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dear friends, is there dsp processor TMS320c240 codings available for vector control of single phase induction motor in thank u.
dear friends, i am in need of c language codings for vector control of single phase induction motor using dsp processor TMS320C240. if u know about this, reply me. thank u.
Hello, can anybody give me circuit to control the speed of a single phase induction motor using microcontroller?? and some theory on how to controll the speed is a welcome one :|:| i'm confused on should i PWM all the input control or just one??
I want to design a half controlled SCR rectifier with PIC16f877 for driving a 15kW DC motor. is it possible? what do you suggest me to do? I have problems about firing thyristor and turning them off. they are not GTOs. I found TCA785 IC for single phase half controlled rectifier control. is (...)
dear friends, i need vector control of single phase induction motor based materials . thank u.
I have managed to design a circuit with zero crossing detector+pulse transformer by using SCR to control the speed of my separately excited dc motor. It is single phase and half wave control. I wish to ask is there any modification i can do on my circuit? For example adding commutation and braking system. (...)
hi since you are at home then i will assume that you have ac power and an ac motor would be better than adc one , the best chiceis a single phase induction motor . regards
Here is an IRF application note for 3 phase AC motors. Should be useful for single phase also.
Yes I know that But I want use this type of controller in a package with other equipment. Your Advice is usefull when I want control just one AC motor. What is your AC motor? single phase or 3-phase? Induction or PMSM? Pls advise.
I have tried commercial drives for synchronous single-phase motors, i.e., not AC/DC universal motors. You will lose torque and the range of useful control will probably be too small. As a result, I switched to DC motors with AC-powered drives and three-phase (...)
hello, I need to reduce the current drawn by a ac bi-directional torque motor. - 240V 50Hz, 20Nm torque single phase. 3 wires - clockwise ,anticlockwise, neutral. The motor is direct triac control ie. on and off. Currently, the motor draws 0.4A rms 220Vac in one direction. How (...)