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When you disable ALL INTERUPTS, you also disable the BAUDRATE GENERATOR TIMER, so... it's that simple. u r disabling you main serial task. Hope this is useful.
look at It's a demo on a Altera Cyclone Nios Board 8051 IP Demo Designs We have set up two demo designs that show how to use the 8051 IP core. These designs may easily extended to meet your project's specific needs. Both examples are made up of a ZIP-file containing all required data (VHDL code as
what? Humidity sensing is simple, all you need is a humidity sensor/meter, then an ADC and a microcontroller. Just create a program on reading an ADC be it serial, parallel, I2C or SPI. Calibrate the results to fit on your desired output, convert it to BCD, ASCII or whatever chracter fit for your display, then display into an LCD or an LED.
Hi, The 8051 or better 8751 is a good chip to start with, but the 8751 chips are slowly phasedout and five years from now they will be gone !. Better go for a more modern chip, AVR, Microchip etc... Every chip vendor has its own programmer some use J-Tag which is more universal but unfortunately microchip is not using this (would make In Circuit De
?Architecture and programming of 8051 Microcontrollers? The book contains details of its architecture and many practical examples, both simple and complex, useful program routines, instructions on handling the programmer for Atmel 51 series, and the guide on using the development systems for Atmel (...)
...I have Dynamic Display (three numbers) and 3 buttons...If you will take MC with 4 ports (AT89C51 for example) it will be enoght IO lines for static indication and simple working program.
Write simple sample program for serial interface and test with hyperterminal. Now design program for uploading it into 8051 by fixing header and footer. Bye
yes you can look into the examples programs in the installed folder.... first make up your mind to learn a particular controller and programming language you will use... then take up mazidi book on 8051 and try the simple programs in keil....
My friend do you need complete project of electronic washing machine progrmator ? Its very simple, but not with 8051!
here is the simple LED blinking program
there is accurate and easier method by using assembly and this simple program. Use this method and make mix between c and assembly
About getting started. I think, the best suitable for leaning is simple MCU which provides easy-to-prgram features. I am using PSoC as my third MCU (first was classic Intel 8051, later Atmel AVR 7 years), now use PSoC. My students are 20 years old and started to use MCU as well without any problems.
A simple ASCII protocol can be implemented to work with Hyperterminal. You can program the micro to send at initialization a ASCII string (or just a prompt as you said) and the wait for a ASCII character from PC. You can implement different tasks function of the character received. Good luck
Hi all, I need to interface my '8051 with an IR remote control, exaclty with a TV remote control! I explain better: I have a TV remote control (I suppose RC5-protocol compatible) and I want to control my 8051 : when I press "1" on the remote control , I need to close a rele', pressing "2" I need to turn off it, and so on... Somebody knows if
Ok, yesterday i pulled out my old 8051 ?c development board Now its kinda old and the kernel i bured to it works together with a debugging program called "monica 52" It used to work perfect under dos and windows 95 But when trying it together with windows XP it doesnt work. Let me explain The debugger (monica52) starts up fine and finds the ?C
it's a good simple program make led connected to pin p1.0 flashing, connect +ve to VCC and -ve to P1.0 ;#INCLUDE "8051EQU.INC" ; RESET ;reset routine 0H ;locate routine at 00H AJMP START ;jump to START ; ;****************************************************
hea dude its very easy .... include the com object in ur form .... u have helluva stuff in net try searching net or books abt it... but u can use a simple hyperterminal which comes with the windows and set the correct baud and other setting as u require and play around
10x but a wanna some simple sound impulse without MIC , just connect a circuit to sound output a wait for activity
Hai I havent seen a simple pgrmr for 8051 old types. Which is the make you are using? If 89S51/52 available in your area you can locate a simple prgrmr for that. As far as I know all programmers for 89C51 requires substantial hardware for address and other decoding. picstudent
hi, Frist you have to start with a simple controller like pic16f84 write a flasher program then try a switch with led try to send a char to serial port then you will find yourself involved in micrcontrollers also you can find a lot of books to start with be search edaboard i start with pic then switch to 8051 now i'm involved (...)
Dear all , i have a good experience on 8051 and AVR , both assembly language , now i want to start learning FPGA technology and ... , i have searched some for it , i found many devices for it , i want to know what's deifferences between CPLD , FPGA and ... in usage or other features, and what's difference between Verilog and VHDL , which dev
hai it's possible but it's not a simple job i had done it earlier it willtakea lot of time to convert the source code of 8031 to the current version you may pm me with your where abouts for more help reg sun
hey has anyone seen those beautiful touch screens on those gas stations . they attract me a lot . has anyone programmed them with the help of a 8051 plz help me in this case i have used a simple alphanumeric lcd but never a graphic lcd it would be very kind of you to share information with me thanks:D :oops:
dear friends i just waht to send and receive two or three bytes can we connect the 8051 mcu directly to the cc2500? the sample codes available at ti site is too complex is there any simple codes are available for configuring the chip and to send and receive data? what are the possible difficulties you had faced on interfacing? thanking yo
um... Usually if you look at the datasheet for your 8051 it will tell you how to use the UART in the serial port section. They also have the formula to calculate the baud rate. I havent used an 8051 in a while but if I remember corectly they use one of the timers to generate the baud rate. For the DS89C430 from dallas the formula is: Timer rel
Hi, Try Using DOCKLIGHT software. here is the link,evaluation.Its easy n simple. downlaod Docklight V1.8 after entering into the site. Regards, Viswanath.
