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when u are doing single layer is always better to manual route the board.. placement of jmpers can be more handy and afterall..iam not expecting a complex net structure u planning to implement on single layer.. :idea: so why not spoiling time for autorouter..u could have fininsh ur job by this time..
I am trying to build the ProPic 2 programmer Does anyone here has the EAGLE version (both schematics and pcb) of the programmer? Preferrable using single layer pcb routing Another question about the programmer: Does ProPic 2 + IC Prog work with 16F628A and 16F627A ?
Hi, can someone please tell me how I have to set up the layer stack in PCAD for a single(!) layer pcb. There seems to be no problem to set up 2 or more layer pcbs but I'm not able to get rid of the "top"-layer. Perhaps soemone could give me a clue - or just post a simple (...)
hello! how can i convert a schematic into single layer pcb in pcb 123? also tell me how good this software (pcb123) is?
hi, you can do single layer board in altium.don't route any signal in top layer you should route in bottom layer only.For Fabricator you should send Bottom layer routing ,Top-Silkscreen,Soldermask bottom and Drill table it is enough.
by default it is been created as double layer pcb layout. but i need it for a single layer. can anyone help me with it
DipTrace claims to be able to autoroute single sided boards with jumpers. See the illustration on the following page: . Keep in mind that this is a hobby tool, and lacks many of the advanced features needed by professional designers. Almost any EDA package can do single layer boards. However, most need
Hello all, I am anewbie, with Eagle Cadsoft using the Free version, as I am designing the single sided/single layer pcb my Schematic is ready, however, I have ULN2003 with relays which require +12v to drive the relay coils. and also the ATMega8 which requires +5V as VCC now how can i have both VCC within eagle?? (...)
I'm a total beginner to pcb design. I need to know how to fill up all the area of a single layer pcb with copper pour except that used for routing. I want to have a ground plane in the same plane in which components are routed coz its single layered. There is going to be only one ground (...)
I have used Powerpcb for single layer consumer pcbS for long time, the auto insert jumper and other features make it really easy. But like everything else, you will need to learn new way of thinking and working but the benefits would be worthwhile. If you are using on regular basis and in workgroup i would recommend MG (...)
Hi shovon, The tricky part is getting the two layers lined up. How hard that is depends on how small your traces and holes are. This is how I do it... ( I will assume you are basically familiar with single-side pcb making, and want to do prototype-level work with minimal equipment, like me. If you have access to professional stuff like (...)
Hi, i am doing a pcb but the problem is that it is in double layer.. how can i changed it to single layer.. what is a signal layer and why is the minimum value of it 2?? thanx
I would like to know how can I make a single side pcb and route it, and also where can I find new libraries.
For Eagle 4.13: When you start the autorouter, click on the General tab and then set the top layer to N/A. If the board can be routed in a single layer, it will complete. If not, so connections will not be made. You can also increase the cost of the routing on the top layer: click on the Route tab and set the cost for (...)
hello, all i want is just single layer board with auto jumper routing like in Orcad. but to be honest my head almost blew up set it up in Eagle?? anybody can help me???:cry::cry:
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For fast circuits, it may be preferable to have power or ground planes separate single signal layers with controlled impedances.
im orcad 9.1, is it possible to add copperpour/area to single layer board.
HI; I am using Proteus7.1 sp2 for my pcb design; i can't find any jumper in its library. i want to include 1 inch or greater jumpers in my design/layout to prevent cross wiring and overlapping. can any one please guide me about that? Thank you
I'ld like to know which is the best way to excite a single layer patch antenna considering Impedance Bandwidth (Retrun Loss < -15 dB) and Radiation Bandwidth (Crosspol < -20dB). I've my own idea and I want to compare it with yours. Thanks in advance Lupin
Hi, How can i place a jumber in OrCAD (single layer board) ? :?: SphinX
Btw, is this a single side pcb?
What is the basic difference between double sided pcb and 2 layer pcb? Note: Frequency of RF modules is 418 MHz I feel double sided pcb means you have placed components in both sides of the pcb. while 2 layer pcb mens you have 2 layers (say TOP (...)
Spectra: Help is need to route a 32-bit bus on a 16-layer pcb with same shape for all line(as same as possible), also fanout hints?
need help i am using orcad, and how can i print the single side or single layer of layout. without converting to gerber, is there any option in orcad. thanx in advance
How To make To layer pcb in oracd latout plus using autorouter.I am using ver 9.2 . Also i am beginer to orcad. So please tell me setp to step .
