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hi, Thanks to edaboard in helping various projects related to antenna engineering my doubt is if i finish simulation of patch antenna with what basic parameters like VSWR return loss values i can say i designed correct or good antenna ?and proceed to fabrication of antenna.
Search for 8 bit uC VHDL source codes at OpenCores/GitHub/etc. If the projects there have a test-bench then start with the simulation after you have studied micro-architecture spec.
Hai...... i need to design robotic projects humanoid and other types... i am new in robotic design... i have experience in electronics hardware design ( analog, Digital and power) and micro controller programming.... i checked net for getting some details of robotic design.... but i am not getting proper answers... if you know someth
Hi, I use SMASH for a couple of simple verilog-AMS codes. Although it works for both analog or digital module, I do not see any interconnection in its example projects. I download an interconnection project, which was originally for Cadence EDA tool. The project does not show the expected behavior in SMASH transient simulation. Do you know ho
Hi, I'm Electronic Engineer with 5 years of experience at the fields of DSP, FPGA and board design. Contact me if you need any help with your project, including Matlab simulations, VHDL/Verilog codding and simulation, designing and modeling of communication systems, image processing. Shlomy.
You can download a JAVA application categorized as GNU General Public License version to perform this simulation : Download website: just out of curiosity, I run this code, and had to perform some adjusts at the one you gave above, but an error happens after simulation. I´m not sure, bu
Considering you are fresh in this field, I recommend u choose the 4th topic -- Koch fractal dipole. Other topics deal with more advanced techniques, such as array or circular polarization. There are step-by-step examples on dipole simulation in the manual accompanying the HFSS software.
Hi If you have any Matlab based simulation projects to implement and 8 bit microcontroller (PIC16,AVR etc) projects please contact me in the following mail id glad to help with reasonable compensation. Contact: SARATH HARI Email:
I am a Mtech student pursuing my final year and for the final year project my domain is on WSN. the simulation tool will be jprowler. the projects deals with an middleware architecture for security in WSN using mobile agents. pls help me on the codings
Hi, I have recently moved from Windows to Linux and I am trying to keep working with MPLABx in Ubuntu. I have learnt migrating my projects from MPLAB IDE to MPLABx. I have a question, In windows I have used DockLight as hyperterminal for test, analysis and simulation of serial communication protocols. Similarly what is the application tha
A brief google search under "magnetron simulation" will give you a first idea which tools have been previously used for similar projects (e.g. CST). It also clarifies about the problem complexity, which might be over your head.
Hi, 1.Vision-Based Automated Parking System 2.simulation of Earthquakes and Tsunami Through GSM Network 3.Design of Intelligent Traffic Light Controller Using GSM & Embedded System 4.Design and Implementation of Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor Based Security System 5.Touch Screen Based Robot Control with Speech Alert 6.Single Axis Solar Panel Controll
Hi all, I need a help to combine two projects from CST Studio 2011 and AWR Design Environment. I have no idea how to combine together. Is possible to export antenna to AWR and change instead of 50ohm resistor in my AWR simulation and also use the uwb RF generator in CST to see how works antenna with generator? I included my files for test
If you want to print some text like 'A' or "Hello!" on LCD then you need lcd library or code for lcd. See for 8051, PIC, AVR, LCD projects. You will get code and Proteus simulation files there.
See MMC circuit in this project. If you use that circuit for simulation it will work. What error are you getting. Post the error message. How did you create mmc image file? Post your mmc image file so that we can simulate.
Maybe you are using 20Mhz oscillator ... it guess that Proteus CAN'T support such high frequency for real time simulation of your code .... try to test your code in a real circuit. my regards, Fermat - - - Updated - - - I get the same problem in several projects when simulating em in Proteus .... so i decided to not use i
For Embedded projects use proteus while for analog circuit simulation either use Multisim or ORCAD. I recommend ORCAD.
hi I think U have to calibrate with a low error L & c like 100uH & 100mH for L did your project only on simulation ?
You can use proteus NI,TINA7 or higher .All have ARM based simulation also.Personally Proteus is good
Hi WimRFP, No, I cannot look into the model. When I open the model parameters for editing, there are no options to edit Lm, Cm and other xtal parameters. Moreover, when I try to use these components in simulations, they do not work at all. See my attached circuit diagram. There is no option to put any initial condition in xtal model. htt
Hi kartik, To implement microstrip patch antenna in HFSS go through this website link: em: talk - HFSS Tutorial 1: Microstrip Patch Antenna . (you can even download the HFSS simulation file). -sv
Would anyone tell me some suggestions about my design? I will upload my design files in projects style later, as I found the noise figure is different from APPCAD's results. Any tutorials for the noise figure simulation in ADS? Thanks.