hello, I'm a new user and newbie about microcontrollers, I got some lessons in my university about microcontrollers. We only worked with 8051 and we did some programs with assembly but not a big things and the problem begins with that. I wanna make my own simple 4 button keyboard with usb connected but I can't find any knowledge about that. (...)
hello... could anyone please tell me how exactly to send at commands from 8051 to a sim300 gsm module?? Particularly using printf statements:!: i have tried sending it through strings and been successful to receive it at the serial window. But i saw a sample program on net which uses simple printf statements to send these AT commands. i (...)
Try to change the project path to a much simple one. (i.e. copy your project directory to c:\ or D:\ . So the path names of the files will reduce. and this will enable the compiler to get all the files for compilation. sometimes compilers dont include all the files for compilation if the path to that file is long)
The program is very simple, did you write this code? This code detects external hardware interrupt 0 the code in the function "void external0(void) interrupt 0" is an interrupt routine, and the code in the function main "void main()" is for setting up the interrupt Asimov
Call stack - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Quick and simple explanation :)
test it in proteus and then debug. or put your code and circuit here....... i dont have,here's the really simple code: #include #define out P2 sbit up=P1^0; sbit down=P1^1; void delay(int x) for(i=0;i<=x;i++); main() { int on=100,off=100 while(1) { if(up==1 &&
To make this computer it isn't necessary to know a lot about electronics. It is only required to know how to program. It's a simple device with standard functions displayed. It has two software versions. One for bas
hi friends.. i m new to keil and hyperterminal,so i burned my keil c program into my 8051 microcontroller and in my program i used printf() function as in turbo c,,but its not plz give me the simple program (uses keil) to print the message(characters and numerics) on the hyperterminal
TI DSP MSP Series or DSP PIC dsPIC with proper library you can do it in simple 8051 also
its simple,, hyperterminal is a software provided my is just a interface so that you can interact with the devices on the serial port... there are many other also like Putty, flash magic terminal etc..
Balabadri, It will be very helpful if you say in which program you made c program. Often, editor and compiler goes together, but software for programming microcontroller could be separetly. For instance, AVR ICC software is editor, compiler and has option for programming the microcontroller. MikroC is only editor and (...)
hi, im trying to make a simple AT89S52 based POV, and it seems to work in the simulation under reads51 software. however after i made the board and programmed the chip it doesn't do anything all LEDs remain off. i know the board is working fine because i programmed the chip to flash the LEDs and it seems to be working, but when i (...)
so many projects those you can create. 1) temperature controller. 2) traffic light controller. 3) led chaser. these are simple projects.
you can simply display numbers on lcd screen by sending address location and the a number to display on the lcd screen... you can see all the commands to initialize an lcd and display data commands in the following link. also there is a simple project to display numbers on lcd screen.. try it
hi I have a problem interfacing RF module(433Mhz ask) to 8051(atmel 89C51). I am using two micro controllers First: I have written a simple program to transmit 'A' serially if P1^0 is high in transmitter micro controller(uc1). and at receiver micro controller(uc2) to take serial data and put in on P1 of (uc2). Baud rate (...)
simple no. But you can make code for controlling motor on that way (speed by PWM, direction,....). See this materials:
Hello! I think that on simple operation such as assignations, it should not depend on the compiler. P0 = 0x55 for example, will likely result in the same assembly code for all compilers. Now I don't understand what you mean by calculate average compiler. Again, this should be in the 8051 manual. Any assembler instruction should be detailed (how m
The 2716 is a very old device! You need to think in terms of how to connect to the EPROM, it has 8 data lines and 10 address lines so you need 18 connections plus CE and OE making 20 digital connections in total. You also need VPP which will come from a 25V regulated voltage source and another signal to turn it on and off. First question: do you
Im doing my Project about how to program 8x8 LED matrix using MikroC compiler that includes on how to create a simple network using RF signal.. Im using PIC16F877A and Proteus for simulating the schematic.. can you give me a sample schematic with a hex file that can possibly solve my problem.. thanks in advance..
It's not simple. Hardware: - you have to make bridge with 6 diodes, so you get DC voltage about 500V - second you have to add capacitor to filtrate that voltage (in 3 phase case you dont have to add cap.) - have to build inverter, 6 IGBT(or MOSFET or bipolar transistor) Software: - in code memory make look up table of sinus signal (more e
Hi Klitsuk, I try to explain. 1. You need a compiler for your ?-controller, depends on the language you choose (assembler, C, C++, Basic, and so on), and also depend on the money you want to spend. 2. You need a programmer for your micro. This can be a simple download cable, or a more complex circuit to programm the chip. This (...)
Better select newer 8051-based uC, for example AT89S8252 or AT89C51RD2. They are very cheap and can be easily programmed with simple wire connection from LPT or RS232 PC port.