Hi, I have a question about how to build the port of a monopole on pcb in HFSS. Because in measurement, I two slots on the corner of single layer pcb to make a signal patch. And then I connect the coaxial cable on the ground of pcb and solder the inner metal to the signal patch. Finally, I also soldered one (...)
How to single layer with orcad and automatic jumper (step to step )? Thanks
Hello.. I'm a complete newbie to pcb design..first time i'm designing one using Eagle.. (so pls bear my silly/obvious questions)... I'm making a single layer pcb using a max232 and need to connect the pins to a DB9 Female connector which is going to be soldered onto the board (is that the one called direct mount ?? ) (...)
I want to design a 4 layer pcb. My question is, how should I calculate the characteristic impedance of the bottom layer microstrip lines? I have equations, but I am not shure, in the hight parameter. ------------------------------------top layer ------------------------------------gnd plane (...)
i wish to know whether we can consider the slotline case same as the 4 layer pcb (that dont have return path between power and ground) or what is the different? thanks
i want to fabricate a multilayer pcb as i know how to disige single layer pcb. guys if you don't mind please any help me or even percribe me any tutorilas on this topic
Dear all: Could you tell me how to set port on the multiple-layer pcb board in HFSS, lump port or wave port? two results are quite different. Thanks a lot!
Could anyone tell me how can I create a single layer board using EagleCad. Thanks in advance
i want to find the slot dimensions (single layer) for a rectangular waveguide. The waveguide dimensions is: 0.42 inch x 0.17 inch no. of Slots (single-layer) = 8 Frequency = 24.125GHz Can someone tell me how to find it ?
Dear Colleagues, How to do single side pcb design using Eagle , Please ? Thanks
Anyone know how to create 2-layer pcb with your's own hand, doesn't base on any services that specialize in this stuff ? Thanks !!!
Hi Guys, I'm starting my 1st 4 layer pcb. I'm a bit divided on signal lines routing on the layers. I'm not sure on how much can we use the power & ground layer for signal lines routing. I know I should avoid using both of them as they are supposed to be dedicated ground & power plane respectively. But, around how many (...)
I'm doing the layout for a UHF-circuit (~1GHz) on a two-layer pcb. The bottom layer will be used as ground plane, though I'm not sure what to do with the unused areas on the top layer. a) Should I remove all the copper and leave the areas blank b) Or should I use them as additional ground, connecting them to the bottom (...)
sir , i m trying to do single layer auto routing with altium.But i couldnt find the exact way of doing that. can some one guid me . i really appriciate your help..
Hi, I am trying to simulate the s-parameter of multi-layer pcb but meet a problem how to add port. The pcb consists of three metal layers and two substrate as shown in following: ================ < --- metal layer : microstrip line Rogers 4350 ================ < --- metal (...)
Hi, This is Susie from Depot company in China. Depot Depot is aprofessional company in pcb,FPC and pcbA. We hope can get the opportunity in supplying both products and services to your esteemed company based on you requirements. Our Product: Rigid pcb layers: 1-24 Lines Width/Spacing: Inner (...)
Thank you guys. By the way when I click on "pcb Board Wizard" it asks for the "signal layers" and "power planes". Since I want mine to be on one layer, does that mean: Signal layers = 1 Power planes = 0 It seems like the default signal layers is 2 because I can't seem to change it. Altium doesn't (...)
I will route a 4 layer pcb. It is not an rf pcb it contains mixed signals and small analog signals. I could not decide how to configure the layers; what should be on each layer? Can you advise me?
Hi Could you please share where to find cheap zif sockets and where can the cheapest 2 layer pcb manufacturers be found? Longer lead times aren;t a problem Thanks
If you do the single layer design ( micro strip) then it is valid for that case. You need to redo the design for multilayer as there is no tool that converts single layer design to multilayer design.
Dear All, I am new to this field. I need to get one 4 - layer pcb fabricated which has RF chip of 2.4GHz. Which dielectric should be best for such 2.4GHz pcb?. Is FR4 too lossy to be used at 2.4 GHz or it can be used?. what other Dielectric can be used?. It would be great if you can suggest some specific dielectric for (...)
Do you have IPC 600 standard( for multi layer pcb Design) document?
hi friends plz guide me to design four layer pcb in pads2005. i hav the previous experiance in 2 layer designing in pads2005 but now i want to design in 4 layer,so i dont hav any idea abt multilayer board so plz give me guidline?plz...........
Hi everyone, I am working on a simple 2-layer pcb design. Almost done with it but I'm not sure How to use ground and power planes in a 2-layer board. The design consists of an op amp(MCP619-I/ST) with a few resistors. Both top and bottom layers are used for routing. Please review the attachment. Any help is (...)