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Hi everyone. I would like to know if someone can tell me the best way to simulate a series RC compensation scheme that will be applied in a shunt configuration (gate of transistor to ground) to check its frequency response? The TF is simple (1+sTau)/(sC). Regards.
Hello everyone. I need help with a structure simulation. Well, mentioned structure is realy simple - it is a teflon tube which has inside two electrodes (structure is similar to the basic air capacitor). But now... I need to simulate it by using the dumped sinusoide (attachment) with period 14ns as a source which should be connect to the conntac
Calculate? I wouldn't. simulate by referring a cccs to the stimulus source and push its output onto a 1pF capacitor. Voltage step there, at any input edge transition, is your input charge in pC. Scale by input step voltage value to get capacitance in pF.
Hi Everyone I am trying to calculate the correct values for a capacitor for a PSU I am going to simulate and I am having difficulty finding a reasonable value. Here is the specs I am working from and what I have tried so far: A 230 V smoothed power supply is required to meet the following specification:
Dear All, i am trying to simulate following circuit. When i switch on the MOSFET momentarily at zero crossing of the Iin, and measure voltage across the capacitor(C1), am i not supposed to get response resembling a square wave? I think momentarily switching the inductor at zero crossing of Iin, should flip the voltage across C1 and i should get
Hello, I would like to simulate a synchronous switched extraction circuit using pspice software. In the circuit, the switch is controlled by the voltage across the capacitor.How can I model the switch
Hi all, I'm trying to simulate the basic RC circuit with Spetre. Here is my circuit. 128706 I built it with Cadence Virtuoso. But when I try to simulate it in Spectre, it gives me square output just as input, no charging period. 128707 I do select trans, 20ms. How can I get the right result?
To load the spice file: Open in notepad and save as file_name.asc Then open in LT spice and simulate.
Hi, I have a question about simulating the noise of a S/H circuit. The method I am using right now is to simulate noise in sample and hold phase separately. First, I put it in sample mode and simulate the noise over the sampling capacitor (CS) and hold capacitor (CH). I used HSPICE .NOISE and integrated over (...)
First simulate your design with ideal capacitors and inductors. Then replace them with their equivalent model or measured data and tune the circuit again to get the desired response.
When I simulate the circuit, apparently, capacitor feedback does not work properly. The opamp model acts like a comparator. As long as negative input has a larger voltage output shows the minimum voltage and Vice versa. That's how an integrator is expected to work. Sounds like you didn't yet think about a reasonable test setup for y
Dear Sirs, I simulate a simple capacitor with plates of 4x2 mm and 5um of dielectric (dielectric constant=3.8). The 2-port PI with Shunt RC and Shunt RC model give me a correct value of 54 pf but R is 22987 Ohm. Why R is so low? I expected a more high value. What is R in Shunt RC model? Thanks Ettore.
Hi, What is the proper way to simulate a x2y capacitor like this one in multisim or LTSpice? I make the following assumption (see on attached pictures) based on what I read here
i would like to simulate a super capacitor in mat lab power system environment. the super capacitor is to be connected with a solar panel through a power conditioning unit. i have used a two branch model . how to design the parameters and check the super capacitor characteristics.
Constant current sweep will give the voltage proportional to impedance. Most people use a simple model similar to yours with only 1 capacitance and only a series resonant frequency (SRF) which is often just called the "Self-Resonant-Frequency. But in ceramic multilayer structures there is a series and parallel capacitance (that may be nearly equ
If you design your circuit with the correct values, it will simulate. The problem with crystal oscillator circuits is that you need a small-time step and a lengthy oscillation time due to the slow built-up of oscillations caused by the very high Q of the crystal. The 22 pF capacitor can be a trimmer to make slight frequency corrections. So be
Decoupling 20Mhz is easier option. Select capacitor with 20Mhz Resonant frequency. Decoupling 2.4Ghz is difficult.....2.4Ghz decoupling requires capacitance in pF range may be 2-10pf range. check with RF capacitor manufacturers. decoupling 2.4Ghz requires very good, that mounting inductance is very low.....Try to simulate the (...)
