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hello i want some assembly program for game(simple, which should not want more graphics) for 8051 microcontroller. could u help me.
I need to send a message as soon as a simple C program produced a wanted result. I need to include the value of a variable in the email message. I am not sure how to go about this. Please help. I found this on Google but it won't compile with an error about MailMessage mail and there's no method to attach a value in the mess
hi i need a program for 8051 to be a digital thermometer reading a temperature from thermocouple through adc0804 and display it on 4 digits 7 segment display i need help plz
hi some one help me on these topics 1. write a simple assembly code for 8051 to read the key pressed in the key board and write the same ascii into eeprom? 2.write a assembly code to read a character from eeprom? please help me out in this:?:
Can i get to download any gud books on 8051 microcontroller using C,if possible book from Mazidi.. Thanks in advance simple answer to this is Google search I have just Googled for this and found this link Let me know if you need
Good day to every one, I would like to ask any idea how to program the 8051 in such a way that it will be able to distinguish am from pm I am currently making a program which will behave like a clock and I want it to alarm at 6 pm...thanks a lot
I am good at programing in keil C and assembly language , but I don't know how run the program practically / how to burn a program in 8051 mc (AT89C51)...plzzzz tell what should be next step or what hardware components should I have for burning a program in 8051????
Hello all I'm trying a simple LED blinking program on PORTA on PIC16F690 but it's not working, only one led is blinking RA0 .. I'm using MikroC PRO the code: void main() { TRISA = 0b000000; while(1) { PORTA = 1; Delay_ms(1000); PORTA = 0; Delay_ms(1000); } } I tried it on a different port & it didn't w
A simple Google search gets many results: Let me google that for you Here are the 3 of the "about 65,900" results: Interface ADC0804 with 8051 microcontroller (AT89C51) Project [url=www.mytutoria
need some rtc based on 8051 with alarms code or any help how to do that. I have to do this using assembler. I can't use c or basic :(
Hi, I wrote a C++ program on sun blade 2000. The compiler is g++, version 2.95.3. Sometimes the program was crashed by bus error. I traced the program via gdb and found the program crashed on _malloc_unlocked(). I used 'new' to create a dynamic data structure, but why memory allocation errors still happened? Does (...)
Hi all, I need help for preparing for an interview. Interview will be based on 8051 microcontroller and its interfacing. If anybody have "Questions and Answers" type documents on this microcontroller please share. Regards Itp
Hello my dears I want to write a program for 8051 to act as a debounce switch. would you help me? regards, NTFS
Has anyone ever tried TCP/IP protocol on 8051 based MCU? I had write a set of protocol (PPP, IP, TCP) in 2002 on Winbond W77E58, that's really exciting. The kit can dial up and send a picture to a certain email address. But it works but lack of practicability, the recoursed of W77e58 is tooooooo poor for TCP/IP, the stablity is not guaranteed. Now
One of the simplest methods of interfacing a thermocouple to 8051 microcontroller is 1-wire technology .. Here is an example of an IC which will take signal form J-thermocouple, condition it and convert it to digital form that can be read by a microcontroller: If you need more information on 1-
hai all is it possible for us to impliment CAN protocol on 8051 mcu's my idea is to make a slave display in a CAN network thanks in advance sun
Anybody working on RTLinux and have any simple mini project on RTLinux? ----------------- Prakash. (LinuxBaby) ----------------
i want to make a project on there any book on 8051 projects
hi everybody, i want one help. i am trying to print log(2) value using C program on linux. i included math.h header file. But i am getting error. can any one help me in this issue. i am very thankful to u.
what is the best DVD burning program on linux?
I need a program for 8051 microcontroller to trigger a thyristor(phase controlled).Please someone help me..
I need a program for 8051 microcontroller to trigger a thyristor(phase controlled).Please someone help me..
i am currently doing my final year project , i will be using a 8051 microcontroller IC chip and i was told to use the 8051 flash memory to store my program password. Anyone know know to program microcontroller 8051 flash memory? Help me please thanks
now i want i2c program on 16f877A without using inbuilt function.unable to understood this protocal
Pls is there anybody has links for this program on rapidshare or Mihd ? please inform me it is Top Urgent .
