. I understood that to call a URL I must use TCP/IP protocol and it is not possible to call at HTTP URL using UDP Data cost is OK where I live (0.001$
SMS or GPRS which one needs more signal strength? I am using the sim908 module. All I need to do is to call a URL. thanks
Hi all, Reference to SMS default application available in SIM900DevIDE, where i need to input the mobile number to receive the sms. the following are the comments used to send the sms. { updatecmd("AT+CMGS\r", curcmd,AT_WRITE); /*please input your own cell number!*/ ebdat9_01SendToModem("AT
@trongkn, If the SIM 908 is interfaced with Microcontroller you need not use this tool at the module itself will have the core file loaded already... If the microcontroller usage is avoided and you are trying to load the "*.cla" file on the sim908 itself then below is the given difference... 1) When option "NORMAL" is selected: You are
Hi, I have a sim908 Learning Board which I got off eBay (but exactly the same as this ). I am only intending for now to use the GPS and dont need a network connection. I am unable to get the sim908 to respond to any AT commands. I have searched the forum and tried a few different solutions found (using hyp
Download the PDF called "sim908 hardware design v2.0"
Hi I have bought this antenna If your design will be at open air you should try passive antenna otherwise active. I'm workin on sim908 too , take a look regards!
hello I have extracted Latitude, Longitude, Time and Speed from the response of AT+CGPSINF=32.But i have a question. Can anybody say to me What the unit of speed is? Is Speed over Ground in knots or not? I multiplied it at 1.85 to convert it to km/h But the speed is not correct. The response in AT command mode with AT+CGPSINF=32 is: 32,170139.
hi friend i am facing this problem while working as tcp client on sim908 AT AT OK AT+CPIN? AT+CPIN? +CPIN: READY OK GPS Ready AT+CREG? AT+CREG? +CREG: 0,1 OK AT+CIPMUX=0 AT+CIPMUX=0 OK AT+CIPMODE=0 AT+CIPMODE=0 OK AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP","" AT+CGDCONT=1,"IP",""
It's a good module , you could use sim908 , it also includes a GPS almost at the same price. The sim modules has a lot of info.