Hello guys, We are a team of three people trying to spend the next 4 months doing a MEMs project. Due to our inexperience with the process of building and simulation, we are not able to gauge how much we can achieve in this duration, provided that we use COMSOL and put in maximum effort. We will not be fabricating anything, just simulation. Can
I am learning the PIC microcontroller and trying to simulate some of the project programs of the book ?Advanced PIC18 projects in C by Dogan Ibrahim?. Nowadays I am working on Interfacing of SD Card with PIC18f4520 (in proteus simulation only). I copied the following code from the book to mikroC Pro for PIC Compiler. The Compilation/Creation of H
I copied the code for CAN BUS... from the book "Advanced PIC microcontroller projects"... Dogan Ibrahim... It is compiled and gives no error in MikroC Compiler but when i simulate that program on Proteus, i get an error "Read of Can Controller Register 0x0F6E(CANSTAT) returns last value stored". May anyone help me why this error occur
hi Dears, i need help, to implement network coding in NS 2 for wireless sensor networks. please share
The newly released 2011 Edition of the COMSOL Conference CD is a compilation of multiphysics simulation projects presented by over 950 engineers, researchers and scientists at recent conferences in Boston, Paris and Bangalore. The CD contains technical papers, presentations and animations which serve as a rich technical resource for anyone inter
Hi gange, when I try to compile systemC and create a .dll for integration into my simulation, I get this in the log: # Building DLL library... # ccomp -sc -o "C:/Hardware projects/cpu_0_data_master_arb_1/cpu_data_master_arb/src/nios_testwrapper.dll" -I "C:/Hardware projects/cpu_0_data_master_arb_1/cpu_data_master_arb/src/Transactor" "C:/
"This project implements the lower layers of a standard TCP/IP stack based on a free code from University of Queensland: IP stack ... # Compilation and simulation scripts using GHDL scripts . Done # Synthesis of the VHDL IP stack, using xilinx XST free tool XST . Done # Verification using specman Verifcation on going ...." [url=bknpk
You can go to Embedded Tips from Amr Ali There is a free ucos-ii course plus free examples of ucos-ii on windows simulation environemnt. -- Amr
First off all, sorry about my bad english :oops: I am a new here on this forum, and have a problem with projects in HFSS v10. I am making a cirkular patch antenass on a pipe, and half sfere ground. this antenass what i am make is making by the real antennas dimensions and averything. simulation goas whell, but the results are not good, the radio
Check this out: Need Help With FM Modulator simulation (Proteus)
Hi, I am an absolute beginner to VHDL and Verilog. I have implemented some minor designs using Modelsim (eg gate-level design for 4bit-8bit signed/unsigned comparator, Booth Encoder etc). I am trying to find a feasible semester project that I can implement in 3 months. I have been somewhat working towards implementing a UART but have no idea about
Hello, I'm trying to simulate a fractal antenna by CST MWS V5, and after simulation it gives me: "Maximum number of pulse widths simulated, solver stopped. Please note that the steady state energy criterion has not been reached". Could someone give me some hints? I've uploaded bot my projects and the PDF Thanks Andrea
I am under graduating student of Electronics engineering.I am desperate to learn Electronics and make projects. My project title is design and simulation of RF MEMS tunable capacitor. I used coventorWare to design it. my problem is, i don't know how to design it in architect. who can help me to give me tutorial for design it?plz....
Guys i found a good site for simulations with AT89C51
Hi all, I ran a simulation of a wire antenna (PEC) and wanted to see the RCS polar plot using a far field monitor. I did it in two ways: 1. Used a port as my excitation source. 2. Used a plane wave as my excitation source. Now, When I set the antenna's lengths above one wavelength the results became different between the two cases. C
Hi, We are planning to use TMS320F28335 in one of our projects and need proteus VSM model for simulation. Can anyone of you please share it with us? Thanks & Regards ak
simply I need my computer to detect a usb connection in proteus my sch as shown the crystal is 20Mhz and i setup usb drivers my simple code is the example at the mikroc projects usb read and write unsigned char k; unsigned char userWR_buffer, userRD_bu
Hi.. This is simple program and simulation using Proteus ISIS. LED Matrix 8X8 8051 microcontroller (AT89XXX) Port1 = ROW Port2 = COL ISIS will displaying moving left message with only contain BCD characters 0-9+space its does'nt meet your need isn't it? just modify it.. BTW, I hope it can help.. (^_^)" regards
Hi, You can consult with the following useful Introduction to programming Pic in CCS C by Nigel Gardner. 2.Programming 8 bit pic Microcontroller in C with Interactive Hardware simulation by Martin P. Bates 3.Advanced Pic Microcontroller projects in C by Dogan Ibrahim. If you require more name of book, I will try to provide
someone in the forum upload a usefull file: 08_mom_chap4_student_guide.rar could you upload other chapters? Chapter 1 ? overview of the Momentum process Chapter 2 ? detailed discussion of copying projects Starting from schematics Defining ports, Setting Mesh parameters, simulation Chapter 3 ? Setup Coordinate
Why do i put the same geometry in different HFSS to do simulation, i got different result??? Plesase help!
Hi, I have better knowledge in RTL design in using Verilog/VHDL. Worked in multiple projects. But I am very new to functional simulation of RTL description. I have few questions on how design a testbench setup. 1. What are the considerations while designing testbench. 2. How to check the internal signals of a design 3. How to check t
Hi, I would like to know if someone has some projects of this kind of structures. I should simulate some passives that constitute the input and output matching networks of a PA at 60 GHZ. I've never used this software but I heard that is very helpful for 3D simulations!!! Tnx nicita
can any one suggest project on simulations i have very less time to complete my project i would be thankful for your help
Hi all, I'm using Cadence Analog platform for the design and simulation of analog circuits. The problem is that I repeat a certain number of configuration for each simulation. I heared that a Script language (SKILL) is used with cadence. Please let me know how using in my projects. Thanks in advance. Regards, Master_PicEngineer
Which simulation is used for this ckt... If possible..can anyone explain this ckt ?? I am new at electronics
hello people.. Any one working in the field of umts/wlan? if so pl help me with the simulation scenarios in NS2. also suggest me some projects related to umts/wlan. thanks..
I have made a study on the top EDA software on the market today. You can read it at my website Hi, Nothing personal meant here but in my opinion this doesn't seem to be a balanced view of t