Hi, I want to know how can we implement Matlab program on FPGA? please answer me as soon as posible. thanks alot
hi, how can implement Matlab program on DSPIC? thanks
Dear All, Last month ethics Technologies started its Android Business Unit and now it announced India's first industry oriented "Advanced Training program on Android platform". Duration is two months. The course concentrating on Android Mobile applications development and as well as Hardware solutions for Android platform. C
Dear all, I use DSP board in my work. But I am a beginner in this field. I use Matlab to programming DSP board 'tms320c6713' but I don't know how can I download my program on DSP board. Please help me. Thanks in advance.
I am doing my final year project on pulse oximeter based on 8051......i need information pertaining to this......things like code,design methods probe designingetc. Thanks.
Design a simple circuit based on combinational logic to double the output frequency.
PLEASE send me some interview questions on 8051 microcontroller
hey buddy, get 8051 micro controller by mazidi. its is the simplest and easiest book to learn 8051
Hello all Can anyone has a program on waching machine with C++. I want to learn how to program it
hi... i want do pwm program with 8051.. program is finrly working.. but m using sl100 darlington pair to drive the motor,but the transisters are buring out after few minutes,even i checked the current ratung, its more than sufficient... plz help me out... very soon plz.....
i need rf tx and rx alp program in 8051
Try this link: It is simple calculator basd on 8051 microcontroller with keypad and LCD display .. Regards, IanP
This is really getting nowhere. Do you know ANYTHING about USB or FPGA at all? First of all, Using USB to communicate between an FPGA and a PC is like trying to fly a 747 in order to go to your friends home next door. USB is complicated, difficult and complex protocol and in NO WAY it is communicating in ASCII, unless you have a special devic
Hello guys I'm testing a simple CCS program on ISIS. I'm using a pic16F877 (20MHZ) it compiles fine but no PWM is shown in ISIS. i know the problem is on ISIS because i had a similar prog running fine on hardware. has anybody managed to show PWM on isis from a 16f877 ? thanks a lot. //#include "speed control.h" #include <16F877.h>
I wrote a very simple C program on MPLAB to set all ports to high on a PIC 16F628A, it built okay on HI-TECH C, no erros, and it was programmed to the chip using PicKit 3 flawlessly... But it doesn't work, the pins wont go high! I tried it with multuple PIC's. I use MPLAB 8.45 on windows 7 and HI-TECH 9.81 lite (which is supposed to (...)
Hi, I?m having 10+ years programming experience just being fantasy & one of requirement I gone through file open, file write, file close command some data sheets of microcontroller. I thought I can understand this language better & can do good programming. (As well as I?m having good understanding in electronic) I?m fresher too
?Architecture and programming of 8051 Microcontrollers? The book contains details of its architecture and many practical examples, both simple and complex, useful program routines, instructions on handling the programmer for Atmel 51 series, and the guide on using the development systems for Atmel (...)
look at It's a demo on a Altera Cyclone Nios Board 8051 IP Demo Designs We have set up two demo designs that show how to use the 8051 IP core. These designs may easily extended to meet your project's specific needs. Both examples are made up of a ZIP-file containing all required data (VHDL code as
what? Humidity sensing is simple, all you need is a humidity sensor/meter, then an ADC and a microcontroller. Just create a program on reading an ADC be it serial, parallel, I2C or SPI. Calibrate the results to fit on your desired output, convert it to BCD, ASCII or whatever chracter fit for your display, then display into an LCD or an LED.
hi all i need helpfor temprature controller based on 8051 with type j sensor any one can help me for simple hardwre and support me at software thanks all MedTroics is more concerned to type J thermocouple rather than linear temperature transducer. I can tell you it wont find an elegant solution right on the shel
i m working on project to develope simple snack game in ?c-8051, but i m new in this, i dont know which type of digital output should be at output port pin so as to i can convert it to analog form for displaying perpose. For displaying perpose i m using oscilloscope so can u tell me which type of x,y and z
check the power also on the Spartan part, start with something simple project output <= input;
you can us e 89c2051 with analog comparator it is very simple to change without any a/d
...I have Dynamic Display (three numbers) and 3 buttons...If you will take MC with 4 ports (AT89C51 for example) it will be enoght IO lines for static indication and simple working program.