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Hi, I saw the SystemGenerator demo for "16 qam Demodulator onto Xilinx FPGAs for Software Define Radio", and i need some help for modifying those simulink blocks to make it work as a 128 qam demodulator
Hi... I am designing a 128 Digital Demodulator onto xilinx FPGA. I'm using Xilinx System generator and simulink tools for this design. I've seen the demo for 16-qam demodulator Design using System Generator and simulink. If anyone has seen this demo, plz give me some suggestions for modifying this existing 16-qam (...)
Hi,I am trying to design the timing recovery loop in the qam demodulator.If i have finished the algorithm design of the loop,then how can i verify my design in the matlab/simulink?How can i get the proper input I/Q data and the right output data,which can be used to verify my verilog implementation? Thanks!
I am working in coded OFDM as well.....seems like your project is not easy. Are you a student in you master degree?You need to do it in m-files or simulink?
You can go to the simulink and in the analog modulation section there will be qam. Well i have tried to do OFDM in matlab but i could not find it.. that's the exact model for OFDM is not readily available. go for the simulink tutorial book given by MATLAB itself!
Hello everybody, I'm implementing a software radio that use OFDM. The first part of my project is to design and simulate the transmiter/receiber in simulink. My question is in the modulation part. Should I use as many qam modules (PSK, PAM, or the desired modulation module)
hi all , i need block diagrams for simulink in matlab for the modulators and demodulators for 8-qam and QPSK thanks
Dear Bro! I have a problem with my model: i can't use any qam block in simulink for DSK6416, because Link for CCS don't support any modulation block of Communication Blocksets. How can replace qam block in my model? Thanks!
you can search in matlab suing qam both m-function and simulink can use
can anybody tell me abt simulink in MATLAB and also can give me simulink working models for pcm, qam,qask, matched filter plz help me out at ""
Hi there, I need to design a QPSK and qam receiver in simulink based on the provided transmitter design. It is meant to simulate transmission of data through a wireless channel. In this case an image is the data to be transmitted and my receiver has to receive the data with the highest possible efficiency. This is done by comparing the sent and
Hi, I'm creating a simulator of the physical layer of DVB-H, and I'm doing tests over a Rician multipath channel concatenated with an AWGN channel. My problem deals with the simulink's AWGN Channel block. One of the parameters I have to set if I want to generate the noise based on Eb/No is the "number of bits per symbol". I'm using 16qam, so
Hello, I have modelled a system (in Mathlab/simulink environment) based on qam- CCK (complementary code keying) modulation. As you know CCK provides 11MBs data rate for wireless communication systems using QPSK modulation. I had an idea and tried it in Mathlab/simulink environment. I thought that if I use qam instead (...)
Hello, I have modelled a system (in Mathlab/simulink environment) based on qam- CCK (complementary code keying) modulation. As you know CCK provides 11MBs data rate for wireless communication systems using QPSK modulation. I had an idea and tried it in Mathlab/simulink environment. I thought that if I use qam instead (...)
can someone help me to build a qam telemetry system in simulink using xilinx blockset???
See my simple simulink models: Key words: PSK, QPSK, qam, square root raised cosine filter, differential coding, feedback feedforward NDA decision-directed symbol timing carrier phase recovery synchronization, Gardner Muller and Mueller timing detector, Farrow interpolator, automatic g
That topic explains how to register and download the simulink models. There is including model with 16 qam and CMA helpful for you, but not completely ready for the outcome of your problem.
hi everyone, can anybody help me to design the Mqam receiver using sytem generator xilinx? i studied the example the 16qam demodulator in the matlab..but it is too complicated since the application is for SDR. my design specification using veterbi decoder with awgn channel.. if someone can be so kind and experienced in system generator&s
Dear All, I would like to make a qam modulation Simulation using matlab. I want to know how can i enter the parameters of my simulation ( Frequency bandwith, carrier frequency, duty cycle) using the Communication Blockset of simulink. Any tutorals are apreciated, Thank you , Somatou
Hi, first, I'm not english so I'm sorry for my poor language. My project is to make a model of baseband OFDM transmission without FFT/IFFT on simulink. So on the first side I take a bernoulli binary and Rectangular 4-qam to build complex symbols and on the second side I make my 3 complex sine with frequencies . Then I multiply si
Hello folks, just discovered this valuable forum through google. I searched the forum regarding Rayleigh channel modeling and all I found was matlab m files, so I'm chancing it and hope you might be able to help. I'm currently designing a simulink model for adaptive digital audio transmission, in an AWGN channel it works fine, but I have tr
Hi friends!, I am involved with software defined radio project. hence i need to design the FPGA with all possible modulation esp for students study purpose. Now that i have seen many websites for a proper knowledge of how to design 16-qam or 32-qam, but i couldn't find such detailed diagram or atleast block diagram anywhere in the internet :cry: We
Hi, I'm creating a digital communication system simulink model based on 64-qam. Currently the model needs to have the following block: SOURCE source block (I'm using a benoulli binary generator for this) TRANSMITTER: channel coding block (I'm using an FEC coder, consisting of the Convolutional Encoder) modulator (I'm using the Rectang
Hello! How can I synchronize acquired analog signals using Data Acquisition Toolbox in simulink? I'm doing a 16-qam modem and using the analog input and analog blocks output, using them as a receiver and transmitter with two computers, this is possible using the PC's sound card? Can someone help me? Thank's!