i wanna simulate a microstrip tunable bpf in ADS and i dont know how to find and use the varactor diode please help me
I believe, it is useless to excite an interdigital capacitor alone. It is always a part of some kind of waveguide, microstrip or coplanar. Create a microstrip or coplanar line, then excite it with a waveport, or lumped port (2-port pass-through model), as you like. Then I would simulate input sections of the transmission line, and extract them fro
Hi. Before start to design the SAR ADC, i want to simulate the relationship between capacitor mismatches of CDAC and SAR ADC using matlab. when capacitor mismatch ratio is 'sigma' and Cu is unit capacitance, plz check the equation and next matlab code capacitor mismatch ratio ~ N(0,sigma^2) when i want to make (...)
Hello everyone. I have an issue with CoventorWare. I tried to simulate the distribution of the electric field between the plates of a capacitor filled with air. As a result, I got a field distribution merely on the plates, but not inside. Is it possible to obtain the distribution of the field between the plates?
What are you trying to simulate with ?
Hi everybody, I am using HFSS to simulate a CPW structure which forms a tank circuit. The capacitor is realised by the CPS and the inductors are realised by lumped inductors. The CPW is 1.5 mm long and it resonates at about 1GHz. HFSS can calculate Epsilon and I think that that is the relative permittivity. The results show that it it very high
Hello all, I am trying to simulate IDC on HFSS but it just stuck at calculating the matrix step, I am wondering if anyone could help me out on that. I have attached the HFSS file on here97434. Thanks.
I want to know how the capacitor can be used as a inductor Together with an operational amplifier a capacitor can mimic a lossy inductor - and if you can afford to apply two opamps (GIC configuration) you can simulate a nearly ideal active inductor.
can you help me to simulate this circuit with ltspice, i want to drive 77 LED from osram the LED datasheet i want to drive the LED at 30 mA, and i want to use this circuit, i have many error when i tried to simulate the circuit, i want to si
Its not impossible to simulate an Planar loop structure in ADS..!! Do u have any references that u r following for ur design rules..?? Making a Printed loop in ADS is quite easy..!!
Hi, I need to simulate structure excited with a capacitor through long coaxial cable. From past experience modeling coaxial cable takes prohibitively long time. Can I substitute the cable with network of lumped components? If so how to derive such network? How to simulate capacitor discharge?
gm/Id is mostly for DC operating points and small-signal parameters. Switched-capacitor circuits will require a transient simulation. You may get a good starting point with gm/Id, but you'll have to do simulation-based sizing (tweak-simulate-tweak) anyway, maybe with an optimizer software, and could start with it right away.
Yes, you can use PSS and PAC to simulate AC response. The switch Top will turn on which resets the capacitor, now the amplifier is in unity gain feedback and the negative input of amp will get biased to Vref. So, I think there is no need for another DC bias.
I'm trying to simulate the magnetic field between two LC circuits a distance Z apart and find out the Q and S parameters of the system so I can see the efficiency and whatnot. I'm new to HFSS so it came with this thing called the "Antenna Design Kit" and I was able to generate a model of a helical antenna coil and it has a ground plane and what
i am using PROTEUS 7.4 to simulate LPC2138 and using Keil uVision4 to generate hex file.. the simulation is not working, it is running without any error or warning and it is showing proper result on Keil debugger... when i look at flash memory on proteus it is initalized properly but RAM read blank completely anyone having any solutions..