Here is 4qam basic modem model made with Matlab 2009b simulink. You can easily add 4 more phases in the TX1D/RX2D lists. All of used ones are 30deg shifted now. The signal filtering is made using raised cosine filter, so You can remove them if not needed. If the model doesn't work (Altera DSP builder error or smth..), select all items, copy and pa
hello :) am designing a 16 qam modulator in both simulink and sys gen as well in simulink u can use a look up table LUT for the 2-to-4 level conversion, matlab help will provide u all the details u need and in the s2p conversion u can use a demux or the transpose block, or u can write ur own code the issues i encountered were in (...)
Our circuit for 16-qam MODEM with DPLL as its demodulator in simulink is showing a number of errors.Please help us with the circuit design.
hello am doing a 16-qam modulator using simulink, i had a trouble in the lookup table ,used to generate amplitude levels, i dunnu if there is a standard or if i should just put any different values? and there is another problem with the demux! if someone can provide me with an .mdl file that will be great :) sorry for the poor English p.s
I am simulating the physical layer of WIMAX on simulink using a 16 qam only. There is problem with my module that appears as different states between the input and the output. I need help with the error in the simulation. the simulink model is attached. thanks for trying to help.
Hi. First of all, sorry for my english :D I'm trying to simulate a 64-qam modulation with LDPC coding and raised cosine transmit filter. The source block has a sample time of Ts=4.873148e-10, seed = 25 and outputs frames of dimension 32400 bits. Then the LDPC block codes with a coderate 1/2 and outputs frames of 64800 bits. The LDPC uses the pa
What is the error you are getting? If you can upload your simulink file ( .mdl file) it would help me finding the error.
Hi, The simplest is to use simulink to generate WCDMA. Other options include specific Matlab, Octave code. Further there are also C++ codes. All depends on your budget and time limitations. All of them support offline as well as quasi-real-time analysis
Good Afternoon I'm building a 16 qam modulator demodulator. I am having a problem with the lookup table. I can not determine the value of the "vector of input value" and "data table". please can you give me the value for the both parameter in its demodulator? or can you send your 16 qam models to study.? sorry I am bad in english. and I can not a
Hi everyone, currently i am doing a system level design for a direct-convertion receiver by using simulink, including create the AGC block diagram,etc. it is my first time to do the system level design, i have spent more than a month on reading papers and searching online for the detail of the block design using simulink, but all of them just tell
What version of matlab are U using? there are sample codes of this in the communications toolbox, as well as in simulink, install all comunication packages and search for a qam demo.
hi to all, I built a communication system with matlab using the qam modulation method. I didn't use the simulink?. allso I'm using the Square Root Raised Cosine at the receiver and transmitter with rolloff 0.4 the system works fine but I have problem to measure the Eb/no. I can't use the AWGN function to add noise but only the RANDN func
there is a model of BPSK in simulink. it's easy to use.
Now I am using simulink to build the OFDM system, I have met a problem. In modulation when through the IFFT block, I got 256 point data which are all complex numbers, and I want to investigate the OFDM symbol amplitude, how shall I do next? Now I just accumulate the 256 point data, and calculate its absolute value, is it right? Thank you for your
Hi. I'm doing a model of PHY interface of fixed Wimax in simulink for my graduation project, and some of the simulation results are pretty baffling. Using SUI 4 - 6 with any kind of modulation always produces a kind of, in lack of a better name, a saturation of BER in the BER vs. SNR plot, at around 5e-6, as illustrated here, with 16-qam (code
Hi, If you are using Matlab 2009a, you may find a complete simulink model for IEEE? 802.16-2004 OFDM PHY Link, Including Space-Time Best wishes Ahmed
Hi friends, I'm trying to decode the qam receiver part. Here I have obtained a cosine shifted waveform which I need to convert it to square wave(to get Q-channel) to get the data. I have attached a jpg image file. please take a look at the image because you may get many ideas to decode data. The red line marked is what I need to extract, now what
Hi everyone. I just designed a simple ofdm transmitter using simulink and I will like to know if anyone could help me know how I can determine the PAPR of my system. How I can cslculate it using simulink. Also in most ofdm systems they normalise the output after qam modulation by taking its conjugate and multiplying by a gain, why??? (...)
How do I perform equalization before QPSK demodulation with a Rayleigh fading channel of more than one paths in simulink? (using the complex paths output of the Rayleigh block)
Hi All, im designing a matlab simulink model for OFDM-MIMO Wimax Phy layer and the probem i have nw faced is to set the cyclic prefix parameters in the selector block, and there's a model in matlab demo as well and also in the mathworks file exchange as well....and according to the model i found in mathworks by observing the mfile i could found h