You can see this material:Simulating Switched-capacitor Filters with SpectreRF~I designed one 4th order switched capacitor biquad filter in UMC 180 nm technology using cadence software (version 5.10.41).This circuit is operating on a two phase non overlapping clock generator (i/p frequency = 1 kHz). To simulate this circui
hi all, I am trying to simulate a push pull stage with negative feedback to op amp. i shall be using it to drive a dc motor with ratings of 10V and 0.5A. Awhile simulating, sometimes(keep in mind) there are oscillation in output of op amp and hence at the load. I have tried changing Vsource to Vpwl and there also oscillations were there. im
I want to simulate capacitor bank glitch. This is a 8bit binary cap bank. I can use AC or SP simulation find the total cap value vs. code. How can I run some transient simulation and find cap vs. time (code changes with time)? I want to see glitch size when code changes in real time. Thanks.
Hi 2 all, there are another questions about class E PA :) If i want to design load/matching network for the class E PA: 1. Choose inductor and capacitor in drain of the transistor 2. simulate load-pull contours in PSS and choose optimal impedance of load network 3. Create load network with optimal impedance 4. Create matching network for m
i have designed a RC OSC, which uses a current source to charge and discharge the capacitor, to generate a trigular wave, and then converted to square wave. when i simulate the OSC with white noise (max amplitude is 100mV for 3.3V supply)added in power supply, i found that, the jitter of OSC increases a lot (about 2 times)than not including the
Hi All, I am looking for the Spice models for a 4.7uF Murata capacitor which would have the following variations modelled, ESR vs Frequency, ESR vs Temperature, capacitance vs temperature and Capacitance vs Freqeuncy. I require this information to simulate a LDO circuit that used this external capacitor.
hi. i am going to design a 3phase inverter motor driver with IGBT's. designing of pwm generator- soft start-and dead time generator is already finished.and works good. but at the power stage i have problem with IR2112! when i try to simulate the circuit the coverage problem accrues.!! i think it's due to boot strap diode or capacitor. i am s
Hello all, I am trying to simulate a very basic circuit but i don't know why it does not work. The goal is to generate a ramp. Below the picture: the basic principle is to charge a small capacitor which will be "poured" step by step into a bigger
who use ADS ? pls tell me how to use SDD to module a step recovery diode ,the following is my module formulor ,but it's err: 73069 I want to discript the SRD : i(t)=dQ(t)/dt, Q(t)=CV, where C is the equall capacitor ,V is the voltage between the diode.
I'm trying to simulate an antenna and matching unit, which has a capacitor in it. The capacitor is physically much smaller than the wavelength. It is possible to do this in HFSS? I guess it would be possible to draw two parallel places, with a dielectric, which have the capacitance required, but is there a better way? If I did draw (...)
Anyone can share the knowledge how to design and simulate a voltage multiplier using ADS at low voltage level ~1V?
You should put 10 times 1pF MiM cap parallel.. If your operating frequency is pretty high, then simulate them in Momentum to check the parasitic inductances and stray capacitances..
I try to simulate serial channel 2.5 Gbps in Ansoft Designer: 64287 without decoupling capacitor all OK!, but with capacitor eye diagram very strange 64286 In what the reason of such behavior
What is the best way to simulate several pF SMD capacitors on microstrip line circuits? Are there some precise mesh/material libraries/constructors available anythere to import and place on the structure to be simulated?
Good day EDA fellows, I would like to ask on how to simulate the process variation of the MIMcapacitor. In MOS, we have the corner simulation but I don't know about the capacitors. Thank you.
Should your project be something novel ? or you can simulate some devices which are already designed (ex: RF switch or variable capacitor).
Hello, imado_60. Unfortunately, ADS has limited number of coplanar components, only transmission lines i think. If you want to simulate an interdigital capacitor in ADS you can only in Momentum, from the EM field point of view (depends now what kind of result do you want from the simulation!!). As far as I know, i don't think any kind of microwave
On the first page there bottom right graph Vout batch time that in certain turn ratio of 1:20 and Vin 60mV 100s it has been necessary to load uF capacitor 470 to charge to 3.3 V and Vout and Vin as 60mV. This is true? If this is true, I also simulate this LTspicer what I fail to simulate 100s always get error.